Anybody being picky about the Vaccine you take?

(bulkbiker) #142

Seems there may be worse side effects but they don’t seem to be being taken very seriously… from another forum I’m a member of…

So far as I am aware there were no pregnant women in the trials.

(GINA ) #143

That is terrible. I can not for the life of me imagine telling pregnant women to take an experimental vaccine.

There certainly are a lot of parallels with the vaccine to statins. They started out being for a specific population, then as time went on the have expanded and expanded.

(Ethan) #144

WHAT? The vaccine was never for a specific segment of the population. They were always for ALL people. Vaccination is all about inducing herd immunity, which requires acceptance en masse. The vaccines were supposed to be prioritized first to those for whom it would make the largest impact.

(GINA ) #145

They are working on giving them to children, who are at low risk for illness and spread. Why? Sounds like they are being recommend to pregnant women now, have they been tested on pregnant women?

(Ashley) #146

I lost my dad to covid. I lost my grandpa to covid. I have auto immune disease, the risk of severe issues with the vaccine is so minimal. Also a lot of the ingredients are in vaccines we already take. I’m not worried of anything major. Of course there is a risk, but we take higher risks everyday we leave the house and get behind the wheel of a car. I get the first dose of my Pfizer vaccine tomorrow.


That’s terrible that you’ve lost two people that close to you, for that I’m sorry. But you can NOT say the risk of severe issues is “minimal”. You don’t know that, the people that made it don’t know that, there’s are no real studies showing that and there won’t be for some time. These are experimental drugs that aren’t actually FDA approved and we’re getting them via emergency authorization. The people ARE the clinical trial. That’s fact. We have zero idea what the risks are/aren’t. We’re running on hope and fear, not proof.

(Ethan) #148

We have some data, since this is in phase 3 for almost a year. Yes, the approval requires 2 years, but even then is 2 years longterm data? No. We won’t know longterm data for sure until a long time has passed. But we do know that the chances of severe issues are far more likely to be found in the first 6 months than the next 2 years. It’s no guarantee though.


Fair enough, I’m personally much more worried about long term crap we don’t know from mRNA, the upfront sides people seem to have (to me) are a risk with anything and most vaccines seem to affect some. I definitely think that mRNA will probably become the standard for all this stuff ultimately but the unknowns bother me. Mostly because of how quick the “official” advise pulled a 180 almost overnight a couple months ago from “we need years” and “we just don’t know” to “It’s completely safe”. Nobody, especially a hyper overly cautious Fauci does that. He 100% changed after his family got threatened, he seemed to stick to his guns on everything then over night started seamilny saying whatever he was told too, and that’s scary. That’s politics… but scary.


Sad to read how many have lost loved ones.
Sending condolences and prayers to all families and hugs!

(Ashley) #151

I also think you have to look into account that covid had been known about since the 70’s. They’ve been studying it, the last year has been quicker to release something. But I do think they have had some data points before the pandemic. Im not saying there isn’t risks. But I don’t think they are HUGE. But that is just my opinion.

(Ethan) #152

Who is, “they,” and where is evidence of this claim?

(Ashley) #153 this show different types and findings and studies since the 70’s. As well as other articles online if you just Google 1970s covid studies and research.

(Ethan) #154

This talks about research into coronaviruses, not COVID19.

(Ashley) #155

Right, but if you read other articles, a lot of the mutations and such have similar things we can do, some of the research is relevant.


@EZB - I think what @monsterjuice is saying is that a lot of research had been done into other coronaviruses and work had started on vaccines for them so we weren’t starting from scratch as it were. We had a base on which to build which is one reason they were able to get them out so quickly.

(Ashley) #157

Yes absolutely this. Thank you for the clarification @TheOrangePimpernel


Knowing about other Coronaviruses isn’t the issue, using untested delivery methods and instructing our bodies to do things without knowing the long term consequences is. We know watching instructional videos can teach you things, but that’s not the same as trying out some new tech where we plug into your brain Matrix style and try to upload it without doing it the old fashioned way.


news said everyone is gonna need a covid shot every year.
like the ‘seasonal flu shot’ that is out there.


Screw that! I think the times we have now of multiple options, mRNA or not etc will be gone with new seasons and then it’ll get bad. I feel like I’m being pushed into becoming an anti-vaxxer with all this nonsense. Especially when it comes to the extortion from the threats of the “passports” and crap like like.

(Ethan) #161

That’s unlikely. The variants that seem to evade immunity have all mutated in the same exact way on the spike protein. Multiple independent identical mutations suggest that the virus has limited viable mutations or that the virus has specific mutations that are ideal for increased transmission. Either or both of these conditions being true means we knock out the virus with just one more booster shot.