I got hungry at midnight. IDK why I have this but I do. My fat didn’t go crazy but I got almost 200g protein.
And this is the lowest I was able to do, I obviously could have eaten much more… I didn’t even have anything tempting so it was easy to stop and I got kind of satiated anyway.
I may really need OMAD but I still don’t wanna… Or I may try lunch OMAD? Could that work? 3am is so very early…

Oh well, there is a new day! Quite sunny but not too hot! I will have tuna and hen and pork and bake a traditional pastry for Alvaro, I love baking and it’s not the usual bread :slight_smile:
But I will bake for myself as well soon, I have found recipes when I put ground cooked pork into my sponge cakes… They tasted good with a nice texture but were a tad dry. It’s easy to avoid that, getting rid of the moistness is the harder thing as I have so limited range of “flours” :slight_smile:

I announced it elsewhere: I plan to make a caramel ice cream cake for my name day. It’s just a name day, nothing to celebrate (not like we particularly celebrate birthdays) but still, sometimes we make a cake for it. This is a very old plan of mine, from my early carni days but I never could bring myself to do it as I don’t want cake ever let alone on carni and it is work and too many yolks :smiley:
And it must be caramel as it’s the only cake flavor I tolerate with a significant amount of salt. And I mentioned the yolks, they will be the main ingredient of the whole thing and they are quite salty. I actually want to enjoy my cake. Oh one barrier before was that I couldn’t make a firm enough carnivore sponge cake but it’s not a problem anymore. The ice cream is perfected since long though I keep changing the ratios… Last time I used a ton of cream, I need to as I feel the yolks saltier and saltier and the cream brings the sugar anyway (just because yolks has it too, I don’t feel it much). 30g cream for every egg. It still worked. (I used 0-20g in the past per egg. But the zero was for my old keto ice cream.) Ice cream is pretty useful, I use it when I am still hungry but bored of meat for that meal already. Or when I need to use up yolks or cream.
I always wanted to see how many yolks I can put into a teeny tiny cake of mine :smiley: As I definitely don’t need much. And Alvaro wouldn’t eat it. I probably will make a version for him but that won’t have any flour either, he doesn’t need it for an ice cream cake.
I need something different sometimes. And something pretty though I hardly can make pretty cakes :smiley: It happened but it’s tricky. I mostly made mix and bake cakes, icing isn’t my style. And 2 layers are a challenge I probably lose. This one will be 3 layers but ice cream is firm so maybe it will be okay until I try to cut it… If I just wanted the flavor, I would have a bowl of ice cream with small pure cakes next to it. Do you know some people call naked cakes “raw”? Despite it is baked? Odd and misleading.


No photos, cooking was enough for me…
So, air fryer makes anything crunchy except chicken skin on the meat.
And its 22 minutes chicken program is nothing for this tiny hen. I used twice more and the meat still isn’t tender. Should I precook it? Probably. The same with my pork but that wasn’t even crunchy yet so I put in for some more time and when it got ready, I was already satiated as I ate some sponge cake with cream cheese and very very smoked ham instead :smiley: It was nice but the total win was my tuna spread! I used to buy tuna sandwich at some point in my life. I disliked supermarket bread and baked my own since ages but the filling was awesome. And now I got the same feeling (they are probably very different but my current perception of this is pretty much like my old perception of that, plus maybe some memory changes. who knows what my brain does, not me)! Nice. The sponge cake helped with the tasteless bread illusion as we still use the eggs we bought in a supermarket. They are sooooo tasteless, do you buy such eggs too, folks or yours are better? Never again. We stick to the egg lady and the greengrocery’s, they have tasty eggs. And those were the better eggs, not eggs from the most commonly and worst kept hens. Of course it may mean little, we just do what we can.

So I had pork, chicken (almost a whole thigh and a wing, a 1kg hen - ready to cook weight but still, it’s small - has so very tiny wings!), the mentioned sponge cake sandwiches… And that’s it. Of course I had some coffees today again, with egg milk, I run out of cream, totally, the house has none of it.

When I put back the pork and the last piece of hen thigh, a piece of skin went in there (the majority of the skin on the thigh) and got nicely crunchy in no time. That’s good but it was DRY! Crunchy skin must still be fatty to be nice! So air fryer just isn’t good enough for crunchy chicken skin. It’s always a loooooooooooooooooong chore to make some :frowning: But I will try without the meat to begin with, I have all the skin from the body as I don’t like overly fatty soups and this little hen was very fatty.

(Robin) #103

Wow… this demands a more in-depth discussion.
Did they fall of the bone. Did juice run down your chin and stain your tee? Did the crispy bits have a nice crunch?
C’mon… Geoffrey!


@Karen18, let us know when Raymond gets his order and I am so curious to see if he gets some relief faster when he tries that :slight_smile: and hoping Sian is doing very well!!!

--------------day 3 of rain. come on LOL I have to mow but can’t get out there as usual. oh well. I seem to always lose control of the farm due to mother nature in some way, that hard azz HA

simple zc day. defrosted another NY Strip steak first and am thinking of using up those darn crab legs again. I repeat, the work to eat those snow crab legs is almost unbearable now to me but darn they are there, are yummy and paid for, so yea gotta do it. Crab leg feast tonight? we shall see


Dinner is done, I ate ALL my leftovers and am almost satiated.
Cream cheese and ham are lovely but I need sponge cake with them as both are salty and rich.
I made Alvaro’s breakfast cake and finally we used up all the tasteless eggs!

Impossible to track, I tried but the meats are chaotic :slight_smile: I even put some old smoked pork bone into the soup and it had a tiny bit of meat on it :slight_smile: Chicken is always a mystery but I ate somewhere around 150g protein and way less fat. About a pound of meat, today was a bit cheesy as I had scrambled eggs with cheese too.

I actually tasted my baked stuff for some reason (3g carbs from plants?), oh well, good enough for me. It was freshly baked and crispy, otherwise no big deal (and I put so much tasty ingredients into it but the yolks were tasteless).

Tomorrow I will bake some sponge cakes, I plan meaty ones too.

(Geoffrey) #106

Why Robin, I can’t get into decadent details, after all this is a family friendly website and besides, a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.
But…yes, yes, no and yes and they were great.

(Geoffrey) #107

So I made a batch of liverwurst today and while I was doing that I snacked around of tuna fish salad and pork rinds. Mighty tasty.

The tuna is not canned. I can’t stand that stuff. Nothing but cat food to me.
No I use yellowfin ahi tuna that if I haven’t caught it I will by it as fresh as I can from the fish counter. I then season with salt and white pepper and sear it in butter. After it cools I’ll shred it and mix with hard boiled eggs, farm fresh of course, and some homemade mayonnaise. The pork rinds are fried in lard.
Mighty tasty.



As they should but WHY Hungary don’t get it? Not like it matters much, we have scratchings, fat oozing out of them, much better… But still. Why to keep pork rinds fried in sunflower oil? This annoys me since I figured it out.

Meanwhile I cooked in the morn as I won’t be at home at my usual cooking time.
Isn’t this beautiful? :smiley: Green ham slices, pan and air fryer! And sunshine too. I have realized I should use my terrace bench as table as I can comfortably look down at it and it’s prettier than the table itself, that has a crack and the paint peels down and I can’t do anything with it :frowning: No idea, it’s just there, being ugly. Maybe I should take it apart, it is too big anyway.

I had an extra egg at night again, by the way. I try to avoid that but I decided on lunch skipping again (apparently a longer fasting doesn’t just happen, I need to train myself. with the hardest thing: not eating lunch when I am not hungry. as I obviously will when hungry, that’s basic), that should help.


got nailed by darn sinus issues, sucking down some drugs to keep my eyeballs from popping out of my head with the darn pressure behind them…oh well normal life allergy/weather issues. no biggie.

but it made me wake up feeling less than, food will follow. appetite is not there so will put in like 8 good sized country pork ribs into the oven and just eat those thru the day as needed. no draw to food right now but I know I am gonna wanna eat :slight_smile:


Oh :frowning: Get better soon, @Fangs!

Today was the type of day when I meet Alvaro and we go shopping and come home on foot… Ideal day to give OMAD (with bites elsewhere) a shot :wink: But postponing lunch is a given! We bought 4 items today: meat, meat, meat and kohlrabi (I wrote “3 items” first, my bad, poor kolhrabi, it is a pretty little thing but yeah, times change). No green ham this time but I got… No idea how it is in English and a quick search didn’t help. But it’s a very fatty pork cut with a wonderful flavor! :smiley: And duck necks (super cheap and why not? the cats will be happy) and those cheaper leaner sausages that are good in various dishes like the potato one Alvaro is planning to do soon. And I can just eat it all alone because I am so simple. Alvaro never could do that.

We came home at 3:40pm. So it wasn’t hard to wait until 4pm but as I was hungry, I didn’t wait longer.
I tried to eat an OMAD meal but it’s hard when I almost only have some lean pork and broth with minimal hen (and more lean pork, not today) in it. (I do have emergency food, I even remembered those but didn’t want them.) I did eat this and that, sour cream, egg milk, piece of sausage, sunny side up… And I had butter and chicken skin previously. Will it be enough for today? Probably not but we will see, too lazy to track now.


I was SO HUNGRY this evening :frowning: Let’s blame the lack of fatty fresh meat? But I had other items…
Oh well, I am finally okay. About 160g protein and maybe 150g fat, impossible to tell. It’s good I have walked more than 2 hours today but I stay fat if I eat this much. Most of this was my lunch but I got hungry soon. Even with over a pound of meat.
But it was only one day, of course I am hungrier here and there. But I really missed some nice fatty roast, I will cook my fatty pork tomorrow or if I come home too late, the next day. And it will be glorious. And I won’t have any idea about my macros, again :smiley: Whatever, I just want a simple, overly meaty day. Today I had more eggs and dairy than normal, I thought I can afford it with lean meat and anyway, I was super hungry. And I need my copious amount of sour cream at some point too :wink: LOVELY dessert. (Actually, it was little. Only 100g. I have that much for a week, normally… Too fatty :cry: And anyway, I shouldn’t eat up everything unnecessarily just because I like them.)
But the cheese… What is my excuse there? I should avoid cheese.

Tomorrow may bring temptation but I am quite stubborn at this point. I set my personal record first. I already have tiny extra items, I won’t go very off yet. I don’t need or desire it, not even mentally… Tomorrow is tricky because we visit Alvaro’s Mom and if we are lucky, we buy a lot of bananas on sale :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: But these don’t seem to be irresistible. I mean, her soup is that but some clear liquid is fine for me even if it had vegs cooked in it. She always get out all the vegs and meat and the dumplings are separated too. So I can eat the liquid and the meat, good enough. And I bring a nice selection of food: boiled eggs, lean pork, smoked ham, dry sausage, cheese. So I won’t be there, hungry, without options.

So, carnivore-ish, that’s okay. Getting okay macros and good satiation ALL day, that is where I have certain problems sometimes. I really will try OMAD in the near future. Maybe it’s time for that. I have times when I get satiated easily on carnivore and TMAD works fine. Not now. My what, 1400-1500 kcal lunch didn’t last for long and it was meaty!

(Robin) #112

Allergies are kicking our behinds here too. Ugh.

(Geoffrey) #113

Just a simple meal today.
Bison ribeye and picked quail eggs.

(Karen) #114

Took the juice to Raymond on Thursday with your post on what hubby did and so he started it straight away.
Yesterday he said his tum hurt a bit more than normal and thought it may be the juice which i said would be doubtful as it is meant to soothe. He said he was going to keep with it. We will see later how he got on today… we are going dancing this evening.

Sian had her final scan this week and said the baby eas now 7lb… thats just over a lb heavier than she was. Baby has dropped a bit too :blush:

Forgot to press reply🙄 so i will add to this.

Foody pics… thurs fri and today … so far! Forgot to take any yesterday, it was a bit of an odds n sods day just, some scrambled eggs n bacon, a small bit of cooked chick sautèd in butter, and some pigs in blankets before going dancing in evening and a few thin slices of cooked beef and a couple of black pudding on return before bed.

(E P) #115

Finishing up week two of meat and ghee only. Appetite is changing - instead of craving random things based on taste, I think I can tell whether I need more or less calories and even whether I need more fat or lean that day. It feels very right.

My baby is 6 months now so I do need a lot of calories.

Since January, I’ve put on 5 lb but my waist is the same. That probably means muscle, since I’m lifting heavier too!

(Geoffrey) #116

That is very significant. That is exactly what happens and happened to me. When I became fat adapted I lost all desire for anything that wasn’t nutritious for my body. It was an amazing transformation.
Today at my granddaughter’s softball game someone behind me was eating a frito pie, (a Texas fast food delicacy) one of my favorites but today the smell coming to me was as offensive as if someone had been smoking a cigarette.


@E_P: Gorgeous photo as always!

I never feel a need for lean day, my body always want lots of protein, lots of fat. My tastes always want them too. My needs are less fatty but I need to choose some less tempting food to meet it, usually. Sigh. I don’t thing it ever will get balanced. I always will low-key desire too much food and especially too much fat. I start to get used to my lean pork though (if it’s not too lean) and I actually find very fatty meat a bit too fatty now. Progress!
I feel if I lack protein or fat in the end of the day but when I am about to eat, I basically always want the same thing: fatty, protein rich food. Sometimes just food, I do plan to start with leaner things whenever possible as it makes perfect sense to me, I mostly ensure my protein and meat intake will be met :slight_smile: I probably need that less so nowadays but in the past I often got hungry for meat at night with a very high fat intake (that I made worse with eating, inevitably) and without any hunger. I just lacked something. Never again. And the less nice lean meat is easier to eat when hungry.
But on OMAD I am better with some fattier meat. Or rather mixing the two, lean and fatty meat.
I need to use my brain or else I will get wrong macros. Not wrong for maintaining my quite fatty, close to heaviest ever body but if I want to lose fat, I can’t overeat fat. That never worked on any diet…

I heard the odd though familiar thing again yesterday in a supermarket. They encouraged people to eat some nice pork hock roast before summer hits. I heard about this many times, people want fatty meats and heavy food in winter and light stuff in summer. I talked about it with Alvaro several times and we both want the same food all year round (with some minor differences involving fresh produce): some nice and quite substantial, fatty, protein rich meal. We function about the same all year, our body needs the same nutrients and amount of energy… (I do tend to be less active in summer as it’s too hot but I do try not to make it significant and there is the garden work too…) I kind of understand people have this odd thing where hot weather affects their tastes? Desires? Well we don’t have that at all. Fatty roasts are perfect on the hottest summer day just like in the middle of winter… The temperature is about the same in the kitchen where we partake of our food anyway… But I don’t think I would cry “no, not fatty meat” on some grill party outside in hot weather and jump juicy light salads. I am pretty sure my hard-working peasant anchestors ate substantial meals in summer as well. And I don’t get how the extreme ones (who talk about how they only manage to eat some watery fruit all day when it’s hot) function without nutrients…

Yesterday was very off. I forgot my food at home and Alvaro’s Mom baked, kind of… It’s a thing that isn’t made from scratch. One basic ingredient changed and not for the better, I didn’t feel the yolk taste (stupid new tasteless eggs :frowning: we bought supermarket eggs again, well it’s protein and it was an irresistible sale! not normal caged eggs, we don’t buy those but there is no info about the diet and that affects the taste)… It wasn’t worth it and I already planned to make mine if I ever want it (I don’t really… never did) but after this time? I don’t plan to touch it again :frowning: Things got together as I knew I can’t last long due to the incoming bananas, it was weekend and I didn’t consider setting and breaking my record right now that important. It might not have the best decision but not much harm was done. I do need some training for city shopping/visit days as I basically always go off, not much experience with not to. But at this point of my journey it’s time to focus on that too.
The mentioned thing (at least it wasn’t something very sugary. quite starchy though. with lots of eggs. and I didn’t eat nearly as much as usual as it wasn’t so good) was the dessert, I ate chicken/pork soup (with almost all the meat… :smiley: it wasn’t much, just some bones with a little meat) and 2 chicken drumsticks before. And 6(?) tiny bananas. We bought many :smiley: That’s fine but I should have waited for the spots. Sigh.
Carbs are so weird, I forgot they make gas. I felt my body didn’t want more carbs but I obviously felt fine, I am not very sensitive. If carbs would make me unwell, I wouldn’t eat them as I am a hedonist. (Theoretically I can go too far but that takes a lot and I just don’t have the desire or compulsion to do that anymore.)

So carni day #1 today. It may be still weekend but I better come back especially because I am a hedonist and my average carni days is tastier than yesterday was (I hope my inner rebel/freedom fighter got something out of it. I do like to forgo tracking and rules sometimes, feels nice as long as I don’t do stupid things) - but now I have a bigger slab (3 pounds) of very tasty, very fatty pork. I will be careful as I surely ate a bit more than usual yesterday and don’t need a ton of fat. I probably never need that much fat :smiley: But much lard should have rendered out of it, very fatty meats never can contain it well. Oven this time as it’s big and I want it in 2 pieces, a smaller and a bigger one. I may put the small one into the air fryer in the end. I still have leftover very lean pork.

I am excited but very very very satiated (it’s almost noon here so of course but it’s more serious than normal due to the carbs. I always have this, carbs have some killer long term satiation effect, though part of it is the overeating… and probably only works with my high fat high protein but I always have those, only carbs are the difference). I don’t want to eat too early especially not fatty meat so I simply don’t start cooking in the near future.

Oh, the shopping! We sooo need another cooler bag. I know it already but we didn’t happen to find those and only have a decent sized one, a gift from Alvaro’s mom who doesn’t need it. But when we buy meat and dairy galore… It’s not sufficient. Yesterday it was 3 liters of milk, a 800g bucket of sour cream (very problematic shape), 750g butter (one melted and it was in the bag! yeah, Alvaro was worried, the car was on the sun so we haven’t stayed for very long), LOTS of meat… Well not very much but I get most of my meat locally now, thankfully it’s the same price and quality, we just don’t have more than 1-2 days to have chances at any specific item.
But we got lovely meaty pork bones for soup, chicken breast for Alvaro’s next meat+veg dish, a little slab of green ham (as I run out and it’s my most basic item), 2 big turkey drumsticks, a piece of pork liver… Nice. No normal cheese this time, we still have a lot (and I will drop it anyway) but cream cheese, I am a big fan now and it’s useful when I have something too lean. I got quark too. I need all the few lean ingredients I can stomach… Even if I need to add some fat to them.

And I have the fatty pork. I really should figure out the English term if there is any. But I try to explain anyway. Hmmm… Muscle around the abdominal cavity… Lower pork belly or something? But not the mostly fat part, it’s not THAT fatty though quite fatty :slight_smile: (Not like pork belly has some fixed fat percentage, it depends on many things but it’s super fatty here. Pigs often have some very thick fat layer.)

I saw a “green ham” slab that was like 40% fat tissue yesterday too. And that’s why I can’t track :smiley: It’s supposed to be 5% fat according to databases. But of course it’s not that simple. Still, I never saw such a super fatty one. I did see a super fatty (way too fatty for me) loin while that is normally way too lean for me to even entertain its consumption. Well, for the old me, now I got better at eating lean. And it turned out that lean stuff is great as a roast.

And I talk way too much about meat again but at least it balances out my off talk.


you know we are leaner and meaner and way more fit no matter what the scale says from carnivore :slight_smile: Thrilled you are doing so well!!

appetite changing and you are experiencing this is very normal for those who held plan and have literally changed their entire body. I went thru it too and to this day, have days where I eat differently. Wake up and think I don’t ‘need’ fat and I actually fry up my skinless boneless chicken breast cause that is exactly what my body is asking for and while every newer carnivore says, ICK, OMGosh how can you eat that?, well, it is because it is exactly where I should be on my path and in my timeline. So know carnivore is very personal about time on plan and how we ‘need’ to eat and our bodies direct us to eat so you are moving forward just fine.

We love carnivore food pics but hey, if ya get a chance a pic of an adorable baby wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile: of course only if you allow posting a pic :slight_smile:

ABSOLUTELY. and this is why it is SO hard for anyone who doesn’t hold carnivore tight and does not stay off plant carbs to ever understand. This ‘ZC ZEN’ is amazing to no end. We truly become new people. It was insane when I went thru these changes, I had no idea how good life was off eating plants, not one doubt about that but unless one experiences this for themselves, it is almost impossible to write how great the new changes are and how deep they actually go in us. So happy you are experiencing this plan as a great benefit and enjoying your fab changes!!

---------------still mowing the world around here, lol, can’t seem to keep up :slight_smile:

simple zc day. start with big fat cut pork chops. got a Tbone for tonight.

didn’t eat as much yesterday, ended up with banger sinus headache, again thought the pressure behind my eyes was gonna pop them out LOL but I lived as usual thru it, feel better this morning.

just chuggin’ along in my personal zc zen world


@robintemplin, girl you are getting nailed also?!! it is horrible isn’t it? everything here is covered in yellow pollen, so thick too…feel for ya on this one cause I am so effected it is crazy but other than head clog etc I am doing so darn great LOL Hope you feel better as the season moves on.

@Karen18, yea those diverticulitis pockets are painful, not a doubt, he could be worse before he gets better so tell Raymond to keep on taking shots and eating very clean and careful and hopefully he can heal up a good bit…let me know how he does, cause I am wishing him the best on trying this :slight_smile:

(Robin) #120

Karen, I have diverticulitis too… if Raymond has any issues with regularity or straining, or hard stools etc… I would STRONGLY recommend he starts taking magnesium power in some water every day. I can regulate the dose to fit my needs. I usually take enough to keep myself verging on diarrhea, just to keep it moving down there. But this helps.
I also put coconut oil in my coffee to keep the pipes piled. It has made a difference for me. I do still get flairs, but less pain and straining.

Here’s what I take: Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium Citrate Powder, 20 Ounces