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Good post and I so agree.

but geez so many dicks out there in the world on each side of it all LOL
sad but true

goodness we have to change how we actually interact with each other on this planet and THAT hasn’t gone down well over the ions so…….but in truth you would think by NOW our evolution would mean some type of true insight but sadly it has not. It is a very sad world out there to me. I don’t know Jane, I truly don’t what it will take??

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He or she could have chosen a better title for a thread. We HAVE been on a plant-based agriculture, and it’s been a disaster.


According to some sensational vegan film making we are in the end times.

It feels like a politician’s speech:

  1. there is a problem (that you may not have been aware of)
  2. be scared of the problem just described
  3. despite fear-mongering, we can fix the problem
  4. trust us/ join us

Until doomsday we can use our time watching educational documentaries.

Again many vegans are good people but we get to see some of the extremists and mightily brain-washed celebrities in this film. From that we can reflect upon our own behaviour and amplitude in these COVID-19 times… if we were vegan, nobody would have eaten that bat soup. :bat:

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After this 12 week study

I’m convinced
Going vegan :joy:

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Why not do both…lol

The meat diet is the best because your gaining metabolic weight or lean skeletal muscle mass which means later you can literally eat anything you want without consequence.

What is interesting about something like the potato diet is you can deplete half of your glycogen storage much faster than eating fat with 20 minutes of HIIT and probably all of it in 60 minutes and then you would probably start using up adipose body fat (usually happens when sleeping or last stage of delta sleep) an hour after that but that’s a lot of exercise…lol

You could literally eat anything you want without gaining any body fat (500 grams of carbs max) after depleting all or half your glycogen storage but it takes a lot of high intensity or hours and hours of low intensity exercise to mimic fasting or caloric restriction.

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I definitely prefer women

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That was pretty much a giant load of unscientific nonsense.

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That’s utter rubbish in my experience.
Vegetarians rarely talk about their dietary choice because they know they’ll have to listen to a load of rubbish, which frankly you get fed up off. The boot is very much on the other foot imo.

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@Paperclip1 I’m glad your experience has been so positive. Consider yourself fortunate.

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Well I’ve only been here 5 minutes, but this thread doesn’t show the forum in a very good light. The anti-veggie, anti-vegan thing is deemed acceptable whereas sexism and racism are now socially unacceptable. bring on the future.

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That’s why the forum needs more keto vegetarians so you can have balanced discussions and posts.

Vegetarians are scared of eating fat (OMG caught posting on the keto forums?) and carnivores scared of eating veggies because they are being poked to death by oxalates yet the science looks good on both sides of the fence.

To me it demonstrates how dangerous refined foods really are to human health.


Not all, far from it. I always ate very much fat even on vegetarian high-carb and I knew other vegetarians like me.
I don’t know how many vegetarians do low-fat vs high-fat (not like this is a binary thing) but surely plenty of them eat lots of fat especially if they just skip meat but doesn’t change much else. Most people probably eat HCHF, with or without meat. In my country, fatty (and carby at the same time) food is normal, dieters and very health-conscious people tend to avoid HCHF but the rest… No wonder, HCHF is the easiest, low-fat or low-carb takes more effort.
(I talked about normal, ovo-lacto vegetarianism. But I saw plenty of fatty vegan recipes in my life too. I used a lot of them on keto.)

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Well I don’t pretend to know anything much about diet, metabolic rate, oxalates, blood sugar levels, etc etc. My back history is that up to the age of 23 I ate meat and fish, and loved a Sunday roast, beef, chicken, beef burgers, hot dogs, bacon etc. But I also liked salad and veggies. One of my favourite foods has always been a salad sandwich of lettuce, tomato, cucumber etc (but when you ask for that in a shop - especially France - they look at you as if you’re mental. My latent veggie tendency was that I always hated butchers shops. I just couldn’t go in. I’d cross the road to avoid them. When I was at college I had a 10 o’clock routine of a coffee and a sausage roll in the canteen. One day I took one bite of the sausage roll and knew something wasn’t right. So I didn’t eat any more. That night I was sick and I had food poisoning for a week, after which I couldn’t stand the smell of cooked meat. That was me and meat finished to the amazement of my mother, who knew how much I had enjoyed her cooking. But I realised that the veggies were an equal part of the enjoyment,
Over the years your taste changes, so that I came to not want to eat fish either. That’s just how it is.
I am concerned about animal welfare but I always give the food poisoning story as the reason for becoming veggie, as I can’t stand the hassle you get from meat eaters if they think there is a hidden ethical reason for your choice. It makes things like the works Christmas meal a real trial that I find quite stressful.
I like cheese so that would be my main source of fat. I haven’t tried avocados for years, but I think I’ll give it another go. similarly Philadelphia cream cheese.
I am slightly wary of a high fat diet. My friend eats a lot of meat, pate and junk food and he’s just been discharged from hospital after acquiring a serious problem with his pancreas and gaul bladder as a result. He’s now on a strict low fat diet.
I think I’ll end up on a low carb, lowish fat diet which is why I said I might not be doing keto properly. Will it work with a low fat diet?
Today I had a slice of low carb toast with mushroom pate and cherry tomatoes, a dilute white wine iced spritzer, and a few pickled cornichons. I reckon that was 13g of carb.
I’m starting to crave bean sprouts , or a ‘BLT’ wrap with smoked tofu and a low carb tortilla.
I know that is very different to all the pics of steaks, sausages and eggs etc, but that’s what I enjoy. That’s me.

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Correlation causation and so on.

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No, because you’ll have no energy. I suggest you do some reading.

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