Any advice for a keto newbie?

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Hi, all. I’m 4 days in to Keto and I need help! I seem to be having a hard time hitting my daily protein goal. And I’m worried I’m eating too many calories when I increase my protein intake. Can someone offer the basics for starting out? Thanks in advance!

(Leslie) #2

Have you been listening to the 2 Keto Dudes podcast?

(Angel Barber) #3

No I haven’t but I will look them up! Thank you!

(Ken) #4

Initially, don’t worry about calories. Hitting the proper macro is more important, then eat to satiety. Once adapted you can tweak things.

(Leslie) #5

You’re welcome
Note how they don’t talk about calories except to occasionally mention how irrelevant they are
The more appropriate way to think of food is in terms of weight and nutrients

As you go through the episodes take note of the contributors, the scientists, engineers and doctors they interview. Then go to you tube and watch those same individuals deliver theses scientific concepts in conference presentations from around the world

If, as you go, you need details ironed out, come back here and we will be happy to help with anything we can

Keep calm and keto on

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If you can give us a few details, then the folks here can give you some advice:

  1. Current weight
  2. Target weight
  3. Height
  4. Target macros ie how many g of carbs, protein and fat have you calced and how did you calc them?
  5. Typical days eating

Welcome to the team! There’s loads of people here happy and willing to help.

(Angel Barber) #7

No shaming please :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:but here are my stats

  1. Current weight 188 lbs
  2. Target weight 130-140 lbs
  3. 5ft 2in
  4. Not sure what my target macros should be? Currently I’m averaging around 15% carbs, and not quite evenly split between the protein and fat. Mostly more fat than protein. I’m using my fitness pal to track my food. I’m trying to keep my caloric intake @ 1300 also.
  5. Eating 2-3 meals a day, always breakfast, heavier lunch and a light supper.
    Should a fast some days? Does my protein need to be higher than my fat? I’ve found it extremely difficult to get a high protein intake and I’m drinking protein shakes and eating eggs. I feel fine so far. I have noticed the past few days I feel like my tongue tastes yucky. Le a bad taste is in my mouth. And I’m very thirsty. Drinking tons of water! Thanks for any advice!

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…intake is adequate when you cut out the excessive processed sugars and carbs?

(Angel Barber) #9

Thank you😁

(Bunny) #10

I would stay away from the protein shakes especially the sugar content that’s in them?

See also: The Perfect Intermittent Fasting Ratio for the Most Weight Loss (Fat Burning)

(Angel Barber) #11

The ones I’m drinking have only 1g of sugar😊

(Leslie) #12

Congratulations on setting such strong goals! They are most likely the strongest driver of you working through this process.
It is a process. It takes time and it takes motivation.
Your macros are good, by what you’ve posted. Your caloric intake is still too low. Even with your stature. What kind of physical activity do you have on a daily basis?

As a model for comparison, I too am 5’2”. I have been able to easily burn fat and lose weight and I have never restricted my calories or food. I don’t eat carbs except for those in the green veggies I have at dinner, the nuts I like every once in a while and the wine I have never given up even though many say it’s not keto. Those carbs are bathed in coconut oil. I eat protein rich foods twice a day and I eat fat. Avocados, butter, cheese, eggs, coconut oil, coconut butter, macadamia nuts, homemade mayonnaise, sour cream, salmon, tuna. It’s not difficult but it does require letting go of the things you understand about traditional dieting. Food is good. Food is fuel. Food is health. Eat more not less, just make sure that you don’t consume more than 20 grams total carbohydrate and protein calculated to your lean body mass, approx 1g per kg of lean body mass. Eat until you are satiated. Don’t eat if you are not hungry

Get plenty of salt, magnesium and potassium
Drink water. Many find that adding ACV(apple cider vinegar) and/or lemon juice to our water is very helpful.
I also like fermented teas, spirulina, matcha and sea weed

There are so many wonderful ways to make this WOE(way of eating)enjoyable and successful, it’s juat a matter of doing it

You will figure it out and we will help you as you do

Keep calm and keto on

(Susan) #13

This forum never does that, we are all on a journey, and support each other and give advice, ideas, etc. where we can. Welcome to the forum =).

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