Another 37 day EF

(Bob ) #41

Congrats, ToxDoc! I think quitting was the smart thing to do. I’m no expert on long term fasting or much of any of this, but the combination of being so cold you can’t do anything to warm up and you skin issues (including the thing with bites not healing) make it seem to me like you were running short of some critical nutrients.

And I think the digestion issues you’re talking about are much better to deal with today and even tomorrow than on your trip to your conference!


Thanks to everyone who followed along. I thought I would give a post-fast update. I quickly gained about half of the weight back for a net loss of 12 pounds. That is a little less than the 0.5 lbs a day that Jason Fung and Megan Ramos predict, but better than anything else I have tried. Plus I kept it off over thanksgiving!

I have tried a few 24 to 36 hour fasts since then, but I find them too hard (plus no weight lost). It’s like I’m always on the first or last day! In the new year, I plan to do 5- to 20-day fasts to reach my goal. And, as always, KCKO :grinning: