Another 37 day EF


Hi All,

I am in the middle of a 37-day fast (Day 20). The main symptoms have been excessive cooking and boredom. I have filled up 2 freezers with delicious keto food, but I am still bored. :grinning:

I have not been completely keto-orthodox since I had 1 social for event on Day 12 where I had a small keto dinner and 2 glasses of wine. Other than that I have had multivitamins, sea salt, water, coffee, herbal teas, zevias, and Powerade zeroes. I have experimented with cream in coffee, magnesium, and lemon fish oil, but they were no good (diarrhea). There is magnesium in my multi.

My longest fast prior to this was 4 days. Down 21 lbs. feel free to ask me anything.


Wow! Nice going! I’m curious why 37 days, it’s not exactly a round number. :slight_smile:


That was the longest break I could manage around social And work obligations. I am attending a conference starting on Day 39, and there is a dinner planned for that evening. I am driving 6 hours to get there, so I want to make sure the tummy is A-ok ahead of time.


You ate on the 12th day of your fast and are still counting that day as a fasting day?


Meh. I guess we could call it a 12 and a 25 then.


Three weeks (minus 1 meal) today. Down 23 lb in 21 days. This is amazing!

A little history:
Like many of you, I have tried so, so many diets. About 12 years ago, I went on a very long hike (6 months). I ate garbage and drank beer, but I lost the weight of my backpack, getting down to 160. After returning home, I gained 60 lb with each of 2 kids, then lost it with a lot of effort. The first kid weight with marathon training, and the second with CrossFit boot camp. All along, I was eating low carb. Both times, I had to stop when injured. Both times, slow, insidious weight gain ensued. I reached out to “pros,” friends, Dr. Google, etc. nothing helped. Things I tried: Weight Watchers, cabbage soup diet, potato diet, shakes, counting calories, counting carbs, counting net carbs. Then 3 years ago, my husband was out of town for 3 months, I had 2 kids to watch, and I started a new job with a long commute. I decided I needed a break from dieting. I DESERVED a break. I made the kids convenience foods, which I also ate because, Hey, who has time to make 2 dinners!? I promptly gained 40 additional pounds which stuck like glue.

Last October, about 1 year ago, I started Keto. I had inadvertently brought my metabolism down to a tidy little 1200 calories. When I dropped to 1000 calories, I still didn’t lose weight. I was cold and tired with dry skin and hair falling out. Why was my body fighting me at every turn? Starting in January, my husband joined me in doing Mark Sisson’s Keto Reset for 6 weeks. I still lost nothing, but I finally became convinced that this was a hormonal problem. The math was just not adding up. From then on, I devoured the science. I ate more food and didn’t gain. I didn’t lose either, but by September 2018, I could prevent gain at not just 1200 calories, but something closer to 1900. I still could not lose, though. I started intermittent fasting. First 16:8, then 18:6, 24 hr, 36 hr, 3 d, and 4 d. I was obese but not able to lose, even without eating for 4 days. Again with the math problem! My issue had to be due to elevated fasting insulin. Nothing else made sense. If Keto didn’t work, then I had 2 choices: bariatric surgery or extended fasting. The surgery was out (there was a great 2 Keto dudes podcast with 3 guests that taught me it wasn’t the route for me). So, here I am. And, the scales have moved.

Why did I have dinner on Day 12? First of all, I obviously didn’t want to. I thought about calling in sick, but I am the president of a professional organization, and this was our monthly meeting. I thought about not ordering, and coming up with an excuse (I’m sick, I’m meeting someone later, I’m fasting for a medical procedure), but I was just feeling too hungry at the time. I didn’t want to be staring at everyone’s food. I considered ordering a salad and stirring it around, but, again, I was feeling too hungry and didn’t trust myself. In the end, I decided the least of evils was to order something Keto and pretend to be normal - not an easy task for me, even on a non-fasting day :grinning:. I gained 3 lb which came off 1 at a time over 3 days. I am still calling today Day 21, but you can look at it either way.

If extended fasting continues to be the only thing that works for me, then I consider myself lucky to have found such a luxurious solution. Feasts of beef, wine, and cheese, punctuated by brief periods without beef, wine, and cheese. Ahhh. This is the good life.

  1. Down 24 lb. Energy is good. I have been walking 1-2 hours a day.

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That’s fantastic! You should feel proud😊

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That’s great. Thanks for sharing your experiences with other attempts at weight loss.

I got down to within 15 lbs. of my goal weight with just keto, no calorie counting etc. But that last little bit would not budge. I started fasting and in one month, it was gone and I have been in maintenance for over a year now. My longest was 105 hrs. so your goal is amazing to me.



That’s wonderful collaroygal! Your success is an inspiration!


Thanks Monurse. I feel so much gratitude that I want to help others with my story.


@ToxDoc that’s awesome! Good job :slight_smile: I want to lose about 24 lbs of baby fat from my last pregnancy and I’m thinking about doing a EF.


@ToxDoc I’m curious how you’re going to break your fast, without the re-feeding syndrom? I’m a little worried and I haven’t found a lot of info on it.


Nevermind, I found some great info here and I’m not worried anymore


I don’t think there is much risk of refeeding syndrome with my weight and nutritional status, but just to be safe I plan to up my electrolytes for the last 2 days. On the last day, I will have an early dinner with ~200 calories with some fat. Then 2 days of eating normally (2 meals a day), then off to a conference.


Down to 193.5 this morning. I have been thinking about shame. The 2 Keto Dudes talk about the shame of “sloth” and “gluttony” when you are overweight, but for women in particular, there is a deep shame associated with numbers. With weight, it’s 150, or 180, or the unmentionable TWO-OH-OH. We speak of it only to our closest confidants, furtively or in code, if at all. The advice to “throw away the scale,” is met with blank stares. How, then, will I manage my shame? Don’t I need to know if it gets worse? If I don’t look, then haven’t I given up? Back to sloth.

Another number: size. To go up a size is shameful. To move into plus sizes is shameful. Better to wear comfy pants in an XL. Better to wear that one tattered pair of 14s and hang on to the illusion that I haven’t moved into the 7th level of judgement hell than to take the walk of shame into the “women’s” section. The advice to “just buy the size that fits you” is met with more blank stares. I know the advice is well-meaning, but it misses the point. Overweight women aren’t obsessed with numbers. They are doing their best to navigate a world that values beauty in women and passes character judgements if they fail to meet the mark.

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That is what got me started trying to lose weight again. At some point I had just given up and was like, I’m not young and looking for a mate, so screw it. But the day I couldn’t wear a pair of 16 jeans, I broke into tears and swore I would not have to move into plus sizes. I started to care again. I was close to the two-0-0 but not there yet. I got down to near goal and went down into 10s, but then I started gaining again, and I didn’t want to go over 12s, so using MFP and CICO I started yoyoing like crazy. Finally, I went Atkins 20 foodie plan and found I liked how I felt eating that way. I swapped corn chips for pork rinds, stopped making bread and pasta became zoodles, did great for a while losing without really thinking about it, slowly added in carbs to 50g higher than that I put weight back on, so I have stayed in that range, the fasting got rid of the final pounds. All because I didn’t want to move into plus sizes. Whee, dodge that bullet, thanks keto/fasting!


Even more perverse, if we hadn’t been concerned about managing those numbers to hide our shame, we wouldn’t have gotten so caught up in CICO. The number of calories you eat in a day is another shame. So we swear, often truthfully, that we don’t eat that much. And yet the other numbers grow, so we aren’t believed.

I did WW successfully about 10 years ago. Statistically successful since I kept it off for 3 years before my weight crept back up. I thought I loved the point system, because it was much easier than tracking calories. I was into logging my food. I had no idea how much better it could be. I have no idea how many calories I eat any given day. And I don’t give a rats ass.



If you told me 6 months ago that I would no longer have to count calories, obsess about every food decision, and worry about how much worse it would get, I wouldn’t have believed you. So many Thanksgivings and Christmases have been spent with 3 generations of women talking about their struggles instead of, like, I don’t know, ANYTHING ELSE! I dreaded that future when I was a teenager, and I swore I would never be like that. Then generations of bad advice and so-called “healthy eating” sent me into the kitchen with the aunts, trying to figure it all out.


Down to 193 today.

Yesterday, I learned that people with eating disorders tend to work in the food industry, as chefs, for example. This is coming from someone who is a chef at in-patient clinics for people with anorexia, bulimia, etc., so the source is credible at least. I find it strange that I have also been cooking a lot. Must be some fasting sub-routine.

I have also started to notice smells in a different way. I have always had a very keen sense of smell, but this is more like altered attention. As an example, I took the kids to a movie the other day. One would think the popcorn smell would be overwhelming. Instead, my brain disregarded the popcorn, but noticed multiple different candy smells, human smells from the seats, various soaps and perfumes. It was almost like my brain was saying, “Ok, popcorn is not edible for some reason. Let’s hunt for something else.” :woman_cook: