Anybody being picky about the Vaccine you take?


Didn’t see this mentioned anywhere, for those who are going to get vaccinated, anybody else holding out for a non mRNA one? I got the “approval” email from my states department of health telling me to go to their website and schedule my shot but scrolling through the list of dates and sites it’s all the Pfizer one.

I know the basis of how the mRNA works and definitely think it’s going to be the future for all of them, but a little early I’m thinking… I don’t necessarily buy into the “vaccine was rushed” mentality given the manhours put into it globally, just wish there more non mRNA options. I think it’s just J&J.

(Vic) #2

It was defenately rushed and reckless.
This was also nessesary and acceptable.

The vaccine is saving a lot of people where I live, especially in retirement homes.

As soon as I get the call I will get one. Its not that I want it or need it, its 100% to help and protect others.

I’m fine with the mRNA version, the potential of this tech is huge, I hope its the most succesfull.


My family members aren’t particularly choosy. My SO’s mom is happy she got one finally (Sputnik), my SO totally wants Sputnik just because of the name (he is reading about vaccines, viruses and pandemics since a year :slight_smile: but he has no other clear preference) and I let the vulnerable ones to get it first (I don’t even often get near others unlike most people).

(Diana) #4

Thanks for asking this question. I’m very curious about it too. I’m not eligible yet but will be soon. But the more I read the more scared I get…


what are the advantages of non-mRNA vaccines?

(Vic) #6

@Finishingtouches There is very little reason to scared, its practically harmless for a healthy human, so is covid19 itself.

The only thing that keeps you safe is a healthy immune system, the vaccine is just a very small piece of the puzzle, a sort of teacher for your imune system.

The real thing to be scared about, believe it or not is metabolic syndrome. Every number tell us that is the real killer. (Heart attack, cancer etc)

So junkfood and carbs are scary. Not the covid vaccine or covid19

You’re here, so you’re on the right track. Keto on.

(Vic) #7

Who knows, mRNA technology is new, bearly 20 years old and never used on humans before.

Non mRNA vaccines are not without risk either.

Neither should be a problem for a healthy immune system. I think they are relatively equal and harmless.

(Joey) #8

@Carnivoor Couldn’t have said it better. Many thanks for promoting clear-headed thinking - and concern for others - in this time of widespread boneheadedness. :vulcan_salute:

(bulkbiker) #9

But we have zero long term evidence of that do we?

We simply have no idea what this stuff could do to us long term.

I think I’l wait until the trials are completed and the findings published in 2023.

(GINA ) #10

I am. I am not sure at all that I will ever take one (I have been eligible for a while because of my job), but if I do it will be non-mRNA.

I am wary of the changing conditions. One vaccine had to be stored sub-zero, then nah, regular refrigerator is OK. What little testing was done was not under those conditions, what did it change? Does anyone care?

What will it do long-term to the immune system? Will be have a bunch of auto-immune diseases in a few years? Why the push to give it to kids? One source I read says there have been an grand total of 25 deaths from Covid in children under 14. Why the rush to give them an experimental vaccine to mitigate in infinitesimal risk?

Maybe it is fine. I don’t know. No one really knows for sure, we all have to weigh the risk of the vaccine against the potential risk of getting Covid.

(Scott) #11

Well yeah I am picky, I picked the first shot I could get and didn’t know what it would be. I didn’t even know but it turned out to be Moderna. I got put on a “waste protocol” and that day four people didn’t show up so the wife and I both got it. I don’t have the time or luxury to quarantine and a family vacation booked. I am so done with covid.

(Laurie) #12

Where I live, vaccines are rationed by the government and you get the one they give you. I’m not concerned. I will get the shot(s) simply to get the piece of paper saying I had it. Maybe it will enable me to travel or do other things.

I’m in my late 60s and have never had a flu shot because I felt it wasn’t worth the risk. But that piece of paper – probably worth it.

(Vic) #13

Seems like the best value you can get out of it. That piece of paper is worthy of the risk.

Here is how I see it.

Both cov19 and the cov19 vaccine are an attack on the imune system.

I did a risk analysis for myself and my wife and kids. The chance cov19 will seriously harm me is 1 in 40.000.

The risk the vaccine will harm me is at least an order of magnitude smaller, thus 1 in 400.000 .

This kind of numbers trigger zero fear in me, they are as good as irrelevant to me.

That means that people do or do not take a vaccine are harmless to us, it just doesn’t matter.

There are people who are at risk and they do need protection, the numbers change fast when you are already weakend due to things like…metabolic syndrome

(Edith) #14

My concern about the mRNA vaccine is this:
The vaccine is sending a message to my body to make a protein that is not a protein my body would normally make. Then my body will attack that protein it made to produce antibodies. I would like to know the long term consequences of causing my body to make a protein that is not natural for my body to make. Can it cause autoimmune problems in the future?
Because of that concern, I would prefer the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I have elderly, decrepit parents. I will take a vaccine to help protect them, but I would like to use the more tried and true method.


One thing I don’t quite understand: both Moderna and Pfizer trials are done in early 2023, but any real studies need control/placebo groups and I haven’t heard about that side of things at all. They’re explicit that the vaccine trials are to test the efficacy and safety of the shots, but how can they get any real data from Phase 3 without control groups? (How are they organizing this phase of their trials?)


Did some digging around - I think that final phases of any drug are how it compares to the current standard of care (not sure exactly what that means in the case of a vaccine).

Here’s the detailed info on Pfizer if anyone is interested.

October 2021 is the Primary Completion Date (“The date on which the last participant in a clinical study was examined or received an intervention to collect final data for the primary outcome measure.”)

April 2023 is the Study Completion Date (“The date on which the last participant in a clinical study was examined or received an intervention/treatment to collect final data for the primary outcome measures, secondary outcome measures, and adverse events (that is, the last participant’s last visit).”).


I’d prefer Pfizer but would take anything that I am offered.

I have an aunt, 92 years old, who a few days after her 2nd dose of Pfizer went to the hospital for unrelated reasons. While she was there, she contracted Covid. She was put on oxygen for a couple of days, and is now off of it and is able to FaceTime with family. She just has a slight cough.

The thought here is that the first dose of Pfizer probably saved her life. The 2nd dose wasn’t in her long enough to have an effect.

I thought I’d share in case this helps anyone out.

(Karen) #18

I have had first jab and second one booked for middle of May. No hesitation. Astra Zenika, got what I was given. No problems or side affects apart from a slightly sore arm and a couple of days later after my usual exercising and also a long brisk walk, sat down at home and felt the need to sleep so went to bed for 40 mins. Could probably have slept the rest of the day but had set alarm and got up cos I didn’t want to waste my day.

I felt very grateful to get this vaccine as I have been a keyworker throughout the pandemic and in the firing line.

My friend had the pfizer jab and had his second one on Monday and he has been fine, again only a sore arm.

Some of my work colleagues have had some more adverse side affects but all happy to get the vaccine.

One of my work colleague got covid last march and she has only recently returned to work as she was so ill. Her doctor has told her to expect to remain poorly for another 2 years! She was not overweight but a pretty fit and healthy woman who always looked after herself.

An ex colleague of ours died with covid, just turning 40yrs old, such a nice fella. 2 of my dance friends have died of covid and my daughters friend in Russia died of it aged 40yrs. An ex Army colleague was in ICU and was about yo be put into an induced coma when he suddenly pulled through. He said he thought he was on deaths door.

All I can say is that the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh any side affects.

I guess those that protest against it will be rushing to get vaccinated when they can’t go on holiday abroad without it!


mRNA technology isn’t new but hasn’t been used for vaccine delivery in humans before, mRNA “vaccines” aren’t actually vaccines, the deliver an instruction set to the cells without exposing your body to the pathogen it’s trying to protect it from, like a standard vaccine does. That’s the plus side, also good for high risk people that typically don’t get vaccines because their immune systems are crap.

The advantage of a standard vaccine is we’ve been using those methods forever and we know they work. We don’t know if there’s any effect we’re not aware of by directly telling cells what to do and bypassing all our our bodies systems in the process. It may be fine and there’s no issues at all. Or 10-20 years from now we could all be seriously screwed up. We just don’t know.

I’m not 100% on (not) getting for mRNA, just being cautious. But I’m not going to just “trust” it because some gov’t moron on TV says it’s safe. They also say LDL kills us, Fat is bad, diabetics should eat a ton of crap then overdose on insulin… you know, the people that “care” about our health.

They say whatever they’re told to say, not what the truth necessarily is. These are the same people with all the clinical trials and “Science” to back up the last 50 years of dietary nutrition too. I don’t forget that.

(Trudy) #20

I do love the discussions on this forum. I had my first Astra Zeneca vaccine 4 weeks ago and was happy to get it although my preference was for Pfizer. I am watching with interest the possibility of thrombocytopenia or blood clotting disorders with trepidation. For me the risks of adverse reactions at this time are trumped by the benefits.