aMAYzing Keto Meals

(E P) #21

Avocado toast on flax seed roll drizzled with olive oil, YUM. The roll toasts up fragrantly in the air fryer while the eggs fry. The macros are brilliant for the Mediterranean 50g carb/high fiber/unsaturated fat experiment I’m trying to get my LMHR cholesterol down.


Pretty toast! And toasted seeds are quite tasty :slight_smile:

No photo from me, I was hungry and ate my food when it got ready (I air fried some pork shoulder roast, the insides weren’t good enough for me. and it lost a ton of fat, again… a bit dry but crunchy and some fat remained so still good).

(Robin) #23

Wanna know MY problem with this? Portion control.
I have none.

(E P) #24

@Shinita airfrying pork shoulder is absolutely the best way to reheat! That crunchy texture :drooling_face:

The past couple days have been crazy - tornadoes passing by all night (yes, plural, no one slept) and then end of school year crunch. I hope that’s why I’m not feeling great instead of the new foods. My gut is no longer uncomfortable with fiber but still looks bloated.

Ginger beef and kimchi. Couldn’t finish.


Ugh forgot to take a beautiful pic! I roasted a boneless rib roast tonight. It was perfect and juicy and flavorful. Had a salad of leafy greens with avo oil on the side.

Pre-Keto a rib roast was only made maybe once a year on a holiday. :woman_facepalming:t3: Now it’s at least twice a month. :joy::dancer: Love my diet


I have similar thoughts sometimes. When I was a kid, we usually have vegetarian meals (no problem with that) and chicken every Sunday. Pork a few times per year at most. Beef is once but it was some boiled stuff I disliked. I loved the food but I would have wanted more pork and if I had any idea, how good ruminant meat could be when it’s not just boiled (I don’t understand, even if I just boil some good meat, it’s good. maybe it was too lean?), I would have wanted that too. I wasn’t particularly restricted, IDK why I never told Mom I want more pork or just bought some… I think the thought never crossed my mind, I only knew pork ribs around Christmas are amazing.
And when I moved out, I already was a vegetarian (I quickly dropped it as 1. I mostly did it to avoid eating chicken every Sunday 2. raw fish in Japanese restaurants especially salmon but I still didn’t buy/cook meat for decades, it was for restaurants, a few times a year)…
But now, it’s nice when I don’t train myself to eat more and more leaner but I need that and anyway, that isn’t a problem either. I just prefer too fatty eating compaired to my energy and protein needs. But I didn’t want to complain or anything. I eat almost only really tasty stuff (I try to do it always but one can’t control everything all the time and even I change).

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My macros need adjusting. 45g total carbs is a set value for the experiment; at least half is fiber. More protein - I didn’t hit my 120g target most days because I felt full from the fiber. Less calories - my breastfed baby is weaning. Logically, that means…less fat.

Chicken breast instead of untrimmed beef brisket? :scream: After I poked so much fun of my husband’s weightlifting cut diet meals? :joy:


Lots of food to share today.

First my lunch:
Leftover Rib Roast and shrimp salad

Next my dinner. We make this frequently. Cod in a Pinot Grigio and lemon butter sauce with a crumbly top of Keto almond everything crackers and herbs. Side of buttered broccoli with sliced almonds and orange peel

And last as I’ve shared before we do a desert about once or twice a month. This time it was strawberry cheesecake with vanilla chia pudding. I made 6 little jars like this and we serve them with whipped HWC. So incredibly tasty, fresh, not overly sweet. Turned out great.


That sounds a quite drastic change… :thinking: :rofl:
Thankfully even if one needs lean meats, there is no need to go near that far especially on keto :slight_smile: We do need fat as well :slight_smile: (I always disliked chicken breast so eating it is almost a scary thought to me. Even if I know how to make it edible. Better to avoid it unless it’s a must. So this colors my reaction.)
But there is no problem with chicken breast if one loves it :slight_smile: It doesn’t even means the one in question doesn’t eat a ton of fat :slight_smile:
I wish fiber could satiate me but alas, only protein and a lot of other calories (usually not carbs) do so. But I have about zero fiber on my carnivore-ish anyway*…I choose the most satiating protein sources but protein minimalization is STILL hard. My target is 130g but I am happy with 150g and not too displeased until 180.

*Actually, I must have little fiber even on my off days… But I never track and can’t guess so I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter either way.

I have rabbit now (my SO cooked it as always, it has young onions as we forgot to buy normal ones and he used some tasty wild champignons we picked nearby several days ago):

There is fried pork below as usual, I never could get satiated by rabbit. No matter how fatty it is (very much, for a rabbit. maybe the egg lady caught the fattiest, laziest bunny again, the others jumped away :smiley: ).

@Just_Juju: You have very nice plates. The food is nothing to scoff at either.

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(Jane) #31

Moussaka. Pretty keto friendly except for the small amount of flour in the béchamel sauce.

Layers of egglant, zucchini with red meat sauce, topped with béchamel sauce and more Parmesan cheese


Oh that sounds sooooo good


So I started to have fat fast days. Only one at a time, my protein/muscle paranoia is real :smiley: And it is right, maybe it won’t be super bad to do it longer but I don’t take risks. And anyway, I want normal days again after one. (I may do a fasting day followed by a fat fast day though… I am not there yet.)

Me being me, it is not 100% of my food but pretty close. The second one got a bit leaner, not 90% fat, just 87 or something. I will be more careful in the future, carnivore fat fast days are easier to keep fatty (though I could have eaten a bunch of butter even in the past, oh well, I didn’t do that but I always included vegs as it was the time when I only skipped them on days when I ate nothing. it’s like eggs. I eat something, I eat eggs too. with very few exceptions when I am not at home).

17th of May:

21th of May:

The little ball (I had another) is lard.

Fat fast is very low-cal so I do OMAD on those days (1000 kcal is very little for an OMAD meal too but fat fast is magical and it satiates me well. I wasn’t very hungry even on the 18th of May! it’s not so great today and I blame the lower fat percentage). I ate around 6pm yesterday and I am hopeful fat fast days may lead to EF eventually. One can hope. It was maybe 4 years ago I was able to skip a day…?

I have wonderful fat fast plans and will show the results :slight_smile: Not all of them will be carnivore, there are too easy ways to eat non-carni high percentage fat items like chocolate… I love eating butter and lard but it still feels less normal to eat a lot of them alone.
And I bought 2 cute candy molds anyway. One is totally for jelly if you ask me (gems) but the bubble one? Clearly for chocolate (even if I put jelly into it when I made too much).
I just need to wait until I am willing to eat so much chocolate (it will be normal food including fatty meat, probably a yolk, chocolate and a lot of whipped cream but still, the chocolate won’t be the tiny amount I may eat on my off times nowadays).
Whenever I have scratchings, a fat fast days become very nice and easy, no bigger amounts of butter/lard eating, mostly all alone (I try to avoid that) but that’s somewhat rare. Hence my other plans.

It’s a bit weird, aiming for 60% or less fat on normal days and for 90% or more on fat fast days but I am like this. I just can’t have proper macros in-between (60-65% is a possibility but I need to be careful and that is stressful). It’s not easy below 60% either so I think I really need my easy fat fast days, they have so many benefits!

Why haven’t I done them in the last years…?!

(Jane) #34

Hubby made me this beautiful omelette and even added butter to the top to break my 92-hr fast.

I couldn’t eat it all as usual when I break my fasts so will have more at lunch (puppy was happy!)


Pretty indeed, the plate too! I have a soft spot for pretty plates but it shouldn’t be news :smiley:

Meanwhile I am thinking about tricking my body to accept something between 60% and 90% fat without overeating… I am so thankful cream and scratchings exist, I wouldn’t want to eat a big amount even from butter all alone…
Today I enjoyed lots of whipped cream, some cream cheese and these (except half of the lard and butter):

Not a great pic but I just took a shot in the not so well lit kitchen before I ate it.
The pork belly and yolk was amazing as always. But they are the leaner part, I need to balance them out with lots of very fatty items. A bit more than what I really enjoy except when using some special items like whipped cream today. That is lovely. Lactose free so sweet! I didn’t even put my usual vanilla and clove into it, it is tasty enough all alone. (Or in coffee, I had that too.)

(Jane) #36

Fajitas in low carb wraps with guacamole, grilled onions (picked from my garden this afternoon), cheese, sour cream and salsa.


Yum!!! Great pic!

(Jane) #38

Salad with half an avocado and Gouda cheese I made from raw goat’s milk. Some lettuce (not all) from my hydroponic

I get it for free from my neighbors. They bring me raw goat’s milk, I get to play with whatever goat cheese recipe I want to try and return 2/3 to 3/4 to them and keep the rest for hubby and me.

I think I have the better end of that bargain! :grin:



This year I finally have wonderful lettuce! A lot. Big ones. Not with a proper head (yet) but they help us out. More like my SO who needs raw vegs every day. I am so, so happy, my veggie patch had the worst soil for so many years and we finally made it good enough for beautiful lettuce… (I have hundreds of onions too and my radishes were cute and numerous as well, they are over, now I am waiting for the summer radish to grow properly and then I sow winter radish…)

(E P) #40

@Janie I would love to make a bargain like that with my goat milk lady! So far all I’ve made is kefir and various yogurts and yogurt cheeses, though…what’s the easiest “real” cheese to start with?

Air fried smelt with coconut flour breading. Olives, sauerkraut, lactofermented red onion, roasted garlic cloves on the side.