Anybody being picky about the Vaccine you take?

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Nope, we know zero about long term. It was reckless to start injecting this in people. But there are a half year old results that tell me that they got away with is (so far). And less people die.

Safety can be defined as “taking of acceptable risks”
Looking at all side’s I have concluded that its likely I can help others by taking the vax.
So I will. Its in my agressive reckles nature to walk in front, protect others and fight for those who need it.
I can’t help myself, its in my genes, I dont think I have choice.

Me first, those I care about later, with the respect due to their own freedom and wishes.


someone has to say it! Start of a zombie apocalypse?
and of course I am NOT saying zombies here people LOL but I am saying rushed mRNA which changes cells in our bodies? Long term? No clue and no one knows long term future…so…just sayin’ :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

yea far fetched of course but some crazy is gonna start from somewhere. we humans are going to destroy us, not a doubt about that happening, but millennia from now or sooner?

not starting wear a tin foil hat chat here but we humans will be the extinction of us and little issues like this are now rearing their ugly head cause covid in truth is small. Imagine bigger and how life would go down when a covid flu like horrible critter got us…think a tad worse and you got chaos and destruction and change of global life as we know it.

Covid showed us. What’s next? Backlash from ‘the vaccine’ or ???

just chatting out some things that alot of us are wondering about I am sure but not going into crazy land but heck…it is what it is out there and Mother Nature and Plant Earth are the winners all the time in real truth.

Follow what you need to make it thru our personal lives is all anyone can do truly. Cause we know life control is actually never going to be up to any of us individuals, we just think we have that control :slight_smile: But we do have minor control on how we think and feel so, just do you best ya can, help others when you can, and pray it all goes down as good as it can.

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Next is the precedent this sets.
The next virusses may lead to more recklessness, even a faster vax. And they will get away with it. Untill they don’t and then, all the nightmares will come true.
It will happen, thats practically unavoidably. Not this time I think.

I’m optimistic thou, humans will survive and adapt. One day we will grow up.


I am glad you see humans adapting and surviving but I truly see us as our own extinction event. We will cause it but I know one thing, I won’t be around to see it HAHA

good post Vic.

what future comes from our present we find ‘safe’ and ‘required’ right now and at what cost?..yup, so true.

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Bold statement to make…

The latest nonsense from SAGE (or an offshoot) in the UK is that we will have a summer surge which will kill even more and 60-70% of those deaths are expected to be from the vaccinated groups…! Yes you read that right…


yea Mark I agree and right there with you. I am seeing tons of reports saying the vacc is not ‘great’ against mutant strains which are going to be those ‘reported killers to come’ and hell, they do not know at all!!! Guess. All it is at this point.

So it is a crapshoot for real but in the end, I see it as people NEED some hope in any way and cling to small fixes with a bandaid that is offered for things out of their control, when surgery and long term hospital care is the only way they can survive.

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Just seen it has been retracted… wonder why…?

Telling people the vax won’t save you is obviously not “on message”


I think most of these are extremely unlikely - but I also think that even if there’s a minuscule chance of any of them, mass vaccination of children for Covid is just insane. It just doesn’t make sense to give them a shot for something that’s not dangerous for them and for which there’s even very little evidence that they pass on to others*.

*Asymptomatic transmission is possible, but it’s statistically not common. Kids tend to be asymptomatic with Covid, so even if you’re ok with subjecting kids to the possible risks of a new pharmaceutical, the benefits to society are negligible.

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What can I say, I have to swim in ignorance here. Its all the current information has to offer.

A summer surge is unlikely, corona is seasonal, winter is when it surges. But hey, unlikely is not zero.

Less people die in retirement homes in central europe.
The only group of people who are significantly effeted by covid19 to begin with. (Or those with a metabolic age of 84)

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What surprises me in all of this is the complete lack of skepticism from people I would expect to be skeptical.

I live in a part of California that is liberal even by California standards. My coworkers and neighbors buy only organic food because they don’t trust the government standards on the safe use of pesticides. They buy bottled water or use a filter because they don’t trust the government standards on safe levels of contaminants in the tap water. They hate ‘big corporations’ and are sure they are just out to get us all for a buck. They know better than to trust the current nutrition guidelines and are convinced they are what they are due to big corporate influence.

But now we have a situation where the government has set aside what standards it does have, to work with some of the biggest corporations in the world, who stand to make billions of dollars on a new experimental vaccine, for which they have -zero- legal liability for any damages that result.

Every one of those previously-skeptical people have lined up to get this stuff shot into their arm. Now we have gotten far enough down the vaccine line that I am hearing them talk about signing their teenagers up to take the vaccine too.

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Personally, I have no intention of taking any of the vaccines available.

I have an essential job, and since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve had to keep working the whole time. It wasn’t an option for me to sit around, waiting for a vaccine. I started regularly taking zinc, quercetin, vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin C and NAC. Even started taking Ivermectin, but that’s just once a month.

I haven’t been sick or missed a day of work, and I’ve been around several people who contracted COVID-19 this past year. So, these treatments seem to serve me well.

Granted, my experience is a small observational study, but I’m happy with what I’ve observed so far. :wink:

EDIT: changed link for Ivermectin.


fab post!! Personal experiences/locations and more come into play obvy here but it is great to hear YOU in this! A person telling their experiences is key for many of us to know it is not just one size fits all!!

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Here is a question,

My old man is still alive, overweight, multiple heart attacks, diabetic, HBP, the whole shebang.

I’ve seen him 1 in the last 10 months.

Should he take the vaccine , should I, or both?

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That’s a question only you can answer.

I haven’t seen my dad in over a year now. He’s had the vaccine but is leery being around anyone who hasn’t. Above, I’ve given my reasons for not getting the vaccine, but if that’s not good enough for him, then I guess I’ll never see him again.

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Perpetual scepticism is as unscientific as perpetual credulity. In all the cases you mention, people have made an assessment of risks and taken appropriate measures. Trusting in organic pesticides over petroleum-based, trusting in water-bottlers or filter manufacturers over government standards—these are tradeoffs that need to be assessed on their individual merits. Making blind assumptions (whether assuming that all corporations are trustworthy or that all corporations are heartless and greedy) is not a safe way to navigate through life. Taking a calculated risk may lead to disaster, but it may also lead to a better result than refusing to take a risk at all.

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I’d say in science perpetual scepticism is almost a necessity… especially as science is rarely “settled”. We shoudl always look at the evidence and make up our own minds. As I have said before we don’t have anywhere near enough evidence of the “safety” or “efficacy” of the current crop of “vaccines” for COVID to be in a position to make a decision.

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I should perhaps have said “perpetual mistrust.”

Scepticism is a valuable scientific trait, but not if it leads to ignoring valid data. In this connection, Kevin Hall comes to mind. A more famous case is, of course, that of Einstein, who refused to believe in quantum entanglement, even though it has been experimentally verified.

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Not sure that scepticism should be allied with “ignoring valid data”.
If the data is valid and correct then the sceptic would accept it unless it were proven to be incorrect.
“Scepticism” cannot and should not be confused with the pejorative “denier” which often appears to be the case at the moment to the overall detriment of scientific discussion.
I realise that I am being very precise in my use of language but I feel it is very necessary to be so.
People who are COVID vaccine sceptics are often labelled as “anti-vax” or “deniers” when in fact they simply want to see some compelling evidence which at the moment simply does not exist.


My mom is 93 and in great health and mobile. She won’t take any vaccine, she is more worried ‘the side effects’ she might get might kill her off :slight_smile: We 3 kids agreed with her but she limits her travel. Only grocery store with wipes, mask and all the little precautions one can take and she has been doing her little routine since this went down but also she said if she gets nailed then she gets nailed. Mom is old school, she is hardcore old timer who wings life, always has and always will.

It really is a choice for all. thank goodness it STILL IS ya know. But control is out there already, ‘vaccine passports’ if you want to air travel so vaccine or no travel, etc. Freedom denied. So all kinds of changes are coming with or without one’s choice of taking a vaccine or not, you might still be effected by all of this.


Funny how that works isn’t it? There was definately a switch with them at some point, there’s the ones who are actually old, and they’re tough as nails and nobody’s going to tell them what to do, especially doc’s because they’re been around longer than them and know more, my grandmothers was that, awesomely enough the one who taught me “fat lubricates the joints” and cooked everything in bacon grease. Then theirs the next gen (my parents) who do whatever the hell doctors tell them blindly. Although I’ve just learned my mother pulled her statin the other day (thank crap!).

That’s definitely a problem, saw on the news this morning at my wonderful maskless gym :grin: That a growing number of states are putting in “travel passport” restrictions as they’re a rights violation. Mine will definitely not be one of those sadly as my state is run by the wrong side of the aisle for stuff like that although since my governor is a doctor at least he doesn’t deny some things… like people working out in gyms while restricting oxygen and increasing co2 isn’t a good idea. At least I got that!

It’s gonna be interesting to say the least! Because I’m essential and on a ton of gov’t lists at this points you should see the amount of emails I’m getting from the CDC, the state, and my counties health dept to schedule my shot yesterday. I figure once it goes wide open to everybody which I think is any day hopefully that’ll stop.