aMAYzing Keto Meals

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Feta is pretty easy - no cheese press needed. I will post my recipe. I like to mix in fresh herbs like chives and dill to my feta.

No special equipment needed but you will need the culture and rennet to set the cheese.


It’s looking at me. Tell it to stop looking at me :rofl:


Man I keep forgetting to capture photos before we dig in. This one was so beautiful before we cut into it but I forgot. Gah!

Crown roast pork. This is the two slices left. Second picture is the yummy plate. It was so incredibly moist and juicy and full of fabulous flavor. Every single bite. For the veggies I roast walnuts and pecans, set aside. then sauté some butter, Keto syrup and orange peel and then toss both with veggies. Really nice flavor next to the pork.

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@Just_Juju I love fish! As pets, sport, and food…Those roasted veg and pecans look decadent, not to mention the roast itself!

@Janie Feta is one of my favorites! That sounds like a great place to start.

Where is everybody else? Are there so many more carnivores than keto-ers? I’m trying some tweaks to see if keto can get my cholesterol down - carnivore made me feel great but I’m not entirely comfortable with 300+ LDL-C. 50g carbs wasn’t tolerable, so now I’m swapping out egg yolks and butter for olive, avocado, and sesame oil to see if this makes a difference.

Air fried egg whites in last night’s steak rendering, drizzled with olive oil afterwards.

Canned salmon with spicy mayo. I make little sushi bites with the nori squares.


It sure seems that way! LOL I sometimes feel guilty sharing the carbs I eat. :rofl: But it’s ok because standard Keto is the diet that works great for my particular body. And as far as I can tell the carnivores here are very, very supportive of the standard Keto dieters, and vice versa. That makes this forum work.

I found that for me to lose actual fat cells off my body I have to keep my total carbs below 30 and net carbs below 16. I can maintain for months and years eating 50-75g of total carbs each day, but I won’t lose any of my fat. I do need to restrict the carbs more to lose fat. I will go back to the higher 50-75 level once I’m at my goal weight but for now I’m moving as slow as tar with the 20lbs I still need to lose, so I have to be more rigid with my carbs. Possibly carnivore would speed it up, but I’m happy and enjoy my diet as-is so much, why rush?


This is a keto thread so the carbs are quite fine here, I even enjoy the colorfulness! :smiley:

(I still only have a macro lens but the main problem I eat up my food before I could take a pic… I had some nice pretty brisket yesterday though… I wanted a fat fast day with these and some cream:

But I got hungry. I think I only can do a fat fast day after some properly meaty days… No idea why, I could do it on a vegetarian diet before but well, things change. My body is stubborn. So I had my brisket. It was chewy a bit, I quickly fried it (40 minutes, pan and air fryer) but still so good! And chewy is a nice texture too, I liked it, I still could chew it, I just wouldn’t like it for a really big meal. It wasn’t so much meat but a decent amount after the things in the pic above.

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Special ingredients you need to get from a cheesemakign site: rennet, feta culture and lipase powder.

Feta Cheese

1 gallon whole milk
1/2 tsp calcium chloride in 1/4 cup water (if using store bought milk)
1/16 tsp Feta Culture in 1/4 cup water
1/8 tsp lipase powder mixed with Feta culture water
1/4 tsp liquid rennet in 1/4 cup water
Chopped herbs (optional)
1-1/2 Tbl cheese or Kosher salt

  1. Warm milk to 86 F. Mix the feta culture, lipase powder and calcium chloride in 1/2
    cup cool water. Add to the milk and stir well. Cover and allow to sit at room
    temperature for 1 hour to ripen. Note: the more lipase powder you add, the
    stronger the cheese will be.
  2. After 1 hour, mix rennet into 1/4 cup cool water and stir into the milk. Cover and
    allow to set for another hour to coagulate.
  3. Cut into 1-inch cubes with a long knife and let rest for 10 minutes.
  4. Keep the temperature at 86 F by setting in a pan of hot water. Stir gently with a
    long, slotted spoon every 5 minutes for 20 minutes.
  5. Line a colander with cheesecloth and pour the curds into the cloth. Allow to drain
    for a few minutes. If you want to add herbs to the cheese, sprinkle herbs and
    gently mix with a slotted spoon.
  6. Collect the corners of the cheesecloth to form a bag and hang over a bowl to drain
    the whey until it stops dripping (several hours).
  7. When the dripping slows down, unfold the bag and turn the curds so the drier curds
    on the outside are now in the inside. Re-hang to drain.
  8. After whey has drained off, remove curds and slice into slabs about 1-1/2 thick.
    Lay the slabs in a covered dish and lightly salt with kosher or canning salt.
  9. Allow the cheese to sit covered at room temperature for 48 hours. Twice a day flip
    the cheese and salt the other side. Drain off the whey.
  10. Crumble cheese slabs and store in the refrigerator. It will continue to age and
    develop flavor over the next 5-7 days (if it lasts that long!)

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Baby back ribs I cooked on Memorial Day.

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Perfect chaired ends.

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Mostly hydroponic lettuce, my homemade goat feta. Got lots of tiny green tomato babies in my garden.

Can’t wait to start picking them for my salads!

Headed to Houston on Sunday for a 2-week business trip and hope to come home to ripening tomatoes in the garden.

Not shown: ribeye cooked on the grill. Was gone before I thought to take a picture :laughing:


Ikr! And it’s always so beautiful looking to, isn’t it? Lol

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Any thoughts on what tomatoes like? Last year I had an insane amount. My 6*6 bed literally produced over 40 pints of cherry tomatoes. This year it’s all nice healthy leaves, loads of green, almost no flowers or fruit.

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Sounds like plenty of nitrogen. I’d say patience, and/or perhaps some high-phosphorus fertilizer.

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Somebody be catchy a name for this thread in June.
The clever section of my brain is on strike.
Then I will close this one.

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There’s just no comparison with “Meat Chewin’ June”, that was awesome! … My brain’s apparently on strike too.
JU NEed Keto Support? … I need coffee. :laughing:


Meanwhile I am hoping my tomatoes will be finally ripe in the autumn… They take their sweet time, I must say. Last year November came and I had a ton of big green tomatoes… I am almost thinking about giving it up… But I have wonderful lettuces so I just don’t care right now.

While I never made ribeye (but I will! it seems the cut we bought from the beef farm is ribeye. not so easy to translate the cuts but I think so. whatever, it looks superb raw!), I can relate a lot. I often have this with my pretty meats when I am hungry.


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