Another Newbie- so scared. Have very little money for fancier diets and have tried everything

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Right, but this forum is already struggling to keep up so when you can link to the information please do. It’s redundant to copy and paste entire articles into a thread.

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That’s certainly an idea, but the text would still be there if someone choose to drop it down. I’m not sure it would solve the problem.

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Your post was deleted. Please stick to the original poster’s topic. She didn’t ask how to be a vegetarian or eat vegetarian sources of fat. If this is a topic that interests you there is a vegetarian keto section on the forum. Post this information (short form with links out) there.

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I am very sorry @Sallou that your thread has been hijacked by someone who may be one of our compatriots. I just wanted to say that I respect your hunger for knowledge about how to find a way to make the ketogenic diet work for you.

Our wonderful hosts “The Two Dudes” have provided us with this online space for discussions about the ketogenic diet. I am very grateful to them.

Please do not feel any sense that your concerns have been dismissed because a discourteous poster has hi-jacked your thread.

@billyshearsfan2 I agree that the keto diet does not suit everyone, just as vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian or even carnivore does not suit everyone. The thing is that this is a space for people who want to talk about the ketogenic diet and how it works for them or doesn’t as the case may be.

It is not a platform for you to push some unfounded whacky ideas about gardening. I have grown veg in my home veg plots for most of my life and I know that the years I was able to incorporate some well rotted cow manure into my soil gave better results than the years when I relied solely on my own home produced compost.

For those who worry that we may all have made a terrible mistake following the two keto dudes down this path, one of my heroes Dr Shawn Baker has posted a great YouTube video extolling the virtues of veganism:

Vegan success story

Those who choose to be vegan have made a lifestyle choice which they believe works for them. I am delighted that they have found a lifestyle for them. I have found a lifestyle which works for me and I will defend to the last breath in my body my right to pursue my chosen lifestyle.

Apologies again, to the OP Sallou. This is your thread and I hope you are finding some keto meal options which fit into your budget.

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Not censorship, more courtesy and manners!

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Gluconeogenesis is just the process of our body turning stored amino acids into glucose when our glucose gets low and there isn’t any coming in. It is not the enemy of ketosis. Our body wants a certain amount of glucose in the blood at all times and it works hard to regulate it. MToo much protein doesn’t cause you to start converting it all to glucose. It is a very energy expensive process so it’s a myth that protein turns basically to sugar. However, type 1 diabetics will sometimes need to limit their protein in one sitting.

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I notice some confusion and misinformation above. So for anyone who’s interested:

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That’s not true, unfortunately. Gluconeogenesis is driven by certain hormones, and for healthy people the body will manufacture only the glucose it needs. But there is evidence that this process does not work for type 2 diabetics and some prediabetics, where the body will manufacture more glucose even though levels are high. (One of the mechanisms of metformin is that it reduces the amount of gluconeogenesis.)

Bottom line: For some people meat will cause an insulin and glucose spike even if they eat keto. Whether this changes (possibly along with insulin sensitivity, which can take years of keto) is unknown.

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@sallou welcome! Keep it simple, meat, eggs, dairy as tolerated, green veggies, less than 20 carbs a day and you will lose! Keto dies not have to be fancy or complicated at all.

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I agree totally. I’m actually saving a lot of cash from doing Keto, well I’m now carnivore but I managed to save $400 this week. I don’t do fancy, I just eat the basics like eggs and meat and a bit of cheese. I never get bored with the meals either. I actually find it to be quite a cheap lifestyle.

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First, don’t be nervous, just relax and do the best you can. To answer the questions above

  1. Can’t speak for most people, on this forum we have a wide range, from carnivores to those who eat 100+g carbs per day. We each find our own balance point, what works for each of us. For me, mainly meat and veg, some egg and dairy, works well
  2. Once you’re at goal weight, slowly tweak to find your own maintenance point. Depending on underlying medical conditions, you may want to stay lower on carbs for reasons outside of weight loss.

Above all else, KCKO (Keep Calm and Keto On)


I could not agree more with this!

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How are you doing?


Thank you for asking AuntJane.

I’m doing good!. I have learned a lot but I’m still figuring it out as I go. I’m still not sleeping well at all, which is pretty awful to be honest- but my hunger is a lot less than it used to be and I’ve lost about 7-8lbs.

Saving a lot of money as well as I find I only eat breakfast and dinner.

Just getting the odd craving for sweet things/drinks so I allow myself a coke zero a day and that has helped me.

Have steak about 4x a week and I love it!

I have no plans to stop :slight_smile: Thank you!

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I have tried these… they do have a large variety of flavors. The Cola and Dr Zevia do contain caffeine. I prefer Virgils Zero Cola and Blue Sky Zero ( no caffeine or artificial sweeteners) when I would like to have a soda.

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I agree. My husband and I eat mainly meat and a veggie and/or salad. We were eating carbage constantly before, going to the grocery store 3-4 times a week for whatever we wanted, getting take-out, or eating out. It was very expensive. I don’t consider ourselves so much “consumers” anymore. Now, although we thoroughly enjoy our food, we eat to sustain ourselves and that is all that our bodies usually require. Food is not the focus of our lives anymore. Very liberating.

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It’s awesome ain’t it!!! Eat to live don’t live to eat is my new motto. I don’t think about food unless it’s right before meal time. On keto I get full so quickly too. So you get to be full, have more money and be healthier. It’s a winner in my books. Every other diet I tried ( not that this is a fad diet) I was always so hungry. Surviving on 500 calories a day. Always day dreaming about food. On this lifestyle that dosent happen. It’s awesome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good to hear! Keep going and hopefully the sleep will resolve. I don’t sleep well pretty much ever so I can’t offer any advice on that.

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It’s the same in New Zealand.


Just realized I mistyped in my original post- my start weight was 205 not 305!

Anyway- here is my progress!