(Robin) #121

Oh my gosh… you are doing so good! And with a new baby!
Thanks for sharing.


Bad news here: TONS of flies :frowning: Some entered the fridge and for the first time ever… I don’t even say what they did, Alvaro was very upset and killed it with fire. And some mosquitoes emerged too (only Alvaro met them. poor soul has it bad. but he sees more lizards than I do! and even young wild piglets so there’s that).

Good news: the pork abs (I looked at the fatty pork and the thin part is obviously that. there are other, thicker, fattier parts too) makes the best “scratchings”… It was exquisite freshly made.

In the end, I got hungry at 1pm and had lunch together with Alvaro. I ate from the box with the prepared food I forgot at home yesterday… Very lean cold pork with smoked ham, dry sausage, boiled egg, horseradish (I finish this tiny jar) and a little cheese. It was nice but I got hungry soon, had like 2 bites of my roast at 3pm and I am well satiated since. It’s 6pm now.

My roast (the smallest piece for today):

Today’s food is SO much better than yesterday’s but it’s unfair as I ate some of my favs today :smiley: Like the smoked ham and this fatty pork and even scratchings. How one calls these if they don’t have skin…? :thinking:

I keep forgetting about my hen-pork soup with lean pork inside but tomorrow I will start with that!

I kind of tracked… As usual, I have no idea about the fattiness of my meat…
135 for protein and fat (or something different for fat, who knows? if my experiences can be trusted, probably a little less…? it didn’t feel so fatty…), <10g for carbs.
Nice chill day, food wasn’t really on my mind. 2 eggs, very little dairy. Good.

(Geoffrey) #123

Not very ambitious today so I just scrambled up six eggs and added some fat bites to the eggs.


I ate all the butter. So, a tip for any new players. If you want to go stricter carnivore, it’s good to be organised. That way you won’t risk eating off plan in your 30-day challenge experiment.

Today I did eat bacon. It tasted really good. I needed the bacon fat in the pan and then in me with the eggs. No butter.

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster with nausea, headaches and tiredness at some stages. But interesting to self investigate. I have definitely been sleeping deeper but also longer, sometimes when I can, for 10 hours. All my joint pain has cleared up and it is replaced by muscle soreness because of increased activity.

I tested myself in a yoga session on Sunday morning. I had woken up bright and thought I would go and check the surf. It was flat and calm. I thought I’d grab a coffee at the coffee van that overlooks the beach, but I went and did yoga instead. I probably got through about 60% of the class, and then having small still breaks between, in the trickier poses. Surprisingly, I could do it. I think it was my first yoga class in 4 years. I went for a coffee after. Then watered all my trees with bucket carrying. In a gym it’s called a ‘farmer’s carry’. About 20kg of water in each hand and walking up and down the slope of the property.

My heart has been OK. Usually about 2 weeks in to cleaner carnivore I’ll go through an oxalate dump and that will trigger atrial fibrillation (heart thingo). This time I was about 24 hours in and started getting heart palpitations, but I knocked it back successfully with increased electrolytes on top of increased electrolytes. I’ve just been careful and adding salt and taking magnesium citrate at about 600mg per day divided in two doses. No other premonition palpitations.

I went to an 11-hour day at work last Friday fully prepared with 5 boiled eggs and beef bone broth. Did you know if you crack the shells between taking them out of the boiling water pan and putting them under cold water that they end up very easy to peel? Anyway I left them at home. I arrived at work that day feeling a bit headachy. I did have two morning coffees. But as the day went on I just found more clarity and more energy. It felt great. That day I did OMAD with a nice scotch fillet steak and 3 boiled eggs.

So, things are not smooth. But I do understand why and can ride the bumps. Staying on plan, as bacon is not really a lapse.

This was the ocean just before the morning yoga class. Yes, it was outside by the beach. Just after dawn.


This week I do my best not to eat between 3 and 4pm. It surely will be very useful :slight_smile:
It’s very easy today as I ate 2 meals before :smiley: It is a borderline hungry, very peckish day or something. I don’t try to resist but I kind of have a new rule: even if I eat before 4pm, it should be only meat as long as it’s comfortably possible. So I had pork, smoked ham, more pork, soup with pork :smiley: And half an egg, I really felt like having something else with it at that point. And a little butter. Creamy coffees, one day I will clear that up…

Nice weather, not too hot day, I did much garden work compared to other days. I even started to mow :frowning: It’s about the least fav for me. Or maybe the thorny things are the worst… It depends. Mowing with that handheld thing is very tiring. But a little here and there will be enough now, I haven’t postponed it for too long, I can do it comfortably :wink: As much as it’s possible for mowing :frowning: But it’s nice to be outside when it’s not too hot.

(Judy Thompson) #126

I’ve never heard this! Just “the body doesn’t need fiber.” This is a very important thought and a good answer to the constant question, “so where do you get your fiber?”

(Judy Thompson) #127

I started low carb in about 2010, then switched down to keto in about 2012, then OMAD in 2019 and carnivore in Jan 2022. Hubby loved the OMAD idea and we’ve done it with an added evening snack for several years.
Now he says only 1 vegetable, drop the cauliflower or broccoli. So, meat and I innocent green and that’s it! He said he will never be carnivore but I’m okay with cooking, so it doesn’t matter. If he develops a condition he will always follow my advice. We reversed the (symptoms of) enlarged prostate a couple years ago by just having him drink a ton of water. He has not been to a doctor since he retired from the Army in 2001… So it’s just me and Dr Google! :crazy_face:

(Robin) #129

If you get out a skillet, that’s ambitious to me. Looks like a good start to your day!

(Karen) #130

@Fangs saw Raymond this morning and he says he is feeling a lot less painful in his tum! So thank you for that bit of info… he is still taking shots and will continue to do so all the time he is feeling better. X
@robintemplin Raymond is the opposite … he trumps and thats his signal that he needs to get to a toilet very quickly! Fortunately today we were in close proximity to Sainsburys where they have a loo! Just made it in time!
@Shinita I absolutey HATE flies! Especially if they get in the fridge! Makes me cringe thinking about it.

I spent quite a time weediing the pots in the garden yesterday while the weather was sunny and fine which is just as well as today is rain rain and more rain and winds and chilly!!! Love our British weather
Yesterdays grub

Today we ate in the cafe as Raymond had to go to a Dr appt… weather was horrid so i went and picked him up as he was making his way home. He hadn’t had breakfast so hence we went to cafe. I had 2 fried eggs on 2 Black puddings and it was plenty and tasty. Went to Lidl on way home and picked up some reduced food. Most went straight in the freezer and i cut up a small cooked chicken and have subsequently eaten a good portion… a leg, thigh and wing and some scrappy bits from pulling the chick apart.


@Karen18: What is the food on the last photo?

I ate again. And want to eat more… Tracking says it’s 150g protein again so I shouldn’t but it’s not like I have any amount of self-restraint lately… I will do my best to go even lower with eggs and not eating anything until 4-5pm… There must be a way to keep my protein minimal… No way I need so much and it costs money and makes my life less convenient.
But eating over a pound of meat still makes me feel nice even if I am still hungry (I ate it in multiple smaller portions, that wasn’t a good idea but I couldn’t resist).

(Judy Thompson) #132

@Shinita glad you’re enjoying your air fryer! I know it’s been awhile but I hadn’t commented.
Yuck, food/fruit flies! I put banana peels from hubby’s smoothies into the freezer til trash day. Also anything else that might smell or draw bugs. Especially when it starts getting warm like now! In the summer we put double sided fly tape on the windows. We can get hundreds of flies every week that way!

This has been a long couple weeks, I see it’s been 9 days since I posted so as you can see I read this morning to catch up, some 70 posts. Last weekend our duo added 13 hours to our usual 7 hours of performance on account of the eclipse, NINE on Monday and 4 on Sunday! The eclipse from the winery was beautiful despite the overcast sky, and in fact we didn’t need the black eclipse glasses because the clouds filtered the sun. No sooner were we recovered from last weekend than we were getting ready for the next one, with a busy week in between.

Nonetheless this carnivore week was lovely. I bought a 4-chaffle waffle iron which makes 4 chaffles in 5 minutes and I’m thrilled not to have to start lunch half an hour early when we’re having chaffles!
On Wednesday we ate at a brewery in San Antonio and I got wings that didn’t agree with me. I’m much more sensitive than I used to be when things don’t work! I’m thinking most restaurant wings are breaded at least a little, so those will be off my list from now on.
Also I had decided to try Primal Kitchen unsweetened BBQ sauce and yesterday, I mixed that with jalapeño juice and though it was delicious, it caused stomach upset, gas and bloating so now that’s off the list too! Today I used the jalapeño juice by itself on the smoked pork shoulder. So far so good :wink:

I think we will be back there this Wednesday since I have a bow to pick up and another one to drop off in San Antonio, and we always stop for lunch afterwards. I’ll get a bacon cheeseburger patty instead!

Here’s some of the food this past week -

(Crack chicken)

Sous vide then smoked pulled pork shoulder

Same, in toasted egglife wraps with grated cheddar

More Crack chicken

Those offending wings. Sad because their half price on Wednesdays.

German sausage and cheddar cheese at the Fredericksburg Brewery

We enjoyed our eclipse shirts at the winery last Monday!

(Judy Thompson) #133

Oh yes and yesterday a guy showed up at church with a copy of The Carnivore Code for me! We had a great chat about it, he’s a believer and mostly animal based, says he put his dad on a 60 day elimination diet and he lost 50 lbs and reversed his heart disease. He is into it though, as a short term elimination plan and believes you should start adding back other foods after that.
When I read Saladino’s book a couple years ago on my Kindle, I didn’t get to study the great illustrations and there’s a lot of science in it too. So, with the passage of time I think I want to delve deeper into this book now.
But imagine that! A church guy!


Today was a hungry day, yep. Several meals, about 180g protein and 170g fat (or less. my fat really didn’t feel so fatty…), over 1.5 pounds of meat, zero self-restraint. It doesn’t feel much food but only my 4000+ kcal carni day felt much (not too much just much, I felt quite nicely satiated, not really full, I don’t like that)…
I feel less restricted if I have less meals. Today was abnormal. And maybe garden work made me hungry…
I ate very much cream today. My other dairy intake was close to zero.
I was so not satiated and satisfied that I opened a very tasty meaty spread in the end (it has beef too. so my beef consumption isn’t exactly zero in 2024 this far. I plan to buy some - or other ruminant - but it’s not so easy if I want a good sale. and I still want my mutton, it was way too many months and IDK why it’s not available here). It is spicy and I should eat it with sponge cake, not all alone hungrily in no time… I would like to learn to make such spreads. I can handle the spices and other plant things in the spread, it’s mostly meat, fat and water and the amount is small but still, I like when I control the tiny plant matter I eat on a normal day.

(Geoffrey) #135

Lamb burger and venison sausage meatballs smoked on the smoker. Wrapped some in bacon and wish now I had wrapped them all.
Served with my steak sauce.



(Robin) #136

I love everything about this post. I want to have what you’re eating.
And you look fantastic and vibrant! I’ll have some of that too, please!

(Doug) #137

Geez, Robin, why so negative? :neutral_face:



SO HAPPY always to hear you are doing well on your heart issues you face :slight_smile:

but I have to give a huh?? here…why are you needing to eat cleaner carnivore in kinda like what more icky carnivore are ya eating to trigger detox symptoms that can again take stance against your heart issues you are having? I kinda don’t know what you are eating to make this like an issue? OK this is just a big ask here cause you are zc and I know ya gotta eat weirder when at your univeristy etc but am I missing something on the eating? sorry to kinda lose track here but this just flashed out on me :slight_smile:

@Karen18, tell Raymond I am throwing him a darn feel better from diverticultis pain party :100::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::sunglasses::heart_eyes:

I was super happy to read that from ya!!! Tell Raymond I only hope for continued success on feelilng better. My hubby went thru it tough and we had a long time, like yrs, to figure out how to handle this issue and it ain’t no walk in the park for those having the pain from it :slight_smile: Also as he feels better just go to drink a bit less, like a maintenance type dose that my hubby does now, but if his ‘gut’ feels off, like he only knows, then he will take a tad more to maybe help any new divertic. pockets that might be forming…but in the end, after getting on this he has improved so much and watches the ‘grainy type nut/seeds’ food intake sharply and it made a world of diff for him so wishing Raymond the same good way forward.

@JJFiddle----I am always so loving your posts JJ! You and your hubby are just killing it and look so darn great in your pic :slight_smile: Plus, I read your couple Ts-----my gosh I can not now get that song out of my head HA you bad girl LOL

-------------------------UGH and another UGH
got big giant dumpster being delivered to mother in laws house today
hubby over mowing now and delivery to come shortly.
many of ya know this is a hoarder house. I can’t even begin to tell ya…

tackling this house is scaring me to no end and then we got 2 storage blds packed, an old farm barn packed, and old farm shed packed and a singlewide trailer that was rented to the side of the acreage that is also now packed to the entire interior as storage.

guys not sure how my next days/wks/months are gonna roll but the work load to get this house on the market is monumental.

so might be posting less right now as I can’t even keep up with my mowing around my farm LOL

I went out and mowed just the back part near my red horse barn, came in and like 1 hr later I could not even talk, lost my voice, head clogged and woozey from sinus/allergy…I tell ya, cut off my head and I would be fabulous HAHA

today is sirloin steak at some point—gotta hit MILs house and see what is going down
second meal, no tellin’ on how me and hubby will be feeling but my focus is on alot of shrimp for some darn reason :slight_smile:

ok, off to the unknown crazy day

(Karen) #139

(Packet of…) Cooked beef… i think it was topside it is very tasty :slightly_smiling_face:

(Karen) #140

@JJFiddle great pics and the two of you look so well and happy…lovely x

@Fangs good luck with mil’s house i feel for you cos my mum had a big house filled to the brim. It was such hard work sorting it and spent a lot of time crying and laughing over the memories with my sister. Then i had to clear all the furniture by myself and clean the house ready to handover to new buyers.

Food for yesterday and today

Mostly chicken and bacon even the omelette had chicken in it! Needed to use up the small roasted chicken i bought in Lidl and the cooked bacon i got from The Company Shop! Chicken was super tasty and very juicy tender but doesn’t keep me going.

I had to take the car to garage today as the roof seal has gone again like it did in 2019… seens to last 3 years and then goes and the wind screeches through it if the wind is hitting the car head on! They wanted to charge me £113 to tell me what i have told them! I was reluctant to pay that so returned home and emailed mercedes uk. They are going to investigate! More than i was expecting, i thought i would just get fobbed off …still time to be fobbed off lol.

(Geoffrey) #141

Started of with a sliced meatball and swiss cheese omelette to start with.

Then it was time to take out one of the roosters in the chicken pen. Small but tasty. Much better tasting that those store bought things.