Another Poop Thread

(Troy) #1

So many puns…
I’m just too tired :zzz: right Now to launch them

Fire away if you want to!

For me, frequency
Maybe 2 times a week these days
95% carnivore

“Saving the planet one less roll of TP at a time”

Dr. Ken
Going on Carnivore for about 18 months now :smile:


(Bunny) #2

If you don’t like discussing the science of poop exit this thread now!

After listening to that, I know from experience that even on a ketogenic diet you still poop the same as on a carnivore diet or the infamous “ghost poop” that has the consistency of dirt or soil like mass[1] in my opinion and crazy thing is that it does not smell like poop (like on a SAD diet) it smells just like dirt too and that is because of the gut microbiome switching to a more Bacteroidete profile. And even more surprising it actually smells good and is odorless (to me at least) looks and smells just like dirt or fresh wet soil? That just blows my mind and maybe that’s what we should be growing our agriculture in because it is super rich in Vitamin B-12?

Eating massive amount of plants on keto is the real problem…and you end up constipated with a super giant fecally impacted anaconda that almost requires surgical removal…lol

I never realized this before but Bacteroidetes you get from going carnivore are really something special and deserve deeper exploration because we are born with them, let me repeat that WE ARE BORN WITH THEM and other types of these bacteria comes from mothers milk and that is not a plant?

We have olfactory nerves in our nose that tell us if something is bad and if that is not sign something is wrong with our poop and the types of gas it emits I don’t know what is? And another thing you don’t get the infamous skid marks in your undies or rancid continuous gas…lol


[1] ”…The phylum Bacteroidetes is composed of three large classes of Gram-negative, nonsporeforming, anaerobic or aerobic, and rod-shaped bacteria that are widely distributed in the environment, including in soil, sediments, and sea water, as well as in the guts and on the skin of animals. …” “…Although some Bacteroides spp. can be opportunistic pathogens, many Bacteroidetes are symbiotic species highly adjusted to the gastrointestinal tract. Bacteroides are highly abundant in intestines, reaching up to 1011 cells g−1 of intestinal material. They perform metabolic conversions that are essential for the host, such as degradation of proteins or complex sugar polymers. Bacteroidetes colonize the gastrointestinal already in infants, as non-digestible oligosaccharides in mother milk support the growth of both Bacteroides and Bifidobacterium spp. Bacteroides spp., is selectively recognized by the immune system of the host through specific interactions.[1]. …”…More


I was extreme low carb and in and out of zc for 2 years before I made carnivore my plan. Now I am full 3 years into zc plan and in over that 5 years my poop has always been ‘good to me’ ya know LOL

from the beginning I poop 1 time per day.
more rare is I skip a day every now and then…which that rare is normal for me too.
solid as needed, sucker floats the bowl and down it goes.
comes out each morning, darn near same time, and my bathroom experience for pooping is over the day, til the next day.

I just had the big D for a blowout cause I was drinking the ribeye fat and butter and did that twice in one day and my guts let it loose for sure but other than that, I am so perfect clockwork on the bathroom now that I will never allow myself to go back to old carby eating bathroom situations.

geez louise the way I thought crapping was on a SAD diet is not what life intends for us at all. ZC sets us right :slight_smile: and of course every single person has to heal that up on their own, has to rebalance their guts by just staying on plan and when one gets longer and years into this eating, oh yea we balance back to what normal should be.

I ain’t scared talking poop LOL
Little icky yea, but poop happens.

Fire away a missile into the toilet is what ya meant, right? HAHA

How ya poop is up to your body and how many lbs of meat you are eating and whatever that 5% is if one eats off plan. Might be you now on pooping, cause some people do just poop less cause protein and fat is not sludge material like veg that needs to be expelled and protein is used up so much.

but alot longer term zc’ers go 1 time per day, smile while doing it cause all is fast and fine and never a trouble…thing is you gotta stay on tight zc plan to get these benefits and they all come in their own good time to each of us individually. But then again, I also see the long termers go only like 3 times a week or something and that is super normal for them so…lol…kinda like what camp do you fall into :slight_smile: both are fine for us carnivores!!


I don’t know anything about zc poop yet but…

Fast and fine is my normal on every diet so it’s individual too (it may be a tad softer with much carbs but takes just as much time and effort as peeing on every diet. I always found it strange that people need extra efforts and much time, it must be annoying). It just never happens in the morning. Usually after a bigger meal but coffee may change things. Not immediately so morning poop probably will stay a foreign thing.

I am a tad curious if things will change when I finally will be able to do carnivore-ish (very very very tiny amount of plant matter, mostly spice and tea and coffee) for weeks, some change would be logical, significantly less food and close to no fiber but when I just mostly stopped eating my vegetables and nuts, nothing noticeable happened poop wise. I don’t expect much change, actually, it should stay perfect, right? Maybe less frequent unless I eat a ton, that’s good.


yea I get this for SOME but I gotta say over here in the big ol’ USA and even into the UK now people’s guts are sludge. Truly gross. More big D and mush than ever something solid coming out of someone’s guts.

I eat massive on zc. So when I do that I poop each day. Not much, but that little guy comes out and on I go with my day and feeling great in the guts ya know. Days I eat less in a row I might easily go another day and that again is normal.

What ain’t normal is the massive ick food in our such fancy civilized countries…ugh. Killing us from the inside out for sure.

oh and to the OP, Troy, I am a Dr Ken lover :slight_smile: just like him ya know and the way he gives info and such so this is a great post for me…seen it and love it and hope others ‘get it’ too.

(Elizabeth ) #6

Two and a half years strict carnivore, no eggs or dairy because I don’t tolerate them. Normally it’s once or twice a week but then I’ll go multiple times over 24 to 36 hours. On the rare occasion I take something for a headache it can slow things down to eight or nine days. No discomfort no issues no problems everything’s perfect.


I have not pooped for 300 years.

(Dennis Jacobs) #8

Fangs, I’m 3 years into zc and do my duty every 3 to 5 days. Fat is my regulator and I know when I’m eating the right amount of fat to protein. I.m also a rancher (small) so I find that I agree with a lot of your philosophy on life. Zc on and keep up with the common sense hints and strories.


wow, 3 to 5 days. It is strange how we all regulate so individually but what is normal for one won’t be for another in alot of things in life.

a rancher…ohhhh, you got the beef! Love that but as we know, ranching and farming is alot of work but good thing with zc we do have tons of energy :slight_smile:

(Ken) #10

Are you saying that you’re Full of Poop?

Seriously, I go by the Bristol Scale. I’m typically at level 3, with no residue on the toilet paper. I consider that to be evidence that my nutrition is optimized.


Yup. Same. And no skid marks in the bowl HAHA

shows a healthy gut working well for sure!!


That is one of the kindest things ever been said to me. Yes, I am. I thought my posts show that. :wink: