Any feedback on what I can tweak with my keto plan as I’m unsure why I went up over 2 lbs after 3 days of fast and then eating my 2 meals


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I fasted from Wednesday at 6 pm to 12 pm Saturday and I lost 2 lbs and then ate my 2 keto meals and next day up over 2 lbs. just gets a bit frustrating but I’m hanging in. Any thoughts on similar experiences? 97 out of 110 gm of protein,
92 out of 92 gm of fat
Total net carbs= 9 out of 33 gm
This was my totals yesterday for my 2 meals
Thank you!!


Of course you did, your artificially running your body below it’s limits and removing weight that should be there under any normal circumstances. You’re going to see that reflected on the scale. Drink 16oz of water… there’s 1lb on the scale right there!

If you’re going to fast, you can’t pay attention to scale weight fluctuations because you’re faking them. Pay attention to trends. You can weigh daily to establish the trend, but it’s the trend line that matters. Losing water weight and stomach contents isn’t losing fat.

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How am I running my body below it’s limits? I thought this was a good macro numbers to do keto/ IF together.
I def drink enough water each day. If I have any fasting aids I allow myself 2 tbl of heavy cream or a total of 1 c of bone broth.

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Try to consider keto as a long term way of eating instead of checking your “day-to-day” progress and judging that based on what the scale says. As you have discovered, each day can vary widely, even though you seemingly are doing everything right. In addition, the number of the scale may increase or stay the same, but your body can still be recontouring and reshaping itself in a positive way. Meanwhile, I’m sure there are many positive changes happening to your organs and to your metabolic system, which aren’t reflected on the scale.

I stay off the scale completely and it has been completely liberating. Weighing myself at home became just another thing to obsess about, and it could sabotage my progress whether I had gained or lost weight. Just another thing to focus on and obsess about it. For four years, I’ve only gotten weighed when I go to the doctor’s. That can be every six months or a year, I don’t care. I can tell by my appearance and how my clothes fit how I am doing. The “number” is insignificant.

I hope this helps you. Good luck on your journey!

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Picking on up @lfod14’s point, you’re not losing 2lbs of fat (or muscle) in a day or two. That’s merely water - so you simply went from being less-than-fully-hydrated to being more-fully-hydrated.

Water will come and go. Presumably that’s not why you’re eating keto and/or fasting… I’m guessing it’s either to lose fat, improve metabolic health, or address other concerns?

Stay off the scale for long stretches at a time … it’s not telling you anything other than how much the Earth is tugging on you. Do you really care about that?

Instead, if you want to track progress, measure your waist (assuming that’s a motivator for your keto/fasting). Body size/shape is a slow moving train, but it’s more likely the one you want to ride to where you’re heading than how much water you’re carrying. Other than edema, water is good. You need it. Don’t deprive yourself of healthy hydration.

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Ok I will stay off the scale! Good riddance for awhile! :blush:
But where is this extra energy people have while on keto?
I have benefited so far in the last month:
No SUGAR in 30 days!! Yay!!
My body composition is improving
Lost 12 lbs
My arthritis in my knee has improved

Just so I can keep going - I just would love to have more energy. Thank you both got your feedback!! Sometimes you just need to be reassured in the beginning of this brand new way of life I’m beginning. I’m def not out solely for weight loss. I want to begin to respect and honor this God-given body for the first time. I long to use my healthy brain and body to spread more sunshine :sun_with_face: to others but my unhealthy weight and health problems were just adding up to prevent me from going so.


You and me both! I never got energy from keto, even from carnivore, life is like that, we can’t expect all the benefits others get. Keto actually gave me none except fat adaptation (that is big though) and some nice recipes and keto habits. But it was an important part of my journey towards my ideal woe.

The others already told you don’t worry about normal fluctuations… Even if you lose nothing in a month, even that isn’t unusual.

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Thank you! :blush::blush::blush:


Not eating for 3 days comes to mind…

That’s still nowhere near eating normally. You’re going to have drastic scale swings when fasting, no way around it. If you’re going to fast, you need to watch trends, not day to day weights. At all times you stomach, digestive system and colon all have stuff in them, you take that away the scale notices! You refeed the system it’s going to notice that as well.

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I intermittent fast for 15 to 22 hours a day depending on my wife’s and my schedules. I don’t even try to go any longer than 22 hours. I log everything I eat by guesstimates not by weighing everything. I take my blood pressure daily but I weigh only on Sunday mornings. My daily blood pressure logs go Sunday evening in an email to my doctor so he has it first thing Monday morning. My reasoning is so I can stay off of prescription medication. The first of this year I went off blood pressure medication for the first time in 35 years, and off of acid reflux medication for the first time in 30 years. I feel like I have been released from prison but on parole and have to check in with my parole officer weekly. I am okay with that but I refuse to weigh daily anymore and wish I could only way monthly for my doctor.

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That is soooo great!!! I am so happy for your freeing of medical issues that you noted I also had a lot of heartburn and rarely on this keto plan.

Yes I could try to guesstimate on portions - that would be kind of nice actually.

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When people mention trends - what am I suppose to notice? I don’t understand enough of that yet

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I notice patterns in my weight, it seems to cycle above and below my current set point of 208. My weight varies plus and minus about 1.5 pounds now. Which is by the way what I weighed my 8 years in the Navy. The nurse practitioner on my VA doctors team is stuck in the past with the BMI chart stuck in her head, my doctor is more of the realist and trust the lab test and my blood pressure charts. He is less concerned by weight as long as I am not showing signs of having too much fat. At 6ft the BMI chart says I shouldn’t weigh no more than 184, a weight I haven’t seen since the day I went into boot camp. The lowest I have seen for any amount of time since then was 192, and that was because I was walking at least 7 miles a day at a pace of 4 miles per hour. Now days I am happy if I can walk my 3 miles that I walk in an hour.


Most use apps for this, but when you weigh daily you’ll usually get different numbers, some up, sown down, sometimes it doesn’t move. Those get averaged then you essentially use THAT number as your weight that week. As you start racking those up it shows a trend line of going up or down and you can see how much you’re losing/gaining per week. Going by trend averages is more realistic than day to day weights as those are always fluctuating all over the place. For some of us (like me) they REALLY fluctuate!

This is my scale weight vs trend weight for the last 3mo, see how much of a difference there is in overall trends vs day to day scale weight? Kinda nuts! But if I were to make decisions based on scale weight, aside from that being impossible, it’d be all over place.

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I can totally relate to “ I Now days I am happy if I can walk my 3 miles that I walk in an hour.”
On top of that you’re a Vet-which means You Rock!!
Thanks for serving.

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So true! I appreciate your hard work on charting - looks good. I understand now about trend. Thank you,

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If you graph your hourly/daily/weekly weights, you are going to see ups and downs, but over time, is the tendency of the curve upwards or downwards? If you are trying to shed fat, and the overall tendency is downward, that’s what you want, right?

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Step away from the scale, and stop measuring. Trust the process.

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Just keep going. I was watching the scales too much when I started. It’s still takes a while even doing IF with keto. My weight only went down a few kg on the scale but all of my shorts are falling off me. Putting lean mass on and losing fat. It will happen , try and chill about the numbers , let time pass and enjoy feeling better.

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Hang in there. I found I had much more energy once I became fat adapted. For me, that was after about 3-4 months.

Oh, absolutely; I get that! When I first started, I was a deer in the headlights as this was completely new to me and the opposite of conventional dieting, which was all I knew. I posted on here all the time - and people responded immediately. This forum was instrumental to my success.

If you are so inclined, check out the “success stories” on I must have read each one 2-3 times over. They inspired me greatly, and I knew these people had lived what I was living (or worse) and had come out the other side - with relative ease.