Another Keto Success (40+ male, busy professional with heavy travel)

(Raj Seth) #21

Yeah - it WAS like 2 people - now there’s just one :joy:

(Fred Buchanan) #22

Fantastic Job Willy!

(Susan) #23


You look fantastic, amazing transformation! 195 pounds (on your profile info) that is WOW!!

I hope that you have been able to keep it off and maintain this since your post back in August 2018 (one year ago). Someone has found your post and bumped it.

(Ginger West) #24

What an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story.

(Jay Morris) #25

Incredible work Mr. Marshall!

(ben) #26

i must congratulate you sir. I know Hong Kong and it’s probably the toughest city to do keto, maybe even tougher than the states. it literally has the most delicious food in every corner. and all the easy food is high carbs (iced milk tea to go please).

great achievement.