Am I Fasting Too Much?


Since I stopped OMAD, and upped my caloric intake for these last two weeks:

  • my energy levels have increased – I longer just want to flop on the couch after a long day (not that there’s anything wrong with that)
  • workouts have gotten easier, so I upped the weight that I lift
  • muscle soreness has dissipated
  • arms and calves are larger (but so is the mid-section and chest)

I tried to book an session to figure out my RMR. Unfortunately that lab won’t be doing those tests again until early 2022. I did book a DEXA scan for this Thursday. My last one was from September so it will be an interesting comparison. I’ll share the delta in case folks are interested.


I had my DEXA scan today. Unfortunately the extra weight that I put on is pretty much all fat. Very little increase in lean/bone mass. But I’m not surprised.

I was intentionally operating at a caloric deficit for months so I theorize that my body adapted by slowing down my metabolism. When I started eating regularly again and brought my calories back up, I started to gain weight. BUT as of this morning I’m 1 lb less than the night before… so some good news. I hope that I’m now at a place where my body has once again readjusted to eating close/at my energy expenditure.

I’ll eat 2-3 meals a day and don’t restrict calories for the next 2 weeks. After that I’ll go back to eating TMAD, and if I need a snack in between meals, I won’t power through, I’ll just indulge. I’ll see what happens when I start trusting the signals my body gives me.

Funny thing… when I ate breakfast in the morning, 8:30am the other day, I actually felt real hunger by noonish… not a suggestion that I should eat, but actually feeling that I should really eat something. I haven’t really felt that since I started OMAD/EF. Perhaps there’s a lesson there.


One thing that I should say to be clear is that fasting was NOT the problem. It was how I implemented it that was the issue.

I don’t think that I would be where I am today weight-wise if it wasn’t for keto and IF/EF. But I fell into the trap of continuing to cut calories in order to lose more weight. It seemed easy to do as I got more and more use to fasting.

(Robin) #24

Yes, that instinct is so hard to ignore… restricting calories to lose more weight. I think we all learn it eventually, but it’s still something I have to very deliberately remind myself… did I eat enough today? Isn’t that just the most miraculous thing?! Especially when you aren’t actively “hungry”.