TOO FUNNY! I wanna adopt your tradition :wink:

you are a slicer and dicer too! yea I am a hell no to the prep mostly. I want it ready to go for me at all times :scream_cat:

I sound like a lazy worker for my meal don’t I :dizzy_face:. lol


newest from Dr Ken regarding BBBE which he acutally coined and started that movement.

also in our zc forum category files.
JUST SO GOOD info from the carnivore Dr experts I love to share :slight_smile:

(Robin) #43

You are so photogenic!


Thank you for this video!


Okay that was an easy decision then! Wow, digestion can just shut down? And people can feel what the food inside do? I feel absolutely nothing, I don’t even know if there is food in my stomach, it’s a mystery…! I put it food and my digestion is pretty much a black box until something comes out :slight_smile: I do feel maximum stomach capacity but it’s almost impossible to reach…

I personally can eat a bigger meal after midnight and have a nice sleep and all is well but it needs a mistake of not eating enough during the day as my natural eating window is on the afternoon. But it’s better to eat even at 2-3am then going to bed not satiated.

I still postpone it :slight_smile: I will need to do it really soon but I do some weeding by hand (as it’s almost only something easy to weed, the grass isn’t as tall yet and next to the terrace it’s perfection, a lovely short little plant is winning, no grass at all! Just dozens of linden trees, a cherry tree and some others… I got out a blood red hazelnut :frowning: So pretty but it becomes a HUGE one, the parent has a too small place already as we had no idea how big it would become.

Lilacs are blooming everywhere!

But… If it was fatty enough, why to add some foreign oil to begin with…? I talked with my SO about those steaks, he is just as clueless about steaks as I am :slight_smile: I suppose there are lean and fatty steaks. The latter obviously don’t need extra fat, the former do. Or is it not how it works? It is like that with my pork! And chicken. I never need to add fat to chicken as it has plenty already but I use the oven. And in the future, my air fryer, I can’t wait!!!
It’s very logical for both of us that every meat that needs extra fat) needs its own kind of fat - or if we don’t have any, something neutral (that is coconut fat in this household). So we fry pork in lard, chicken in nothing as I wrote but chicken fat is the logical one… Or lard if you ask me… We fry fish in coconut oil as Alvaro would complain if I used lard… But lard is good for everything if you ask me :smiley: I am an egg AND lard maniac, after all.
Beef should be fried on tallow then even if I dislike tallow, it is different when it is with its own kind of meat!
But I prefer if the meat is fatty enough for itself.
And butter is awesome so if someone knows how to do it, can use it for anything, I wouldn’t trust myself with it. I only use it when the main thing is cooked or so super tender than needs but minutes. I can be careful for a tiny while :wink:

I have just tracked. Sigh. okay, not bad but not so good either and I didn’t even enjoy my food as much as usual. I got bored of my meat, no wonder, it’s day #4 and my pork was mostly leanish during these 4 days.
I had a nice plan. Lots of meat, little else, 1300 kcal so I can add fat… I surely did. And protein too.
I had a big lunch and a small dinner, 166g protein and 136g fat. Oh well.
Meat is way over a pound but I had not very little eggs and dairy too… And while it wasn’t my plan, I needed the fatty smoked pork as the new pork chuck slab is leanish and I had leftover green ham too. Leanish pork is so nice with something fatty :slight_smile: I ate some pieces with butter, that did it good.

But I really had enough of (much) pork at this point, especially the lean kind. Tomorrow is chicken liver day! It was so long ago, I will fry 1000g so we will have leftover for the next day too… It doesn’t behave well in the freezer but 1kg is so little, no problem to eat it up quickly. Too bad liver is too nutritious, we can’t eat it very often. I really liked it when I used butter last time. And what a nice variety it will be!

The base of my day:

It may not look much but that’s about 530g pork (minus some tiny bites I ate before the photo). Meat is compact especially coming out of the air fryer.

(KM) #46

I’ve found there’s an art to steak. Especially if you’re cooking in a pan and not an open flame grill, and especially if the steak isn’t very fatty, if the pan isn’t super hot the heated steak may release water before fat. Then you wind up boiling that liquid under the steak, which results in a flabby gray exterior instead of a crispy brown “sear”. Adding a bit of fat to the pan first raises the surface temp and makes this less likely.


That’s why I need a proper place to try steak :smiley:
Pork is easy, it’s no problem if I kind of boil it first :smiley: I am sure I had a different phase before but I don’t remember that anymore. Now, at minute 10, my pan fried pork is swimming in water and that’s quite great (but at that point I take off the lid. well pork needs a lot of time so cooking in its water is very logical to me), sometimes I leave it moist, sometimes I fry it in the end… And nowadays I experiment with my air fryer.
But when I fried something not meat, I always started with fat as I had to.

(KM) #48

Yes, that totally makes sense. if you let steak boil in its own juice til it all evaporated, that would be a rather sad mess.


I always quickly fried beef because it just seemed to want that (I normally have no such instinct/gut feeling but I had there). Both meat (whatever cuts I had, I don’t even remember, just that it wasn’t very expensive) and liver needed so surprisingly little time!
But making a steak? That sounds something special. I don’t even know what kind of steak I would like so I will just try something around medium in a steakhouse one day. Alvaro will order a different one and maybe I will figure out something :slight_smile:

I made a plan for tomorrow and try to stick to it a bit better than today. I still suspect dairy is the key. I should get used to the idea of NO dairy as very tiny is still 500 kcal of no satiation at all (and plenty of sugar that may or may not be a problem. maybe even that makes me hungry, who knows?). And I surely will eat dairy every day but eventually much less…? I don’t want to FOCUS on it all the time when I eat, that’s tiresome and annoys me and wear me down. And I can’t do it anyway, dairy just naturally happens when I get bored of meat and eggs don’t seem so tempting either (at least in the form I have them. I tried to keep sponge cakes at hand but they disappear in no time and I don’t want to bake them so often anymore. that would mess with my macros anyway).
We will see. I am looking forward to my liver fried in butter.
And I really try to drink water in the morning and staying away from coffee for longer. I have worse days regarding coffee lately.



food change
I ate this pack of link sausage first meal. fried them good and burnt LOL
ate em’ all

not sure if I want my NY Strip or just polish off that leftover chicken,

might hold steak for morning food tomorrow.

I am kinda really in that not hungry mode,

but hey I got a pic in today!!

(E P) #51

From the carnivore expert video by Steak and Butter - interesting that Dr Bright links fat to cortisol. Hadn’t heard of this before.

I’m just hacking away via YouTube tutorial…do you have any favorite tutorials to recommend? L

OMAD class day did not go well today. I ran out of fuel at the 24 hr mark and got cold and weak. Fortunately there was a big pork shoulder with a lovely fat cap waiting in the oven at home!


sorry that hit ya like that. ain’t fun is it. Early on I got hit with some fatigue and empty tank real fast, can get dizzy and more in an instant so I am glad ya got over it fast. not fun. always be sure to get that meat in ya :slight_smile: \

lovely fat cap,music to a carnivore’s ears

(Geoffrey) #53

Lamb steak and lamb burger with butter.

I made some tallow today so I had a few of the leftover fat cracklings with a touch of smoked salt for a snack.


I ate last night’s sunset with my eyes. This was a shot getting up from working at the computer and stepping outside on to the front porch. Eye-eating, also known as intently watching, is fantastic for general metabolism regulation and the changed light waves, I call it a ‘colour bath’, tells your brain it will be time for natural sleep soon.

I was looking at the sky show thinking how it would look a lot better down the road at the beach. Then went inside and eat two lamb chops. I tried to eat them without pan-fried- haloumi or fried eggs, but the satiety was less.

Down at the beach a friend caught this picture. That is a school of migratory fish called ‘Australian salmon’ (they are not salmon), being hounded by two large whaler sharks. That’s the place where I swim and surf. It’s a seasonal thing to have the fish and sharks here, so close to shore. You just have to swim around them, so as not to become their Turf-in-the-Surf meal.


I’m enjoying this UK influencer who has just gone carnivore in his sixties.


Oh I wonder what that is like… I only had pork scratchings before (and I don’t use skin but use meat, I just don’t know a word for that version) and I love lard but dislike tallow… But I like fatty beef I think and I love and need crunch…

I should do that myself. I don’t know why but it was so long ago I watched sunset… Or lay down and watched the clouds moving… It’s time to bring back my “walking/running up to the hilltop and back” at sunset. It’s quite pretty.
Bringing myself to run goes almost as unwell as quitting coffee… :frowning: I do walk, it’s something but very very basic in my life. I need my walks.

Only 1pm here now so nothing to report yet, I only had coffees with a tiny milk powder in them…
Middle of my tulip seasons and I still have the last daffodils, my two vases look very nice right now…

Our apricot tree confuses me. It has one big white(!) flower, quite pretty. It was in bloom in February and the flowers were pink as they should be. So this single odd one is quite funny now :smiley: It’s almost like the apple flowers next to it. But whiter.

A thought entered my mind 1-2 weeks ago. Can a human hair change color in the middle, not waiting until it falls off? I got my answer: it totally can. Sometimes I do some hair color check on myself. I know my general hair color is dark brown but my single hairs are usually from light brown to very dark brown. I even have a few white hairs since a few years but the number doesn’t change.
And today I have found 2 hairs with white ends and dark brown younger part. It took about 1cm to go from white to dark. Wow. Never knew it is a thing but apparently it is.
I never saw the opposite, going white at some point. My hairs go back to dark :flushed:
And now that I think about, there aren’t nearly as many broken ends as usual. It’s so way less I am very very sure it changed significanly. I didn’t have this on my original keto. Can meat do it? It is very nutritious so possibly…? I ate a very nutritious diet and was fine but maybe my hairs are more sensitive.
My nails are still weak though. I try to grow them (despite using nail polish is an annoying chore) but it’s not successful on my right hand. But if I will have proper nails, I will buy a kalimba :smiley: It’s a cheap little lovely instrument, the basic ones, at least. I want one. Well, two, I want a cute one too with only a few notes!
(I should use my keyboard if I feel like to do music… I so neglect it. But being outside with a kalimba, that sounds great too.)

(KM) #57

That’s almost as good as being there, thank you. New Zealand is such an unbelievably beautiful place. If I ever had the chops to up and move out of the country I was born in, that’s where I’d go.

(Robin) #58

“lovely fat cap”
What a delightful image!


I left plenty of meat but ate the rest of my smoked pork shoulder (Alvaro still have a nice, not too fatty piece. not too fatty for him to make scrambled eggs with it, I mean… I am quite fine with smoked pork fat as long as I get some decent amount of meat with it), it was nice while it lasted… :cry: :upside_down_face:
I had more sponge cakes with the leftover Gorgonzola. I didn’t enjoy it this time, I prefer some proper blue cheese, Gorgonzola is more like gray and different and Alvaro left me the most blue parts and they were too much for me at the moment. I usually like it much better :frowning:
The sponge cake is normally yolky but these yolks were unusually light colored (and of course the bright sunshine didn’t help in the pic).

So this time I have left enough meat to have a very proper dinner so I won’t overdo my dairy items I suppose. This far I had very very very little!
I stopped drinking coffee but I have my Irish Cream tea and I just couldn’t postpone it anymore, I opened my last glorious 500ml lactose free cream. I will be careful. I poured a bit more than usual, this is a super creamy, very good tea :relaxed:

20g butter for 1000g chicken liver doesn’t make it buttery. Still good though, very soft as always after 30 minutes :slight_smile:
I have been thinking, it seems almost all of my food takes 30 minutes lately. Sponge cakes, chicken liver, pork… Obviously scrambled eggs are quicker but I only had a tiny one this week.
Probably the boiled eggs were quicker too, not by very much as we did it outside :slight_smile: If I do it inside in a small pot, it’s more like 15 minutes for not fully hard ones.

(Judy Thompson) #60

This guy is hilarious! I’m gonna watch more of him. Thanks @FrankoBear!