Alternate Day Fasting

(What The Fast?!) #21

Hi there! Did you continue with ADF?? I’m starting that now and would love to hear your results.

(Mike W.) #22

I can share mine. You can also see I wasn’t always “strict” on ADF. Also weekends are for feasting and friends! I like the slow and steady results.

(What The Fast?!) #23

@MiKetoAF Thanks for sharing!! I’m ravenous today. I’m trying to figure out what days to do my bike rides vs yoga. Also thinking of moving to 72 hours fasts versus 3 42 hour fasts (after I give ADF/42 hrs a couple weeks).

(Mike W.) #24

I usually fast from 8pm to about 2 pm my next eating day.

(What The Fast?!) #25

I do similar.

(What The Fast?!) #26

Also, I might note that it’s really interesting - your weight was super consistent then came a few “whooshes.” I wonder if a 72 hour fast is more mentally satisfying as you’d like get more/bigger whooshes, but gain about half back each time. Interesting…

(Mike W.) #27

I’ve done a 72 hr fast. I’m not ready for that again. It was a struggle. I’ll need to make sure I can sup. electrolytes (my current mag has carbs). 18-24 is my sweet spot.

(What The Fast?!) #28

I wonder if my mag has carbs!!!

(Mike W.) #29

Mine was a powder that tasted like watered down Gatorade.

(Claudia) #30

I started ADF 6 weeks ago. I eat anything I want on the days I eat and I usually have my last meal by 5 pm. Then I only drink water and also for the next day just water and eat again the following day around 7 am so it is about 38 hours of fasting. I lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks and I noticed on the days I could eat I no longer crave sweets or anything I used to.