Anybody being picky about the Vaccine you take?




this guy said it and alot more info on it out there:

from the net: Pfizer Inc. Chief Executive Albert Bourla said it is likely that people who receive Covid-19 vaccines will need booster shots within a year afterward, and then annual vaccinations, to maintain protection against the virus as it evolves.


I want to take a moment to mention vaccines have always been a hot topic on this forum, no less so with this one, given how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, worldwide.

Although we can have differences of opinions, I really do appreciate the level of respect you all have shown each other.

As always, this forum is about education and learning, not just regarding the ketogenic diet, but our overall health. Even though some topics can become divisive, because of our level of civility, I appreciate this opportunity to learn from each other.

(Ethan) #165

That is a CEO with a single opinion. Medical experts acknowledge that potential, but many of them think it is more likely that there are not so many viable variants, since the mutations have been identical from separately adaptations. The bigger question is how long immunity and protection lasts.


not sure what you are hearing but they are preparing tons more batches for the next boosters and for future annual shots.

I heard it on the news as ‘it is coming’ and it is ‘a thing’ but if you said that a CEO of Pfizer is wrong then…whatever :slight_smile: I think my thing you think yours LOL—no use debating cause we all will see a year from now during ‘covid shot time’ just like it is flu season, come get your annual ‘flu shot’ time going down, come get your annual ‘covid shot’ maybe? maybe not?

(Ethan) #167

I’ve been looking at different statements from other doctors. There is a recent Q&A session from MedCram that specifically addressed this. They posited three scenarios:

  1. Annual shot because variants keep changing–shot keeps up with variants, maybe cumulative
  2. Annual shot because immunity wanes.
  3. Decreased frequency of shot, perhaps every 2 or 3 or 5 years, depending on how fast immunity wanes, likely just 1 more shot for new variant because of limited viability of mutations.

They are each possible. 1 and 2 could BOTH happen. However, many of the doctors are thinking 3 is most likely.


there is no long term immunity here. It is a massive crapshoot of what is to come truly. Time tells that. It is beat it down as it mutates.
there will always be shots required then.
kinda still sounds like the ‘annual seasonal flu shot’ that is out there now to me.

(Ethan) #169

It sounds like you didn’t read my post. There is a possibility (maybe believe the most likely one) that there isn’t a ton of ability for the virus to mutate its spike protein in many ways without becoming unviable. This is evidenced by the fact that basically ALL the major spike protein mutations that create variants that evade the immune response against the original virus are the same mutation. This suggests that there isn’t not much mutation possible, since the virus seems to independently mutate the same way. Thus, if you get a booster against that mutation, you can have immunity against the whole set of sars-cov2 viruses. The big question then is how long immunity lasts. We don’t have the answer there.


wishful thinking!! is this right or wrong? again time

no use debating but I get your drift. But again, I still think more shots then one thinks are gonna be out there ‘for us to take as needed’ etc.

everyone believes they can control Mother Nature til she shows you way different :slight_smile:

(Ethan) #171

Goldblum’s law


Murphys Law

Mother Nature will do her thing, that puts the ‘funny and crazy and super scary’ in life to a cellular level even.

(Todd Allen) #174

Here’s an interesting thoughtful scientifically informed discussion of how the current vaccination campaign might do more harm than good. Bret the host is an evolutionary biologist and his guest is a research scientist with a long history in the vaccine industry.


Thanks, Todd. I’ll put this on my listening list! I think there’s a lot that we don’t really understand about the vaccines and of course about the virus itself.
That’s fine and normal, but it means we should be very cautious in making blanket policy recommendations.



I love this tweet.

Just to be clear: I think in general vaccines are brilliant. The Covid ones are new, and if you’re in a high-risk group I think there’s very compelling reason to get one. I breathed a huge sigh of my relief when my parents were vaccinated, and I’m thrilled to see older folks in my community out and about again.
However, if actually we’re interested in long-term outcomes and effects, the fact that the trials are still ongoing should really matter to a lot of people. I think Pfizer already vaccinated their original placebo cohort, and the goal seems to be world-wide use of these shots, so at this point we don’t really have an organized control group.


I still didn’t sign up for a vaccine (mostly because I don’t want to travel to some hospital… I don’t have a doctor, never had) but I read about things - when my still way more enthusiastic SO brings them to me.

I just write here because I have to react to something he told me today and it’s the only covid thread I read…
Hungary is the country with most deaths per population. My SO just told me so and I checked, it seems so (Gibraltar has more but it’s not a proper country and it’s tiny too). Wow. I didn’t know that. This is a tad disturbing.
And my SO with his huge interest in pandemics told me that death/popularion for Covid is reached the same ratio for the Spanish flu regarding our country (yep, it means the Spanish flu wasn’t THAT horrible here but still).
My country slowly eases the rules at the moment and more than the third of the population is vaccinated (at least once). We have Sinofarm too now. 6 different kinds of vaccine in total and they arrive nicely so if I want one, I can get one pretty soon, it seems.

Okay, so I could write about vaccines here in the end.

(Todd Allen) #178

A discussion of the compelling large and growing body of evidence of the effectiveness of Ivermectin for both prevention and treatment of covid-19. Recognition of Ivermectin as a solution to the pandemic however eliminates the need for proceeding with a much more expensive and riskier mass vaccination campaign…

https: // / series/bret-weinstein-darkhorse-podcast/covid-ivermectin-and-the-crime-of-the-century-darkhorse-podcast-with-pierre-kory-bret-weinstein

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I have edited the foregoing post to prevent the link from automatically starting. If you wish to listen to the podcast, remove the spaces around the slashes to go to the link.

(Todd Allen) #180

I wonder what caused it to autostart for you? For me it was just a clickable link to the web page for the podcast episode which has the show notes. On that page there is a different link to click which starts the audio stream.


Thank you, Todd. I find this whole thing bewildering. If there’s effective treatment (and effective prevention), we have no need for emergency use authorization of a new drug which is being pushed HARD even for our children.

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Here’s another link to the podcast on Ivermectin which was recorded as a video:

The video is also available on YouTube where there are a lot of interesting comments. But it wouldn’t surprise me if this link stops working.