Anybody else having a problem with cronometer today?


I get what I ate yesterday and I cannot delete it. Anybody else?
Is chronometer the only way to track calories and macros?
Thx from a newbie.

(Daisy) #2

There are loads of other apps you can use, but I’d probably just give it time. Cronometer is a great app. My cronometer is working fine today, so probably just a glitch.


Mine’s working fine. Also played with some stuff yesterday. You can’t delete a past days entry if the day is complete. You’ll have to incomplete the day to change stuff there. The only equivalent of cronometer IMO is carb manager, there are others but those are the big two. Plus on carb manager is the recipes built in with all the legwork and macros ready to add if you make them. They’re priced about the same. Free versions of both only do so much. My cronometer subscription is about to renew and I’ve considered carb manager to change it up but I have so many custom foods set up it may hold me back.

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I think you may just need to follow a tutorial or something. Mine is fine. Restart your phone and reload it maybe. It took me a while to figure out all the stuff in the free Cronometer app. I used it for five months and quit tracking now in maintenance. Apps are helpful to a point. But they can also make lots of erroneous calculations that I think are best not followed. You can totally customize your diet and macros.

If I could give you one piece of advice it is use Cronometer to track carbs and progress with weight loss. Don’t follow caloric recommendations because they are inevitably too low. Don’t set your app to a dietary deficit that will make you think you’re eating enough when you aren’t. It’s easy to not feel hunger on KETO. You might loose weight for a while but it hits a wall eventually for most of us. I changed mine from a 20% deficit to maintenance and started to loose weight again after a two month stall from eating at a deficit and slowing my metabolism down. The goal of KETO is learning to sense satiety signals which naturally regulates food intake. It’s kind of hard for people new to KETO to wrap their head around who’ve been trying to loose weight counting calories. KETO is more about what you eat than caloric values. It’s about repairing hormonal responses, not a weight loss diet in the normal sense.

Calories from carbs, protein and fat all have their own metabolic pathways and you can’t just lump them all together into a caloric value that means anything relevant. Carbs are the target because they stimulate insulin release at much higher rates than protein or fat. Insulin causes fat storage of excess glucose. So ignore calories and focus on limiting carbohydrates. Good luck. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yeah, I am doing that The most important thing for me is to keep the carbs below 20-25g. But I dont know yet how many carbs are in a tbsp of cream, for example. Or a chunk of cheese, So I have to learn all these things first. I actually do end up eating less that the recommended caloric intake, but thats because I am FULL. I dont even limit my fats because I guess that the more fats, the better. I try to keep the ratio approx: 50-65%fat, approx 25%protein and under 20 carbs. But I need cronometer now to learn all the food content in macros. Hopefully I won’t even need to check one day. Thanks!

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I use keto app which I have determined is worth the $2.99 a month because it’s SO easy! Most labels you can scan and automatically enter the info for whatever you ate.

-Newbie also

(Daisy) #7

You can do this on the free version of cronometer as well :smile:


Thank you @David_Stilley this really helps with me as a newbie, I have been really enjoying feeling the satiety kicking in (while slowly losing weight) it’s good to confirm that this is important!

(charlie3) #9

I was having troubles with the crono android app a couple months ago. Tech support advised reinstall the app. It fixed the problem. I’ve noticed times when may be there are server issues but that’s rare, doesn’t last long. I use the recipe function to estimate the vegetables in my large salads so all the micros are tracked. If you use any packaged foods try to add the generic version because it’s more likely to have all the micro nutrients listed, not just the ones listed on the package.

(Ivy) #10

Anyone know how to input Crowdcow pork butt in cronometer?


Did you figure it out last night? It’s working fine for me at the moment. Cronometer has a lot of brands, but not all of them. Have you tried adding it a new food or just using a generic pork but listing? When you do that you have to take a picture of the label as well as add in all the nutritional information. After that it will “remember” it.

Hope you found something that works! I like Cronometer.

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