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A few of you know I was in a car accident and hit a deer. Does anyone in Michigan know of any car help? My car got totaled. I have two weeks to find a solution or lose my job. I know this is a Keto forum so if this is not allowed please do let me know. A little back story, I have fibromyalgia and pots. They are both auto immune diseases. Pots is very hard to control, I get migraines, muscle spasms, vertigo (room spinning). Changing positions causes me to sometimes pass out (I’m fine it’s just a quick change of position causes heart pressure issues). I have IBSD which causes sudden bathroom trips especially right after eating. I have sciatic nerve and back issues. This started when I was 7 when I was rushed to the er for projectile vomiting. They checked me out and a lot of doctors rushed in the room and informed my mom I had a heart murmur and mitrial valve prolapse. Which can causes a whole range of issues like I am now seeing in my adulthood. I also am a caregiver to my dad, I medically got asked by doctors to cut back from 40 hours a week to 20-24 hours a week of work. My work is very flexible hours which gives me time to get stuff done. I don’t have money saved up due to my going down in work. I have 2 days a week I due fluid iv to see if it helps with my pots. I also have other doctors appointments for it. Only one doctor in my state handles pots and is no longer taking patients so I am on a two year waiting list for Ohio where there is a auto immune clinic. My car is my ride to work, my appointments, my dads appointments, groceries etc. If anyone knows anywhere I can get help I would really appreciate it.

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Ash, I don’t want to say “anything’s allowed”, but we are a community, and we’re here to support each other.

I’m sorry, personally I’m no good when it comes to cars. No personal experience buying them, and I always take them to the mechanic for repairs. So, I hope someone much more knowledgeable than me will come along with some information.

Hang in there. We care about you!

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Thank you Darren I really appreciate it!

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I was trying to do this quietly, but I’ve talked to several others on the forum and to my “car guy” about helping you get a car. I am going to set up a “gofundme” and we’re going to do our damndest to help. I hope @carl & @richard have no objection.

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That is awesome!!! But even if anyone knows of any organization I could get into contact with in mi that would be amazing!


May I ask what city in Michigan you live in? I grew up in Kalamazoo and still have some extended family up there. It might help us figure out a local person who can help.

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I live close to Jackson Michigan. I actually live about 1 hr 30 minutes from kalamazoo

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As I mentioned to candy in private message, I’m just trying to keep it as private as possible from my extended family. They are very judgmental and highly against asking for any type of assistance which is why I have not told them of my situation, (they wouldn’t help anyways).

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Just some random ideas…is you’re dad a veteran by chance? If he is there may be help at least getting him to/from medical appointments in the interim. If you provide care for your dad and he received Medicare or Medicaid, you may be able to get paid by the government for the hours you’re with him (I think you would get application/process from your local Health and Human Service office). Other ideas, look for Catholic Churches and charities in your area, I am not Catholic, but am aware that they provide an amazing amount of help sometimes and are more private than government help. Wishing speedy help your way :relieved:

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He is a veteran. He goes to Ann Arbor, they don’t do transportation this far out as we live about 45 minutes away. They do pay for gas each appointment. I’ve reached out to local charities and churches and it’s reserved for women with children which is understandable! I’ve asked for care assistance pay and they said they don’t offer it through his because he gets a pension? Not sure how it works. They don’t have any programs right now for car assistance for him as he made a claim when he bought this house to have some livable repairs (had a lot of electrical issues and stability issues and had to have new heating as he purchased the house as is) but they had to repair before he could do a VA loan for a house as it is the only way you qualify for A low rate rural development loan through them.

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I’m sorry, it really is tough how so many “help” organizations are set up these days… I will keep brainstorming :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are you the vegetarian turned meat eater I see trying new meats?


Yup! I am cooking up some chicken right now lol. It’s still weird for me

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I’m sure, I find it interesting, I been seeing what you have tried and I like seeing if you like it or not!

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You’re awesome @CandyLindTX. :angel:

Best wishes getting back on the road soon Ash.

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Thank you Carl! I appreciate all and any help!

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No objection :slight_smile:

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Thank you Richard I appreciate it!

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Hey Ash, sorry but not only do I know nothing about cars, I’m also in a different Country, but have let Candy know I’ll contribute to the GoFundMe thingy. Hope the stress isn’t hitting you too hard.

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I’m doing okay! I have had a friend help me get to the stores and such! Not letting stress hit me too much! Thank you Elle I really appreciate it! I hope you have a happy Easter if you celebrate it!