Amy Burger on AD and Type III Diabeties


(Eric) #1

This is an information-packed KetoFest2018 presentation. Amy Berger: Alzheimer’s Disease as Type 3 Diabetes and a Nutritional Strategy to Fight It

I’m going to have to listen to this one a 2nd time and hunt down some of the studies especially around the protective nature of cholesterol as we age.

She makes the point that exogenous ketones will benefit elderly AD patients that otherwise would not be able to go keto. If you are 80 something, set in your ways and AD you probably won’t change your diet but getting some ketones in exogenously might help.

Dr Berg or Dr Berry?
(Karen) #2

Thanks for sharing. I have a younger brother in law who is thin and yet appears to be having some cognitive issues. I wonder., Since my husband has higher A1c, and is considered pre-diabetic. Both he and his brother are thin and yet I wonder.

(Eric) #3

TOFI - Thin outside, fat inside. There are certain genetics that line up that way and get diabetes and other related diseases even if they don’t look typical… I’ve got on apoE4 gene which increases my AD risk. So I’m trying to pay attention.

Diabetes rates are high in India and they suffer from TOFI.

This site is a great resource for people that want to better understand AD.

(Karen) #4

Thanks. I’m thinking you’re right. His entire family runs slim. Not me my fat takes the hit.