Anybody being picky about the Vaccine you take?


My SO, Alvaro gets AstraZeneca tomorrow. Oh well, Sputnik has a better name but it doesn’t matter. Finally he gets it :slight_smile: We definitely don’t worry at all.
His Mom got both of her Sputnik shots too so Alvaro won’t be so worried to visit her anymore. Even that I go too, I am a hermit with way less risk to get it than Alvaro with a ton of ignorant coworkers around every day.

Hungary has better numbers than before, not the 0.1% of the population gets sick per day as some time ago…

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Im not even talking about asymptomatic transmission. 57% or 72% efficacy is not 100%. Therefore, infection happens. Therefore, transmission happens.


And that’s fine and understandable, but they’re also the minority.

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What is in what minority?

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Paul luckily maybe for you the US so far as I know hasn’t adopted the UK completely made up figures of “1 in 3 are asymptomatic but infectious”.

There is not a shred of evidence for this figures nor has there ever been any attempt made by the government or NHS to publish anything in support. Yet it is repeated everywhere… sorry but it becomes rather wearing…

Asymptomatic infection maybe a “thing” but as even your great Dr Fauci himself said it has never ever been the driver of a “pandemic”.

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Asymptomatics infecting anybody else.


I got the pfizer one and I gave me bad headaches for a couple weeks. They are gone now, thankfully. I guess I’m glad to be fully vaccinated.

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And as if by magic on my twitter feed…


thanks, Mark! I wouldn’t want to be a policy maker right now - inevitably, you’ll get some things wrong, and brutal criticism is a given no matter what you propose- but that’s still pretty funny.


The high risk people that die from it. Total deaths from it from the numbers as of right now per worldometer are just under 2%, and that’s total deaths. So what percentage are the high risk people? That’s 31,713,159 cases and 573,799 deaths.

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Breaking the chain is what stops somebody who would have been down that chain from dying

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Second Moderna shot yeasterday. This morning I don’t feel so hot and neither does the wife. For me a headache and some flu like back and knee pain. Not so bad I can’t go into work but I’ll probably take a half day off. She may be worse off than me I suspect, and still in bed.


Alvaro had cold like symptoms after the shot but some of them disappeared coming the next day, he took a painkiller and went to work. Today there is some tiredness and little pain but it’s much better, he says. Hopefully he will be okay tomorrow.

His mom (way less healthy than him, to put it lightly) already had a bad cold, no noticeable change there. (Sputnik :smiley: We still can’t get over the name… Lol.)


I suspect its the UK’s idea of trying to coerce more people to follow government guidelines

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Indeed but at least it is slowly being exposed as the lie it is.


How good are the gatekeepers there for scrubbing the internet of everything they disagree with? That’d be pulled here within 72hrs. It’s out of control!

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I only saw it yesterday maybe it has another 48 hours…
Some things get pulled very quickly… sometimes if a “professor” or something else they can stay for a while… others stay for ever. Very inconsistent.


let’s chat censorship of voices on the internet and its content? that is a big fight issue for sure…heehee

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In my home country, Belgium Europe.

If a Medical doctor advices his patients or speaks in public against vaccination. They loose their licences to practice instantly without a hearing. They are obligated to promote it.

Meanwhile the country is still in a partial lockdown, the last day excess dead was 30 November 2020

I can’t say I understand the politicians, its a big question mark for me.
It stinks, thats for shure.

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Do you guys still have to wear masks outside?

Is there much of a pushback in Belgium?