aMAYzing Keto Meals


Just thought I’d get a thread going for May because I like these threads. LOL

I’ll post a breakfast that was heavenly. Chaffle with raspberries and a glaze of coconut cream and HWC with a tad of powdered carb free sweetener.

Not pictured was the delicious extra-thick breakfast ham served with it - that was sooooo delicious.


Din din tonight. Grilled lime cilantro flank steak with grilled peppers/onions and some salty broccoli



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It’s just flaxseeds, psyllium, baking powder, salt, and water. Fits my macros perfectly and quite tasty! I grind the seeds fresh each time which is pretty important to avoid that rancid/fishy taste. You can also do a version without the psyllium, but it’s denser.

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Easy lunch on repeat - avocado, canned salmon, and sardines mashed up with lemon juice.


That actually looks tasty when I zoom in on it. I’ll have to give it a spin!

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Here you go….

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I wish I could remember to take photos before I eat.

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Mackerel, egg, a TB of coconut flour. Avocado oil mayo as dipping sauce.

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:slightly_smiling_face: Kudos with the arrangement on that plate.


Keto Zuppa Toscana - authentically made just like the fancy Italian restaurants. Creamed up by pureeing cauliflower in the broth base and adding HWC. So much tasty goodness with all the ingredients. I snuck in a diced chicken breast too, which isn’t part of the original recipe but it works wonderfully with it. Bacon, sausage, onions, garlic, spinach.

Oh my Lord it is soooooo delicious!!! Nobody is making a peep of a sound because we all are so entrenched in its goodness. I got quite a few “omg so good” from my guys between spoonfuls. :rofl:

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Uh, yeah… that would not last long at my house.
Just WOW


I made such a thing once :smiley: It was funny, bouncy. Of course not particularly tasty, neither flax or phyllium husk is tasty (according to my tastebuds, of course. nothing bad just not tasty, more like neutral. neutral may work for a bun, there is so many overly tasty things to eat it with!) but it was airy and fun and made my most fiber rich day ever, probably :smiley:
Oh that had eggs too, most probably… :thinking: It’s pretty much impossible for me to bake without eggs except when I make bread for my SO (he doesn’t want eggs in it. weird one). But not very much.

Now I have my sponge cakes but sometimes I put some dry matter into them. Like quark if I am very serious about carnivore… A drier quark, of course but that’s the most common kind here. And while not fully dry, it helps with the sponge cake firmness. And quark is mildly tasty.

By the way, once I made raw vegan flaxseed bread. That was only borderline edible. There are way better dishes of the raw vegan quisine.

I will bring photos soon, yesterday I didn’t notice the camera had the wrong settings, my SO shot some computer hardware again… But there wasn’t sunshine anyway and today I picked some colorful radishes too! Not mine but I can use them for color :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s good I have pretty roasts because no way my pork liver will be photogenic, it never is :smiley: At least I don’t feel bad about it, it’s the liver’s fault, mostly. Surely @E_P could make even them pretty but normal people must have a hard time as liver is truly not so pretty. Mine usually looks black and it’s not just close :smiley:

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Can you post the recipe? That looks amazing!


Sorry for the hand scratch all over it. I try to take notes so I remember what I did next time.

I made all the ingredients as directed having everything ready and waiting beside the stove. I cooked the spinach at the end a little bit longer because it was fresh and needed to cook down. I undercooked the bacon ever so slightly so it wouldn’t get overcooked when added to the soup.

I used 3 Chicago style sweet Italian sausage links for the sausage, cutting away the outer membrane to remove the ground sausage. It’s spicy enough that we didn’t want the crushed red pepper.

I also had 3C of broth in my freezer left over from a delicious corned beef and cabbage I had made and used that along with 5C chicken bone broth. It was so tasty.

The chicken broth may look too brown at first to ever let the soup become as creamy white as it was, especially since it incorporates all the browned bits stuck to bottom of pan from other ingredients precooked. So it will look like beef broth. But once the cauliflower and cream are added it miraculously becomes a lot lighter. I think it’s because we add the meats in different stages. It took longer than 15 mins to get the cauliflower soft enough to puree. A masher couldn’t do it well enough either so I used my blender wand which was perfect and pureed the cauliflower completely smooth. If I didn’t have one of those I would scoop out as much of it as possible with a slotted spoon and add to a blender with about 1-2C of liquid from the pot and puree, then add it back. (Before adding the HWC)


Pork, my colorful radishes and the less amazing pork liver. It was a bit bitter (I am sensitive, my SO didn’t feel it) and overly lean. Sadly, lean meat can’t be helped with added fat (well if it’s juicy proper pork, it helps but not liver, apparently). Next time I will soak it in cream. Now I just fried it in lard and added butter later.


Ok so I went with the advice about how to cook those end pieces of pork - and cut it into small pieces and fried in butter. But - I made a mistake trying to be all fancy shmancy. :rofl: I removed the pork and deglazed the pan with some soy sauce, red wine, lemon juice, and mustard. A finger dip before deglazing told me the liquid was delish. But the end result was wayyyyy too salty and I used way too much soy sauce. It ruined what otherwise might have been very tasty pork pieces! I still ate most of it, but I had to try to remove the sauce from the pieces. The pork was tender and tasty on its own I could tell. It might have worked with the sauce if I hadn’t used too much soy sauce.

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I find it interesting, some days I just can’t get enough salt. Other days, normal or even light salting tastes excessive; last night I had some pork shoulder butt with scrapings from the pan and it was just too much, when normally those scrapings are my favorite part. Glad you were able to eat your pork even if it wasn’t quite perfect!


Ouch. Yes, soy sauce is very salty, one needs to be careful! Whenever I use some, I don’t use other salt or just a pinch. Except when I add it later but I only pour a little then…

If we have oversalted meat, I use eggs or sour cream or whatever sounds right. I can’t eat too salty stuff or if I can, it’s still horrible instead of a joyous meal, I must balance it out. Thankfully there are ways. Like eggs. My sponge cake buns have no added salt so they are especially good in this situation - or in the way more frequent one when I buy some too salty processed meat item. Even many cheeses are too salty. Cream cheese is especially so.

My salt need is about the same all the time and if it comes to ideal saltiness, I do have a range but it starts at zero and ends up around 1%…? Depends on the food, fried pork is best if I use 1g salt per a pound of raw meat, eggs don’t really need any but a tiny bit is better. If something is too salty, I need to add something. If I only ate meat, I would have lightly salted meat at hand at all time. Like the inside of my roasts.

Oversalting usually happens with the liquid below my roasts. I don’t use too much salt but if it’s not overly tiny, it ends up in that liquid/jelly, inevitably, leaving my meat not salty enough. Still not necessarily a problem as I probably eat the jelly with the unsalted insides eventually :wink: But my sponge cake buns help too. Still. I do love if I can just eat the jelly alone if I wish… I will learn again, too much time passed since I was in a habit of making roasts but I love the idea again. It just needs 2 hours for my pork to get ready… Not always convenient.


This looks so yummy before it’s even cooked so had to share. I’ll update my post tonight with the finished meal.

A whole cut up chicken plus an additional 8 thighs went into my slow cooker at 9 am - two layers.
I layered with onions, homemade sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, frozen basil, and lotsa fresh minced garlic, plus some chicken bone broth. Later I’ll add some homemade condensed cream of chicken soup to it. Flying blind and hoping it is delicious.

Okay here is the results. It may not look pretty, :joy: because the meat just fell of the bones all on its own and shredded like magic. So messy. But the taste was deeeelicious! The homemade Keto condensed cream of chicken soup added near the end made it heavenly too. The herbs and onion, all so tasty. Last summer I dehydrated/sun dried my own tomatoes and packed them in jars layered with fresh basil and fresh rosemary, and poured olive oil to the top. I still had one jar left in the fridge and they were perfect for this dish.

Tomorrow my guys want me to reheat it and serve it over Solved pasta for them. I won’t have the pasta myself because this is really good all by itself, but they can handle a higher carb day than me so I’ll do that for them. I’ll probably add some more cream so that it’s nice and extra thick for them.

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Looks sooo good and that plate is the perfect match for the food, @Just_Juju!