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Update on Grace: She’s 42 hours post op and I was able to bring her home last night. Her red blood cells, blood volume, platelets etc and still horribly low (the graph on the blood test result form is damn scary to look at) so she’s going to have a slow recovery. She has a fentanyl patch on and pretty much hadn’t slept prior to bring her home. An hour after coming home she was sooo deeply asleep and drugged it took a LOT of shaking and squeezing between pads very hard and shouting and panicking to get a response from her. I thought she had collapsed and was about to pick her up somehow (she’s heavy!) and dash her to the emergency vet when she opened her eyes and raised her head. Oh my gosh, she gave me such a fright!!! Unfortunately she then went on to not sleep most of the night, lots of vocalizing and a bit of crying. Had her on her big orthopaedic bed beside me on my bed and just stoked and talked to her throughout the night. I’m pooped!

I’m 99% sure she’s nauseated, which fentanyl can do, and all I can get into her is some chicken bone broth licked off my fingers. I’m hoping she gets a bit of an appetite today. She needs high quality nutrition to help her body start making all the blood cells she has lost. I have beef liver, some ground beef, chicken broth with chicken meat in it all ready to go, I just need her to start eating.

Dogs can live without a spleen, as humans can, but with some difficulties. Not serious, apart from being somewhat immunocompromised, but ones I’ll need to keep on top of. All I need is for her histology report to say she has no cancer and we’ll do fine. One super hopeful piece of news is the vet saw no evidence of metastatic spread anywhere in her abdomen, which she checked thoroughly when making sure there were no other sources of bleeding. In fact she said Grace’s insides looked pristine! That’s a mostly raw fed dog for ya! And when not eating raw meat she has grain free high quality kibble, full of ingredients dogs should eat, and none they shouldn’t. Never had a sick day in her life til this major oops, beautiful coat, lots of energy and not a single white hair on her face at age 11! Best guess is she’s a german shepherd, border collie, retriever mix. Beautiful looking girl.

As for me, apart from being pooped, I ducked into the supermarket and chinese grocer yesterday to grab a few things for my friend and saw a ton of meat on special - lamb shoulder chops, rump steak, beef liver, beef kidneys, lamb liver, manuka smoked bacon (0.4 carbs per 100 grams woot), brisket pieces, pork shin slices, pork loin chops and who knows what else! My freezer is 112cm by 64cm by 82 cm and it’s sooooo full I can’t fit another thing in it! Granted there are 9 or so bags of frozen veg (perfect for making the doggos some home made food, b/c I’m sure not eating them!) and a few loaves of bread and some boxes of crumbed fish fillets buried somewhere at the bottom, but the rest is MEAT! Meat, meat and more meat. So typical of me, if I do something I tend to DO IT lol

Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes re Grace. I’ll keep you all posted.

(Edith) #43

That is Snowflake.

(Robin) #44

Sweet Snowflake. Thanks for sharing.

(Judy Thompson) #45

Aww @VirginiaEdie she’s beautiful! So sorry to see her leaving the world.
Very sad posts these 2 days, but good that Bolt is home and Grace is being taken care of.
It’s been busy here and so I just finished reading all the posts and don’t want to let any more grass grow under my feet! @coopdawg so glad for you you’re almost here. @SecondBreakfast hope your grandbaby recovers soon. There are so many approaches to treating covid now, recovery can be very quick.
Went for a followup to my new Dr this morning. He was concerned about 2 things: elevated cholesterol and blood sugar. Sugar was 104, that’s NOT high but he says now, 99 is the top of normal. What did someone say about carnivore raising blood sugar? That it’s caused by GNG?
Cholesterol was 149 LDL and 60 HDL. the LDL doesn’t bug me at all but my HDL used to be 100! I told him I refuse statins, he had some other drug he wanted me to take and I said no. Then - he said OK, eat oatmeal 3x a week and that will lower it! :rofl:
Later he commented that for my age, I wasn’t at all dry (in various places he examined) and I said right, it’s my high fat diet and all that beautiful cholesterol! Haha! Oh well… Doctors. Can’t live with em, can’t kill em.
This afternoon we ate sous vide chicken and I deviled 2 eggs.

Then, still peckish, I had some sharp cheese and liverwurst. Guess it was the stress from the doc’s office!

Tonight, I made a 3 egg cheese omelet.


@VirginiaEdie, wow Snowflake is adorable! I love big giant fluff dogs like that and it is hysterical the jet black dog is Snowflake. Thinking of you today, sending hugs!!!

your dance holiday sounds nice but what is a dance holiday? is this a one time dance session event? just curious and super happy you and Raymond can get there and have a blast.

@JJFiddle, no, not GNG on blood sugar. Morning has Adaptive Glucose Sparing stuff attached to it…here is a little video to watch:
you are fine :slight_smile:
I wish my stores around me had a good liverwurst, can’t find any. I used to love it back in the day, yum!

@Azi, Nice pic! Keeping it simple, you and me :slight_smile:

thanks for a great update on Grace and that episode ya had sounded so darn scary! Poor baby, having to recover and we can’t chat with them to tell them they will be OK, just need time :slight_smile: It sounds like she will do better and you will get her recovery under good control. Like you I feed the good stuff and that helps, in a while, when she is a bit better a little great meat under her nose will be a good entice for her!!

------------So Bolt is coming around, eating now like a hound dog. he has his feet back kinda under him better. trust him on steps better now, so far so good on that right now.

Keeping ZC extremely simple.
had my 7 link sausages yesterday and then I got hungry again and ate 2 med. sized burger patties with cheese and than boom…my tummy went weirdo. Just turned sour. Maybe the meat? Not sure how long in freezer but it looked great, smelled great but who know? So that turned me off eating my NY Strip steak later cause tummy wasn’t bad bad, but just sour inside after the burgers, so I just skipped eating but around 9 at nigth got hungry and had me some chicken broth and a can of tuna.
Set ok on tummy, this morning I feel fine.

Will wait for first meal later to be the steak I got in fridge. I want it!!

got some chicken later if wanted.

Keeping it all simple is sure best for me-----carnivore on strong guys!


@VirginiaEdie: Nice photo and lovely dog.
(Why I am almost crying? I very rarely cry.)

I should do the same… I just forgot about their existence or something… I can get bored of them but not if I use them infrequently.
Your photos make me hungry (okay, I am borderline hungry since 1.5 hours so it’s no big feat…)
Especially the omelet, it’s soooo pretty!

It’s so weird, I NEVER had this, not even in my early lower-cal times (with 0.25 pounds of processed meat sometimes :smiley: that was tricky but I was determined)! 1200 kcal or less for 2 days in row and on the third, I am still okay until lunchtime. But I actually expect myself to eat more now… I never functioned well below 1600, 1-2 odd days happened but no more.
But I have lots of extra fat and my body is communicative and I don’t force anything on it. I just eat as much as I like when I eat, sometimes more as I get my first satiation too quickly but it’s not long lasting so I wait some minutes and try again.

(Edith) #48

Agreed with the raw food diet. We did the same for Snowflake. She had a completely raw diet until the pandemic hit. When it got hard to buy meat, we supplemented with grain-free kibble. In her picture, you would never know she was 13 years old! Just that little bit of gray on her chinny-chin-chin. The other beautiful thing about feeding a raw diet is that her teeth have always been pristine. We’ve never had to have tartar build up removed.

I was up last night stressing about today. Wondering if I made the right choice. She sleeps in the basement because it is cooler down there with all her fluff and her tumor really made a bloody mess even through the t-shirt we’ve been keeping on her. I can’t imagine how much it must be hurting. We’d had another dog who had developed canine lymphoma. We definitely waited too long before we said goodbye. I just don’t want to do the same with Snowflake. Argh!

Sorry for putting all this in the chat.


@VirginiaEdie …I am so sorry about Snowflake! What a sweet girl. Hugs and lots of love, my friend!
@Fangs …Hoping Bolt gets back to being himself soon! For over $2K, you’d think the vet should provide some canine PT to get 'em going again! LOL!
@MeganNZ … Praying Grace will heal up quick!

And all of you, thank you so very much for the prayers. Dad is being kept busy, so he is getting along. The little guy is unfortunately not out of the woods. His labs came back positive for a UTI. They attempted a lumbar puncture to draw fluid to test for meningitis. That did not go well. So, they are doing an ultrasound of his kidneys, and hopefully send him home with antibiotics. As of last night, he was still in the hospital. IF he heals up and is okay to travel, we will meet him in September when they come up for Mom’s memorial service.

The whole thing with cooking- that’s my form of therapy. Cooking and gardening. Really discovered a passion for cooking and serving others when I was a kid. Our church youth group pastor was able to convince the powers that be, that a soup kitchen was needed in a skid row section of Detroit. And, her youth group was going to be the one to open it and serve the community. That’s where I discovered what I loved doing. Years later, I was recruited to be a kitchen captain for the Salvation Army soup kitchen in another town. Done countless church dinners, and fellowship/and family dinners. When you think about it, its a way of nurturing and caring for others. Whether they are people you know and love, or people you don’t know but should still love - it doesn’t matter. You are providing for them one of their most basic needs, and have the privilege of serving them as a way of showing your care and love for them. My dear MIL would have done the same.

Preparation is key, and I had a good idea in my head at the time. (Shocking, I know!) It worked out fine, and even had a few leftovers. I took the left over desserts to work. Nothing disappears faster than homemade desserts in the breakroom!

Today is my last day out of three long afternoon shifts. Then two days off. and I go back to day shift for the weekend. My feet hurt, but the doctor said its coming along well. I can use the boot anytime I start feeling pain too. Its just been crazy busy for two days. I can’t even pinpoint what the stuff is that people are buying, but its like after Thanksgiving kind of sales right now. And, constantly running all over the place

Eats have been going surprisingly well. Having turkey eggs with butter in the am. Yesterday, had some with a bit of Feta cheese. Today, with a beef hot dog chopped up. Also had roast beef and some chicken for a couple afternoon meals. Going to go between TMAD and OMAD then throw in a fast here and there. .


you are doing carni great. don’t force but if you get an inkling, go eat a little something :slight_smile: your body is directing you now and it is ok to truly just listen! yes, your appetite will come back up when it is ready to do just that and when it does, eat up the meats, the eggs and enjoy! It sounds like you are getting your carni transition under your belt more now S, cool for ya!!

ahhhh VE you chat it out all you need. We ALL understand what you are going thru and believe me, the should I or shouldn’t I is one of THE hardest but if you know it is time, then it is and believe me, almost 14 for a big big dog is a very good long life so you just know you gave Snowflake a fab life and darn, the shorter lifespan of our pets is just murder on all of us but always be at peace to know you are doing the best humane thing forward! Sending big big hugs!!!

@SecondBreakfast, ahhh on the little kiddo SB! Sending hugs to you too!!

I loved reading your post!!

and wondering how Angus August is doing for you? city work or home or ?? but hoping all is fine in your part of the world, which is SO darn big, but in reality, is SO darn small and hope you got Aug. under full good Carni control and Mrs B and Billie are all fab too! :100:


Two great things this morning: The new hens have begin laying eggs! YAHOOOOOO!!!
And, watched the Mikhala Peterson TEDX talk that TED wouldn’t air. I’ve watched it before, but its worth watching whenever you feel like eating 100% Carnivore isn’t worth it, or when you’re tempted tocheat. Cannot ask for a better illustration of how helpful and healing carnivore eating is.


Will do, I may need further psyching up before the leap. :relaxed:

(Edith) #53

Ya know… I was recently listening to a Peak Human podcast with a South African named Farmer Angus (no last name given). He had given a TED talk about regenerative farming and mentioned something about TED putting up a disclaimer. He felt it was because he was anti glyphosate and pro meat eating.

(Karen) #54

@Fangs there are various different types of dance holidays, sequence only ones, ballroom and Latin only ones, mixed sequence ballroom and Latin, (which is what we go on. And of course other dance genres. They can be at home or abroad or on cruise ships (we always do at home, meaning uk)

There are weekenders, midweek and linger holidays, especially abroad. (We tend to do weekends and midweek). They are usually all inclusive, hotel with a ballroom, bed, breakfast and evening meal.

The host or dance organiser will put in evening dances, so etume an afternoon tea dance and usually have classes or workshops one can attend if one wants (we never want lol). The hotels are usually located in popular areas where there is also walking or sight seeing or place close by to visit.

This is where we will be 1st weekend in September.

(KM) #55

I just have to crow a little here. I was camping and had a longing for steak. Went to the local Something Mart, I was prepared to pay the $20 per pound or so for really top cut steak and then I noticed something with a bright orange sticker on it that said Spencer Steak. It looked like a dire warning, but I thought what the heck, maybe Spencer’s just a really bad butcher. It was $4.99 a pound and looked good to me, so I bought 4 big steaks for $10. Cooked them on the fire and they were absolutely grand, wonderfully marbled, incredibly tender, and not a single wasted bite - no gristle, no inedible chunks of fat, no bone, a pure half pound of buttery goodness. I had to know, what was this dubious “Spencer steak”???

Lo and behold, Spencer steak is Boneless Ribeye! I’m so sad I don’t live in Imperial, PA, where the deer and the discounts apparently roam free. :stuck_out_tongue:


Another probably slightly below 1200 kcal lunch. Never was my energy intake this fixed, not even on carnivore where my range is smaller. Except the day with 4100 kcal and 1000g pork shoulder roast…

Last night I got slightly hungry at 10:30pm but it quickly passed. Impressive, I rarely not eat when I lose my satiation late. It doesn’t need to be a hunger, just ability to eat and being in the kitchen…

Today I was fine eating wise (my night sleep wasn’t the best but it’s my own fault, staying up too late). I stopped being satiated at noon but it was easy to wait until 2pm, I ate then. it’s almost 7pm now and I feel pretty full… So I suppose it’s another OMAD day as if I last for 4 hours, I usually don’t get hungry until the next day. I get hungry in 1-3 hours if I didn’t eat enough for the day with very rare exceptions.

No photos as I ate leftovers. And sponge cakes with quark, nothing too different from my normal ones. Eggs help with the sourness.

So, I had 2 homemade “sausage”, a few sponge cakes and boiled eggs, even drank rich egg milks with mascarpone… Still couldn’t boost my calories but I feel okay. I will switch to more eggs and some very fatty meat (mostly fat tissue but not only) soon, I run out of lard so I will need that for my scrambled eggs anyway, I start to miss them :slight_smile: While I start to get bored of my usual meat so I take a little break, maybe even eat cheese.
Today wasn’t even particularly enjoyable but it was easy to eat and I got satiated so all is well. The taste was good, it’s just not always enough for me to fully enjoy it.
I planned more meat. It was… 190g?! Ooops. But I needed a little effort to eat that much. and I had more eggs today. A bit low protein day, probably a bit below 90 (some food I didn’t consume from the tracked amount)… But it’s not so bad, tomorrow I try to do better. But the mascarpone should be eaten somehow. I probably will make pancakes and if needed, ice cream. I like to toss things I can’t eat until they expired into the freezer, that’s so convenient :slight_smile: And now I have plenty of room there, it hopefully will change on Saturday, I want to buy some nice meat and a lot of it.
My food costed about $2.5 today.

And I can’t measure my water intake but it’s surely very high. I don’t even need to go out for that. I drink all day and a lot, not my common “barely any water until mid-afternoon” thing. I always drink a lot in the evening and the part of the night I am awake. Well it’s not important, I am just curious.

The weather is hotter and hotter again, no rain and I had headache again but just a little. I drink coffee in trace amounts. Nothing compared to my normal days. I only use it as flavoring or for “maybe it helps with headache?” (I never learn, I am too optimistic) mini-coffees. But I try to stop that too. I am just not very strong-willed about not so important things when my brain melts and my eyeballs are in pain due to the long term headache. But I don’t complain, I suspect I had a migraine once and it was the worst. Normal headache for 10 hours? Adorable. Still annoying, of course. But I am usually to blame for it most of the time, I need to do everything right and it will be okay. It’s hard to do most of the things right if you ask me but at least I have more motivation.

It was a new word to me but it’s useful!

I don’t think I ever found steak among the -50% sale items and that would be expensive too… But good enough to try it once…
Is it normal that beef is as expensive as deer here? But I will look at the prices on Saturday, I am curious what they did since last time (not like I remember the details but vaguely I know how much are those).

(Karen) #57

Had a very wakeful night needing the toilet with a poor tum early hours which kept me awake even longer than my norm. Changed my alarm from 4.30 to 5.45… or so I thought woke at 4.50 thinking why hadn’t the alarm gone off and I had set it for 6.45! I am sure I had specifically checked that 8 hadn’t done that but no amount of checking hmmmm anyway I was up in time and drove in. Didnt think it was wise to run to work with a dicky tum! I :roll_eyes:

Very relaxed day at work today and I learnt some new stuff 9n the computer… surprises all round and did some phone calls to ensure the recipients wanted to receive calls from the prisoners before adding the numbers to their pin. Made a change

Ate some of the chicken I prepped on the weekend with a few slices of the big sausage and some butter. It was very nice and saw me through till I got home at 3pm.

Ate some cheese, some sliced sausage and sliced cold roast pork then made the 2nd pack or pork ribs. I made the first pack at my daughters while looking after Astrid the dragon cat.and left the tandoori sauce on which was horrid so dug out just the ribs this time and they were lovely. The plate looked a bit like burnt offerings and were nice and crispy while the pork fell off the bone and was so tender. Let’s see how my tum fairs with that.

Its 7.30pm and I am in bed ready for another early morning.

(Judy Thompson) #58

@Shinita I never answered this - why I eat 1 egg at 10 am.
We usually eat our OMAD at about 12:30, but I’m almost always hungry by 10. So one egg is enough to quell the hunger without filling me up too much to eat the meal I cook for the noon meal. Lately no mayo with it, just salt, and that fills the bill. A glass of water rounds it out and I’m ready to eat again at lunch.
Today I had that egg at 10, and lunch after the Toastmasters meeting at 1 or 1:30. I had the other dark quarter of the chicken from yesterday. Heating was an afterthought and I didn’t heat it to very hot, just microwaved to warm. I used bone broth, butter and xanthan gum to make a gravy, but ended up giving it to hubby and not wanting any myself. I was going to look up and see if xanthan gum was ok on carnivore but it didn’t appeal to me so it was a max nix :slight_smile:
Now, 4:15, noshing on some sharp cheddar slices. In an hour we’ll be leaving for the pickers circle at the roadhouse so packing up my mandolin and fiddle for that.
We took this publicity photo yesterday and our contractor sent me her poster this morning. Pretty nice!


Still hard to wrap my head around eating a tiny meal :slight_smile:
If I am nicely satiated and it would be like that for hours to come but eat an egg… I must eat at least 1200 kcal or else I will be starving… The same with Alvaro. But for abnormally early meals I can eat little. I just never need a meal then. The only exception is waking up at 6am (though that’s quite euphemistic for my extreme zombie state) as food wakes me up so I feel compelled to eat 1-2 eggs. It didn’t happen this year yet I think. And I forgot what happens with my day then.

In the end I had another meal (a small one, 800 kcal and I still feel too full now :frowning: ). I still am unable to have proper hunger, I had some borderline hunger only so I waited. But after 2 hours I decided to have dinner (between 9 and 10pm)… Had more of the usual so eggs and pork, what else? But a little cheese too. I ended up a bit below 2000 kcal and at 150g protein, a proper amount of meat, 10 yolks… It’s fine except I am too full. So I shouldn’t eat until satiation for my second, late meal… It’s my normal behaviour but I try to change.

I opened a nice package of cheese (not the usual okay but boring Gouda but one of my not fancy favs) and plan some cheesy scrambled eggs for tomorrow (cheese on top, generously, pasta-like)… I didn’t have much meat left and Alvaro will eat most of it. He is very okay with my sausage frikadellers even tomorrow (3rd day in row) and pleased with the fact he only eat meat once a day, doesn’t expect frequent no-meat days even from himself. That’s convenient for me.

The guinea pig is a bit tiresome. I feed her cucumber all day (between her more substantial meals), she loves it. We didn’t get hay with the piggie this time. I can make some, I have enough weed in my garden that is proper food for her according to what I have read but she is more interested in fresh stuff. And loves cucumber way more than any tender green from my garden (but the latter gets eaten too. quite quickly, she just doesn’t jump it in 1 second). Cucumber is the best if you ask her. Impossible to get bored of.
We take her back on Saturday.
She looks lovely with her super long fur especially on the back (almost as long as her) but I never could make a decent shot let alone one that a beauty like her deserves…

(Edith) #60

You look wonderful in the picture!

(Edith) #61

So, yesterday was a sad day, but I had a profound thought last night that really gave me peace.

Yesterday, I only mentioned the bad event, Snowflake, but this week has really been a week to experience many of the events life has to offer. Last Friday, our daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Yesterday we had our dog put to sleep. Our son, bought a house (a big event in one’s life) and another of our daughter’s will finally be heading off to her four year college and is moving into a house near campus this weekend.

In one week we’ve experience birth, death, transition, and milestones. Isn’t that what life is all about?

@Shinita, we had a guinea pig years ago. It was not the smartest of guinea pigs. We would let it run around in our a house some times and you could see it sit there waiting for its neuron to fire before it could get going.