Angus August Carnivore

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So sorry to hear your new grandson has covid I really hope he improves …I can’t imagine the stress your son and his partner are going through.

@MeganNZ hope the report is good news seems so much bad bews on the board lately

Well first day of August and my goal for the month is keep it simple…
I intend to keep snacks out and keep my meals basic eggs and meat…I think I’ll keep the coffee in for this month and just try to get through August with basic simple food…
And see where that goes…
I often think I change things up to quickly and don’t give what I’m doing long enough to get results…so simple it is for the rest of august.August…

1ST meal 4 bacon 2 eggs /2nd meal the remaining flaken ribs and prob 2 coffee during the day I’ve had one already so prob one more.


I had a dinner OMAD between 19:15 and 19:50.
I already had in a state where proper hunger is absent so I didn’t have that today. Just the subtle dizzy weakness that means my body starts to get cranky without food but for some reason it’s too passive to tell me properly. Abnormal behaviour from it but happens.

As always when I start eat late, it wasn’t a particularly joyous meal but it doesn’t mean I didn’t eat pretty nice stuff. It was easy to eat, the taste was okay, I just didn’t enjoy it much. But I enjoyed myself last week so it’s fine.

Boiled egg, rabbit liver and kidney (half of the set), sponge cakes:

Of course it wasn’t enough to I got my fried pork shoulder and some sausage from the freezer (I actually ate 2 sausages and 2 more sponge cakes). Sausage totally calls for mustard so I ate that too.

And that’s it. Oh one sponge cake had a little lard on it.

(This is my favorite plate but when it’s not completely clean, its rim always looks super dirty in the photos. I just put fat covered stuff onto it and moved but it was enough.)

So, no dairy carni OMAD day, superb.

The sausage contains 2% salt so it was too salty even with my sponge cakes (100% egg this time, no salt, it was a good idea).

Alvaro liked the idea of meatballs with sausage spice for tomorrow* so we will have that tomorrow. I use lean pork as I don’t have any other fresh meat but it will be good I suppose. If needed, I enhance it with some pork belly fat later. I will use up my whole small piece of pork (3 pounds. I don’t know why I have this amount so very often but many prepackaged fresh pork had just this weight) for this dish and that’s 3 full big pans I suppose. And we just can’t eat this type of dish galore. Maybe I should fry a few slices too… As my alternative options aren’t so numerous (it’s mostly eggs. and now quark and mascarpone, both has a limited time).

*maybe I should call it simply sausage. Sausage means sausage meat filled (real or artificial) intestine for me but it seems the word can be used differently. I still have salted intestine in my fridge but I don’t know if I will use it up… I am perfectly happy with frying the spiced meat so why bother?

I feel extremely satiated and full now (nothing unpleasant but definitely would need an extreme level of force to eat anything) so I am safe now but I rather get used to tracking on the next day, not taking any risk in the case I ate less than what is normally safe and some part of me gets ideas. I am very much against night eating and I am serious this month.

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Just a reminder on one of my favourite breakfasts: Buffalo heart, bone marrow, chicken liver and beef thymus.


checking in and WOW 23 posts and everyone just chatting away :sunny:

I feel you for alot right now. Sending condolences and prayers for the little one to come thru with a good recovery. Goodness you are being slammed, I know, I was slammed also and it ain’t fun, it is stressful and taxing and gives ya dead brain waves…so you take care of you too SB!! Hugs

girl that is some monster sized sausage LOL

@JJFiddle, so glad your bro is being released to rehab where he can control his food options much better. Sending great recovery vibes to him!!

@Naghite, as usual a fantastic carnivore plate!! thanks for sharing a good pic!

-----------great reading on the board everyone.

Like Azi I am keeping Angus August extremely simple.
I am not monkeying with anything :slight_smile: where I do best. Simple ZC is me.

food today was 1 big chicken breast sautee’d in butter, then a small burger patty and a can of tuna/mayo, and later I hounded down a 1 lb. ribeye steak and I gave that a big yum and I am full and super happy right now.

picked up the dog Bolt…with $2,273. lighter from my wallet…OW but will put it out of my mind or I’ll go batty on that price tag…but he is woozey and kinda out of it but meds to be re-balanced and he ate like a hound dog but I have to watch that, he eats and doesn’t know he is eating. So he got a good bit of chicken breast and was happy. Carni dog all the way baby. Vet techs said he didn’t eat much at all in these days for their wet dog food and I got him home and said, ‘you hungry’ and he perked up and inhaled his fresh chicken like a trooper. He is out like a light on my kiddo’s bed snoozing away. So far so good.

here he is sacked out. see his little legs shaved bare for IVs. he is icky grungy from his ordeal, can’t wait to get him into a bath soon but not yet, gotta give him time to come around.


so enjoyed reading the Carnivore thread! We truly are quite the strong group!!


Best wishes continue to flow to Bolt! :heart:

When I mentioned him to Alvaro, he told a story about a Hungarian man living in London… His dog had some problem with his leg and it was amputation or surgery. The surgery was super expensive so he definitely refused that but it didn’t say he gave up on the dog’s leg :slight_smile: He was sure that if he comes to Hungary, the surgery will be 1/4th of the price in the UK.
I am sure it was an extreme case but it was 1/30th… That was cheap! It apparently wasn’t some difficult surgery.

Price differences are crazy sometimes. And not only in the logical direction. There was a time when it was worth to fly to the US, have a nice evening, buy a fancy but needed software (those were Flash times, mmm… so many people hated Flash, I liked it though it had its annoying quirks. and I even learned to code and optimize at its low level language, that did wonders with speed…) and come back. The soiftware was that much more expensive in Hungary.
It’s not fun when a programmer needs a few months of salary to buy a software (most of us weren’t very much paid back then, I had minimal wage in the beginning and I was glad I got a job after 1.5 years of searching, some didn’t, what could that be, some hundreds of dollars? it wasn’t easy to pay rent from it in the capital city. It was a bad idea to be born at a baby boom). Even small companies felt those prices bad (well no, they got their programs illegally then, it’s Hungary. the Russians cracked everything).

But I came because I tracked.
Yesterday was a bit shy of 1200 kcal, a very unusual low-protein day. Still enough and I had tons in the weekend but still, a bit below 80g, that is reserved for certain low-cal days of mine.
72% fat, 4g carbs. No dairy! Only a few items! Cost is about $2. That’s good even for me but well, it was a low-cal day and no fancy stuff.
Cool. (I keep wondering if people still say cool or it makes me someone from the past… I picked it up 1.5-2 decades ago and don’t seem to lose it. Maybe edgy kids would laugh at me. But who cares about them?)

I can’t track single days well sodium wise but maybe 4g? As the sausages were salty.

It’s only 10:40am now so I am very satiated. And ready to make the best sausage ever later. I had some great sausage spice but I don’t have one ingredient now (that’s a spice mix I bought), I try to recreate and it goes well but finetuning is surely needed…
My 3 batches of leanish sausage meatballs (and way, way less salty than any sausage I can buy) will be all a bit different. But with my experience, all should be very good!


thanks, Bolt is improving and boy you are so right. Pricing difference in area locations sure vary so darn much! I read people from Canada coming down to USA for med treatments for price etc and also read alot of the USA goes down to Mexico for very affordable med issues and also many jump the line when it comes to costly dental work in the USA with Mexico doing the same good dental work but at a 1/3rd of the price. So feel ya on that stuff!

I hope your sausage you are going to make turns out real well for ya!!

Your track stats sound great for zc! Keep on trucking!

---------------------So Bolt is walking around a bit ‘barking into the air’ for no reason. shoot me LOL but he is improving alot more. His tail is up and wagging and he seems ‘more here’ but Bolt is still loopy. a few days for meds to balance out but now he is in lalaland. 2 poops in the house and thankfully both in the back room and on a towel I laid down on the hardwood. I was happy he hit the area I thought he might go so I at least have that controlled but he pooped outside today so he is doing better. I tell ya guys, when he has passed in the future, new flooring threwout the entire home LOL So far so good on him tho.

Yes doing beach trip. were thinking of cancelling due to Bolt and we leave friday but I researched a vet hospital which is 45 mins. from the campground so at least we have options if needed. today I am packing my clothes into the rv. I just wanna get that done today, get metal detector in there and then tomorrow do some shopping for water/soda for them etc. and get that crap in there.

I ain’t taking much. I don’t plan on doing much at all on this trip. 2 nicer shirts and pair of capri pants for eating out if we do and rest junky rv t-shirts and alot of shorts and bathing suit. I will be walking around the campground like a grunge rat!! I have no intention of caring about clothes or anything else :eyes::ok_hand:

This is kinda a bit early but in August the baby turtles come from the nests. This is a huge sea turtle nesting area beach so it might be nice to see that again. We hit it one year when the baby turtles marched into the ocean and the ‘turtle watch teams’ make sure none of the seagulls get them before they hit the surf…very nice experience to watch. We might get lucky again and see a nest erupt :clap:

Thurs I will focus on meat meat and more meat into the rv. I got my zc covered is what makes me feel very secure on this vacay. Plus nice thing is there is a small grocery out on the Island and we can shop more meats and fresh seafood so that helps.

been living on chicken and ribeye kinda. Today is defrost a nice ribeye and more chicken…feed family chicken something for dinner tonight and I got chick/ribeye and I am covered. I do still have bacon on my mind :wink:

Angus August is started, lets all tackle our ZC month in full on carni mode!!

(Edith) #27

You can always chop up the sausage and mix it in with scrambled eggs.

@Fangs, your little dog is so cute. I hope she improves.

On a sad note, since several people seem to be having dog troubles. We are putting down our 13 1/2 year old dog, Snowflake, tomorrow. She has a cancerous tumor that we decided not to have removed due to her age and the fact she was developing kidney trouble. Well, unfortunately, the tumor developed abscesses and ruptured. I guess tumors become necrotic when they get quite large. The wound is not going to heal, so … sigh… We saw what my father-in-law went through with his necrotic toe (due to type 2 diabetes) and we don’t want her to go through the same thing. Dogs don’t get morphine.


I weighed myself this morning. 75kg, obviously… It could be a tad more but I didn’t eat much lately, in average at least.

I baked things for Alvaro and it requires grill cheese since the only cheese that didn’t flow out of the cheesy sticks changed and it flows out now.
We bought some abomination with flour and whatnot in it a few times, it was tasty, apparently, Alvaro had no problem and it was cheap for a grill cheese (more expensive than our normal, good, proper cheese but life is like that and I even understand).
But now we forgot to pick it up at the right supermarket and the other one had only the more expensive, fancy one. On a nice sale! So we bought 3 packets (it lasts almost forever but we still don’t buy too many at once) and it turned out flour and other such things aren’t needed to make it firm enough. At least I suppose it won’t flow out, we will see soon, the sticks are baking.

So I ate 4g of it. Not my style, I like slightly aged half-hard tasty cheeses (and some special soft ones) and this is white and rubbery too (the other grillcheese was firm but not rubbery. good spices, slight flour taste, I am sensitive to that).

It’s 3:30pm and I had lunch. My satiation ended around noon. I never got hungry.
I am over 2 liter water already and I wasn’t even outside except a few minutes in the garden.
I had half of my usual workout, it didn’t went so well as every repetition made my originally tiny headache much worse. But I did what I could and now I wait to get better.

The beginning of my lunch (okay, most of it):

It was much better than yesterday :smiley:
The not very appetizing thing on the small plate was good too, it’s a big double-yolk egg (70g. it happens quite a few times every year but still a rarity considering we go through 3500 eggs a year) fried with the liquid part of my pork slab. I don’t throw out stuff and it’s not bad. Maybe I am too trusting (more like not thinking about it and I am the opposite of a hypochonder anyway except if it’s about raw pork - usually any raw meat - , I avoid that as the plague. just more actively. I have little chance for the plague) but I never wash meat. I use what I get, with the liquid.

So… The star of my lunch was some (340g) fried pork. I found some unusually fatty pieces, I just fried them with salt. The normal, lean pieces were a bit marinated (no way I spend more than one minute on such a normally pointless thing… not my style. but I have great spice, too lean pork, some leftover lard so why not?), the spice mix was awesome as usual but well, lack of fat can’t be helped. It doesn’t soak up fat, no matter how I would like that. But it was still okay and I could spare some fat from the fatty parts, even better. But the leanest bites were a bit miserable and we have wonderful ripe tomatoes now so I ate a tiny bit. I am pleased and indeed, carnivore-ish is the best. But I truly don’t need anything with fatty meat, just salt (and frying/roasting it well).

I can show my sausages (yes, I will call them like that. they aren’t meatBALLs anyway and frikadeller is as a foreign name for you as quark, right? too bad I can’t do much with quark. I could call it in Hungarian, túró but I would need to switch between the English and Hungarian keyboard settings or learn another 2 ASCII codes. I have that enough for pâté!) but I didn’t put them on a separate clean plate:

Alvaro liked them and was fine with having it again tomorrow. After 3 rabbity days… I don’t remember multiple vegetarian days in a row lately, maybe he stopped that thing.
It’s sooo convenient to eat the same main dish. Even if it’s a tad more complicated than fried pork. But if I make the machine doing the chopping and mixing totally dirty (and fat and paprika is a quite serious attack to transparent/white plastic), I make sure I get multiple batches. In the end, it’s only 2 as I couldn’t resist and fried some pork normally and how good of an idea it was.

Then I had a tiny dessert. I finished my Greek yogurt (26g) and had my quark mixed with mascarpone. Oh yeah, I never ever want to buy low-fat quark accidentally. It’s SUPER sour. And I don’t use sweeteners now (I basically try not to ever but I am not that rigid normally as walnut pancakes are among the best things ever. they are for days when I don’t have some proper kinds of amounts of meat, I don’t just eat them whenever the thought crosses my mind. it’s very, very important in my self-training that they may and usually do happen all the time, even on my off days. back then when my stricter woe was my <40g net carbs keto and my fallback one was my old <80g net carbs one I practiced my new keto habits off keto just the same except my most wild days).
So, the fortunately tiny quark dessert. It was’t bad just a bit dry and super sour. I had it with sponge cakes (still too sour) and ended my meal with some nice meat.

I just hope I will be able to think less about my food soon. I am quite focused, determined and hopeful now and measure everything and plan and stuff and that’s too much. I want to chill but it’s not so easy…

But now I am nicely satiated and satisfied and tomorrow will be fine too.

@Fangs: Hungary has a serious “dental tourism” around the western borders. People came for cheaper gas too but gas stations ask for a Hungarian… automobil registration, says a dictionary… now. Not like it’s very serious, they didn’t even looked properly at Alvaro’s last time.
Gas is problematic now here as from the few oil refinement factories 3 is out (or will be soon) and it’s summer with its high demand… One can’t buy unlimited amounts anymore (or even a full tank for a car with a big one). Or it will happen in 1-2 months. I don’t know the details, only that Alvaro was scared and wanted to travel to my Aunt by train/bus if it’s not too complicated. It is. We need to switch lines 3-4 times so nope.

@Fangs: I am glad Bolt is better! Oh being loopy, that can be expected I guess, IDK what exactly happened with him but the cats were off after their neutering too, some shake it off quickly but some were dizzy for days. And they are cats so they keep trying to jump and walk even if they can’t. But only Pie was really “active”, I cared for her for long, it was tiresome but in the end I had to lock her into the cat transport cage, IDK the term. As I wanted to sleep and not to be with her every minute in general…
But these things pass quickly. And hopefully the other problems get better too… But a loopy pet is scary, I was very well aware every time that they are healthy and it will be okay in no time but seeing the cats in that very much not cat-like state was a bit hard on me, and poor cats can’t even understand what is happening…
Fortunately it’s over and hopefully the girls stay with us for many more years. They are so young, the oldest is maybe 6 years old? 7? Even for outside cats, it’s not much.

Baby turtles :heart_eyes:

@VirginiaEdie: :pleading_face: RIP Snowflake. I hope she had a healthy life in her earlier years and you surely have plenty of nice memories to remember her. Sigh.


Aberderen Angus cattle, and steak. Both are pretty beautiful I think.


(Robin) #30

Sorry for your loss. Our old doggies have a special place in our hearts. We are more emotionally vulnerable with them we can love them fully without the complications that go along with loving people. That sounds weird… but I do believe we are at our best when we love our animals. And dogs are so expressive with theirs.
Can you share a photo of her?

I’ve heard it said that grief is proportionally equal to the love we enjoyed. Sounds right to me.


Ahhh so sorry and sending hugs. Not a simple thing to do but we all know the humane situation in pet medical has to come into play and we all know their life span is so short but at least I know for a fact, point blank, you gave your dog a great life for all the years on this Earth :slight_smile: I always say that, shorter life but a great life vs. how life can be for pets on this planet so know even tho this is tough as can be you know in your heart you just gave Snowflake the best of the best while here :slight_smile: But darn it is so hard but I know life marches over all of us and the darn pets truly become family so I hope your day tomorrow is ok and you guys do ok with it all!

yes it is scary when they act so off. I get ya on how your cats had to recover thru that surgery too!

that was very interesting about your gas issues around the borders too…having to show Hungarian registration and more but of course some areas can be so lax. Many here drive to our neighbor state of South Carolina cause their gas tax is alot cheaper than our state of North Carolina and it is a considerable drop in price per gallon, but darn, I live too far to take advantage of it :slight_smile: wish I could LOL

really nice food pics S!

your pics are great to check out BUT I TELL YA I wanna see your actual food pics! :wink: Weeee…alot of us truly post our food on our plate and I am dying to know and see what your food is on day 2 of Angus August food menu for you…what’cha eating? can ya show us?

-------------had to hit store for things, having big issues with MIL in rehab and trying to cancel A TON of meds being sent to her home and wasted, but we can’t get them cancelled and hubby going crazy on it LOL omg ya know? ugh

but got home and hungry. frying up 7 link sausage for a quick bite.
that will hold me til I can get my paws on my steak…but I defrosted darn NY Strips and thought it was a ribeye pack but I am fine with NY strips.



I would post pics- but they still normally have some veg or shrooms alongside the slabs of meat.

But soon! Bwahahahaha!


day 2 for August carnivore, I thought you were all in? you ain’t there yet, I just thought you were now? just curious and that is what I assumed, I think I assumed wrong? :sunny:


Not just there yet! Getting rid of stock and psyching myself up.

Any day now though…

(Linda ) #35

Sorry to hear about snowflake, I’m like you I don’t like to think of my pets suffering putting them down is not easy, but seeing them in pain or suffering is worse…so hugs :hugs:

Food today keeping it simple first meal bacon and eggs 2nd meal will be ribeye and 2 coffees

(Karen) #36

@VirginiaEdie so sad to hear you have had to arrive at the decision to put your pooch to sleep. Must have been such a hard but necessary decision to make. Thoughts will be with you x

@Fangs Bolt looks such a sweetie so glad you have him back home. The sea air may do him the world of good.

@MeganNZ you and your pooch Gracie are in my thoughts.

Gosh all the little furballs all being poorly at the same time!

@SecondBreakfast praying your baby grandson is a real fighter and starts putting the weight back on real soon…:pray::pray:

Took Raymond out and we had a meal at Morrisons Supermarket. So I had a beef burger with a slice of cheese on top with 2 fried eggs. Very nice forgot to take a photo :roll_eyes: i found that the big sausage is not as bad when cut very thinly, added salt too, just had a tiny amount prior to going to pick Raymond up.

Now I have some chicken wings, buffalo style, in the oven. I got reading the posts on here and realised the oven had been on some time and I hadn’t put the wings in :laughing::laughing:. I get so distracted! Not sure I am that hungry!

Saw a post on WhatsApp from the our fv dance organiser that she had hd a cancellation for her dance holiday in September. We were originally down to go but of course I’ll health (both me and Raymond) made us not pursue it. Well when I saw her post yesterday I just thought , you know what, I am ready for this and I think Raymond is well enough also. So we have paid the money and are going. 1st weekend in September yesss. Its down in Devon at the seaside so I can foresee some nice walking for me during the day.


I was curious too as @coopdawg’s usual pics were nowhere present!
I find starting carnivore super easy, it’s sticking to it longer term is what I always had problems with. I even did it strictly enough (still with dairy and eggs and often spices and condiments but I actually could skip the last ones for a while, nowadays dairy too), I just see no point in not eating my tiny extras when I have a good reason to do so. But if I have some nice pork roast, meat and egg is very doable until it lasts and I don’t even get bored of it (and when I do, I just eat some other meat). So few days, a week? Easy. Unless I have special circumstances but when I am determined like now, even handling pears many times a day is fine. I enjoy looking at them, smelling at them, seeing Alvaro enjoying them… We pressure can 4 jars tomorrow! I like to get out the jars, writing labels on them, finding their resting place… They will be so useful in winter for Alvaro!

I try not to talk about my darling fruits but they are a very massive source of joy for me. And relevant here as they are supposedly makes life hard for me - but nope, I mean business now and it has power. (And my interest is waning.)

It’s easier for me to pick and date, psyching up myself in the last days, doing some last minute things I really need… Not too much (my last day was pretty decent, the biggest non-carni part was the rabbit dish!).
And then I do it because it was decided. If I wait for the mood when I want to do something… I can wait for long! It’s not so true for my woe as I do desire to come back if I go away, very soon… Probably the first time is different. But exciting, isn’t it? Something new, who knows what will happen! I am a very curious one and it helps.

I never got hungry so it’s an OMAD day again, just a lunch one. Rare thing in my life.
I got curious and broke my own tentative rule and tracked.
Guesstimation says a bit below 1200 kcal again (maybe more, this piece and especially what I ate had a bit more fat as usual…) - but this time I had my 120g protein! 54% fat.
That may happen if I eat almost a pound of leaner pork and nothing really fatty.
Costs are similar to yesterday so $2 but I didn’t start to count everything, just my meat and eggs but the rest was minimal and I rounded up anyway. And it was a very enjoyable day, wow. I don’t feel so bad to have only this cut in my freezer (and some processed stuff and tongue) anymore. This is GOOD.
I just need to get off my mind from food and I would appreciate if my all day headache would please to go away already. But I think about people who has it worse. I can’t even imagine the worry of the family of @SecondBreakfast’s grandson but hopefully he will get better… A baby is so fragile :frowning: A new person, normally full with life but it’s still fragile, not having the proper defenses yet.


They will be, photos!

I have a lot going on at present; I’m also pretty sure you understand x.

No problem…be in touch soon, in a good way :slight_smile:


Sure, everyone is different, having their own circumstances, I know!
I just have too many thoughts and keep telling how things look to me in my own life but I am very much aware I can’t know what the other person has on their plate, attitude, circumstances, so many things. I am always quite aware of this and my advice is usually vague or very conditional while too many people seem to have a very rigid idea about how things should be done when it’s about someone’s diet.

But I am curious about your meals when you will be ready :wink:
Even if they won’t be as colorful as usual.

I think the food pic thread had some people not being happy with boring brown carnivore pics…? I remember something like that in the past. But we here never will say that.
It’s so strange (or maybe not…), even looking at very similar meat photos for a long time, they are still lovely.
It’s like me and my pork roast and other simple food items (my sponge cakes too), it’s impossible to get bored of them, maybe I need a tiny break here and there but it’s very short. And then they are amazing again. And I can’t resist to make a photo of them again… Though that is actually to show how big and simple my meal was. Except if it got especially pretty. I loved the look of my pork today. Shiny, fatty, got a nice color… :smiley:
We here just can’t seem to wax poetry about our food sometimes. Some of us are more prone to it than others but I see a big food love here. And many other things, fortunately as we have other sides as well and this place isn’t some cold one to talk about only food.

(Megan) #40

Oh Virginia, I am soooo sorry. I’ve had to do the same several times in the past and it was heart breaking.