Any feedback on what I can tweak with my keto plan as I’m unsure why I went up over 2 lbs after 3 days of fast and then eating my 2 meals



To pile on the message a bit, I haven’t been on a scale but once, before surgery, in 23 years. I go by jeans size. Scales can become their own sort of eating disorder. I maintain by pulling on my tightest non-stretchy jeans every couple weeks and wearing them. If it doesn’t hurt to sit or squat or my face doesn’t turn purple, I’m good. I don’t own a scale. And thankfully, docs don’t demand it any more.

It’s interesting what fasting or IM can do. I once tracked my ketones three times per day on my typical 3-day IF of 20-4 or 19-5. They went up and up and up, but on the third day crashed badly, which seems illogical, but there you have it. I also don’t like more than 3 days in a row of it, so my body, insisting I eat more often, knew all along that was the most I should do. The numbers on the meter confirmed the felt experience.

You’re doing fine. I really like the youtube channels of people who’ve lost a whole lot of weight: ketogenic woman, Terri Leist, carnivore Semi-Retired Bob…all are “real people,” not young and gorgeous, just regular folks who did an amazing thing. I never was 100 pounds overweight but they were, or 150 or more, and took it off. Stick with the behavior, avoid packaged foods that say “keto,” and you’ll do fine.

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Interesting diagnostic, lol! :+1: :rofl:

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Good morning all!! I’m celebrating 27 days off sugar! It has been the greatest gift. I thank each of you bc this forum is incredibly helpful in guiding the way!


Awesome! Like the people on here !!! Some life changing advice freely available from experienced folk!