Angus August Carnivore


New Angus August carnivore thread ready to roll.

Any changes or new goals or any focus for this month?

Or just keep cruising on zc in good form?


Angus … I am all in with this.

Goal for this month is simple: Carnivore. No deviation. Alternate with some IF, EF.

Got through the funeral Saturday. Glad it was limited to close family. Not sure what was more difficult: Losing my friend and MIL, or watching Dad say his goodbyes. Gut wrenching. I had prepped lunch and dinner for 22 after the service, everything went smoothly. Quite surprised it went so well. (Memorial service will be Labor Day weekend, and expecting A LOT more folks then.)
Challenges now are keeping Dad busy, and trying to balance work and home. Anxiously waiting for my new hens to start popping out eggs. They turkey eggs are dwindling down, so, I need more to fill in the blanks.
Going to dig into the chest freezer later, and see if I can unearth the short ribs. Pretty sure there are some in corner that I’ve missed.
Last night, I was just starting to mentally prepare to start back to work today (been off since Wednesday when Mom died), when we all got a group text. Son #2 (Dad to the grandson born on my Bday 3 weeks ago) texted, asking for prayers. It seems the little baby pumpkin contracted Covid, and is on an IV at the hospital now w elevated kidney #s. He was a chunk when he was born, but looking quite fragile now. So, praying that he gets through this. We’ve not had any updates yet today.
Need to keep busy now, so, going to head to the basement, and go chest-freezer diving for short ribs.
Have a good day, everyone… Stay focused.

(Robin) #3

Bless your heart. You are really going through it.


Yes. And keep going too. x


With this title? I will try to buy beef once this month :smiley:

August isn’t among the best months for me to do carni but not bad. We will see how many days I can do :smiley: I would be astonished with 28 carnivore-ish…
But I planned 2 weeks anyway (and staying very close afterwards). Now I am not sure because of reasons, even our vacation (4 days, 2 of them is car ride, my Aunt lives at the 2nd biggest river of Hungary, there is a cute natural beach) will be in the first half of August… That doesn’t matter much, probably, it’s not the annual visit where we get non-carnivore but very meaty dishes (and cake). No, we are supposed to cook this time and it’s perfectly fine, I plan to bring, like, 2 kg roasted pork and plenty of eggs, dairy is easy to buy… But MAYBE there will be something nice and meaty, I never say no to that (as people don’t put sugar into meat dishes here except the sauce for our rabbit in the weekend, that’s special but the sweetener was minimal). I won’t plan to eat off otherwise on the vacation as it would make exactly zero sense, I don’t want anything else. I am like this, very very rarely get tempted by carby stuff not made by myself. And I typically keep them pretty low-carb as that version is tastier.

So, goals? Eating as rare as comfortably possible (but I don’t go for my normal level of comfort, I can push it a little). It helps tremendously with keeping my macros low enough and my woe carnivore(-ish). if I don’t eaty, I don’t eat carbs and plants. Usually. I drank some pickle juice, it was a bad idea, it’s insanely acidic and I already diluted it many times… That happens if I can’t get proper wine vinegar just a super sugary one and end up using my 20% plain vinegar (I use it for cleaning, needed when the tap water is super hard. not even enough sometimes). I will pour out the stuff but pickle a few eggs more first.

I try to be as strict as comfortably possible. But I won’t go for no-dairy days and spices and condiments are always fine, the carbier they are, the more careful I am with them. But I don’t use them willy-nilly, only when it’s needed.
So I don’t say carnivore, I am not sure about the borders of it (as they truly aren’t clear) and surely will go out of it a little but not without a good reason. I eat my 3 pickled eggs I left.

NO COFFEE. I am serious now. IDK how long, I don’t want to say all August and then mess it up epically a few days later. But I am hopeful. Definitely no coffee when I don’t have cream as I don’t like its taste then anymore (mascarpone works but problematic so no, not even then).
Using it as flavoring in tiny amounts don’t count. What else would I do with my mascarpone? Only dessert pancakes can use it up. Or ice cream but I don’t eat ice cream. Tell me if you have some nice other ideas for it. I just… Like it. It’s creamy and fatty and totally dessert if I add a little flavor, I can’t pull that off with many things without sweeteners…
Maybe I will mix some into the quark I bought today. Low-fat stuff because I neglect reading labels. I keep forgetting low-fat dairy is a thing. Not a big thing here but still exist. 5% fat. Well normal quark is very low-fat too but I still remember that low-fat versions are worse. And I add fat to all, of course, usually sour cream but Alvaro used it up for the rabbit sauce. But mascarpone is even better and fattier.

Oh but I was at my goals.
Just something carnivore-like for as long/often as I can, definitely this week! Well relative visit on Saturday, I need my highest-level training/determination state I don’t have often there…

TRAINING. There will be plenty when something borderline tempting/compulsive happens. Not very serious ones I suppose but still. Fruit season(s), holiday, visits, the guinea pig eating cucumber peels so nicely (I love peeled summer cucumbers. IDK the terms but the big smooth one is the winter one and the small not smooth ones are the summer ones to me. only worth it when it’s very cheap as it’s not much beyond water. but fun) - I freeze the peeled cucumbers so no problem for now. Cucumber flavored snow cone, it sounds a valid idea but we will see :smiley:

EXPERIMENTS! I missed them. IDK what kinds yet except a few.

SIMPLICITY. I want to eat simpler than ever! I like simple. The person I am when I eat is trickier. But I don’t get bored of my staples near so easily as in the past. And I can have variety, just not zillion courses or complicated dishes.

When I will feel the need to go off, maybe I will make rules for my off times too. Now I think eating ONLY unavoidable off things is a good attitude. So basically I do carnivore and only go as far as I really need for some reason (if I could stop myself but it wouldn’t worth it, that’s a good enough reason for me. right now I have this momentum to keep things strict but I am not so good with things for the sake of following rules. I like to eat right for me even if I don’t fit into labels. I have this extra carni challenge if possible thing going on and it doesn’t bother me but a little pressure and I drop the rules that doesn’t help my health in my own opinion).

I surely wasn’t clear, even I am not fully sure what I am talking about but we will see how I respond to different circumstances. I really am serious, I want to be very, very, very low plant-carb in August as that does good to me and even if I could handle a bit more, it’s fine without for a while.

Today is my strictest day apart the pickle juice. I go for nothing first (almost no chance), then egg only (no) then some little meat I can get from the freezer as I couldn’t buy any in the little town (the pork fridge was empty, no turkey, just some not so fresh looking chicken). Sausage if I must, it’s not as strict as fresh meat but I don’t have that in proper amounts. Or IDK, maybe some eggs and a tiny fried pork will be enough. It never was but who knows?

I wrote too much again. I try to write less. And I want to bring photos! :smiley:
It’s a chaotic first day with little brain (it’s too hot again. 30C is super much when I walk and there is elevation) and many thoughts but I hope I can focus on my simple dishes when writing here.

@SecondBreakfast: Oh, you can’t get a break, can you? I so very much hope the poor dear get better!!!


I’m going to give it a go too,

The only thing I worry about, is that maybe I’m giving up too much at once…which could lead to relapse of sorts. Very important to get one’s head in the right place first.

Then again…I was able to give up carbs no problem at all!

So what the heck? Everything to gain, nothing to lose. :man_shrugging:

(Judy Thompson) #7

@SecondBreakfast Big hugs and condolences. You prepared lunch and dinner for 22?? And no angst, you just did it! That’s amazing! I’d be whining all the way to the fridge!

Angus August! Fantastic.
I’m cruising along here, staying Carni but not changing much of anything. Had a hard boiled egg at 10. No mayo, thinking of making baconnaise as I end up eating more mayo than I probably should and bacon grease was available at the store… A first. Not pure but neither is most packaged bacon.

Made dog food this morning.

@Karen18 thanks :heart: love seeing a black cat! That’s good luck :crossed_fingers: :blush:


Who knows? But some people can handle waaaay bigger jumps! I am always amazed when someone goes carnivore but even just keto from high-carb! I couldn’t do that. It was super easy to stop eating added carbs, grains, dry legumes, potatoes and a bunch of other stuff (my original HCHF -> paleo, oh yep I didn’t eat dairy either that time… it was super short, I avoided lactose for years but not zerocarb cheeses. it was so long ago though, I barely remember anything…) but keto? That was impossible first.
Keto -> carnivore (both on/off, never longer term) was a huge jump due to lack of meat on my keto, I still don’t get it :smiley: But losing some carbs definitely wasn’t a problem for my body, in the contrary.

But some people have serious problems, yes. Let’s hope you won’t :slight_smile:

(How blubby I am today… I really feel it’s a brand new month, the best of the year yet!)


I think I’ll be able to do carni OK. Here’s hoping anyway.

I need to ween myself off other stuff, which might be harder, but first steps taken.

Lock down/working from home was not conducive to a healthy liver (when one doesn’t have to drive), even though I lost all that weight through this WOE.

I’m taking steps to sort it out. It’s already working. Maybe carni will help further…?


(Judy Thompson) #10

My brother who’s post op in Tucson has had high blood sugars and they’re administering insulin because a “soft food diet” is applesauce and mashed potatoes. He’s been sterling on his keto diet and has reduced his A1c as low as his Dr will allow. Now, he’s showing mega frustration and even anger, I believe in great degree due to his wildly fluctuating insulin levels (275!). When I couldn’t sleep lastnight I listened to a you tube video of Dr Berry and Dr Georgia Ede who is a carnivore psychiatrist. That clarified some of the trials my brother is going through. It will be a relief when he goes home and his gf can get him back on keto!
Today he’s being released to rehab.

@coopdawg Go for it! You’ll never know til you’re adapted, what Carni can do for your metabolism and mental clarity.


Best wishes for your brother to get back to health.


Indeed, it’s amazing. A real hero!
I wouldn’t whine at all, I would refuse it point blank. shudder
I am glad I can cook for myself and Alvaro…
But one of my relatives did huge lunches for the whole family. My grandma’s sister’s descendants. My grandma had 3 descendants in total and it probably will stop here. The other branch is full with kids, grandkids and 3 levels more, I can’t follow that. Maybe 4. We are so very different, Grandma was a peasant girl but she still got married at 29. Her sister was 17 or 16? Her descendants all got multiple kids and early at that. Auntie had zero, Mom had me at 40… How different…

I can’t stop being amazed each and every time. I put a boiled egg into my plate myself (to make room for the new one) but I knew that eating it would trigger many eggs and all the ready to eat meat in my freezer.
And I understand not everyone eats biggish meals but one hard boiled egg is tiny! (Once, just once in my whole life, on a carni day of course, I got hungry very early and got perfectly satiated with one egg. It was an anomaly, I doubt I ever meet that again.)
But I am aware my body is odd too. It gets very hungry if I just eat 1 or 2 or 6 eggs for my first meal (I never tried more than 10, maybe 20 would be enough? but I can’t eat that). It needs much, much more food. Alvaro is the same but for his first 2 meals and his meals are small (1000 kcal). But never ever tiny. He always refuses snacks when super hungry but there isn’t time and more food to eat a full-blown meal. His mother still didn’t learn that, strange. But I thought today a plum 20 mins before lunch may be fine (that is one of the 2 slightly satiating fruits in my case)…? He refused it point blank. He ate it when his full plate was in the microwave oven. So now I know he don’t have satiating fruits or they must come in pounds AND the hunger-inducing effect is immediate. Well it happens right away to me as well but not with that 2 special ones - and not with the amounts I consume fruits nowadays :smiley: I have this under threshold things while he doesn’t. I don’t get super hungry eating a super tiny something. Like a coffee with a few drops of cream in it. An egg, yes, that makes me hungry right away even if I was very satiated before.

Wow, that’s a thing there? Never heard about it.

We saw pork rinds again. Different kinds, wow, things change. Until 1-2 years ago I never saw any. Very expensive and I suspect it’s some dry crunchy fun even though it is not nearly as great as the fried pork fat tissue+skin (but I prefer when meat is present too, that’s a kind of it. I keep forgetting the term, crackling is more like the skin, there was something else… eating the skin alone isn’t a thing here, we eat the fried fat tissue too, that’s awesome and still contains very much fat) while Alvaro is sure it’s completely inedible. We won’t check. I will make my own thing but I need some proper place to get raw pork belly, it’s not available in supermarkets. Not even the simply salted, smoked version (we want that to fry over open fire as we did so many times as a kid), no, all must be waterlogged :frowning: I bought some more promising one, cooked but not that full of water, the meatiest piece I have found…
Oh I forgot about it! I can open it if I find myself hungry without enough proper meat! (But I may overeat when hungry and only have pork belly I fear… At least now when Carni Satiation couldn’t kick in yet. But maybe being well-fed, determination and OMAD helps enough.)


I just wrote today I want to have a smaller presence here… I keep trying. But you all trigger my brain, so many topics and I get reminded to things! And I am enthusiastic now! And borderline hungry.
My 24 hours is up? What. I keep waiting, it’s not the final form of my hunger yet!

(Karen) #13

My day has been a bit frustrating. I left for the garage at 6.50am so I would be first inside the door at 8am. I ended up getting home at 3.30pm! I guessed I would have a wait but not to that degree! I walked to a local pub eatery where everything was pretty pricey and nothing really blew me away so walked out and over the road the the Spar shop where they had very little carnivore choice unless I wanted to just eat a chunk of cheese! So back to the pub and ordered the breakfast belter… it was 1.45 and I hadn’t eaten and was getting more and more hangry so i knew I needed fuel. Cumberland sausage 2 fried eggs and 3 rashers of bacon. Asked them not to bring any gubbins with it just meat and eggs and still cost me same price,no reductions!

This is what I got …

Well I couldn’t eat much of the sausage as it was pretty dry so asked for a takeaway box cos at that price it was definitely coming home with me…

I had a bit more when I got home, thought I would try it with the special butter … Still quite hard to eat! This is how much I put back in the fridge…
:astonished: will it ever get eaten???

Had a bit of sliced cold pork, which I had thought about taking with me but thought I would be home in good time to eat :roll_eyes:

(Little Miss Scare-All) #14

Gubbins… ? I don’t know what that is, but by the sound of it, I’d ask them not to bring any, either. :grimacing:


When @KetoKoala was in hospital, she kept complaining about the huge amount of sugar in everything. They actually made Milo (it’s a very sugary cocoa drink powder) as it’s supposed - and added sugar. People with diabetes was offered cake at 10pm repeatedly and stuff. Every meal had multiple sugary courses I think. And sugary drinks. At least Hungary is better at that, our hospital food is very little and plain :smiley: No money but people say sick ones have no appetite anyway… It was true for Alvaro who had a very serious accident - and totally not for me when I just had a broken wrist and felt normal… But I don’t remember horror hospital foods either (Hungarian hospitals are infamous of their “bad food” just like schools. the latter was really bad when I was a kid indeed. not everything but many dishes were bad. little too), it was a better hospital I suppose.
But hospitals try to feed the right food for everyone. It may result in someone getting almost nothing sometimes (when there isn’t substitution, just omitting stuff) but they don’t feed something especially harmful for the one in question. And soups are good :slight_smile: Very cheap soup is a thing so they make it. Very cheap quality cheese isn’t a thing. And while the Australian hospital gives cake, sugary pudding and sugary drink for dessert (at the same time if I remember well), you can expect nothing or a small apple here. Sounds good to me, actually… Especially the nothing :smiley: But I am me, now.

Hospitals. They should know the diet is quite important for health. How some can do it so horribly wrong…? I don’t even expect them to know things most doctors don’t know. Just the basics. Basically everyone here knows that tons of added sugar is bad… And certain conditions require special diets.

By the way, I wondered about “soft food diet” and “food for stomachache” before. I am very very much against the normal options as I am sure that my body would consider it to a serious attack to it. Even my mind. I am not the type who get a bad stomach but the usual carbs would have been the last I wanted then. I actually only got stomachache due to carb poisoning… So when I had that, I avoided even the lowest-carb vegs (it was before carnivore so I had a vegetarian keto/low-carb woe).
And I don’t think that I am a special snowflake and everyone else is happy with carbs only then or at any other point. I never could handle a carb-heavy woe, healthy or not. Fat always, always had to be my major fuel source. Or else I felt horrible and did everything in my power to get fat. No one kept me from it, thankfully. Except myself when I got curious and tried very low-fat high-carb but experiments are interesting even when not fun so I could last a whole (quite miserable, food wise) day. There was no serious problem, I just hated the food. I actually had a few HCLF favs but I probably went to some more hardcore route… And it wasn’t low-fat, it was fatphobic at its finest as I was curious about that too and didn’t want 2 HCLF days in my life, that sounded excessive so I only did the stricter, more insane one. I couldn’t understand how one can do super low-fat. I still don’t.

Oh it’s interesting for someone who didn’t do carni yet I suppose!
I am almost sure these won’t change in my case as carb lowering never did anything like that but I want higher energy!!! (Among others I know will happen.) I wonder if I have a chance, I already did a lot of on/off carnivore-ish and I have evolved a bit… Maybe doing it more seriously will help. I try do other things well too now. My sleep is already at the right place (or the most right realistic place. no one can expect me to go to bed before midnight), I lift and walk and I started to fix other things in my life.

@Karen18: Wow, such a huge sausage! Too bad it’s not good. Dry sausage… I never had anything like that, didn’t even know it exists…

I won’t come until I had my meal and have photos ready to post…

(Karen) #16

:rofl::rofl::rofl: All the bits I don’t eat … dont know how to blur so won’t write them down but there were 6 different items that would have been put on the plate with the sausage bacon and eggs lol


I like Cumberland sausage…but i know what you mean- it’s the rusk in it that would worry one.

And like all sausages, they are processed. (BTW, I eat a shed load of sausages with the pup- normally brunch with eggs, fridge nibbles etc.).
I feel fine though. Sometimes I think they help with electrolyte balance…but of course I have no evidence for this.

(Megan) #18

My dog Grace had emergency surgery yesterday. Massive abdominal bleed from her spleen, which they took out. She’s very sick but is hanging in there. It’s looking possible it was caused by a large haematoma as the spleen had a couple of small intact haematomas on it, 2nd best scenario is a benign tumour that burst, 3rd and terrible scenario is a malignant tumour which burst. Malignant spleen tumours found so late have a dire prognosis, anywhere from a few weeks to months. I’ll know for sure when the histology report is in. I’m going with the haematoma theory for now. I’m picking her up from the afterhours emergency vet which is caring for her overnight and taking her back to my vet soon. Can’t wait to see her. She was in a dreadful state when I picked her up from my vet and took her there last night but I didn’t receive any bad new phone calls overnight so I’m expecting her to look a bit better.

My plan for August is continue with carnivore and keep waiting to feel some benefit. Especially in energy levels.

Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family @SecondBreakfast.


Heart breaking.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #20

I’m so sorry. I hope everything goes OK. I know it’s very hard when our furry fam is sick. They’re so innocent and helpless, but it sounds like she has good, caring parents. :black_heart: