Sorry, brain dump again. It helps me think. Not even anything about my pretty garden this time. The weather is super warm though, I suffered from the hot in both of my walks in the weekend. I need less clothes outside. I used my thinnest t-shirt, nope, too much. 23-25C?! I am not used to it yet! It will be lovely later, sure but not now, walking uphill…

Yesterday I got food boredom again and while I stopped and was fine for a while, eventually I had to eat something again as I got hungry. And again. And I overate a bit. Oh well, just a bit, it’s still great but I am glad I track as I saw what the culprit was. Of course too much dairy… I barely ate any but it was still 700 kcal and that’s mostly just extra fat and some unnecessary protein piling up on top of my normal food as they don’t satiate me.
The copious amount of cream was lovely though :smiley: I liked the cheese as well but oh my, cheese is super calorie dense and not satiating so I go back to trying to ignore it. I am not into it so much anyway, just liked the crunch and the help with my too lean pork chuck.

It’s fine, one (slightly! nothing like my 3000 or 4000 kcal carni days from the past!) higher-cal day is okay, I always had those, I just don’t like that dairy sneaks in without me noticing. I mean, I notice I eat it, I just don’t know I eat more than I can afford… So I keep being careful with dairy but it must be in some chill way. I finish this sliced Edam cheese and then I mostly ignore cheese. Except the opened cream cheese box… Alvaro doesn’t eat it. Maybe if I made some sweets with it… That is a good way to fed him anything (that can go into sweets, at least). It just shouldn’t be too fatty, I never will forget the few small cocoa balls he ate soon after his biggish fatty lunch. I TOLD HIM it contained 100g fat but did he listen? Nope. And then he got unwell. I wouldn’t have, probably though 10-12 years ago I managed to feel queasy after 150g fat at once (with protein and carbs, of course, it was a big but normal lunch). I doubt I could manage it again. But even I rarely have that much fat for a meal I remember 150g protein on OMAD once but fat? I am too careful for that, most of the time. Even my 250g fat was split into too on my monster carni day. But carnivore is different as I don’t have the ballast of vegs anymore, I had to eat leaner in the first days. Very quickly adapted though…
OMAD would solve so much problems like seeing one meal macros often, I am curious. Could I go below my minimum protein intake again? How would I feel with less and more fat if my protein is enough? Could I do it on carnivore to begin with and with which items? Probably not with the lean pork I will cook today. Not very exciting but it’s green ham day again. But I mix some of it with the chicken liver and butter, making pâté. I hope it will be fine. And I totally forgot I am frozen pâté in the freezer when I was a bit hungry and didn’t want my other food. I could have eaten that, I like the one not made by me :frowning: It’s so sad, usually I prefer my own stuff but I can’t make good pâté or mustard yet. The latter isn’t that important anymore but the former… Nice stuff, different from my normal fare and creamy… Easier to eat than some less fatty solid food. Goes well with sponge cakes and pancake.

By the way sponge cakes :smiley: I made 2 little proper (with flour and everything. lots of flour like the original, classic, less floury, super eggy sponge cake recipes say. maybe a bit less) sponge cake buns for him as we had a tiny fruit he couldn’t imagine what to do with. And it’s the best fruit for sponge cake. I talked with him about before as he told me several times he doesn’t like sponge cake.
And it turned out he didn’t even know sponge cake supposed to have flour, not only eggs :smiley: Well he can’t bake but still :smiley: I am a bit proud of us both :rofl: I always had the power to influence him even if he can’t leave high-carb due to his individual reasons. But my default diet always influence his in some form. He eats WAY less veggie dishes and WAY more meat since I tried out carnivore and decided it’s the thing for me, somehow (still can’t fully wrap my head around it, I am in such a love with certain carbs and I don’t resist temptation. but I can change. pretty quickly on carnivore compared to keto, for example. lack of things have this extra power. and meat is good).
He still didn’t have a vegetarian day, too bad I don’t know when it started but he had none last week. I wonder about today. He has a veggie dish and no smoked pork left (anyway, that is usually his breakfast and he made oatmeal for his work breakfast as nearly always. even if I ever could consider oatmeal food, I surely would have enough after eating it 4 times a week :smiley: sometimes 3. but it’s much at once! 1kg or it was in the past…? now he watches his figure more as losing fat may be very quick and simple for him but he must go hungry too much and he hates it. better avoid it).
I will have lean pork to give him if he doesn’t want eggs as his protein again…

I should track some of his days again. Oatmeal for breakfast, veggie dish (vegs with vegs and roux, that’s it) with a few eggs or a not big piece of meat, carby dessert and whatever he will eat in the evening… It doesn’t sound it has much protein. May be okay for him sometimes, he has much more protein rich breakfasts (he had scrambled eggs with smoked pork for Saturday and Sunday) and he never had protein problems, apparently, he could get muscular legs on his normal diet and donated blood plasma too (if often, that brought down his protein though but no wonder)… And he may eat more protein now than on a super veggie rich vegetarian high-carb. He never ate nearly as many eggs as I did and I only had 7-8 on average. It’s less now but IDK how much as I don’t use that pretty smart spreadsheet I made. Too lazy. Taking notes is enough trouble. I need a simpler, less dairy rich diet I know but it’s hard to realize. Keep trying! I do made progress, I eat less eggs and less dairy now. But I easily go high with them under certain circumstances…

I watch nutrition videos lately, not by from experts, more like some more popular, easier stuff but they seem good… I am not normally influenced and I know everything has a deadly dose even water but whatever they said about spinach was so, so bad. Now I am glad Alvaro basically can’t eat spinach since I try to stay to close to carnivore and there is no place in the freezer for it… I am bad with time, he says he eats is 2 times a year. I doubt he ate any in the last half year… So he is probably okay from the real dangers of spinach :smiley: He is planning to buy some since months but he always sees some other tempting green leaves or other vegs on sale when he is ready to cook a huge veggie dish. And we need a city shopping for that (about once a month but if we visit a bigger town, that often works too) and one or maybe 2 kinds of vegs are okay only. As spinach is frozen, he must cook it right away as my freezer is for meat especially after a big shopping. I won’t store 2-2-3kg vegs in it, my first carnivore trial made it impossible for ever (probably) and he didn’t complain. Alvaro means business when he cooks vegs. And they aren’t satiating anyway. So he usually chickens out.

By the way, I hope we buy a fridge soon. We should. We do things slowly though… But it will happen in this year. My freezer barely have any order but I can’t with those 2 small, hard to reach open shelves. I have zillion little boxes there, those are plants, mostly. Some egg white too. They prone to be suicidal. Simple plastic boxes with frozen stuff inside rarely survive the nearly 2m fall… But I just can’t rummage there safely. Even when I can. they are annoying and I keep most of them in the back. But I have enough problem with my meat packages too. I need more, bigger shelves.
It will be GLORIOUS. This thing is so rusty and the door can’t close by themselves since years (we have pretty strong magnets, it’s no problem) :smiley: But buying a big machine is such a chore… At least I have chosen one already, we probably will ask the store this Saturday about details. If we are very lucky, they even have that one there, not just online. Or its sibling, it will be enough. Maybe we will get impulsive and buy it real soon…

So. New week! Week one went well though I realized I still can get bored of pork. Not for days just for the actual day… I really need my other items but variety too. I only had pork and some chicken liver I didn’t like this time if I remember correctly. Smoked pork and a bit of sausage helped but it could be better. I blame the low fat content of my pork, even the chuck sometimes!
I plan eating fish and chicken this week, mostly pork though, obviously. No smoked pork left (just the fat part) but I make scratchings and pâté. If I do this week, I will have 2 weeks carni for the 2nd time in my life and if I go further, that will be my personal record.

I am below 78kg now, apparently. I don’t know unrealistically looking big changes in bodyweight as mine always was SUPER stubborn (see me weighing about the same every morning for years, no matter how I eat. I mean whatever I do by myself, not forced carby overeating or even more forced low-cal eating, those could change it). Or my scale was, who knows? I don’t trust it :smiley:
And I had 2 sudden changes that confused me and maybe I can go down unrealistically quickly due for reasons. I want my 75kg back soon first (and how tragic is that? it’s so much. I was fat when I went keto ages ago with 69kg that quickly became 67 due to water weight loss. by the way, is it possible I just have my more or less full glycogen reserves with all that 2kg water due to my fat adaptation?). This extra is very new, maybe it’s not fully real, needing infinite patience to lose it?
I can’t realistically expect more than a pound of loss per week and that requires eating less than I am able to, every day. My fat tissue still have a certain amount of energy, I can’t help that and my body hates both wasting energy when it’s not about maintenance and lowering my metabolism, it always behaved that way.
But I am open for sudden miracles, I just don’t believe in them. But I can’t say I firmly believe they definitely can’t happen…


quickie post, have to take the RV in for servicing. so hubby wants to take me along for the drop off to check out new dining chairs for it also.

so off I go, eating on the road somewhere. bleck

let ya know later if we end up eating something good or less than :slight_smile: Might try to waggle my way into a nice steakhouse later, yea that could be a nice mission to attempt while out and about.


I had a small lunch as I could eat and wanted to try my freshly fried pork (and tasted my pâté already anyway). These. The bigger, lean pieces are for Alvaro, he already ate a really big one at this point (2 more days to his non-vegetarian streak as he will eat these 2 small one tomorrow):

Those bitesize ones (my food) were fatty as I cut off the fattiest pieces from the nicely fatty green ham - but the lean meat parts are really lean, I couldn’t mistake this for lean pork chuck! Still nice.

The pâté (not photogenic as it is the wont of this food but may bring a photo later) is better than any of my previous ones but the bar was very low. It’s quite fine but I only took some tiny bites.

I had sponge cake and a little bit of my jellied fluff dessert. No coffee this far but it doesn’t mean no cream. I try to keep it low though.

(Karen) #84

Food pics yesterday and today.

Had a restful day yesterday … we have had storm Cathleen and it was miserable and gusty so i stayed in.
Started today with stair runs and DB exercises and pushups then after reading went to CrossFit. I walked there and the workout was good. I have been thinking recently that i should include situps through my stair runs (I do them after the DB’s at the mo) just thought if i include them with the SR’s i will be doing more volume. I saw what todays CF was going to be and it included 150 situps so though it best to start my new morning routine on Wednesday!
My daughter picked me up from CF for our scheduled brunch date. We did The Company Shop first and then the cafe in Long Eaton. It is run by chinese people, very nice but they cook everything in oil including the cheese omelette i had. Sian ordered a big breakfast and gave me her 2 bacon rashers and 1 of her sausages. It went down quite well and kept me going to late afternoon.
Dinner was 2 thin pork chops… so so! No pic. I fried some sausagemeat later which was much tastier.

@Fangs i spoke to Raymond about the Aloe Vera juice and have odered some for him off Amazon. He said thank you he will try anything as he is in so much pain x


K , I am really happy to hear he has it coming. Aloe was helping sooth burns etc on skin, but for insides it soothes inflammed and irritated tissue too and I never had to take any myself but my hubby truly and honestly within a few days of taking this felt alot better—so sending great vibes that Raymond can truly hit some relief from this!! So sorry he is hurting that bad. My hubby had it extreme also so I understand his misery,

being tasteless and not any type of issue if he uses a good bit in a day, tell him to drink up a good many shots thru the day, won’t hurt him. I think hubby did like a full shot every 3-4 hrs the first day, yea took in a good bit and by the next morning he felt a tad better, so he cut back to like a shot every 4-5 hrs and from that start, he started to improve rapidly. so only can say I hope when he gets it you can write back a few days later he is feeling better!!!

my hubby is on a 2 shot a day maintenance dose now. still says he is much better using it than not.

--------------GREAT PICS ON THE BOARD so far :slight_smile:

So a trip to the rv service and buying/renovating a few key items in rv has left me almost $5,000 more poor. YEA IT IS BIG sticker shock but I expected it. $2k for total service of all electronics and then new wheel bearings and other issues all being handled. Will be worth every penny for them to make sure all stuff is running fine and fixing issues we needed.

Then about $3k for 2 new fancy smanchy and comfy glider/rocker/swivel reclining chairs. I love them, damn pricey tho BOO!
new smart tv in bedroom with new mounting brackets
new King size bed for our master
new King fancy ‘exquisite’ topper for mattress (I choked when it was $299.00) I mean come on ya know it is a frickin’ topper, but honestly I never spend money on myself actually…and rv being near 8 yrs old now had to have new things so I said screw it, I am opening the darn wallet LOL

5k beats $90k for a new rv HAHA

plus this is like a revamp and needed but also I didn’t wanna go overboard in that I might be selling the rv in the more near future and just go buy the beach house we been wanting. So this is our last rv for sure I believe and I want it in fine shape thru my final yrs we do own it and use it. Like I said, spend a tad of money on me :slight_smile: I tell ya tho the wallet is now closed LOL

GET THIS: hit a steakhouse, damn I shoulda got a steak :frowning:
Rack of ribs. Dry. overcooked for sure. got them plain, kinda really tasteless. just like trimmed of all good fat, somehow they ruined a rack of ribs :wink: But hubby got grilled shrimp as appetizer and I took his melted butter he didn’t use and slathered it on the ribs. Made it bearable but only ate a bit more than 1/2 and at that point I said screw it, I would rather go home and eat a can of tuna later :sunny:

don’t go out of the house and shop, it costs too much.
continue to cook my own best darn zc food at home, no doubt there!


@Karen18: I hope Raymond will get relief soon!

And it’s sad that you got dry tasteless ribs, @Fangs. How on earth is possible to mess some originally fine meat up that much (without really trying as I could dry out meat too but it’s not a big deal not to)? I only trim a very fatty meat though and not too much… But it should be basic, fat has its role…
Cooking my meat doesn’t require skills whatsoever, or I have that tiny one despite I never cooked meat before carnivore and I really didn’t experiment very much since. Just before carni we fried up some fish or put it into curry once a year but that’s really nothing that is possible to mess up, it’s quick! At least the frying, poor fish kind of melted in the curry last time but that wasn’t even me and it still gave the flavor, we just prefer having proper fish pieces. Especially I as I can’t fish out them out of the veggy curry if they don’t exist. But I have my own package of fish now, Alvaro just ruins it with his vegs for me. I really dislike cauliflower now and I adored it so much that my minimal amount was 1kg (when fried) so it was way too carby for my keto, I only had 40-45g net carbs for everything! It wasn’t easy. It was a very different woe, it’s strange to think back.

I have tracked! After my high-cal yesterday I had a quite low-cal day with plenty of protein. I am nicely satiated and IDK if it’s because of yesterday or it’s normal with this much meat. Maybe both.
As I was so good even with all the cream (not THAT much without coffee… I did have a little coffee in the end and I can put it into other things and I can eat it whipped alone…), most of my calories came from meat! 626g meat, that’s about as much as I can go without the triggering pork shoulder! I had pork and liver, they joined forces in the pâté (I didn’t write before but it had more pork than chicken liver, I did it before and it worked)… I had nothing for dinner that I didn’t for lunch so it was a simple enough day. No cheese, no sour cream, just a bit of cream as dairy (and a tiny butter with my liver). 4 sponge cakes and that’s about eggs. No wonder my numbers are so impressive, I noticed this before, meat simply works better for my satiation and I had it lean enough today.
Guesstimation says 1356 kcal, 80g fat and 138g protein. Very low carb too, liver or not, yep, they usually come from dairy and some from eggs and those were all low.
55% fat and 42% protein, it’s rare in my world :smiley: Originally I always had my days around 65% (I think it does it all the time on keto but carnivore wasn’t very different until lately) as that is the fattiness I like in my food. Sure, I can focus and plan and keep myself elsewhere for a day but I need huge control for that. Just because I eat a pound of lean meat, I end up around 65% as I automatically eat some very fatty items too afterwards. It was almost eerie, I got 65% all the time, almost no matter what and my macros were all over the place! (Carbs were low but the other two changed a lot. I eat 80-250g fat a day, for example. It easily doubles from day to day or vice versa. Even now that I have extra rules and follow them much better, my fat intake is less than half that in was yesterday. The odd thing is that my protein is similar but I suppose I can expect that if I focus on meat along with my other rules.) But my percentages are way more stubborn. And they were almost fixed but not anymore. Now I keep my protein okay every day, having satiating items (mostly meat) really helps.

I have plenty of pâté and a new batch of beautiful sponge cakes for tomorrow and pork chuck is defrosting. I want another simple day! It will be day #10 and it’s so easy this far! I do have thoughts about non-carni food (hard to avoid in this house and several days passed, I am not so strongly against carbs as in the beginning. I am always like this. so not “ew, NOPE” just “hm, nice but I don’t need or want it at all, thanks. maybe later. much later”) but no temptation yet.

The weather was nice and the sky was stunning at sunset when I took a walk, just went to the hilltop and back. Nice breeze, no scorching sun… It’s so odd, 2 weeks ago we still heated and now my room start to get hot and I don’t keep the window open in the middle of the day, rather in the evening… And I rather go out when it’s not so hot. It’s not that usual, I often had problem with lack of proper spring when cold days suddenly, in a few weeks got hot. The other seasons get a decent length, spring not always do.

(Geoffrey) #87

Went without food all day because I was on the tractor all day cutting pastures. Between loading and unloading my tractor and all the heavy lifting and then having an axle on my trailer break today I’m beat. Work is hard on an old man. :disappointed:
So I finally got everything done and put away and got into the house around seven. Too pooped to pop so I just scrambled up seven eggs and mixed in some chopped up bacon. Eggs really taste good after a long hard day without food.


I just go to YouTube and see.

I have cleaned up my carnivore act a bit more. Mainly taking out dairy. Too much creepy cheese, too much cream in the whiskers one could say. @Karen18 Karen knows what I’m talking about - those casomorphins* are an addictive substance.

I’m eating 4 large eggs cooked in butter and then beef or lamb to satiety for dinner. Last night it was was a 2lb rib eye steak. I seem to only have or need one coffee on this. But I have been getting headaches working at the computer, and feeling a bit like I have the keto flu.

So, I’ve made a beef bone broth and added extra salt to see if that takes away the headache. I have been urinating a lot since the change, so that tells me my insulin has dropped and I’m emptying out some glycogen and water. It’s probably taking electrolytes as well as toxins, so I’ll put some salty electrolytes back in. Oh, and I had a few heart palpitations last night, that also tells me to look after the body electrochemistry. That makes me realise this non-dairy carnivore may be more ketogenic than my previous eating.

I worked out I need 4 large eggs and 300g of beef per day to meat (and eggs) my protein requirements. I feel not great but I wonder what will happen if I stick to it?

If I knew less and did a change like this I reckon I would blame the steak for not feeling great. But having experienced keto flu back in the past, or as the yoga hippies call it ‘de-tox’. I know I will be through it fine very soon.

*Casomorphin is an opioid peptide derived from the digestion of the milk protein casein

Autumn sunset (again)


I so often write meat instead of meet but this far I always fixed it… Sometimes it’s very fitting though as we can see :wink:

I am envious (or rather torn. that is very little food, I would miss the rest. eating only 300g meat?! it would be hard to do that often). I wish I could be fine with that little protein :frowning: Right now it seems to me that I am able to eat little (for a while, at least)! But I run out of lean pork and I have problems to find lean enough food to get my protein without much fat IF I want to eat all the fatty leftovers I have, they don’t last long! Normally it’s fine, pork chuck is lean enough!
I gladly would eat boiled eggs with more whites but what on earth do I do with the leftover boiled yolks? I already have one :frowning: Maybe I mix it into my tuna, I realized I have that as lean meat - but I need to add a lot of fat to make it palatable… I am just glad it’s a temporal problem. The boiled yolks aren’t but usually I just make deviled eggs filling for Alvaro. But he ate some very recently and maybe don’t want more. I can make it for myself and eat with sponge cakes but that will be fatty. And I have lots of ice cream in my freezer (thankfully that is fine there)… Fat, fat everywhere!
I plan to go shopping on Friday and Saturday but maybe Alvaro can buy some lean pork for me… I got used to it very well.

Experiments! I like them, even if they aren’t my own. But I would like you to feel great.

I won’t stop eating dairy any time soon, probably never but I do try to bring it lower and lower. It isn’t hard and when I actually eat some item after a longer while, it’s pretty good. (Unless I don’t have an appetite, just eat it to battle hunger. But I try to avoid that. I can’t gain much from dairy if that is my problem but sometimes for the last bites along with some eggs, it helps something.)

Nice sunset. I may try to shot ours one day but I am never happy with my sky shots. They are just so much better irl. Or I have an antitalent. Or should use extra work on the photos. I remember when we made RAW photos with our old, smaller but still pretty good camera and Alvaro used some photo manipulator program specifically designed to make normal photos from RAW…


bushhogging all day? gosh soon it would be hay cutting’ time around here. the work involved is staggering. I tell ya we shut down the farm in time before our older age took a real beating. cause heck all those 35 yrs of farming is now catching up to us anyway LOL

---------------------very simple zc day
a steak and pork. done.

ohh geez louise kiddo got her nipples pierced. Enough said OK, ugh, lol. Told her this is done, over, stop for a bit before my brain melts, she said ok while laughing at me --ahh gawd!! :slight_smile: can’t take it anymore HA

going to try to beat the rain storm that is coming and go out and mow some. hit down the pasture fenceline and side acre, hope I am fast enough cause it says about 3 days of rain is coming…bleck

over and out, when I do food I will try to shoot a pic


Wow I don’t know how they can handle it, nipples are sensitive enough that they can get hurt in certain circumstances (I don’t envy longer distance runners, for example)… I am all about convenience so that already would be a dealbreaker and I have so many other reasons not to do anything like that… Hey, I am against holes in my earlobes and wearing rings!

I had my lunch. Yesterday was low-cal and I felt it, I wasn’t satiated but wasn’t hungry enough to eat too early. I planned it simple, I fried up a decent amount of pork chuck - but in the end, I ate everything I had, sponge cake with pâté and butter, little cream cheese with a leaner bit of pork, ice cream, cream… Mmmm, cream. I consumed quite much considering I barely drank coffee… Finished my bite of sausage too.
No photos today, I was hungry and while my pork chuck was pretty, there wasn’t right light. Oh it was great, I managed to fry it in 15 minutes…? A bit more? It was nowhere 30 minutes! I like my new pan, works so well and it’s small and cute, just right for my daily pork. Freshly made pork is the best except when it’s a bigger piece of roast.

(E P) #92

Nothing much to report - beef, mostly. The experiment is to get a good elimination baseline to know for sure whether spices, eggs, A2 dairy, coffee, etc actually trigger autoimmune inflammation or not. Since it causes progressive joint damage, it seems wise to avoid even a mild amount of it.

Repetitive, but I’m not hating this experiment!


@E_P: I adore each and every of your photos! They are very good. What is this? Looks very very nice.

I am SO hungry since lunch :frowning: Or IDK… It’s not huge hunger (I would eat then) but it’s still annoying. It’s a minor problem lately: I lose all my ability to eat (all my appetite and more. as I can eat a lot with zero appetite, I can’t eat any with a negative one) before I get satiated. I either get satiated eventually or eat an early dinner (my appetite grows as time passes while hungry), it’s not sooo bad but I would prefer if I was less hungry after my meal than before… If it keeps up, I will go for OMAD. Or surround myself with even bigger variety but I want to eat SIMPLE and I get tiny result and don’t want to ruin that.

Hunger makes me tired. Eating to satiation brings down my energy too but that feels better.

But everything considered, I am very pleased with my April this far :slight_smile: The food part, I mean. I even drastically dropped my coffee drinking and while it is just the 2nd day I did so, it’s something to be appreciated if one is me…

(Geoffrey) #94

Yes ma’am. I prefer to knock down the weeds and unwanted grasses before they can seed out rather than spray herbicides.
It’s not a perfect solution but it helps the good grasses come up and is much cleaner.
We had rain moving in last night so I was anxious to get it done.
We don’t cut and bale anymore just graze.

Todays meal was smoked brisket, fresh eggs and sharp cheddar tacos all in Egglife wraps brushed with butter and toasted in a skillet.


Not the best day, I had serious appetite and hunger problems. The former was too low, the latter was too great in its soft but still annoying way. Oh well. TMAD, eating window was around 3.5 hours, I didn’t watch the hour at dinnertime, sometimes I know, sometimes I don’t.
I ate all kind of stuff for dinner, leftovers, various cheeses…
Meat was way over a pound as usual, egg and dairy was low but a bit higher than in the last days. I mixed my tuna with the leftover boiled yolk, some mustard and a tiny bit of sour cream but I barely tasted it, it will be for tomorrow, mostly.
I got a 150/150 day (fat and protein. carb is low). Not good, not tragic. (I should rewatch the Chernobil movie, I liked it.)

Alvaro still have a half portion of veggie dish so I don’t fry the hen limbs yet. I will eat pork chuck tomorrow too, bigger pieces (it will be tiny though, the whole thing was 800g and I ate a decent amount of it today. I cut the rest into two). I wonder if I can just put it into the air fryer… Today I had it moist but those were slices, they get fun but hard and crunchy in the air fryer, not bad as the meat content can’t let them become dry but I prefer them moist (and still well fried). It was pretty good today, fried slices are my fav but I liked my bigger pieces in the past. I just won’t put them into the oven for 2 hours when their total weight is like 500g…
Even my pork being just perfect, I got bored of it too quickly today. I don’t understand why… But I thought about my dinner too and I had only a single slice left at that point… I wonder about OMAD now. Or eating all my meat for lunch… But I am uncomfortable with it, what if I can’t eat a super tiny dinner? My non-meat items are little. Maybe I just let things happen for a while without thinking about this too much. But I like to have decent vague plans even if my desires mess it up quickly and thoroughly.

(Karen) #96

Busy day yesterday and today. Started both with stair running then yesterday walked to CrossFit today ran there… did hard workouts then today home first before heading to Nottingham to the EE store to sort out internet and phone again. Before going to town i had 3 fried eggs sausagemeat and bacon and 4 hours later when i got back home i had the remaining sausagemeat as it was passed its use by date and 2 more rashers of bacon cos that was heading in same direction! That sausagemeat is gorgeous!
Yesterday while in Beeston i saw short ribs in butchers window and couldn’t resist. Bought 2 big ones and cooked one for dinner. When i got it out the oven i honestly thought i had cooked both! It had expanded and shortened as it fell off bone. Flippin lovely will have the other one tomorrow me thinks. Yesterdays lunch in cafe omelette with bacon sausage and cheese.

(E P) #97

@Shinita it’s air fried steak cut from beef shoulder. Since you have a new air fryer…the perfect companion for it is a thermometer with the probe on a wire that alerts you exactly when your meat gets to temp (great for pork too!)

For beef, air fry until 130 F, or to reverse sear, air fry to 90 F then sear on a smoking hot cast iron for about 15 sec per side. Works best with thicker cuts.


absolutely understand that.
right now my side pasture that is only 3 acres for my riding horses has been vacant since my last horse passed and I didn’t own another, I got only 1 retired Boer goat left out there, she is about 14 yrs old now. But right now I got small pines growing in there along with some cypress and I think some Bradfords are taking off, we have got to get that handled before the whole acreage is a friggin’ forest again LOL ugh, land work never settles, mother nature is at full speed at all times right?

ahhhhh jealous and sounds so yummy K. I haven’t bought short ribs in SO long now I am sure wanting ones and you know what, I can literally smell them cooking as I am typing this, ahh crazy huh :slight_smile:

-----------------------so first pic is the lb, of bacon I ate at 10am
(Every carnivore around is talking bacon and now I am thinking bacon and what did I eat today cause I had to have it, a lb of bacon but I knew instantly that was useless cause normally if I ate a steak I would not eat again til 3-4-5pm but at 1pm I started to starve so I ate this NY strip and 1/2 lb jumbo shrimp. AM I HAPPY NOW? Yes I am.



worst, if I don’t set my first meal big, I get screwed up on timing my second meal, which just happened. eating at 1 means I will be hungry in that 6-7-8pm time and I hate eating that late but I bet I will again—will be interesting to see how I do fare thru the rest of the evening. ugh.


Air frying may work from scratch for pork chuck but I probably will slice it next time. The slabs took their sweet time and while I like the inside moist, I want more surface area! :smiley:

I had pork chuck, pâté and some eggs, mostly. I am satiated, good. I hate being hungry between my 2 meals. Oh yesterday I got hungry at midnight. So it was rather a 180g protein and fat day…

Temperature is all over the place in this tiny country! Between 8 and 28 Celsius :smiley: We have about 14, I like it, finally a cool day again! With wind :slight_smile:

I have tracked, not reliable as never is but I got 150g protein and 100g fat, not bad. I drank light egg milk (no yolks) instead of cream, that makes a difference :smiley: But I ate a lot of meat too, that always help. Over a pound as usual, of course. The air fryer sucks out fat from my pork chuck. No problem, borderline enough remains but my fat grams drop a bit this way and I don’t need extra fatty meat to make lard. I don’t even know what I will do with what I have, I used to fry liver on lard but now it’s butter…

A piece of my beautiful pork chuck (I ate significantly more) on my Hansel and Gretel plate :slight_smile: I used to keep it for sweet food but not anymore.

It was a good day, I liked my pork, no food boredom, no hunger after my meals! I enjoyed my ice cream too, not as much as my pork but it was a nice dessert.

Wow if things continue like this for a tiny while, I will reach (and go beyond) my 2 week carni record… I only had it once.
I need to focus on Saturday as we will visit Alvaro’s Mom… And buy various things…

The weeds exploded in the last few days, I really will need to mow everywhere soon :sob:
I just cut various things today and tried to dig out the elderberries under the silver birches. I got out one with a decent amount of effort but one of the others… It’s like trying to dig out a moderate sized tree!!! (Not like I ever did that, mind you.) I won’t give up but I will need multiple sessions for it.

@E_P: I never used a thermometer, I don’t know where to get even the one that one sticks to a meat, I never saw that in my life, only in vidoes. But I don’t feel the need for it :slight_smile: That would be another number to complicate my life. This far I only play with the time, not even the temperature. 180C should be good for everything… Just like in the oven… That’s not totally true, some items need the highest or something very low but sponge cake, pork, turkey or bread? 180C works for all. Probably 230C too but it may be too much for my 2 hour roasts I don’t do anymore… My sponge cakes definitely don’t care if it’s 150 or 230. Probably sensitive things need it. And what is it called… The whipped sugary (or not) egg white (or not, vegans are determined), baked into crunchiness? That needs something low and at least 6 times as much patience than I ever could have.

I couldn’t do much with with the inner temp info but IDK how it works, really. I use my eyes as I want my meat to get color and crunch. I saw that people use that info to figure out if the meat is safe to eat but as I love to fry my meat into oblivion, I don’t worry about that…
Pork is so easy, nearly impossible to mess up :wink: Pork chuck, the Perfection is literally impossible to mess up if one is me and not because I have skills. Just desires and eyes and an air fryer ~ .

(Geoffrey) #100

Spareribs always makes for a good day.