Anova Nano Sous Vide $64 today (28 Nov 18) on Amazon!


Thank you sir. Chef and photographer :wink:

(Casey Crisler) #22

I’d recommend getting an Instant Pot or Air Fryer over one of these. I find the Sous Vide great for cooking salmon. Everything else? Not so much.

(Bob M) #23

What? You’re kidding, right? You can sous vide: duck; goose; shrimp; burgers (and they’ll be cooked medium rare and will not have bacteria and be the juiciest ones you’ve had); chuck steak (fantastic); smoked pork; smoked beef (you sous vide, then smoke); lamb; steaks (the only way to cook steaks in my opinion); pork like chops or loin (the only way to cook these in my opinion); lamb chops (the only way to cook these in my opinion); the list goes on and on and on and on.

The new Instant Pots do sous vide, but only at lower temps and they are small.

(Running from stupidity) #24

Whoa! This is like CICO thinking but for sous vide! :slight_smile:

(Bob M) #25

I mean, this recipe alone with worth the cost of the sous vide:

This too:

(Casey Crisler) #26

I don’t understand your analogy. :thinking:

(Mike W.) #27

I’m cant evening right now…

(Running from stupidity) #28

There’s a lot more you can do than just that one thing, there’s a lot of variables.



(Candy Lind) #29

A new one on me! Reminds me of “Bob’s your uncle.” :grin:

(Full Metal Keto) #30

I cook for 1 and find it extremely useful. Sous vide a bag with a pound of more of meat to the rarest option. Keep what you don’t eat immediately for quick meals later in the week. Personally I used almost always to cook meat. Pulled pork is versatile as well as chicken thighs or turkey breast which is incredible cooked sous vide

(Full Metal Keto) #31

I have been using Sous vide for 2 years several times a week usually. Using what is now marketed as Wankle. It was very reliable under heavy use, many 24-48 hour cooks. I wanted a second unit and bought and returned the Nano. You can’t remove the sleeve to clean the heating element of you have a bag leak. I have cleaned mine many times because even if you don’t leak, the cook pot and unit have grime sometimes if you keep using for a few days with the same water or do a 24-48 hour cook. I got the precision Anova which turned out to be massive. Also the Anova app sucks. Use the Joule app and program their info into the Anova app. Better cooktime/temperature guidelines.

(Candy Lind) #32

Could you expand on this a bit for the less tech-savvy? Thanks.

(Central Florida Bob ) #33

I just got one of these Nanos and did my first sous vide cook. I had read other models and its cleaning practice by taking off the sleeve and shoving it in your dishwasher. The nano says to fill the pot with a vinegar/water solution and run it.

Did you ever try that?

(Candy Lind) #34

I’m going to try that - we have very hard water.

(Steve) #35

Yep, it’s more important to clean the internals of the Anova Precision Cooker (APC) than its sleeve - due to hard water scale buildup.

A friend of mine didn’t know this - after about a month of use, I took the sleeve off of his to show him how the internals appeared to be powder coated with minerals. :slight_smile: (really hard water in Kitchener, Ontario).

Yep - a vinegar / water solution will keep the Nano’s internals clean. You could do the same thing with the APC - if people aren’t careful, they could easily bend the impeller arm or one of the heating / temperature probes.

(Mike W.) #36

How do you recommend cleaning that white powdery stuff off? Does it matter?

(Candy Lind) #37

I think that’s what the vinegar water would do. It’s how I clean my coffee maker, as well.

(Steve) #38

Well, the hard water scale would be insulative - so it’ll (marginally) impact the heating capability of the APC - as well as the accuracy of the temperature probe (again, marginally). The “rub” IMHO is that the longer you leave it, likely the more durable it’s gong to be (and harder to get off).

If you have a spray nozzle at your sink, that should likely knock it off. Heh. I have brushes that came with a juicer I had that are quite good for cleaning it as well. Any small brush similar to a toothbrush would be gentle enough for cleaning without putting enough pressure to bend anything.

Edit: But, yep, you could do the same as the Nano and run it in a vinegar/water solution for a bit to clean it off as well…if anything proves difficult to get off, that’s how I’d clean it (the stronger the ratio of vinegar, the more effectively it will clean it off, of course). Luckily white vinegar’s pretty cheap. :slight_smile: