Angus August Carnivore


Flip me. 10 hours…fk that.

This world is crazy.

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@coopdawg isn’t it just !

Drove to work again today, decided the whole week was a rest week. I will also be driving to work tomorrow so that I can pick Raymond up and go straight to the Tea Dance in Lichfield when 8 finish work at 12.30pm.:slightly_smiling_face::dancer::man_dancing:

Took the usual cooked chicken to work with a bit of the thin sliced sausage … it won’t be wasted lol. Better night’s sleep albeit still wakeful and another relaxing day just doing risk calls all day so no headphones crushing my specs into my skull lol.the day tends to pass more quickly doing the calls rather than listening to the prisoners phone conversations.

Got home about 3pm and relaxed in the garden reading my books with a snack of sliced sausage, cheese and cold roast pork. Then made the 2nd and last pack of buffalo wings, hopefully they will sit better than the fist pack. They were tasty and spicy hot. While they were getting heated in oven I had half a pack of cold water prawns.i shall eat the remainder before bed … just savouring the wings at the mo lol.

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Lung is mostly illegal to sell over fears that the lungs would soak up fecal matter if improperly harvested. Lung is actually pretty good tasting if you can safely find some to eat.

And cooked with bacon and eggs


Absolutely brilliant!


Flip me!

Don’t know about that! A slice of liver any day (weekly)…the bacon and eggs look good though. :smile:


Always sounded nice to me. Well after I heard about meat pies, we don’t have those.
Never had lamb liver, it’s too special to find easily.

The butcher has about the same as any supermarket, at least this small town butcher. Certain chicken and pork cuts, that’s it. Liver, heart of course, those are basic items.

You don’t get mad cow disease from pig or chicken brain :wink: Btw I think that’s the very evil thing where cooking the hell out of the animal doesn’t help… Nasty thing.

And I was downstairs, Alvaro ate and it was dinnertime so I tried too…
No, this zero fresh meat style doesn’t mix with me… I actually pretty much realized this before but my hope came back and I ate not so many eggs lately and no cheese, I thought I can pull it off, I had some processed meat anyway. Yeah, that saved the day but now I have some serious negative feelings towards eggs.

Of course my frozen pork slab takes its sweet time. But I have meat for tomorrow lunch! :slight_smile:


I will track tomorrow but I needed a third meal. I had the fried egg I couldn’t eat for dinner and some of my pork roast. Yum. Tender and fatty enough but it needs a tad more roasting… But I won’t dry the outside out this time! I like the softness everywhere. Juicy too. Just a tad sear and it will be as perfect as such a piece of meat can be (for me)! :wink:

It’s AMAZING how turned off my usual desire to eat disregarding the need for it. I suppose I still look forward to have a nice meal but I eat and I am turned off and only eat again if it’s really needed (I even wait when I get kind of hungry, I don’t care - very unusual behaviour from me) - or if Alvaro eats and it’s dinnertime and I am in the kitchen, not particularly satiated and I KNOW I need more food than my small lunch and better earlier than later.
It’s just too easy and too right.
But my OMAD and even TMAD disappeared now. I am fine as long as I eat the right amount of food, I know carnivore OMAD is irrealistic for me now as I just can’t eat enough longer term. But why I can’t have single TMAD days…? Maybe I will if I don’t have these “no fresh meat for lunch and dinner” things I did today. Okay, I understand, it still doesn’t work so I try not to try again.

And I had even more proper carni times before and I didn’t have this after my body lost its initial confusion. So it’s interesting it just happened now. But it’s nice :slight_smile:

By the way, I said “TMAD” a few days ago and Alvaro said it only could be Three Miles a Day or maybe Twenty… The first sounds nice, it’s what I do when I only have my tiny walk around the nearby pond. Today I saw multiple seagulls soaring, a group of swans, a few ducks and probably a coot. And more sunshine and warmth than I wanted.
Today I heard ravens (it’s very normal here and I love it), yesterday jays, they are super loud and unique!


sausages are ok if you do well on them and key is buy good ones with no big sugar in the processing and not heavy on spices/herbs etc. But yea we carnivores can eat some deli meats and more, IF you do fine on it but in the end, unless the processed stuff is fatty, like sausage, it usually isn’t worth eating, like deli turkey. Something like deli turkey is useless to a carnivore :slight_smile:

--------------My hubby hit up his friend who owns a custom slaughterhouse and he was the guy who processed our hogs, but hubby went and chatted and came home with a big ol’ cow tongue. He cooked it up and inhaled it, for me, I nibble on it but tongue don’t do it for me but hubby is a massive fan. Never requested the lungs to try tho. interesting.

my stinky older pork chops were wonderful. taste was perfect and satisfying. so I lived :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you found a thought that gave you peace Virginia. You’ve had a huge week. Be gentle with yourself, and grats on your family’s new life!

I recently found a dude who makes sausages from free range animals. I won’t buy them again because the box was so small for $150 worth, but apart from a few spices in some of them they are very carni. Just meat, water, mineral salts, in collagen casings.

Glad to hear it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Update on Grace - 4 days post op now and her appetite has finally returned, she’s managing to eat raw ground beef, a bit of raw beef liver, and very meaty, gelatinous beef and chicken bone broth in small portions throughout the day. Also more settled last night and this morning, she’s been talking to me non stop for 3 days. A mixture of a bit of pain and being high on fentanyl I’m guessing. She sees the vet again tomorrow. Probably too soon for the histology report to be back but there’s a small chance it will be.

Update on me - I think this way of eating is changing how I am metabolizing and excreting the 150mg of extended release Venlafaxine I take each morning. I’ve been waking with brain zaps (common withdrawal symptom) for several weeks now, which go an hour or so after taking my morning dose. The half life is 15 hours +/- 6 hours. When I get my next script I’m going to ask for 75 mgs a day for a month or 2, then if I’m ok mood-wise I’m going to ask for 37.5 mgs, which is the lowest dose capsule available. After a month of 2 of 37.5 I’m coming off the damn drug. I’ve already stopped the 2 I take at night for sleep and supposed sleep quality.

I took my 7 month old rottie grl out for a much needed run yesterday. Grace howled in her crate like her heart was breaking. It was a lovely sunny winters day after several weeks of rainy cold damp weather here, with a couple of storms that blew down 2 very large trees. I’ve had my fill of people!! Arborists and insurance assessors and some nosey, some helpful, neighbours.

Sitting here with a coffee enjoying another quiet, sunny but chilly day. Lulu (pup) is on the treadmill at the moment, a gentle whir with rhythmic taps tap from her nails, with Grace asleep on my bed beside me. I’m very fortunate to be able to live a very simple, quiet life.

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Continuing with simple food…I forgot to defrost more bacon so it was two meaty meals with eggs for dipping one flanken ribs the other smoked beef chuck roast… back to adding bacon tomorrow…

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Just checking in to say hi! Just completed my 11th day of my extended fast. Still feeling great!

(Robin) #93

That’s so impressive. What do you exist on during this except water?

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Good evening all - just a quick note to say I’m all read up and will respond tomorrow. We were out for our shopping/errand day and at the end of it got a call to stop by the roadhouse for the 3 hour jam, so we went home, grabbed instruments and puppy and headed up to the bar to play. Got home about an hour ago, hubby asleep beside me on the couch, so it’s time to call it a night.

Had just wings “clean and dry” at the brewery, and a beer. And a beer tonight. Just a tough day, not at all angelic, but tomorrow better.

@VirginiaEdie thinking of you. Yes, what a roller coaster week! Congrats on the new grandbaby, and peace to you.


If the egg test (if you are hungry, you can eat eggs in simple forms) is reliable in my case (I don’t need that, actually as I always felt if I am hungry, it’s odd others not. I just can differenciate between my hungers now, that’s useful) then I am not hungry. But I actually fight against my desire to eat my pork roast… :frowning: I am not used to it but I can do it for a while if I am busy too :slight_smile:

It’s WAY too early to eat (but I had an egg milk with mascarpone, the egg lady has these tiny eggs nowadays, not only those but quite a few of them, I put one into an egg milk), it easily could mess up my day. But if I want the meat at noon (I can’t imagine not to), I will eat some. It’s lean, what could possibly go really wrong? But now it would be a few bites that I don’t need… And not perfectly roasted just almost…
I just got very impressed last evening. I have this with meat sometimes. But now I had meat in the previous days… Still.

Today I probably eat pork roast, eggs and I try to make something from the skin part of the pork belly. It’s too hard and my grinders have problems (the amount is tiny, maybe adding some meat will help… the dish gets better with that… it will get spices and an egg and I fry it) so I won’t try again. I froze down the skin for some soup or some Alvaro’s dish that is good with it. It’s common to use it like that here though this one isn’t properly smoked… But processed and flavored so not good for the cats and I don’t throw out food even if it’s just a little skin.
The pork jowl had wonderful, very well cooked soft skin and I loved this fried mixed thing with it, it always strongly reminds me of a traditional pasta dish, odd, that is soooo carby and this very much isn’t… But pork jowl is super fatty, almost no meat at all. Very tasty but still. And it’s dangerous. Maybe I buy some again but only use it for OMAD. Or when I need a tiny lard for my eggs. It doesn’t produce much. But some fresh fatty meat is better for that.

@Ketodaisy: Wow, congrats!


fast post guys
leaving in a few for our beach trip. have meat packed, will travel :star_struck:

will hit the beach and not look back and luckily weather seems great for our 8 days there so that is good. Out of the 100s into the high 80s so that drop in temp will help make it a fun trip vs. a ‘overly melting’ in the heat trip :slight_smile:

will post when I can, be Carnivore strong everyone!!!

@FrankoBear, just a check on ya, you in the city working now? Hope your Angus August is going well!

(Daisy) #97

Water, salt, occasional electrolytes (relyte) and 1 bowl of my bone broth jello a day if needed. I’ve cut that yesterday from a bowl to less than a cup


It’s a bumpy road at the moment. But I’m back in the countryside now with a steak in my belly.


More pics of pet dogs please!


This is worrying…more grief from the so called ‘Cost of Living Crisis.’

We have good bacon and pork local produce (Northern Ireland); but maybe not for much longer.
Pig farming industry under severe threat. It’s not like pigs can go out and eat the grass. What’s it like where you live?

Pig farmers fear for industry over soaring costs - BBC News

(Michael) #101

Todays breakfast: beef heart sliver from small chamber, sliced and fried sheep testicle, free range eggs and some Jarlsberg sliced

@Ketodaisy wow, committed. Great work :crazy_face: