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Happy April! I’ve just finished reading most of the posts, I hate missing so much.
A few days ago I watched Laura Spath’s video on tortilla making, cooking mozzarella cheese in the microwave, and ordered steel taco forms which came yesterday. I didn’t take pics. They were HORRIBLE, so hard and gross, so much for that experiment. Hubby liked them though. I just put burger and cheese in, no spices. So. Took notes on another carnivore tortilla video this morning and will try it this week.

Speaking of hubby, he did so well on his March ketovore experiment that he isn’t going back to heavy carbs now. His shirts fit, he feels better, no idea of the scale but I’m proud he’s stuck to it. He’s becoming more meat-centric all the time.

The eclipse weekend is going to kill us. They threw an extra 20 hours of performance on us for Sunday and Monday! 4 on Sunday - then get this - we are at he winery from 9-6 on Sunday! There are breaks because we’re featured as Strolling Strings with the various events, but man!
We usually work 7 hours Friday and Saturday and then sleep till Monday afternoon.
Weather on the 8th is supposed to be overcast and rainy with chance of tornadoes. Nobody is going to see that 4½ minute sun/moon event!
But we made a playlist :blush:

Here’s some food from the past week -

The one with the omelette and sausages is a restaurant meal. We went there twice this week and I got the same thing both times. It’s filling but 2 or 3 hours later I’m starving and breaking out the liverwurst!
We usually eat one serious meal a day, I have coffee in the morning with cream and at night, liverwurst and cheese. So just the one pic a day max for me.

I had the 1st varithane foam injection for varicose veins this week. It’s not bad but I’m in a tight bandage on one leg under compression stockings for the first 48 hours and I will be glad when the 6+ weeks of this is over; he only treats one vein per week.


:smiley: There are so much food Alvaro likes and I can’t stand and vice versa :smiley: It can be entertaining.


Meanwhile Alvaro realized that he hadn’t a single meatless day last week. The fish just disappeared in the curry (next time he will put it in later, we both like the pieces. I probably would fish them out :wink: as I don’t want the vegs but nope, we just buy enough fish for us both. it’s a worse and worse idea for me to eat his meat+veg dishes as time passes) so he didn’t realize while eating…
He didn’t seem shocked. A few years ago he was very adamant about not eating meat every day because that is wrong for some reason. For him, at least, when I pointed out I eat meat every day and it’s good for me…

Oh the playlist is so nice, it surely will be a joy to hear!

It seems carnivore satiation or what kicked in today, at carni day #5. I had a smallish lunch and almost nothing for dinner. I was satiated. I did eat some tiny leftovers to figure out if my body wants more… But nope. 108g protein, 80g fat for today, it’s 10:16pm and I am perfectly satiated. Wow. It was long ago I ate this little.
Almost a pound of meat, a few eggs and almost no dairy! My usual hunger was nowhere to found :slight_smile: I love this.

And we have plenty of liver to eat, Alvaro likes it, we can go and see the hopefully already blooming wild garlics! They took their sweet time… We will have cycling and a nice walk. When we come home, it will be already lunchtime for Alvaro so he is glad he can cook whenever, he won’t need to stand hunger. Just because he is very good at it when necessary, he doesn’t like the feeling. Now I am the one who can wait for some hours more, usually :wink: I mean, he CAN, it’s just pain and suffering. And when he is hungry, he must eat. When I get really hungry, I still can cook :wink: It takes my mind off of it or if not, I already making food and it helps… He can’t cook when hungry, he needs food. But he is still so choosy, he can’t just eat my food with something. His eating has its rules, protein, carby side #1 (and #2 if legumes are involved), raw veg, raw fruit, dessert… I feel I am more flexible though nowadays I do need my lean meat, fatty meat, processed meat for emergencies, eggs, some dairy… But that still seems easier and if I must, I can skip one. I am flexible, merely need a lot of food, typically even more than him for the main meal.

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Oh, wait! That’s Stanley and Stella, future dinners. My bad.
Today’s was carnivore nachos. Shredded lamb and cheddar on clean pork rinds.


WOW super happy your hubby is walking your way and feeling great too! Well, after all, he has a great teacher :slight_smile:

your work load is wild JJ. A day of 9-6 is very long I would think when it comes to your playing. But ya got that carnivore stamina now. lol

Sending good vibes for your vein issue and how that treatment goes. Hoping all that goes smooth for ya. I so enjoy reading your posts JJ!!

HYSTERICAL! Ya know I never named our cattle or hogs or chickens. I did name the goats and horses tho LOL

@FrankoBear, I gotta say your posts are fab and I get a kick outta reading every darn one of them…,along with such stellar pictures. I can see those whaler sharks well in that picture, very cool. Scary looking for sure but they say they aren’t dangerous, but darn, ya surf with those things around? :slight_smile: eeeeee…well I guess when we all go into the ocean, yea there is scary stuff around, lol.

------------------keeping it simple April for me still.

scored up some good some good NY Strips steaks at low sale cost. Freezer is filled well.

I hit this markdown on chuck roast. :scream_cat::100:

See that, $18 down to $6.22—hell of a savings. This chuck is going in the oven early and will be my first meal around 11am and will also be my second meal come later :wink:

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Wow i think i may have missed a day maybe 2? Too many posts to read …:thinking: pictures are nice though! :grin:

Food over the last couple of days. Rumps were lovely… also eaten tins of tuna and some tinned corned beef. Eating the corned beef last night made my tum slightly queasy in the middle of night! Don’t know why!

Only a couple of weeks left for Sian before she drops this new life into our arms :blush:

Taking Raymond for brunch today, he’s been very up and down health wise. The consultant we saw a couple of weeks ago said that there was nothing medically they can do for him for his Diverticulitis, he will just have to manage the condition so he is suffering somewhat with that and also still having issues with the Hydrocele. His consultancy appt for that is not till July though he is trying to get them to bring it forward as the pain is spasmodic and quite crippling. The 2 issues together is almost more than he can bear. I sometimes wonder if he adopted this woe he might alleviate the discomfort? He has changed the way he eats dramatically I would say he eats more the Keto way, but i think Carnivore is just a step too far for him. At 86 he has done well to change habits of a life time!

Steak at the ready for this evening.


YAY! :smiley: Best wishes to Sian, it can’t be easy for her but there will be a lovely reward :smiley:
I am not good with words.

Unsurprisingly, I got hungry last evening… Early night? Soon after I wrote my last comment. So I ate some more or less lean protein and it did the trick, still a good day!

But today I got hungry early and I didn’t even exercise… We cooked outside. Rather Alvaro cooked and I fed the fire and chopped wood! The wood to burn is nicely diminishing now, not like we don’t have enough for years still… But the big ones are nicely packed away, I don’t like when we have a lot of lil branches around.

It’s 12:40 so I won’t eat super early. I haven’t even started to cook my food… (Pork chuck.)

It turned out that the random bulb in my flower box isn’t only deep purple but it has those thrills/teeth! :slight_smile: Maybe I will make a photo if I can bring myself to stand up, I am not very energetic right now.

And even if someone can do carnivore (for a while like I do), they may need a longer time to go there. It was about 10 years for me to go from high-carb to carnivore trials. I couldn’t even do keto early, I felt unwell, I needed my low-carb times. Carnivore was trickier as I did vegetarian keto and ADORED my vegs and even felt the need to eat a little fruit every day. (I had days when I almost skipped it and I felt off. Very much vegs could substitute it but keto doesn’t allow that.)
I know I am slow, some people can do crazy jumps like vegan->carnivore :smiley: But some of us need a few jumps, far away from each other. At least if we want it easy enough. Health problems may change our willingness to do extra effort though. I was already healty on high-carb and low-carb was much better so I haven’t felt the need to go further for a while.
I can’t imagine I wouldn’t want good changes at 86… Maybe Raymond will change more too. It’s already good that he doesn’t eat the usual horrid carby diet. And who knows what is his ideal diet? It’s not carnivore for everyone… Whatever is the case, I hope he will get better. It sounds bad, I surely would try to change my diet more to see if it helps… Though everyone has their limits. I never could eat only meat, for example (except MAYBE if I lived at a nice shore with amazing seafood variety and land animals would be available too. I mean, ruminants too as I almost only can get pork and fowl here. the city has beef but mutton? I didn’t see that since too many months and I have been searching for it a bit). I like my other carni food and even some non-carni food but it’s fine to keep them low and rare. But I am nothing like years ago. I am still amazed how much one can change!


eh that processed stuff can get us sometimes :slight_smile:

CAN’T WAIT FOR BABY PICS to replace your chicken wing pics LOL
Wishing the best forward for her!!

On Raymond, my hubby had divertic. very bad also. Key for him, drinking Pure Aloe Vera juice. Yup buys it at the health food store and it ‘soothes and heals’ his guts and tamed those divert. pockets that form, so one recommendation is if Raymond can get his hands on pure fresh aloe vera juice and take a few shots a day, he could improve immensely like my hubby did. ALSO be sure he doesn’t eat alot of small particle food like nuts, grains, that get trapped in those divertic. pockets. If he watches that and does a few shots of Aloe Vera juice he might literally improve a bit but like you said, at 86 can we change a ton? mostly no but a few small changes could perk him up a hell of alot kinda. (it is tasteless btw, like water)
hubby buys this:

cause my hubby is not even very low carb, so this helps his guts plus being careful of seeds etc and he has surely improved a bad situation for himself.
hope some of that helps

very nice, sounds like a fun evening meal
when I lived up North we had so much firewood we had yrs worth stacked also :slight_smile: alot of work involved with a many cords stacked :slight_smile:


I totally expect @Karen18 to bring baby pics AND wing pics :smiley: But I will be very fine with only baby pics for a while :slight_smile:

I am here mostly to postpone my lunch… But my little hunger went away anyway, yay! I prefer bigger meals, not 3 small ones out of necessity… Bigger meals last longer too but it’s lovelier to have them too.
I do drink creamy coffees, oh it’s heaven, lactose free cream on carni day #6, it’s SO sweet! I may not need a sweet coffee but I have a few drops, just cream, nice… I probably always will love sweet, there is nothing with that. I don’t want it all the time or much but it’s a nice flavor. If it’s natural though good luck to separate me from my beloved walnut pancakes for more than a few months… And this far I sweetened them. But that’s among the last ones. Most of my desserts aren’t even really sweet or it’s just lactose. I have easy, slow changes. And I don’t need my biggest, best, keto old favs, I have fond memories but I can wait. I said that for (proper, very enjoyable) pizza, oh maybe I will eat one every 5 years at one of the best pizzerias I know around - and 10 years passed and I still could wait :smiley: Now I make our own and I am even fine with the cheesy egg crust one. That isn’t anything like a proper pizza but who cares? It’s tasty and there is fish on it! I used to taste Alvaro’s one but it was too floury and not enough eggy, I prefer mine. His is crispier though. If that would be important for me, I would make experiments but nope. I have perfectly crispy and crunchy easy carni items. It didn’t help with my bready escapades in the last several months but hopefully this April and May puts it firmly in the past… It was bothersome, bread became my top problem item for a while (occasionally thanks to my carni times. and the complaints of my body and mind) after so much on/off carni :frowning: It was totally crazy. Sometimes I have weird phases. Sigh.

Oh well, it’s April and carnivore is very natural this far. No compulsions. Freedom.
It’s such a win/win situation. I feel best, I don’t overeat, it’s the most convenient… I hope this honeymoon phase lasts longer now than usual :slight_smile: Maybe if I don’t overeat dairy, things stay like this for longer? Or I get bored of meat easier? No, I don’t think so. I have liver now, later I will eat the tiny hen (Alvaro is looking forward to it too), I have fish in the freezer too… No way I can get bored of pork with these breaks!

I got carried away again. Sorry. Next time I bring photos and little text I hope. I will try harder than ever!

It was ready around noon, we cooked earlier than usual so it’s a lunch :slight_smile: But Alvaro will eat it for a while. It is an old triggering food, one of the 2-3 I couldn’t resist to eat up half the pot and then got stomachache… But I don’t worry about it now. I have become so. Much. Better. (And it doesn’t tempt me so I don’t start to eat it. Stopping was the impossible thing even in the past. Well not tasting it too, probably… But it’s plants, even green leaves, one of Alvaro’s beloved plant-based dishes and I already have problems with his meat/veg ones. It’s still a bit new to me that I changed this much. It’s nice.)


Yes, I think so. It’s used medically as an elimination diet. Regarding fibre, muscle meat is in a matrix of collagen, and collagen is a fibre. Carnivores get plenty of fibre to feed the best gut bugs. He will feel better within a week if he swaps to steak, beef bone broth, salt, and water.

Otherwise make 100% sure not to eat any highly inflammatory ‘vegetable’ oils.

(E P) #70

@JJFiddle that’s such great news about your husband doing so well on a WOE close to yours. Bravo to him for trying it out! How long have you been keto or carnivore?
@Geezy56 cute cows, up to their knees in grass just like they ought to be! The Herefords next door look round and furry and well-kept like that. They come running when the owner calls.
@Fangs great finds! Do you know when they’ll be marking meat down, or did you just get lucky?
@Karen18 will this be the first grandbaby??
@Shinita cooking outside is the best. Makes me feel grateful to God for the weather, the birds singing, the free day, the wood, the smoke smell, the meat, and my body being healthy and hungry and about to be fed. So many blessings!


No photos yet, I forgot and was hungry when I ate.
Not very hungry though… Just like yesterdat, a little food is enough. Wow. (Little in my world.)
I had a smallish lunch and a tiny dinner, I wasn’t hungry but it was dinnertime and that may be important as later comes my Gremlin time and I WILL want more food if I didn’t get enough protein and calories.
Well, I didn’t get enough protein even with my dinner. We will see what happens, probably a late protein rich meal without any problems just like yesterday.

Chill, no food boredom, no hunger (except a soft baby one before my first meal). Fabulous. Alvaro still didn’t manage a meatless day, maybe tomorrow. But he mostly eats plants, cheese and eggs now. Today’s breakfast was scrambled eggs with a tiny bit of smoked pork, hence the “meatiness”. He complained about the fat and it’s after I cut off a lot of fat from it. But pork shoulder can be really fatty, this slab definitely was. It was too fatty for me along my lean pork! (Well. Unnecessarily fatty. I could have eaten it just fine…) I understand as the fat layer suddenly became bigger around the end… So I trimmed it again. Very much. He still needs a tiny fat for the scrambled eggs… Now he has a very very meaty smoked pork and I have something resembling the pork jowl I like. Just without the paprika cover. It’s mostly fat with a tiny pinkish meat layer in it. I will be careful, I don’t want to mess with my wonderful energy deficit I almost never get… But if today becomes a low-cal day just like yesterday (with 3 meals!!! carnivore is crazy sometimes. I easily eat more at once!), I really will need a higher-cal day already. It will happen with or without my intention, I have enough experience about it but if I need it, why not to plan a nice fatty meaty day? :slight_smile: And I will see what actually happens.

(Karen) #72

Thanks for that i will pass it on and we will get some for him. He stopped eating seeded bread and nuts etc as i read about that on google. Aloe Vera juice is quite expensive but if it helps it will be worth it. X

(Karen) #73

@FrankoBear yes i know it would be great for him but it took me years to get it through to him to not eat processed plus he would feel he needed something with his meat. He still asks me if i want something with mine… i keep telling him i don’t eat plants… took him ages to stop eating bread and then it gradually crept back in … as did a proper biscuit yesterday when he had one more sugar free one in the little container he took
with him to the dance! Nothing gets passed me lol!
@E_P yes first grandbaby … Sian had to go down the IVF route so she has been trying a few years… she has PCOS. She’s 36yrs old.
@Shinita i will def still post my chicken wings :rofl:

Took Raymond for brunch and while he ate a full breakfast I had a very strong cheese omelette… lots of cheese and it was lovely. Took a bit of eating.

After taking him home i went to The Company Shop and bought some cheap goodies. Roast half Chicken, 4 packs of smoked salmon, 2 large packs of pork chops, 6 packs of cooked sliced chicken, 4 packs of cooked piri piri mini chicken fillets £30… happy bunny with that.
Then popped to Asda and got a Belly pork joint reduced, tins of tuna and butter and earlier in Tescos picked up sausagemeat as their sausagemeat is lovely and black puddings.

Came home and had a bit of the sausagemeat with 2 black pudding and just now eaten the rump steak that wouldn’t last till tomorrow. Oh i have enjoyed all my food today.

forgot to snap the omelette! :roll_eyes:

(Geoffrey) #74

I don’t name them I just call them food or dinner but my wife has to name everything including her pickup. Women🙄.


We named our motorbikes and the car, not our bicycles except mine is Rosette now because it was a no brainer… :smiley:

Alvaro says he would name the animals until they aren’t too numerous. 4 cats, one of one, sure. 150 sheep wouldn’t have name, just a few special ones.

By the way, I tracked. Okay, not a low-cal day, I was hungry late again (but I finished way before 9pm, it’s not that bad. still want to do 2MAD. and maybe OMAD sometimes) and things added up.
Still fine macros, about 150g protein, 130g fat, <20 carbs even with the kefir.


LOL gonna come smack ya with a slab of ribs :slight_smile: Yea we don’t name around here, we own rv’s our whole lives and me and hubby never named ours but omgosh so many people do name their campers, I just call ours home. On trips I say let’s go home, yup, to the rv we go :slight_smile:

------------quickie post, got busy morning happening around here.

standard zc. ny strip first meal later, not sure on dinner tonight, I think hubby is gonna hit me up on going out to eat. play that by ear…ugh…
chat up later


3:42pm… I am hungry since… 2 hours now? As I still am, it means it’s the cute lovely one that doesn’t particularly bother me. I can’t stand serious hunger and why would I?
I am waiting for Alvaro’s dinnertime now. And to bring myself to make photos… I already cooked, to be safe. And because that helps a lot with fasting when hungry. I am that type.

But I will eat really soon. Alvaro needs an early dinner as he had an early breakfast and an early lunch (finished at 10:35). It’s rare even from him :slight_smile: He isn’t hungry yet. Oh well, I don’t need to wait for him… I don’t have much time left now :slight_smile:
Not like I have any appetite but it will change when I bit into something :wink: I had creamy coffees this far so it’s not a proper fast. Me and coffee, coffee and me. It will be a loooooooooong war. If whatever I do can be called fighting, it doesn’t really seem so…


first meal food pics

rare I do this on both shots LOL

off doing some outside work but around 10 I think, damn I am getting hungry…so by the time I get this on the plate, I am NOW VERY hungry and rare for me but I am eating a ‘premlim’ while cooking that strip steak. Couldn’t shove the pepperoni chunk and 3 slices if salami down fast enough…the cheese, omgosh diff. brand, all I could do was eat 2 slices and garbage rest, I vowed 1 million % now, if I can’t find the brand I love, I will never buy another sharp cheddar again----luckily hubby is a human trash can and I can use up this cheese on him :slight_smile: poor soul

yes I am that picky and dedicated to eat exactly what I love and desire and nuttin’ gonna change that now for me :wink:


next pic cooked and DARN IF while I was bitc**ing and moaning about the crap cheddar----I darn near overcooked this steak. thank heavens I pulled it fast at this point and I still got some good more raw vs icky. I SO have to watch the damn fry pan, like it is ALL I HAVE to do about my cooking right? how can I overcook it? ugh…ohh well it was tender and delish and I hounded down every darn bit of this steak.


and this is how carnivores do it :sunny:
OK meal 1 done. YUM!!!


Base of my meal:

Sigh. I was hungry but my appetite was below zero. I needed some gateway food. Soup is best but I hadn’t any as usual (I will cook hen soup in a few days!). So I finished my kefir, it was the plan anyway… Some liquid or creamy item always helps me to accept solids.

I still had problems with the fattiness of my pork chuck, it was too low at the last pieces. And I gave the leanest looking one to Alvaro before… He asked for some protein as he just didn’t want eggs today, liver didn’t suit his veggie dish either… It’s so good I almost always have some meat to spare :wink:
I somehow finished the pork (with cheese) but I couldn’t eat much liver. I rather ate some more cheese and a tiny bit of sausage. As I didn’t want that either when it got cooked (microwave, barely any time from the frozen state, nice). And I am not so satiated now, my protein must be a tad low… Maybe I go and fry some fish? That’s simple, I wanted to try it in the air fryer anyway… I don’t know.

I had my usual fluffy dessert too, just a small amount as of course I couldn’t eat much of that either. Sigh. It was nice though as my cream is sweet now :slight_smile:

Stupid low level food boredom. I have all these options and sometimes it’s still not quite enough. But I am fine.

I have whipped cream now, it’s glorious and sweet… But my training had results and I probably would need some force to eat much of it.

I plan fish for tomorrow (and lean pork) and I will add more butter to the chicken liver. It’s so odd, sometimes I eat up a lot and want more, another time it’s meh or worse.

And I don’t even have scratchings. Maybe I make some tomorrow.

(Geoffrey) #80

No pics today but a couple of large lamb burgers covered in butter.