Alternative to Eating Butter: Drink Heavy Cream


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One nurse I consulted with encouraged me to eat more fat than their program recommends. For example, they don’t “allow” regular bacon or heavy cream. She encouraged me to eat bacon with a lower protein count/higher fat as well as using heavy cream. She also encouraged me to get the majority of my protein servings from higher fat sources (regular cheese as opposed to low-fat, for example) hoping that these changes might help me. I’m not losing significant weight according to the scale but my clothes are feeling looser. Quite frustrating.


Might be good for it’s own topic. I’m not familiar with what exactly they are trying to do and why (I am familiar with some experts who avoid pork and dairy in general for various reasons, but it really depends on the context). However, briefly, I’d say don’t worry so much about the number on the scale (I know, it can be hard, that’s what we normally think about). If your clothes are feeling looser, start measuring inches (or cm, or whatever you like) with a measuring tape. You can loose excess fat and remain the same weight if you are instead gaining lean mass (muscle, bone density, etc). Try a different method of approximating Fat%. Even aside from that though, it’s seems to not be uncommon to go through a period where scales aren’t changing, but your body is doing other adjustments and repairing itself in some way that may even be more important than weight loss (weight loss may also come once it’s done). There are a lot of possibilities depending on a number of factors.

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Thx for reaching back, djindy! I appreciate the encouragement and support!


Drinking HWC: easy, tasty, healthy!

Here are some blood test results


I LOVE drinking heavy cream, it is so delicious and satiating, and CHEAP considering its energy content. Doing OMAD, it’s the easiest way to make sure I can get above 2000 cals in one meal – just drink a cup of it for an easy 800. I loosely mind my calories in order to avoid lowering my BMR.

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I’m curious about this. I am on day 19, doing well, but still learning. I use carb manager and watch my macros as well as calories- although I am usually pretty low in that area. It feels foreign to me to not count them or mind them. Do you track macros and ignore calories then? That’s working for you?

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One cup of half-n-half is 315 calories, 27.83g of fat, 7.16g of protein, and 10.41 carbs.

One cup of HWC is 821 calories, 88g of fat, 4.88g of protein, and 6.64g of carbs.

One cup of butter is 1628 calories, 184g of fat, 1.93g of protein and 0.14g of carbs.

It does give one opportunity to adjust the macros a bit. I’m kinda thinking about what goes into my coffee and contemplating whether I should try half n half for a while instead of the HWC.

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I just love heavy cream. Sometimes I wonder about just eating a tub of clotted cream each day

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interesting thread

specially the discussion about satiety. wether liquids or solids provides more satiety.


I think i am having this problem right now but cang get used to black coffee!

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If I had to give up cream in my coffee, I would just give up the coffee. Not going to happen.


Personally, the closest I typically get to drinking coffee with cream is drinking cream (never been a coffee fan).


Oh, I love some heavy cream! I whip into butter/cream cheese and sometimes shakes for a lighter texture.
I have read that you are likely to eat more if you drink your calories as opposed to eating them. Personally, I agree as far as wanting more food goes. I make 5-700 kCal shakes and when I’m done I’m quite satiated- but idk if my stomach wants something solid in it, or my mouth wants a full mouth feel, but I end up eating something small like cheesestick or pecans and then I’m stuffed.
I could quite possibly be missing the stuffed feeling as well, so I’ll drink water to get to that point, and helps me to not over eat.
Last note- i’ve never done more than 6 Tbsp HWC, and even then its rare.

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I can only do about 2 or 3 TBSP in my coffee and most if not all days I just do one cup. I like cooking with HWC but I love COOL WHIP! It has 2g carbs per 2 TBSP and I would eat nothing but bacon in order to have cool whip for dessert!

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I tried butter today and yesterday. It’s got a “richer” taste to it than cream. Both are good.