Contributing another pic

Here is DEER burger. Pack of vension for hubby’s meatloaf tonight.
this is the ZC porn pic.

cause after this pic I added a crapton of bread crumbs, a mountain of ketchup and so on to make it the way he loves it…omgosh as mixing it all I could think was the sugar content went thru the roof on this lb. of innocent venison.,ugh

don’t know why but I feel like this will be a pic month for me LOL

I will eat up my leftover chicken and pork ribs to clear fridge.

(Geoffrey) #22

What a shame to ruin that beautiful venison.

No pics from me today. We had lunch with some friends and I had a half pound of spareribs and a half pound of sausage. The sausage wasn’t clean because it had jalapeño in it but that’s ok, it won’t bother me. That has kept me satisfied all day long.


yea sadly my hubby is not low carb in any way. So the ol’ Southern recipes that ruin him is still in his mind for sure :frowning: ugh

cool you can handle some jalapeno still.


Oh, my goodness. We are at my son’s place, and his chef mate is cooking steaks for us. I almost gasped out loud when I saw he was frying them in seed oil. I will fake an IBS attack and decline.
What would you do?


ohhhh that is not good to do that to a fine steak. ugh

wow I am a straight forward zc person but in that situation I would be kinda shut down a tad also in that I don’t have a seed oil sensitivity issue or total aversion to one time eating it so…I might blot the heck of it it, wipe it down good and eat only the best tender part and call it a day, (that is what I would probably do on it) but if you are truly not wanting to eat it, hmmm, then I would stick to my guns tight. I would say that you don’t eat seed oils point blank and just not eat it but darn if that doesn’t truly put you in a kinda tough spot. And take that social hit that is probably gonna come at ya :frowning:

you got a darn hard one on that truly :wink:

SO WHAT did you do? I am real curious to find out on it.

ZC can put us in a fast tough spot like it did for you sometimes.

--------------I got an easy simple day here. Mow around horse barns and goat barn and fencelines and side acres and do a few chores around here that need doing.

they have NY Strip steaks on low cost sale, gonna hit store and buy a good amt of them for freezer.

so today is NY Strip steak first meal, I am thinking a lb of shrimp for second meal. Woke up not that hungry so I feel like my steak is gonna set me well and not be wanting anything heavier come next meal.
I love how I can predict my zc day on how I wanna eat. My body just tells me and I feel it so much more in tune now then I ever did in life when it comes to food issues in my day. zc cool


OK I JUST got new info about cholesterol etc on my carnivore site by Dr Paul and I posted it in general forum under resources and also in zc video category.

when ya watch this…hell no I wouldn’t bother eating that steak fried in seed oil, my thoughts on a personal level show me one thing, I will avoid them at all cost now come hell or highwater even in miniscule amts.

So new one for me is that I would hold my guns and take care of me and even if that uncomfortable convo comes about why I wouldn’t eat it, yea I would tackle it and of course, ‘they’ won’t understand but I sure don’t care if any understands me out there or not :slight_smile: I take care of me first

ok big change on what I see now and will do more follow up about new info I got in my thoughts


Meatballs always have that, I always thought it’s to make it cheaper as meat is surely tastier and richer than bread… I think I always had the attitude that if I eat red meat (I very rarely did that before carnivore. I didn’t eat any other meat in big amounts either but we had chicken every Sunday until it drove me to vegetarianism. I only lasted until I was 17 because it came with crispy skin, pickles and potatoes. I thought pickles are innocent enough not to get a blur but tell me if it’s triggering, people :slight_smile: ), I don’t need the other stuff so much… Except pickles, I loved pickles. But I could eat them alone or with eggs.

There is no excuse for ketchup. Sugar and meat just doesn’t mix well in my world. But I know people love that stuff. Even I liked it for a few years in my life. It wasn’t really a thing when I was a kid. And I wonder what would have happened if I lived in a different country as a kid… All those western things came later, not when I was little, at least not to the same extent… I clearly see I am used to different things than many others on this forum.

Ouch :frowning:
Well I personally probably would eat it but wouldn’t be happy, of course.
I always eat chicken cooked in sunflower oil at Alvaro’s Mom. It doesn’t need much and I can handle it if I handled one TONNE in my first few decades but yep, not happy about it, at all.

It’s even much worse with a steak. But as it’s family, I would just tell them not to use ingredients I don’t like to eat, I may even do the cooking myself. I am not very shy in close family situations but I don’t bother with some cheap mostly tasteless chicken at my SO’s Mom especially that we usually do our shopping while she does the cooking. By the way, she did a lot for us, she always eats meat but she cooked vegetarian food for us when we visited as vegetarians! But she has his limits, she just doesn’t understand our diets fully, not even his son’s and he is the high-carber… She still uses sugar (very rarely but yep) and she has diabetes and we two stopped eating added sugar ~14 years ago (tiny amounts here and there happens for reasons, especially for my poor SO who eats up most of the candy gifts. but I get them for Saint Nicholas day and Easter too). She can improve, now she uses actual sour cream and not that abomination where they take out the fat of the dairy and put plant oil in instead… But she uses margarine, not butter. I don’t ever eat THAT as it tastes horrid. I can handle a tiny sunflower oil if I must, of course I never would use it myself and wouldn’t eat it often. We visit maybe once a month.

I will track later but I had a super early lunch, it was before noon! Super rare as it wasn’t small! I was very hungry. It turned out my budding lean pork aversion completely disappeared :slight_smile: And it was just some half-ready stuff, cooked but without extra fat or well-fried… Or something. I used the sticky pan so even the leftover isn’t well-fried but I used paprika and my fav rub with chili so it will be nice. Lean pork, especially for the 3rd day as my main meat can use a little help like that. Pork chuck is odd with spice as it’s so gloriously perfect only with salt :wink:
But I ate everything. Sponge cake with butter or cream cheese, very eggy quiche buns (even a tiny Gorgonzola is very noticeable!) smoked fatty pork, coffees with milk… It’s the last day with milk, hopefully I stop drinking coffee already… It isn’t easy for some odd reason despite coffee not being satisfying. I just drink many and meh. A bit nice due to the milk…

I am very satiated now and skipped lunchtime. I plan a simple lean pork dinner.

{Only garden talk from here on}

The weather is warm but not sunny at the moment. Our very first lilies of the valley are here! We still have some daffodils but not for long. And we have tulips galore. Not as many as daffodils but those are crazy, I have hundreds of them :smiley: No black tulips this far :frowning: But I have 2 purple ones. Most of ours is red, orange-red, yellow or red-yellow so I appreciate the purple ones. But I wish I had other colors. Or maybe lily flowered ones (IDK the English term, it’s lily flowered in Hungarian, the petals bend outwards. parrot ones are weird, I don’t want those and I have many with little tiny frills/teeth)… I love flowers and while I have many, I always could use some more. I am looking forward to my gladioluses(?) this year! Last year I only could make one bloom, it was beautiful. Now I made sure to put them to better places. Except maybe the tiny babies but they hardly could bloom this year anyway. it’s not easy to find sunny places for everything :frowning: Most of my garden is a northeastern slope. Other parts are on the northeastern side of the house and the house and many big trees cast shadow quite often… The sunniest part there is where my tiny veggie(-flower) patch is. And there is the southwestern part but that is very tiny and it has the terrace, my spring flower bulbs, 3 tall not-pines (it’s so easier in Hungarian, one word for pine, fir and the like, I know I talked about it before…), 2 tall silver birches and the huge-in-every-dimension linden tree. Oh and a raw of absolutely indestructible (by our weak abilities, at least)… IDK, search gives me honeysuckle but apparently even the shrubs are small. These bushes are 3-4 m tall and grow back, no matter what. We have a row at the fence. Oh and there was like 7 thujas (they mostly died so we have less now) and a magnolia tree. And the place for the car. And other things like my secondary compost mound where I put the bigger things that couldn’t give me soil in 1-2 years because they take ages to break down. Anyway, one isn’t enough. I have a thorny compost mound too as it’s impossible to burn all the blackberries so we only do that to the already dry and the really big branches. Is it called a branch?
Oh we have a lilac there too and zillion lillies of the valley. And crocuses and daffodils and tulips and peonies (poor things can’t all bloom, we need to cut off some indestructible things).
So putting there something else isn’t easy. Sometimes I do try. I even use some of the places wit concrete, I figured out my tomatoes LOVE the sun there and even the big ones (despite whatever was on the label about their size) handled the flower box restrictions very well, they got the best soil though so they better! (And they managed to have green fruits for, like, 4 months. It was already November but they weren’t in a hurry…Tomatoes are jerks.)

I wonder if we will have any frost in April… Maybe not.

One day I may count my bigger trees. It is a small property, really but I have SO MANY trees and bushes and everything else! And we cut off quite many already… And planted some small ones. And there is the (deep purple) greengage that is big and it just happened to us… It’s a very pretty tree, doesn’t do the usual stupid growing, I only cut off the branches that are in the way as the tree is very close to the path.

I SOOO love my garden if it isn’t apparent enough :smiley: It has maybe its prettiest time of the year with all the spring flowers and many trees and bushes full with white flowers. I even have photos somewhere but the tablet isn’t cooperative, the pics aren’t so great (but I don’t have a lens to make them with the camera) and I am lazy as usual.

I saw 3 adult goats and 2 kids today during my little walk around here. I petted one. They all were very cute, I always liked goats, they are fun. (And tasty but I only ate goat maybe once in my life? The beef farm had it once. I don’t even remember the taste but it had to be good :wink: I don’t remember disappointment but the Racka sheep was more memorable. At least I still have a skull. And my positive memories.)



this roundup of great carnivore knowledge done by Beef n Butter gal we can not thank enough. ALL great info down to a small video that is worth every second to watch and why we carnivores thrive.

(Robin) #29

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

(Karen) #30

Yesterdays food

ate out for brunch 2 fried eggs on 2 black pudding with 1 bacon and it was nice. Also had some prawns bacon and tin of tuna in the evening after the belly pork. Bp no where near as nice as at the carvery on Easter Sunday!

Today i started brunch with 3 fried eggs and 3 bacon at home. Steak on the menu for dinner when i get home…i walked through the market in Nottingham and passed so many foodie stalls… the aroma has made me quite ready to eat qhen i get off this bus!

(E P) #31

@Fangs I pulled the skins off some chicken I was making for the kids for chicken salad- they don’t like the skins, what a waste! Unless coated in pork rind crumbs and oven fried…that’s the best way to eat chicken in this house. But we don’t do it every day.

Broke down another chuck roll this morning.


@E_P: That’s my kind of slab… Nice size. I don’t even dare call it cute sized, it’s more respectable than that :wink: But the word did cross my mind, it’s how my mind works…

I have tracked my last 2 days. It wasn’t easy, too many items and I took notes after every meal - and then I didn’t track every meal, that would be way too complicated. So IDK how big my first meal was today but it wasn’t small.

Yesterday was fine. Almost a pound of fresh meat and a lot of smoked pork shoulder… 157g protein and at most 100g fat (probably less, I think I trimmed my smoked pork below the label macros…). The 25g carbs hints at my dairy consumption…

Today I was hungry. Things were similar except I had much more egg. 174g protein and 128g fat (probably less, the trimmed smoked pork became meatier inside than I expected).

I am looking forward to the future, we run out of milk and the smoked pork won’t last forever either but I really cook pork chuck tomorrow! I didn’t use the air fryer today, I almost miss that :wink: But I didn’t want to dry out my poor lean pork again so used a pan for the extra color (and paprika :stuck_out_tongue: ).


WOW on that roast and meat haul pic :slight_smile:

ahhh yea a waste on skin if ya ditched it but your sure put good carnivore use to it! love that!

(Geoffrey) #34

I avoid seed oils as much as possible but if I’m at a restaurant it’s entirely possible that some were used in the cooking of the meat.
I cut ribeyes for my sister-in-law’s restaurant and part of my pay is a nice ribeye for lunch. I know they cook their steaks on the flat top using a butter canola oil blend. I don’t worry about it. Most of the oil is cooked away and left on the flat top. What little bit that is still on the steak isn’t going to hurt me and I show no adverse reactions to it. If it was an everyday thing then sure, I’d be concerned but once in a great while isn’t going to hurt me or my WOE in my opinion.

(Geoffrey) #35

I’ll go watch this and see if it changes my mind as well. I’m always up for new information. Thanks.

(Geoffrey) #36

My savory lamb stew today. Cuts of lamb slow cooked in bone broth. Tender, savory, fatty and delicious.


I avoided eating the steak by citing IBS and discomfort. The chef insisted we take my steak home. DH will eat it tonight. BUT my son knew better. He asked me if being cooked in vegetable oil freaked me out. I said “not really, because I ocassionally have restaurant steaks.”
Anyway my DIL texted me this morning to ask if I was okay. I said yes.
Truthfully, it was not totally the Crisco oil which put me off. Steak was served at 8:30 pm which would cause me pain. If I eat that late, my digestion shuts down overnight and I wake up with a bolus of undigested food and a stomach ache.


So happy ya came thru it with fine results. Your people didn’t question ya or get upset, great job.

I am like you…my eating time now is very specific. I couldn’t handle a steak at 8:30 at night now either.

More time on carnivore, the more we actually learn what is best for us and more benefits we receive from this way of life means we truly do not wanna go against the best schedule we have and bother reeking havoc on ourselves :slight_smile:

ZC Zen gives us a real true focus on how we do feel and how we want to put ourselves first on our lifestyle.

--------------------It is stupid early. 3AM

I feel alseep like at around 9:30 last night watching some dumb tv movie and woke up around 3 LOL Now I am wide awake but darn if this isn’t gonna be a very long azz morning :slight_smile:

gotta mow as usual today. too much land to control on my farm, getting into more retirement time and I find this work getting more and more annoying :sunny:

NY strip steak first meal
second meal gonna eat me some chicken wings, got a hankering again.


I would confiscate the tongs. Throw someone’s beer across the hot plate and rub it down with paper towel. Then throw on the fat trimmings the chef had cut off the steaks to temper the new surface and cook my own steak. You are allowed to do this by tradition where I live.


I feel a big satisfaction on buying a chunk of beef and cutting my own steaks. @Geezy56 does it at a professional level. I’m going to take a punt and guess that @Fangs just wants the steak ready to cook. I used to go to a fish market and buy whole fish to fillet because there was something soul satisfying about doing it as well as the economic benefits. I’m not a hunter nor a fisher, but I was a pretty good surgeon back in the day. So, I’ve done a bit of slicing and dicing.