Alternate Day Fasting

(Athena Elliston) #1

Anyone do alternate day fasting regularly? I have recently completed 3 24 hour fasts and they really were not that bad. I am considering ADF and am open to any advice or input on how it went for others.

Also, I am trying to get out of the mentality of tracking every single thing I eat and think this approach might help. Thoughts?


I do 20:4 IF normally. But, I have considered changing to alternate day to mix it up and see how that worked. But, haven’t done it yet. At the start of a 14 day EF right now.

(ketohealthclub) #3

I’ve been doing alternate day fasting since November and I love it. It’s a 36 to 44 hour fast ( long enough for some benefits of autophagy). I start after my last meal and continue until noon the third day. I take no calories other than 7g carbs worth of magnesium.

I drink plenty of water because I tend to get dehydrated and will develop severe kidney pain (bad way to be reminded to drink!) other than that, it’s such a breeze now that some mornings I can’t remember whether it’s a fasting day or not!


I didn’t know that magnesium supplements have carbs. I am taking magnesium glycinate.

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@ketohealthclub What magnesium are you taking?

(Athena Elliston) #6

if you do try it, let us know how it goes!

(Athena Elliston) #7

Awesome! I am going to give this a try. I ate regularly last night until about 6:30. So I’ll try to fast until tomorrow morning. I’m hoping this will work out for me!

(janet brown) #8

This is my second week on Keto so would fasting benefit me? I am still trying to learn the program.

(Sarah Elam) #9

I started in September and am just now at the point of considering a fast. It took that long for me to get this WOE down. I’m sure someone else can give you a scientific reason why not to fast yet but I would just say, I don’t think it’s necessary yet.

(janet brown) #10

thanks and much appreciated

(ketohealthclub) #11

I think you fast when your body is ready, not when someone else tells you to. You’ll know you’re ready when you can skip breakfast and barely notice. That’s the beginning. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Athena Elliston) #12

I waited until my body naturally IF, I would go 14-16 hours without eating. Then I moved on from there.

(Athena Elliston) #13

Thank you everyone for the insight. I fasted for 36 hours, broke my fast this morning. Yesterday really wasn’t very difficult. I did have coffee in the morning, and some broth in the afternoon. I am going to see how I do continuing with alternate day fasting. I’m off to a good start!


I agree with other folks. Don’t fast until you’re not hungry and naturally skipping meals. No reason to torture yourself!


I did alternate day fasting for several months last year when I wasn’t keto. It was kind of miserable without the appetite suppression of keto, but I did lose weight. Also, my high blood pressure improved a lot. I was more into fasting Monday, Wednesday and Friday since I think it sucks to fast on the weekend. I’d be willing to give that another go!

(charlson.melissa) #16

I think it’s too soon. You need to be fat adapted before you start fasting and that can take up to 6-8 weeks.


I disagree with this, I’ve fasted before I even knew what keto was. And fasting can speed up fat adaptation.

But, do whatever works for you within your belief system.

There is no rule book

(janet brown) #18

Thanks everyone, i am noticing when i get up i am not hungry. I am now trying not to eat after 7-8 and will not eat again until 10-11 a.m. If i feel hungry i eat. Thanks so much for the feedback.

(ketohealthclub) #19

Magnesium malate, but other forms have carbs as well. I personally don’t worry about that carb count because magnesium is a health issue.

(ketohealthclub) #20

Fasting is actually healthy regardless of your dietary regimen (obviously I’m not talking about people who have issues that would preclude fasting). Even someone on an unhealthy diet benefits from the metabolic impact of fasting. I’ve learned so much about fasting since starting keto and consider it as important as my macros in my effort to heal.