Any t2d that practice ef?


(Jessi Akers) #1

howdy! newbie to the forum and am looking to try ef - again. i’m t2d but not on meds. i’m able to control via diet, but i’ve not been eating well lately… i was keto and lc most of last year with success, but fell off the wagon (okay, i jumped from it like it was a speeding train!) i undid all the great work i did (15 lbs back on) and am ready to keep change my woe for good. i want to try to reduce my insulin resistance and lose weight (about 20-25lbs total).

i tried ef a month ago, but in a bonehead move, i started when i was out of glucose testing strips. i was on day five of a water only fast when my strips arrived and i tested my bs, which came back as 52. i panicked, i mean, my meter beeped all red and angry at me like i had come home 3 hours after curfew, so i broke my fast. i struggled with that decision for about 15 minutes as i felt fine, and no different as i had the past few days, when i didn’t know my bs level. i’m sure my bs had been that low for at least a day or two, but because i now knew, i couldn’t stop thinking i’d have a seizure or fall into a coma while doing something horrible, like using a porta-potty at a chili cook off.
i’d like to try it again and am wondering if there are any peeps out there who are t2d and are successful with ef greater than 5 days (my goal was 7 for my first try). if so, would love to hear your experience or any advice. mahalo!

(Carl Keller) #2

Aloha and welcome Jessi.

Fasting can be a useful tool for health management and reversing T2D. I’ll just quickly say that you can reap benefit from 48-72 hours and it might be easier on you if you work your way up to the longer fasts by practicing shorter ones. I’ll leave you with a link to a Q&A with Dr. Jason Fung about fasting. I think you will find it useful.

(Susan) #3

Welcome to the forum Jessi.

That is a terrific link that Carl provided you with above, I am sure that will help answer lots of questions you might have =).

(Jessi Akers) #4

mahalo carl and susan!

(Paul H) #5

Welcome @Jessi_Kirkland ! I have TD2 and IR pretty bad but, getting better. I recently did my longest fast of 60 hours and my BG never got below diabetic. It actually dropped to it’s lowest 24 hours after breaking the fast with some carbs involved…go figure. My last A1c was 6.9 down from 9.5… 3 months prior. Have you had your A1c tested recently? What was your last test result? I seem to enjoy fasting and plan on doing more but, a 51 BG would freak me out.

(Jessi Akers) #6

i haven’t had my a1c checked in awhile. last check it was 5.9 but again, that is not recent enough… :grimacing:

i plan to do another water fast starting 7/9, but will watch my glucose level, as well as keep a journal on how i’m feeling. i’ve read several posts where other t2d have dropped below 60 during fasts. it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.

(Paul H) #7

Ok sounds like our starting points are quite different. I am happy to get below 100 bg since stopping insulin. Below 60 is something we need to watch closely as we know it’s the low numbers that can kill diabetics quickly. Good luck with your fast! Monitor your bg and listen to your body. :slightly_smiling_face: