Any info on car help


(Ellen) #21

That’s good to hear Ash. I celebrate having a long weekend :grinning:, but have a good Easter yourself.

(Ashley) #22

Thank you! I do enjoy me a long weekend lol! Always nice!

(Candy Lind) #23

Sorry this took so long. At her request, I kept the posting as anonymous as possible. Please share on social media and let’s see how quickly we can get Ash rolling again.

(Candy Lind) #24

I guess I was asleep when I finished this up! New link:

(Ashley) #25

Thank you candy I appreciate it!

(Candy Lind) #26

Don’t thank me YET! LOL

(Ashley) #27

Even the sentiment itself is great! Is really nice feeling there’s a community and people who care!

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