Another Newbie- so scared. Have very little money for fancier diets and have tried everything

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You are definitely showing progress, that is great =) Congrats, keep up the good work!! You look great (I wish my stomach was that flat!!).


Try not to be nervous. It doesn’t have to be expensive.
The advantage of the UK labeling is that they all have the same unit measured (For example 100g or 100ml) this makes comparing one item to another much easier.
Though Fiber is not listed as a carb on a UK label, most will list fiber. Just subtract fiber number from total carb number for net carbs.

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Wow @Sallou great job!

Welcome, @Sophie! In fact fibre here in UK isn’t counted as part of the carbohydrate listed - which means nothing needs to be subtracted.

On UK labels ‘total carbohydrate’ is actually what would in the US be ‘net carbohydrate’! Confusing or what?!


Sorry I wasn’t clear.:blush:
What I meant to say is that fiber is listed separate from the carb lists when fiber is listed.

So in this example is the Fibre part of the 4.2g of Carbs or as I read it Fibre is 1.2 which you can subtract from total carbs to get 3.1g net carbs. It is confusing. Have I been reading it wrong?

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If this is a UK label, the fibre is not included in the ‘Carbohydrate’ figure in the first place, and therefore doesn’t need to be subtracted to get the net carbs. The carbs are already net. Fibre is not listed (or counted) as a carb over here - it’s indigestible, after all. So a portion (half a pot) of that soup is 12.6g carbohydrate, as listed.

If it’s a US label, though, then yes the figure listed under ‘Fibre’ does need to be subtracted to get the net carbs. The net carbohydrate per portion would be 9.3g - IF it’s a US label.

That’s my understanding, anyway!


(It would be so much easier for all of us if international food labelling were based on the same criteria!)

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Re cost, I’ve done very well at Walmart and the cost of my meals averages $3.00 per meal. It took awhile to get into that groove, but it can be done!


Yes it’s a UK label. Thanks a lot!

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My “food” bill is low, but my grocery bill is still high, buying all the kitchen stuff I’ve never had because I just always cooked frozen foods. But eating entirely ‘real’ foods comes to taste great, really quickly. All kinds of people are ballooning up during quarantine, meanwhile I’m losing tons, and usually find, even very new to keto, I’m usually eating only one meal a day because I’m not out and about, running around, and one meal often keeps me plenty full. Doesn’t mean there won’t be -some- cravings, but the keto ‘diet’ has been far easier to stick to than anything else I’ve ever tried.