Any way to replace saltines in this recipe for meatloaf?

(Bob M) #1

This is an Italian-style meatloaf, cooked in sauce. Seems interesting, but uses 35 saltines:

Sometimes if the wheat is not too much, such as for a thickener, I’ll ignore the carbs. But this is about 80g of carbs:

Only two pounds of meat, so I’d easily eat 1/4-1/3 of this. 20-30g of carbs. Still not too bad, I guess, if it’s a workout day. But then I have to buy a bunch of extra saltines, which I don’t have a use for.

Normally, I use powdered/finely ground cheese for this purpose, but this already has cheese. And I’ve added ground dried mushrooms, but can’t add that many of those.

Anything I can replace the saltines with?


chopped up pork rinds?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #3

That, or possibly almond or coconut flour.


Tricky as this recipe has so much carby ingredients… But whenever I modify recipes, I prefer just skipping things when it makes sense. I would need to see it but meat and eggs are already fine, this thing has cheese too, I would just skip most of the rest, probably :smiley: As it would come together just fine without if I think about my meatballs, the aste would be nice too…
(Once I have found a carby vegan recipe and it was carnivore when I truly was done with it. I just can’t respect recipes :D)

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #5

I’ve been using Coconut flour. Not bad at all. Mild in flavour … and better lasting than the Almond flour Id think, which is good because I inadvertently bought a huge bag lol


I wouldn’t use coconut flour as it has a very very strong coconut flavor and it’s very sweet. Ew. Of course, each to their own, I know many people love it in non-sweet foods…

I wondered what I did with the grains in recipes… Oily seeds! (And sometimes their flours but those are usually not tasty at all. Almond flour is neutral but too expensive for me, coconut flour is okay but almost only for desserts due to the flavor…) So I could try those if I felt something is needed… But I would need experiments. Carbs are impossible to emulate, they and their lack is just too obvious. But it’s no problem, we can do so much better than grains, tastier too :wink:
I made so many wonderful keto cakes, good texture, good taste, grains are overrated :wink: And they don’t even have the super helpful meat as this meatloaf do! It must be possible and not even too hard to do well… I probably would like the result if I had my way with it. And I had to cut the ingredients list quite severely, I just don’t use zillion ingredients (several carby) for a mere dish.

Whatever you do with it, good luck! And tell us the results! And then I will live vicariously through you while trying to stick pretty close to carnivore in August! :wink: Not like I couldn’t make my own carni or mosly carni meatloaf, of course. I probably won’t, I am more interested in biscuits and desserts when I make new recipes but who knows? This recipe mildly interests me.



Most supermarkets have them now as well.

(KM) #8

I used coconut flour as a sub in mine because it’s absorbent and is a good binder. Egg helps too. The pork rinds may not absorb enough liquid.


Liquid… I went back, oh yes it has milk. Milk in meatloaf, why? I would cut that out too, of course. I need these balancing act when baking too as the texture should be right. (My pancakes are a good example, I cut out liquids along with the flour. Best pancake ever for me.)

Milk in meatloaf… Wow.

(Rebecca ) #10

I have used both crushed pork rinds and almond flour.