Anova Nano Sous Vide $64 today (28 Nov 18) on Amazon!

(Candy Lind) #1

(Deborah ) #2

I was just looking at that very same thing on Amazon. :slight_smile: Can’t decide if I want one or not (only cooking for myself).

(Bob M) #3

If you’re only cooking for one person, that’s a tough call. We use ours at the time, but we’re cooking for 4-5.


This is so tempting. If only my tooth didn’t break today and need an expensive crown :frowning: Thank you for posting!

(Central Florida Bob ) #5

Well, cooking for 2 and I missed the Monoprice deal the other day (snoozed and lost).

Does anyone know if this one requires Bluetooth, or is that just an option? Can I set it up from the unit itself and not need to use the Bluetooth?


I bought one and it doesn’t require Bluetooth to work.

(Central Florida Bob ) #7

Thank you.

I did more reading after a couple of hours and it seemed it wasn’t required, so I ordered one.

(Mike W.) #8

Hmm. Do I need a 2nd…

(Todd Allen) #9

Tempting but decided to pass after reading too many negative reviews.


I’ve only used mine a couple of times. The timer does not work, but that seems to be an ongoing issue with the Anova brand. I think there is a trick to using it, but I have other timers that are easier to use. The temperature works fine.

(Bob M) #11

I have the Bluetooth version, but I’ve never used the Bluetooth. I just set the temperature manually.


The Monoprice just went on sale again for $43 which I snatched one for me. I wasn’t fast enough on Monday when it was on sale so missed it the first time. I prefer the 800W and am not interested in the bluetooth feature. For anyone interested in the Monoprice, it is still on sale but you need to act fast.


Is this unit a good one?


Never used it before but has been recommended to me by others. Wanted to buy it before but never got around to it until now.

(Running from stupidity) #15

Same. I think I’ll get a second unit of the larger one (it’s not much larger, physically) when my tank-type initial SV dies. I like the clamp on the bigger one a lot more, if nothing else.

(Steve) #16

Hmm. Actually, the Nano’s supposed to be a considerable amount smaller than the original APC (bluetooth or wifi). Those two are identical in form factor - just slightly different heating elements (800w/900w) and different radios on the mainboard (wifi unit supporting both bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n wifi).

I think they’ve been shipping the Nano since early summer and there hasn’t been a lot of posts in the forums over there about quality concerns, so Anova’s likely done a good job (people complaining about Anova’s software are certainly justified - but that’s the way they’ve always been - more focused on getting their hardware out the door than giving people the software features that they want).

The timer function has been the dog’s breakfast since day one…you’re far better off using the timer on your phone - or smart watch for that matter. Maybe they’ll actually fix that if they ever give us the scheduling feature everyone’s been asking for, for years, but I’m not holding my breath.

At $64, that’s about half the price of the wifi model on Amazon at the moment - a pretty good deal. The only benefit to having wifi is that you can control the unit from anywhere that your phone has a connection to the internet.

And the only real downside to the Nano is that the clamp isn’t removable - so using a hole saw to make a nice neat hole in a vessel lid is a bit problematic with the Nano - requires a little more effort. :slight_smile:

(Mike W.) #17

Of the Nano?


Which type do you have? You seem to use yours on the daily.

(Todd Allen) #19

Yes. A lot of the negative comments looked like they were in the wrong place as they were about wifi but there were plenty about reliability issues of the core features, heater, circulator and thermostat. It looks like the older models were better.

(Running from stupidity) #20

Being a smart, sophisticated and MODERN chef[1], I have two. One is the tank-type (SousVide Supreme in the US, IIRC), and the other is the current WIFI Anova. The tank type is easier to use, but the the Anova is more versatile.

[1] Not a gadget collector! NO!