Angus August Carnivore

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That is one hell of a week! Sorry about your loss, that’s tough! Congrats on the birth of the drand-child, that’s amazing! I’m in Virginia as well, Norfolk area.


yea crazy how the same cuts are named different cuts in diff. locations.
Your deal at 4.99 was a steal, I just bought 10 ribeye steaks on sale at 7.99 so you did very well!

thanks for that dance holiday info. I have never seen that type of event or holiday offered but of course I am very rural, I see not much offered out in the city areas, lol. That was really interesting to read about and darn how you 2 love to dance, you know you are going to have a blast!!

Your poor tum, I feel ya :slight_smile: I got over something gut related but better and you will too!! loving your food pic, darn crispy any bits are never a bad thing :wink: yum

The Strolling Duo. I love love love it! Very cool I can say I know musicians who are actively playing gigs and doing so well. You and hubby look fantastic! 3 hrs, long session kinda but I know you love your career so to you guys I bet that time flies fast :slight_smile:

@VirginiaEdie, sending hugs and that was a wonderful peaceful post to read VE!

-------------hit store and got more burger and chicken and hit up some more ribeyes on sale. RV will be meat loaded.

grabbed 2 very low priced marked down pork chops. opened up a pack and smelled great, re-bagged it to 2 chop plastic bags for grabbing and then opened the other pack and IT HAD that DARN smell pork gets ya know but I don’t care, I re-bagged those and will eat them up LOL

I usually have a gut of iron, so I am cooking 2 of those today in a bit and see if I do well on them…and ‘check me out’ and if bad I will fling the other packs but until I know, I throw no meat out :100: so we shall see. heck I have eaten that smell on older pork and never had an issue so…

Packing RV to leave tomorrow for a week at the beach. Tons of meat…check. Other family crap food, check. Doggie doing better so that is good, check. Boogie boards to ride the waves, check. Golf cart to cruise around and enjoy…check. Not bringing kayaks for the ocean this trip. too short, just 8 days, but when I do 2 or more wks at the ocean I bring them. Riding the waves into shore on my kayak is whack and I love it but on a shorter, trip, between fun and boogie waves and relaxing and metal detecting, I got enough to enjoy a shorter trip plus hubby loves not having to pack the kayaks into the toyhauler.

I will post some grill pics from the beach later. OMGosh I need a change of scenery SO bad! I need salt air, waves crashing and just into a new zone :slight_smile: ZC beach zone…wee…

Strong Angus August Carnivore everyone!

(Robin) #64

Wow, Look at you!


so it is 10am and getting hungry earlier so cooking my 2 MORE STINKY older pork I got on a cheap markdown.


they look fine to me and they smell great in the fry pan right now so I will let ya’ll know later if I survived HAHA


Strictly speaking, I take it that sausages are not allowed on pure carni plan?

Given the rusk content of them…

I eat quite a lot of sausages, probably the only processed food (apart from bacon) that I still eat (because I’m good at picking them up half price).


I got a little hungry at noon and started to eat at 2.
I had a probably smallish lunch…? But not very much as when I got bored of my eggs and dairy, I ate some pork belly and sausage (a drier one so my usual <20g amount).
I didn’t have any ready to eat proper meat, I ate them all up in the last days.

A new slab of pork is getting defrosted, I probably will need some of it for dinner.

The days are getting hotter, I needed a LONG cold shower after my walk today.

I looked up the word rusk. No, why would such a thing be in a sausage?
Most sausages aren’t strictly carnivore because they have spices.
Others have problems with processed meat.

I don’t and sausages are nice on my carnivore-ish. Sausages are easy to get without added sugar unlike some other processed meat items… But I still will make them myself as bought sausages are too fatty and too salty for me. I keep the dry ones as I can’t make them, I eat them in moderation (20-60g a week, maybe? it depends) and the saltiness, richness and extreme fattiness isn’t a problem when I eat half an egg with every little slice.

The things I don’t consider sausage as we have another word for it, the liver and blood and sometimes lung ones fried together with fresh sausages… Well they are full with rice here. But they don’t even have any non-organ meat in them and I admit I keep forgetting about their existence. I always preferred the proper, meaty sausages.

I gladly talk about sausages in the world :slight_smile: Mine are always deep red, I had sausages without a ton of paprika in them but they were always inferior, it can’t be helped… Fortunately almost all sausages in Hungary are rich in paprika… :slight_smile: Grill sausages have more variety and Bavarian sausage is a thing but these are special. I doubt you get a non-red sausage on a normal little store here. Once I found some in the little shop of the local pig farm, it was surprising.


I used to work, many years ago, in a factory (as an electrical maintenance and installation engineer) that produced sausages.

They (line workers) used to say (in that place of work) that the rusk in the sausage (and sausage roll) mixes was the healthiest part of it.

Oh, how the worm has turned lol.

(Edith) #69

I am in the Northern Virginia area, near Manassas. We went to Norfolk several years ago for a little weekend getaway. I really enjoyed it and would like to go back again some time.



I never realised that was a thing to eat. It’s not on the shelves over here, or combined with other produce…but maybe it is? Lungs of what animal?

I suppose, thinking about it, all meat and organs from palatable animals are, for want of a better word, kosher. :thinking:


We have this infamy for Vienna sausages only, not normal ones.
Even Mom’s cats didn’t eat them :slight_smile:

And I never forget that one mustn’t buy ground meat ever. It was taught by our moms here.
And every family owned the tool to ground meat anyway. I don’t have that but I have kitchen machines to do the job, the result isn’t the same but it’s okay for me.


Canned hot dogs?

They don’t do it for me either!


I’m wary of feeding Carly anything that is cheaper than propper dog food too, lol.

Othrerwise canned hot dogs would be her norm- it isn’t.


Pork, what else? :smiley: Sausage is strictly pork! :smiley: Okay, I had some dry ones with beef and horse but normally it’s pork. No, turkey sausages exist too, they are lovely but feels less substantial than the pork ones.
The Vienna sausages are very often made from chicken. And soy and whatever, I am not very familiar with those. Once I couldn’t resist, they costed almost nothing, my body is resilient and I wanted something easy to eat… :smiley: But I don’t really buy it since carnivore, it happened maybe twice in total, in the last years? When I was a kid, we ate that stuff sometimes, nothing special but edible, I liked it enough. But I adored pork ribs and when I bought it lately, it wasn’t anything like that, WHY? Sigh. Something must have changed, me or the ribs.

The, erm, slaughter festival? It’s a great feast after killing a home-raised pig, traditional thing, I never was on one. My Grandma only slaughtered chickens. The name is so much better in Hungarian. It has the word for pig and the word for the funeral feast together. It’s a very positive word, we have sayings with it too… So of course they use it on the package.
So the “pig slaughter festival mix” always includes a sausage, a blood and a liver non-sausage, the lung stuff isn’t nearly as common but it exists.
Lung is edible, sure, it’s an organ. I don’t like it (it’s tolerable in chicken but I tasted goat lung, ew, nope) but one can buy it in some supermarkets just like liver and tongue and heart and whatever else. Not always but I keep seeing it.

I googled a bit. It seems it’s often paired with liver but not always, it can be used alone (well with the ton of rice and whatnots).
I don’t remember eating it ever and I am fine with that.

Though eating tripe is even more a “hell no” thing for me.
And I am not into kidneys either.

I mostly just like heart, tongue and liver and not even all liver…
Brain is nice too but I can’t get that. Even if I buy chicken or rabbit, it hasn’t the head. I only remember chicken brain from my childhood. Lovely, soft little thing, nothing I would miss but likeable.
I know that pig brain is crazy at cholesterol content :smiley: My 12 or less yolks a day are sooo adorable compared to a proper portion from that!


I probably mostly eat cheaper stuff than fancy dog food, not like I know the prices but it must be something super high…

But once there was a package of dried fruits and seeds, some pet or bird food, IDK that travelled in the family. No one could successfully fed it to the animals they had access to.
The chickadees and sparrows (not particularly choosy creatures in winter) never looked at that twice…
It was on a huge sale, that’s why a family member bought it to begin with. Its original price was something I wouldn’t give for… Anything I eat I suppose. I don’t use shaffron, that’s probably more expensive… But my other ingredients? Each and every one is less expensive I am surer and surer as I think about it.
And it was some seeds and fruits no animal was willing to eat…

I vaguely remember I saw some overpriced cat food in my life too… And it’s probably way worse than just giving them some proper meat and eggs. Of course, I am no expert at all. But my cats didn’t seem to need something fancy-smancy (it’s true for me as well), they are healthy and pretty and seemingly way more happy than I could ever be. Cats are good at that. Though of course, it can be a façade. A very, very good one.


We have steak and kidney pies (nice), lambs’ liver is available and quite popular also (very nice).

For tongue or heart, over here you’d have to go to a butcher shop as opposed to a supermarket or local store. It would help if you are friends with the butcher too.

There’s a lot of hard work going into butchering a cow’s heart, according to my butcher friend.
I’ve never tried tongue, and I don’t think I would ever try brain!
Too many memories of mad cows’ disease!

I’ve had Scottish Haggis on Burn’s night a few times…that is tripe(ish), as it’s packed into a stomach lining. Yes, eggs are great with everything.

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I having looked at the carb content if sausages i ha e found that the cheapo pork sausages tend to have very little carbs … anything more upmarket and fancy and the carbs just keep getting higher and higher. The only reason I had the Cumberland sausage the other day was because I needed to eat while waiting 1 hrs for my car and it was only thing that wasn’t covered in gunk on the menu… i am not that keen on fancy sausages really, not my thing but I didn’t fancy a leathery steak that day. I am still snacking on the thin slices and added a few to my work pack up lunch, they go down better with a bit of chicken and butter :slightly_smiling_face:

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Super markets like tescos etc sell heart in the chilled section ne t to the liver and tongue in the deli section. Not that I particularly like tongue but my Dad, bless his soul, used to eat it regularly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t feel bad at all!

Cumberland sausages are great, really good.

I haven’t been roasting many chickens recently…you have inspired me.

All good. :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen that in my local Tescos- I’ll ask them though, thanks!

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Haha I don’t feel bad and that meant to read i had to wait 10hours not 1 lol… I think I could have survived if it had only been 1 hour :rofl::rofl::rofl: