Anybody being picky about the Vaccine you take?


herd the people in mass to fit their ‘controlled agenda’ to keep us quiet and contained, but darn if thru the pockets some don’t riot and protest and shine thru the ‘total control’ they are exerting over us.

a mass of free thinking people with freedom is a bad thing.
a mass of controlled thru laws and censorship and taxes to keep one down to not excel and be more free thru that venue, well they want us right there and our freedoms are narrowing SO tight.

Sheeple down a narrow chute, towards, more limited control. Happening all thru the civilizations. Still going on right now for us!

ain’t rocket science at all. It is friggin’ scary but all of us muddle thru and find us somehow thru the changes I guess :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

the big picture is all about control.

(Vic) #63

Only on the seaside and around skools.

The public is divided, pushback is growing I think.

I have been a stongly opposed from day 5 against lockdowns, closing of skools, the false securitie masks suggest closing of businesses etc. Opposed to a few months ago, not many disagree with my conclusions and opinions these days.

To be honest, I wasn’t poor before covid and now I adjusted to all the stupidity and made a lot of money. I can afford to rebel against stupid covid19 laws, and so I did. Got myself detained 11 times in 2020.
I’m done with pushing back now, did the best I could as an individual.
Now its time to brace for the economic shift that will come soon. This next fight is going to be hilarious.

Have very mixed feeling about all this.




OUTSIDE? Ya, I’d go completely insane. I send pics to my family all the time (different state) when I’m in the gym and in outside malls and stuff so they can remind themselves what faces look like, pisses them off unbelievable :grin: Got tons of crap for not coming back for holidays and stuff which we usually do, why? To go from (almost) normal like to prison? I don’t think so! Me and the wife are paying close attention to how different states are handling this, we’re already not in our native state so although we’ve been here for a while not really tied to it either. Though I’d never consider moving home either. Very much freedom minded.


If you are interested in Hungary too… Wearing a mask outside is mandatory since several weeks here, I don’t know when it will change. But it’s only for human settlements so I can go for big walks without mask as I am far from those.
Lots of places are closed too.

Covid changed my life very little, perks of being a hermit. I only felt bad when the nearby wildlife park was closed for 1.5 weeks a year ago (but I still could go out whenever I wanted, we have lots of other forests here. I can’t imagine being at home all the time, that must be tough even for me and I have a nice garden with many trees. not everyone has that)… Back then we barely had cases compared to what we have now…

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There’s no such thing as wanting to help others. You don’t take paracetamol for someone else’s headache. You aren’t saving any lives by taking a vax and no one is being helped by it. Not sure if you’re trolling because that’s so far from reality it’s unbelievable. It’s more than obvious this vac is for the implementation of the great reset. Absolutely none of what your tv is telling you is true. Turn it off.


Wrong logic, headache isn’t infectious…

(Ethan) #69

I think we’ve gone enough into QAnon crazy

(Peter) #70

It’s a shame we don’t all have your levels of insight. Oh, and selfishness.


Take it back to parler, pet


Pretty impressive when you loose all credibility for yourself in the first sentence even before the paranoia begins.

I say that as the guy who questions everything the gov’t does and trusts almost nothing they say, but holy crap! “The great reset”. I’m not letting an mRNA vaccine into me, and may or may not get the J&J, but people like you are the reason people like me who can think for themselves are called wackjob conspiracy theorists.

(Vic) #73

1 Covid19 kills elderly and metabolicaly sick people.

2 Lockdowns, mask, isolation, etc kills a lot of people.

If taking a vac stops either of the above statements, then i want one, to help others.

If both above statements are false then I’m a reckless idiot for taking vac that I don’t need and helps no others.

I value your opinion just as much as anybody else’s, we could go to an illegal protests together and get myself arrested again, it could be fun.
You shure sound angry enough.

My wife also thinks many countries took the opportunity to destroy their economy on purpose and start over (reset). Myself, I don’t think so, not likely.

On the TV we agree, its off :kissing_heart:

(Vic) #74

I just avoid shopping streets and the seaside/beach. Thats the places were mask are mandated outside.
I never wear a mask outside. Police usually ignore me. When they don’t then the ticket becomes a mancave wall decoration.

(Ethan) #75

I agree. If you are not in a crowd, masks are largely useless—except to stop a sneeze maybe

Edit: this was referring to outdoor use of masks

(Vic) #76

What do you folks think on long term concequences ?

Some risks:

-Infertility in the long run
-Priming immune system for extreme over reaction in a few years (allergic type of thing).

While very very small and unlikely risks, its not zero.
No need to explain how severe the consequences would be.

There may also be long term benefits, like lifelong immunity, no asymptomatic transmission etc.

Perhaps Keto and some vit D is a better route to follow?


I’m looking forward to being vaccinated. I need to travel and some places will accept you if you have been vaccinated.

Therefore, I’ll take any vaccine I’m offered.

Having said that, if I could just buy my own vaccine, I’d go for the Pfizer one.

I’m happy both my parents are vaccinated (even the second shot each, already). They live in another country, an ocean away, and I was afraid to visit them, bring them the virus and make them sick. I know my mother needs a crazy amount of hugs when we meet.

I know of lots of people who were vaccinated and not a single one of them had any side effects. Hopefully, I’ll have the same experience. But even if I were to be ill for a few weeks after the shots, it’d be worth it. Anything to travel again.


From what I’ve read, got first hand from a retired biochemist that used to work on mRNA stuff specifically, and 3rd hand info I’m getting from my sister in law who’s a nurse (and also pregnant and told by those surrounding her NOT to take an mRNA shot) that all seems true.

Although I think the risk is more than “very very small and unlikely”.

It very well may, and that’d be great if that’s all that came of it. Hell of a gamble!

I’m not sure of the drugs status in other countries, but I think that here in the US people either forget, or aren’t aware that these aren’t FDA approved drugs, we’re getting them under an Emergency authorizations act. Everybody that gets vaccinated is literally part of it’s trial. We’re guinea pigs, plain and simple.

(bulkbiker) #79

Twitter sometimes has the best timing imaginable…

(bulkbiker) #80

I find it quite amazing (and slightly frightening) when people tell others that the vax is “safe and effective” when we have no idea whatsoever of any long term effects. These experimental treatments have only existed for a few months at best.


We’ve all heard the “common sense isn’t that common” thing forever, but WOW if this doesn’t show how bad the inability is to think for peoples selves in all countries basically is at this point. Like you said, how hasn’t all these people that at one point (way back a couple months ago) heard we need much more testing, could be a year or two, then fast forward 3mo… Everybody take it, it’s completely safe! (Line forms…) LOL.

I’m not an anti-vaxxer by any stretch, I’m very aware the only reason we don’t die from countless old-timey diseases is because of them, but I also feel we’re very much over vaccinated at the same time, just as we’re over medicated most of the time. Although I feel like all this is pushing me further in the other direction.