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That looks so much more like a real chicken! What breed was he?


@Karen18, ahhh so you got hit with the big cleanout also. It is rough work for sure :slight_smile: but we will get thru it as we all do. Fab pics!

---------------off in a bit to hit up MILs house again. just busy day. gray and cloudy out, I think rain is a comin’, boo

defrosted ribeye steak for first meal sometime today, dinner not sure but got eye on a lb. of shrimp again.

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Stair runs, db exercises/ push ups/sit ups, daily reading, ran to CrossFit and did more running throughout the wod, ran home again

Had to wait in for the broadband man this afternoon but managed to eat these chicken wings before he arrived

these were very nice, i coated then with tandoor medium spice which i can tolerate but the pork belly slices for dinner will be plain so i don’t overdo it!

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I don’t know but this is his daddy and they looked identical.


I have difficulties, will come back when it’s over.
It started with huge hunger. I ate a ton of carni food (remember my 170/170 or what day? I ate MORE at night) and I still felt low-key starving :frowning: And there was some low-key temptation, no problem alone but when I am desperate and refuse to eat more of my pricier protein… And I got bored of meat soon after. And I get hungry before noon :frowning: Everything is chaotic. I stopped tracking, I don’t need to see useless, depressing numbers…
At least I stopped drinking coffee like no tomorrow… I still drink some but quite little.

And I should curb my urge to put everything into the air fryer, the less fatty meats don’t come out for the better…

Oh and I remembered we bought some almost expired ham in the city! It’s expired since but it’s cooked and at least quick cured ham, it was cheap and HAM, we like ham, we are just a bit too choosy compared to what one can get at supermarkets, normally… So it’s still good for some time. I put some into the fridge (it was too much for us to eat right after the other, good ham. I started to get bored of smoked stuff but this isn’t properly smoked, it’s deli meat like. not like I am fully sure what deli meat means. I think about those sliced things for sandwiches. this can be sliced but it’s a big piece of ham) and we jumped the rest. I still can eat this kind of meat, not in big quantities though. My egg consumption unsurprisingly raised, I still try to keep my dairy intake modest but I opened the bag of quark, the safe, protein rich exception. So I manage to get some okay amount of animal protein.

I hope tomorrow will be better, I take some pork out of the fridge today. Or the turkey drumsticks? It was long ago - but it’s not as substantial. Sigh.
Oh maybe the fatty fish, sometimes I forget I have that too. That is easy to eat even when I am not into pork. At least in smaller amounts, I don’t think I ever would just eat a lot of fish unless there would be some fabulous selection I never could get here (except in Japanese restaurants. once we ate a ton there. it wasn’t cheap but memorable! though I ate rice too then. still, it surely wasn’t the rice that kept me full for a day afterwards).

I do what I can. But I don’t have many options. Before carni I could take a short high(er)-carb trip and it was glorious. It’s not glorious anymore, I like my carni food when I am not bored of it… Almost everything else is… Like I had nothing. I can’t focus on the taste so well, it doesn’t give me the expected amount of joy. There are exceptions but not many. My rebellious freedom lover self need some breather here and there but the hedonist part gets disappointed (as far as the tasting goes. it IS enjoyable to be free when a part of mine feels restricted. as I am free on carnivore too, I don’t get tempted or else I would quit).
Even mere keto isn’t that great. I was there, hungry, not wanting meat… I could have eat some lovely non-carni keto food I felt fondly before (I still do, these memories and feelings never go away) - and I just didn’t want them. I just wanted to stop being so hungry.
So I am a bit broken now or something. Or it’s just normal, having super hungry phases. But I accepted I eat like 200g protein and fat from carni food and it didn’t work :sob:
I probably should avoid eating early OR stop after I have eaten way more than my energy need but I don’t have that strength. I am hungry/peckish, I eat. But it may be less painful to wait for satiation, it usually comes in 1-2 hours at most if I really ate enough :frowning:

I try and train and plan then get this mess :frowning: Unfair.


LOL yea we had about 400 layers on the farm for our egg sales.
I also could never tell alot of them apart :slight_smile: Hubby loved the Buff Orphington breed but I kinda preferred the look of the New Hampshires we had. We mixed in diff. breeds thru the yrs just cause hubby wanted to try new types. I tell ya, most chickens all look alike except for some fancy ones HA I never liked a chicken actually. I steered clear of them but always was the lead on putting them into cartons for haul off to farmers market. omgosh we sold tons of eggs, people could not get enough.


SO GET THIS AND horrible.
we started at back side door near washer/dryer on enclosed back porch to open up that area for more travel…tons of clothes piled up there. might as well start somewhere, ugh

we got top handled a bit-----don’t even ask how the ICK was making me at this point truly -----and we get toward bottom and hubby shovels in a pile and a friggin’ gazillion ants surface. Right into a monster nest inside the house!!!

So I freak. done deal here right? hell yea

so home now while hubby hits store for massive bug/ant killer chem crap to handle this and I am floored we barely touched an ounce of what has to go down and this is what we encounter? WORSE FROM HERE? I BET MY LAST DAMN DOLLAR TRULY IT WILL GET WORSE and I tell ya, if it does, I am telling hubby do it alone or hire a ‘real hazmat’ company and crew. I will be so over it cause hell I am SO OVER it right now.

I can’t tell ya the thoughts running thru my head right now.

today, yea heading over in a while to continue. sending hubby first, he is the initial first line of defense, I am the high ranking officer in the rear saving my own azz LOL I am taking my own car over so I can leave at any time and not effect what he wants to do. Smart me, own car, own escape :slight_smile:

gotta get the morning moving and see what crazy goes down, huh
let ya know if we find a body cause I am sure there has to be a body buried somewhere in here HAHA oh well…wish me alot of luck please

ZC day, got a big family pack size of country pork ribs. eating on those today. yum

edited to say it wasnt a ribeye yesterday, ate a NY Strip steak instead and wow it was a great one, so much flavor and tender, wow.
plus here is my lb. of shrimp I ate later, I got a pic of it…ya know a lb of shrimp really ain’t much LOL but yum


I have those exact same bowls. At first I thought “hey she is using one of my photos!” :rofl: Love that we have the same taste in dishes as we do food. Haha


I watch bird cams these days (it’s great tit chicks time now! and some owls) and the Hungarian site merged with the one called Henflix… So I watch chickens too :slight_smile: There are quite many roosters for some reason, hens, guineafowls (normal and white ones), some baby chicks, 3 sheeps and a dog. The chicken are beautiful and the owner says there are pretty resilient, strong, muscular ones too, he loves this breed :wink: They are “viador type” and like to fight but main thing they survive even the average raptor attack (we don’t have the really big ones here but still)… Whatever, they are pretty, the chicks are super cute (they already have little wing feathers and they are so very young! one is an adorable brown one, the others are yellow and black) so I watch them sometimes :slight_smile: It’s fun. I always liked to watch chickens, I fed them too irl… A neighbour had tiny Japanese ones too…

My insatiable hunger days are over and I plan a very decent IF carni day tomorrow. We will see if I can last until 4pm or not but if not (I ate way too early today too), I may be fine with a few bites (I was today but I still had leftover pork. now I only have boiled eggs, ham - well that works, I quite like it even it’s not as great as the farmer’s market smoked pork - and cheese but I like to be careful with that. it already lost its novelty).

Alvaro announced that I need to make space in the freezer as he brings a small rabbit on Monday again :slight_smile: No problem, he will cook the chicken breast package (it’s not small, he needs it for his big, 4-5 day curry) and I took out my usual lean pork, it’s enough.
He got 40 eggs from the egg lady as well, great! I don’t even remember when we got so many and we definitely need it now. Oh the cheap not caged supermarket eggs are tasty, good. I don’t particularly enjoy eggs nowadays, I just need a few for various things. Useful, quick and easy item. Good but not nearly as enjoyable as most of my items. Maybe it’s just a phase, sometimes I enjoy my eggs more.

We have COLD days and hope we won’t get frost here on the hilltop.
It’s so crazy, we had those hot days when I suffered from the hot temperature on my walks - and now I am cold and the house gets colder and colder… I am sitting in my super warm thick old winter pullover now. I was cold all day but I am not anymore, this thing is almost magical…


that is so funny :slight_smile: this is where we gotta say small world LOL I actually like this pattern, dont have many bowls left, down to 2 now and just like 3 big plates and I still got 8 of the small plates. Oh and 1 mug left…
thru the yrs since i’ve had these forever been losing now. I think too many reheats in the microwave, I lost alot of bowls to just splitting in 1/2 and just chipping the darn big plates too much, I play rough with my stuff HA


honestly I ain’t got it in me. I spent 3 hrs and only uncovered a single bed that was crammed almost to the ceiling with clothes, boxes, purses, a gazillion hangers and rat crap. Up and down small stairs, out into yard to pitch in dumpster and I started to freak out. I realized this is way in over my head. I was actually starting to get close to tears more I looked around me. I freaked to hubby who said go home :slight_smile: and I did. I begged him to hire clean out crew but he said he wants to keep handling it for now. Told him I am done. I can’t breath that moldy air and rat poop flying around and the whole time I am just overly anxious cause we barely got anything truly handled and there are 8 friggin’ rooms of this. We filled almost a whole dumpster with getting thru 1/2 of a 10X14 room and with SO much more to do I felt like I was in a massive hole never to get out. Yea I kinda went a bit batty :slight_smile:

KEY BEING, for those who know me well on the site, I am a minimalist. So to have that around me was like a nightmare come true. I thrive in empty open type space, I get clutter anywhere boxing me in and I start to go looney…lol…yea this project can’t be me.

sorry I ranted and vented out but I can’t take this anymore. So will see it goes down and just life move forward without me on this project. Hubby is grown man, he can figure it out if he won’t listen to me.


Had a NY Strip steak. eh, it was kinda tough and flavor was blah then I fried up 7 link sausage to suck down. did an unintentional OMAD for meal. no desire to eat 2nd meal.

onward to tomorrow.


I hear ya! I have 4 bowls left only. Three are chipped on the edges. They are not very durable at all, but I didn’t care. They were my second set. My primary main set is even more beautiful and a bit more hardy, but even so they did not last more than 15 years. Most plates cracked in half or the finish got a lot of fine cracks from the dishwasher. I think less things are dishwasher safe than they say. Just because it can survive one stint in the dishwasher doesn’t mean they can handle daily or weekly runs.

So sad to hear about the hoarder situation. That’s my biggest fear is that my house is slowly becoming that way. Like it’s not happening overnight, but it sure is a piled up mess in most rooms right now. We had so much heartache in our lives the past 15 years and I was unable to even function mentally for much of it. It got so out of hand that now it’s too big of a job for just one person. Now that I’m healthier I still can’t handle going through it all alone and really need help, but don’t know how to get it. It’s not the level of grossness you described, no disgusting dirt or major smells, or any old food or animal stuff, but it’s a cluttered mess that nobody who lives here wants to deal with. My kids are in their mid to late twenties and there’s still all their old childhood toys and junk too. For me much of the paperwork is heartbreaking to have to go through too, and I don’t do very well after being reexposed to most of it. Plus my ADD makes it a nightmare to go through it efficiently. But it’s not as easy as just throwing it all out either because buried in there are important documents or pictures or memories that I care about, or tax paperwork that I need. I wish I had a couple close lifelong friends that would just come over once or twice a week to help me and we could make it an easier task. But alas when you go through trying times as long as we did you lose all contact with friends and grow apart.

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I am a minimalist too, so I feel your angst!
I enjoy helping friends who want to declutter and organize and toss stuff. But what you described sounds almost suffocating. Glad you bailed. I was thinking the same thing… hire someone. Worth the money. But your hubby is a trooper!

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Ya’ll, thank you so much for the encouragement. I don’t know anybody else who does this WOE and the support is very meaningful to a new person. Didn’t expect so much kindness and I’m so grateful :heart: Thank you.

Question: why is full carnivore so VERY different than carnivore-ish? It’s like a switch has flipped!

Last bit of inflammation seems to be leaving my fingers. Digestion is normalizing after 8+ months of struggling. Appetite is self-regulating. Life is in a very strenuous season right now, but I feel better able to handle the long days, both emotionally and physically.

Why this big change from eliminating the last little bit of non-carnivore items? What’s the mechanism? Ya’ll must have theories - I’m so curious!

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@Fangs, @robintemplin, just curious - did you start decluttering the house around the same time as you started your nutritional changes? @Just_Juju, you’re a minimalist in your diet anyway! Funny how bare the fridge looks nowadays even when well-stocked.

Ground beef and canned smoked oysters in air fryer

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Well! What an interesting question. About the timing of my declutterring and when I began keto and finally carnivore. I’ve never thought about that.
But… the answer is yes. 2020. Covid. Retirement. Keto.
Before that year, I collected “stuff” I did not NEED, and served no function except to be pretty, collect dust, and take up space.

Now, I keep a constant eye out for stuff I don’t use, wear, etc. Off it goes. My entire being feels uncluttered now… and that certainly is mirrored in my carnivore ways and lifestyle.

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This should be a separate thread! I think there’s a definite connection between simplifying / decluttering my menu, my closets, my body and my life in general.


yes I see those fine cracks also. But ya know they are a set that ‘fits my feel’ of like by the weight and size and the plate has just enough bow in it to make it hold food on it, not like super shallow type plate. I don’t know, I always liked them just like you :slight_smile: I been out looking for a repladcement set and so far nothing suits my fancy.

You know if you can swing it ya might wanna truly hire a cleanout plus organizer type company to come out and actually help you dump the stuff that has to go and also get you organized on what you want to keep in your home. I tell ya, 1 or 2 people can’t handle it when it just hits over a certain level, and it just ain’t cause it is alot of stuff, most times we got other stuff in life to handle, I mean we can’t put every minute of our time into one thing like decluttering, we have other stuff to do like work etc. So you might have to hire that help. Wouldn’t be a bad way to go if ya think ya need it.

for MIL for yrs we cleaned her a tiny bit til she basically would throw us out of the house and we could never get in and truly throw stuff out as we wanted. Plus she has been in nursing facility for the last 3 yrs and the house sat vacant so…that added ick to it all. So this is alot of yrs of neglect for sure, it isn’t normal clutter anymore, it is a train wreck. I told hubby from the day she left that house to start the cleanout. Nope. Just left it. I told him if we just hired 1 dumpster, filled it and gave ourselves a rest and not rush thru this during these yrs we could handle it. Now she passed and he wants to sell and clean out fast fast fast and it hit me full force this is just crazy. ugh. but as life throws it at us, we gotta take the bat and swing I guess LOL we will get this handled somehow.

@robintemplin, ok girl, you say trooper I say &#*, lol
ahhh, you get it if you are minimalist type person :slight_smile: my hubby has hoarder tendencies and I am all over it. I throw out his stuff all the time cause if I didn’t it would pile. There ain’t gonna be no piles in this home or I would go bonkers. Worst is my garage and side carport with tractors and farm equip and a bazillion tools. he won’t tackle it at all, won’t sell it off. ugh. I am still fighting for those spaces to be cleaned!

On top of being minimal, I am super frugal too :slight_smile: but there is always a day where I will throw money, even big money, at a situation :slight_smile: I ain’t no idiot on that one, I so hear ya, worth every dime for help on this!

there is no carnivore-ish. that is a made up fantasy word out there never used in the zc lifestyle.

There is strict carnivore and relaxed carnivore. Strict is no dairy, no coffee, no seasonings or herby dry rubs on meats, no processed for us like deli meat. Drink water. It is fresh meat, seafood/fish and fowl and some salt if needed. It is the ultimate elimination strict carnivore.

relaxed carnivore allows what is referred to as ‘non-optimals’. They are ‘carnivore’ but man made for us like some processed bacon, deli meats if ingredients are ok, allows pork rinds and allows dairy if ya do ok on it. allows coffee or tea. allows flavored waters. It allows to use spices and herbs, again if you do well on them. allows some condiments like a little mayo or mustard etc.

reason you are better is something you are using is still probably making your body sensitive. Maybe a spice used, or are ya using maybe a touch of mayo, or mustard when ya eat something, dairy is a big inflammation issue in all forms from cream in coffee to cheeses to any types of yogurt/cream cheese etc. Coffee carries alot of big issues for some. You might be eating out and how they fry or use seed oils could be an issue etc.

so when you get tighter, your body can respond when ya actually dumped eating something. some condiment ya dumped, or got tight on dairy control etc.

I was extreme low carb before I walked into carnivore. I thought for sure I would not notice any big benefits once I got ‘way more strict’ in what I allowed myself to eat on zc. BUT WOW, when I went tight strict carnivore I improved dramatically. I then added back a few things and saw real fast what worked for me and against me. I can eat bacon easily, I can not touch anything spicy like a tad of hot sauce, or chili spice or buffalo sauce on wings, omg. I can not eat soft cheese, kills the guts, but hard aged cheddar I can handle and do well. So relaxed carnivore gives us a walk thru what works for us and not for us.

cleaner one eats the better you are simply when it comes to zc.

hope some of that helps ya understand a bit better.

For me personally I was always even as a kid someone who couldn’t be around clutter or stuff on top of me type person :slight_smile: no idea why LOL always controlled that factor for myself.

I could not agree with you more :slight_smile: AMEN!
there is a connection to outside clutter and how it affects us for mind body and soul. So understand that!


I can’t declutter. I have this clinginess towards anything potentially borderline usable, it’s quite annoying sometimes. I barely ever buy objects (accepting them is harder and my SO’s Mom uses that, especially now that a friend of hers will move in and needs the place… I got 10 open shelves, basically little boxes, white ones, I should paint them, at least around the edge… some cute glass thing I can put rocks in… if there is a container I can’t do anything with, I still can put rocks in them… yep, I am a serious case I know) as I would be drowned under them. Throwing out usable clothes just because I don’t like them so much and didn’t wear them in the last 15 years? Nope.
I can’t even take out plants from the wrong places easily, sometimes I call for Alvaro’s help… It’s not for weeds, just things like flowers in the wrong place of my tiny veggie patch (there are some places for flowers in it)… My daisies are absolutely everywhere at this point and I had to harden my heart :frowning: It still doesn’t feel good to take them out (though most of them just make their new home on the top of the compost. Very resilient lil flowers).

But… I like simplicity. It’s tempting. I can’t go even near it but I would like to…

I am glad you don’t see my room. It is the most chaotic part of the house as I don’t care about it much (I sleep or look at the monitor anyway) and I do need a ton of papers around me for reasons… I decide to tidy it up since ages. Oh and finishing my window (the area around it, I had artistic ideas about it). I postpone it since 12-13 years, maybe? I even made Alvaro’s after a few years, the downstair ones were made right away… But my room? No one cares about it. I must be the worst though I have read about similar people and I do make things around the house (I am in the middle of fixing the bench outside, the wood rotted but it gets a more sturdy top now! comfier as well. it won’t even take for long) just not in my room. I suspect I have some strong self-saboteur hidden in me somewhere.

But my kitchen island is pretty full too and I don’t know what to do about it! There are vases with flowers, the fruit bowl (cheap lil plastic stuff but black with spiders!!! :smiley: and it works well), a bunch of rock in a big glass bowl for decoration, some beautiful minerals in another bowl or else I would forget about them… My recipes, papers for notes and whatever we put there temporarily. I can’t put them away as they are where they supposed to be… This is hard. Even my very long kitchen counter is cluttered with things supposed to be there but it doesn’t look so good. Sigh. It’s not bad I suppose but minimalism really looks nice.

I am only fine with the bathroom (not very many things are there… well, there is a tiny clutter but that is needed, again. and it’s the prettiest room anyway. and relaxation and whatnot) and my “artyfarty table” except I can’t put anything on it, it’s so full but it’s art and should be full with various stuff :smiley: It is allowed there and there is no chaos, there is order. Rocks in various containers, art tools in many others, I know where things are, usually… Too bad not all art stuff fits on it and I made the biggest table I could… My desk is the same, I used an old cupboard, among others so even with lots of notebooks, cups and glasses (just whatever I managed to collect in the last day or half day but I have skills there), lego dragons (I should put those away…), pencils, pens, pencil sharpener, wooden figure for drawing I don’t even use… I still have enough space for my huge drawing tablet. I always could use more space, though.

I really should think about these and put away the not strictly necessary items. Even my decorative stuff. I have 2 tall shelves just for our rocks (not my artistic ones I paint, they are elsewhere) and similar items (I have some beautiful sand from Greece)… And they are important. I LOVE collect things, the same on my computer and I can make a clutter there too even though I try to keep some order. It’s a very strong urge. Woe is me. But I have things :smiley:

I am glad I hate clothes shopping and basically avoid it since ages. I have too much clothes I can’t throw out already. Alvaro’s Mom managed to gave us many socks but at least we actually needed them… Alvaro is my ally at her, I am all tired from shopping and vulnerable, my imagination still runs wild as I can find some potential use for too many things… And he says no. And when he is right, I even realize that and we don’t bring every little thing…
I don’t want more objects. Nope. It’s enough Alvaro has a very extensive hardware collection. Dozens from everything except microprocessors as they are probably thousands… Sometimes I wonder how his clothes fit his room, there is hardware everywhere… We still couldn’t get proper furniture for his room but I have found space in my room where a bigger cupboard can fit and he can put a tiny fragment of the hardware on his floor. The clutter doesn’t mix well with the cats but I hit my foot in them more than a few times as well. (It’s a very ordered clutter, it can’t be improved without more furniture.)

So yep. We never will have a tiny house and it’s okay, I just want to lower the chaos a little.

Plates: We have some sets, the house came with several but what we actually use are single ones. Except the dessert plates, there are one white but the floral ones are a big set and they are useful even though we can’t put them into the microwave.

And this house attract breaking things. I lived my life without breaking many cups, glasses, plates… Maybe on in several years? But this house? I break something every few months at least. It started when we moved here and never changed. Oh well I can live with it :slight_smile: It almost never one of my favs, fortunately. I am very clingy when it’s about my beloved objects or creations. It took decades to throw out some old (very beginner) paintings, well it’s true it was put away so it didn’t bother me… I like to keep my stuff. And I like collect stuff. So it can’t end well. Sometimes I wonder what if I drew a lot like a proper artist? I would be drowned in sketchbooks. I have many and I feel I barely drew ever and a big part of that was digital… But sketchbooks still aren’t so big, they are flattish and the same size, easy to keep them somewhere in an orderly way.

Today I enter threads and just do a braindump, I am not pleased with myself. (I am bad enough normally but today I feel I am more offtopic than usual.)

Almost noon and I haven’t eaten yet! Except some creamy coffees, I just try to choose my battles well now and don’t focus on minimizing coffee… I just don’t want to eat too early, that’s horrible, I keep getting hungry then. Though yesterday was okay, it seems the hunger attack went away. I have such times sometimes, always had.

Yes. It’s not just the huge amount of work, a normal person hardly is ready to face certain situations but crews who already met a hoarder’s home faced all kind of stuff and know what to wear, how to do things effectively… I suppose not all crews are so great but still, experience helps… I would be SO overwhelmed, I would be like you. I can’t even tidy up my own space, okay, it’s different as every scraps of paper may have precious information… But I would get enough quickly anyway… It’s nice when it quickly shows one does something so there is a level of mess where I would feel fine for a while - but the level you wrote about is way above that, once, the air is horrid, twice, it’s already much work with little result again… Unless you are a pro…

That was a very smart thing to say…
Rush is horrible, it would just demotivate me… I need time for work I don’t enjoy, to put it lightly. But a big mess needs time anyway… Well, good luck. I am so glad I never will be in that situation (at least it’s extremely unlikely).

And he lets you? NO ONE should touch my precious objects without consulting me first. I wouldn’t ever forgive that but I made sure I don’t let people in my home who doesn’t understand it.
Maybe you throw out safer stuff? What I think everyone must respect is little scraps of paper with drawing or notes on it :slight_smile: It may be useful. One shouldn’t ever throw out such things (but they aren’t too numerous for a normal person. they may be for me but it’s paper, not much space…). And everyone have their own favs. I have my rocks, Alvaro has his hardware items… I have books too but they are orderly (when I don’t grab 10 and pour them on my matress or something. but I clear them away eventually).

We don’t have a garage but I feel super bad whenever I enter the small cellar. It is horrible and we can’t easily do much about it… It does have shelves and cupboards, that helps but I really should figure out how on earth can I store my garden tools properly… And we should throw out a few bigger things (old hose, wrecked bicycle), Alvaro will be brave and well-rested one day and ask for a big dumpster, it won’t even cost extra as we are entitled for one per year from the carbage collector company…? At least we would get more for our money, we barely have garbage…
We have 2 unused old motorbike too but they are special and let’s forget about them before I get depressed (I am pretty sure I am immune but still can feel really bad).

That is a good combo :slight_smile: And you know when to spend money, apparently, our life, time, well-being and sanity has its worth too. I totally agree with you on this thing but if your husband does the work himself, well, I would let him for a while… But if he takes forever while talking about it must be done fast…

There is for me and it’s perfect for me as far as I can tell :slight_smile:
There must be anyway. There is carnivore (already that doesn’t mean the same for everyone), there is ketovore though I still don’t know what that is, keto, low-carb etc. And everything in-between. If we get close to carnivore, it’s near carni or carnivore-ish or whatever.
Oh, maybe you say it’s just like the other keto styles and only true carni gives benefits? Maybe for you and others. To me, carnivore-ish and my other keto styles are VERY different. I got something drastically different, beneficial when I got close to carnivore. I even had proper carnivore (according to my definitions. IDK why dairy isn’t carnivore for so many people… and I had a little spice and condiment too. and coffee and tea. but that’s it, no slice of radish or tasting non-carni food or sweetener), only for 2 weeks at once but it was just like my carnivore-ish (obviously I have no idea what would happen longer term, hence I try to do proper carni sometimes. but I can’t and I don’t think I need that anyway. I am very pleased with anything near carni if it lasts longer).
I experienced the same I did with keto and low-carb: my body wants my (plant) carbs to be quite low on average but a minimal extra often or a bigger (not huge) off eating occasionally does nothing (except making me able to stick to it again). I still am curious what would happen sticking to carnivore… But that’s just plain impossible for me. I merely do what I can and hope for the best, it’s LOADS better than keto was. Very, very, very much. Keto gave me nothing beyond fat adaptation, it was like low-carb just more restrictive.

We know that different people feel best at different carb amounts. And type of carbs matter too. It’s quite possible (as it happened to me though it’s true my keto was pretty carby… but my carnivore is pretty carby too sometimes and still very different) that while mere keto is too much, carnivore-ish is way better, one goes over some important limit and benefits arrive. I hadn’t even an important limit like that when I went keto, hence no benefits (except fat adaptation as I did went below my ketosis carb limit. but everything else stayed the same including stalling, low energy and I was obsessed with food just the same). But not eating a lot of plant carbs made wonders. Possibly adding meat had some benefits too but the almost zero plant carb intake was the big one (though I couldn’t have done it without meat, of course. it’s essential if one needs really low plant carb intake).

We know as people here experienced it that some people really need to go strict. While others don’t.
I think I handle all edible things pretty well (some items only in small amounts) but I want to feel optimal and get the usual benefits I get on/near carnivore. I mean, even if one feels just fine eating even high-carb for a while, it doesn’t mean carnivore wouldn’t be a super good idea… It may be.
I met the opinion that if one isn’t messed up by plant stuff and actually able to eat plants, they shouldn’t do carnivore. I totally disagree, obviously. If we have benefits, carnivore sounds a good idea. Even not all the time. Even near carnivore if that already does the trick or a big part of it (and one can change so it may be temporal. low-carb and keto were temporal for me but I couldn’t make really big jumps right away). Just because I can eat low-carb for probably several days without a problem (many days if I am lower) and can have a high-carb day feeling pretty good (there are conditions and I haven’t very much experience about it especially lately. but I know I can do it if I don’t do it super wrong), I don’t want to say no to the extra benefits… And anyway. My carbier days are occasional. My normal days should be real close to carnivore and they often are properly (relaxed, of course) carnivore because I am very pleased with my carni food. It’s so stupid to say carnivore makes no sense for people who don’t badly need it due to serious physical or mental problems. It totally does if it makes life BETTER. Even in subtle ways but whatever happened to my relationship with food, it’s not even subtle. Though my days vary even on carnivore. But except when I get bored of meat (it’s so sad I still could manage it. took more time than normal and I really ate a lot of pork but still… maybe if I don’t eat too early, it won’t happen? it should help), carnivore always feels better than the average non-carni (and not even really, really near) day.

Why did I write this much about it? Maybe a pep talk for myself? I may need it now though today hardly won’t be a carni day. Well it will be carnivore-ish if I can’t resist the tinned mackerel. It has a sauce :frowning: I put most of it on Alvaro’s pizza though. I like to bake pizza :slight_smile: I don’t really want to eat it especially with the sauce so I won’t make an eggy carni crust for myself today. I never want pizza-like things but if it changes or I want something different, I will make a sour cream based one with pure fish, not these canned things with sauce. But Alvaro loves them on his pizza and they contains little added sugar so his healthy enough body will handle it.

I have this attitude even on carnivore-ish or even on carbier days. I don’t overdo processed meat, I actually limit my dairy to limit my calorie intake and train myself but I do that too… But as dairy doesn’t bother me, I find it clean enough.
Spice and not sugary condiments weren’t things I ever limited - but as I had more and more carni and near carni days, they just went significantly down. Even processed meats especially sausages. I already liked fresh meat with salt (except tasteless chicken, that gets some spice every time. Alvaro’s Mom doesn’t use spice but hers is better for some reason…) but the amount was way smaller in the beginning. I remember when I tried to eat a pound of meat (processed included) a day and couldn’t… And it was way after the beginning as I ate little meat then for various reasons. Lately I went over a pound of meat every day and it was almost exclusively fresh meat. I just wanted more and more until I suddenly got bored (IDK why I have this but it happened a lot. I notice no problem so I could lower it a bit, use other animals… no, all is well and then suddenly, I can’t eat meat. just a little and one day break is enough but still, it is bad when I am starving and can’t eat enough. sadly, feeling starving doesn’t mean I can eat my otherwise fav meat. maybe if I force it but once I gagged then and gave up).
And this pound or more on average isn’t new, it’s my level and hopefully won’t go higher as my protein is already a bit too high again and I don’t need it. It may go a bit higher if I can drop my egg and dairy consumption even more but I doubt I can. They are highly important for me. Especially that I manage to get meat boredom still.

I try to be scarce for a while. I wrote way too much.

(Karen) #159

Yesterday i did stair runs and db exercises and got bus into Nottimgham to cancel the mobile wifi dongle only to be told the manager, who was the only one who could cancel it, was on a day off! I had said i would return on the thursday but wasn’t told this! So a wasted journey argggh! Returned home and quickly got ready to go dancing. Had scrambled egg & pilchards for brunch which was nice. I had been putting off using the tin of pilchards as I thought they were in tomato sauce/juice but they were in brine. They were lovely and nicer than sardines. Danced in the afternoon and cooked chicken wings for dinner. Had to have a small dish of sautèd cooked chicken to tied me over while the chicken wings cooked. Used up a korma spice sauce on them and they were lovely. They were only very thinly covered and were very nice. They are so much more filling than the smaller buffalo wings i sometimes get… and for a kilo were only £1.99 instead of 2.99 for the buffalo (430g)

Last pic is todays brunch… scrambled eggs with tuna.

Went to the dental hygenist this morning and hardly need anything done. Hardly any plaque build up so i was really pleased as i have been meticulous with using the floss harps, interdent brushes, mouthwash and straw with the odd cup of weak tea! :grinning:

Was meant to have brunch with Sian today but she had to get a quick last minute appointment for swollen fingers and toes and elevated BP! I was taken straight into hosp when my BP elevated when i was nearly due with her! Waiting anxiously to hear what the news is!

Going toboganning this afternoon at the ski centre with the U3A looking dorward to that.


you had me laughing a bit here cause this is your private personal space!! one should live in it and enjoy exactly as you want…never a wrong thing there :slight_smile:

oh yea hubby lets me control everything in our life. Cause I do it best. He wants me as the primary at all times, means he doesn’t have to do squat in life to make our lives best and me being a control type freak, hell the relationship is spot on for me HAHA I can do no wrong in this house lol.

that is true but remember this is carnivore thread, all about carnivore lifestyle plan and what it entails. if one does great on some keto plan or lc plan, more power to them but it won’t fit here in this thread. So when we chat here we gotta remember that making a blanket statement, which is very true, just doesn’t fit in what all of us are doing actually. going carnivore all in. just sayin’ how our thread has to roll. we don’t care about who does well on some carbs at all, we care truly about who is having issues maybe eating some plant carbs and they are trying to understand more about why carnivore actually has benefits and perks to their bodies that any other eating won’t have.

Sending best wishes and good vibes and prayers for Sian.

-----------------today is hubby is doing house cleanout, I am not. we chatted, he wants to do his thing more before we make more decisions. OK I am out of it kinda, let him roll here??

ate more shrimp yesterday. in a monster ship mode here, no idea why but dang when ya want it, ya want it.

defrosting ribeye steak. pair with shrimp probably. got some freezer smoked boston butt I need to use so first meal is gonna be that since I defrosted and just eat the hell outta it from the freezer. good zc plan.

edited to say I ate a lb. of bacon and tad of hard cheddar after typing this post in that the smoked butt as I nibbled a piece held 0 value to me. I wanted this :slight_smile: As always do what the zc body tells ya to do LOL
I ate 4 slices cooking, how could I not HA
I only held off to give a pic…weeee

know for a fact I will be eating something in an hr or so. no way this is it in any way to hold me. body said eat it, I did and I know immediately this won;t be enough…so how I eat more will be interesting :slight_smile: the zc way people HA

(E P) #161

@Karen18 your various scrambled eggs look so good! Praying for Sian to have a wonderful birth with good memories and a sweet beginning with her new baby!

@Fangs thank you explaining - I bet there was a sensitivity issue. Hope it wasn’t the eggs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My husband is a “keeper” too, in both senses of the word :smile:

@robintemplin, @kib1 me too. These things have a specific mindset in common: willingness give up good things in hope of something as yet intangible, but better!