(Geoffrey) #202

Ate 2MAD today.
Had some venison burger and egg taco’s using Egglife wraps. And yes, I went off the reservation with jalapeños. They don’t bother me and I love them so please don’t kick me out of the cool kids club. :wink:

Second meal was smoked leg of lamb drenched in butter.


We planned a nice cycling trip for some shopping but I didn’t go as those 3+ hours combined with a 6 hour excursion in late evening (we are promised birdsong :slight_smile: ) would be too much for me on the same day. So I have found this very nice something for my name day! Yay! Alvaro already wanted something but he can’t search as well as I can.
He went, only buying the most promising or vital things as he only had his backpack. And that was full with fruit… But he bought Masdaam cheese (one of my favs, rarely on sale) and some milk too.

If I tracked vaguely right, protein was about 180g for yesterday, fat is a bit less. I was hungry. Not when I am super hungry for hours, that’s horrible. Just when I am regularly low-key hungry from the morning to the night. So I had a highly unusual 12 hour eating window yesterday. And fowl meat brings calories while not bringing satiation anyway so it wasn’t even a bad day, considering.

The weather is better and better every day, today is very sunny! :slight_smile: We still need to heat a tiny bit.

(Karen) #204

Was bookes on CrossFit this morning but 3am-ish i cancelled … very wakeful night after taking ages to drop off… at least an hour n half plus … i got up at 7.40 washed and did teeth looked in mirror and my eyes were dull and stinging so i got back into bed … woke about 8.15 and looked at videos on FB. Got up about 9.40 and did stair runs plus all the other exercises and reading before going out with Raymond, who was feeling much better thankfully.

We had lunch in Stapleford and i had a very cheesy omelette. It was nice but a bit greasy from so much cheese.

Cooked one of the beef ribs later in the afternoon and just eaten what i can of it (19.17) had to leave some as i got too full. I thought i had picked small ones but again it just grew while cooking :astonished: i will finish it cold some other time.

it was actually bigger than the photo shows!


I went off, of course and I must say it’s quite hard for me to get satiated without pork but I don’t have it now. We go to the city on Tuesday, I will buy A LOT. I had no idea I run out of it when I took the last slab from the freezer as it’s still full (fowl, fish, meaty bones, sausages, smoked ham… but no proper pork I live on) but I need my breaks here and there anyway (it’s inevitable this far when some time passes and certain things are triggering. I had both and lack of pork but I kind of got bored of it again. not totally so I still would gladly eat some every day but it’s not so trivial to get any here on some days). But they are less fun now and I need pork for them too as a base. Oh well. We have eggs and processed pork, I ate sausage and fish yesterday but it’s not enough. I come back when I get supplies, I just wanted to talk about my evening on my name day!
We visited a nearby National Park with lots of birds. “Birdsong education trail”, the place is called. We heard a lot of birdsong (like Eurasian bittern, that’s fun with its very deep voice but there was little crake too and of course, many more common ones). I hold baby great tits, they got their bands… A woman made sure she photographed EVERYTHING. Puddle with algae, a very normal looking snail on a bush, distant bird boxes on electric poles, non-biting mosquitoe (IDK their English name and I may google for the bird names but not for this) column in the distance… :smiley: I understand making shots of the birds, of course, some songbirds were caught and banded too. There were 3 of the bird of the trail itself and bird of 2023 in Hungary, bearded reedling, it’s so so beautiful :slight_smile:
We heard frogs too, of course and saw many cattle (some chocolate browns this time, not the greys) and Racka sheep and some goats. I have read the texts on the signs again as I didn’t remember most of it from last year. So the Hungarian Grey was called “silver” too, it’s actually a parent of the new, usually red and white breed too. Hungary had 23,000,000 in the middle of the 1800s and it dropped to 200(!) when agriculture got industrialized after WW2. And now there are about 10,000. Good. It would be a huge loss to lose them. Apparently that area badly need grazing as it results in way higher diversity of plants therefore insects therefore birds… Indeed, there are so many different birds… Always a treat to visit!

(Judy Thompson) #206

Monday. Whew… Made it through another weekend!
@Geezy56 yes, never ever going back to canned tuna! My duck mayo is quite good these days - just have to set it on the counter in the morning and it’s soft when I need it.
The jalapeños look fantastic, lol @cool kids club! I use the juice and throw out the jalapeños… I need that flavor! After nearly 2½ years I feel I can experiment a little and I’ll know if something isn’t going to work.
Saturday I fixed chaffleburgers and then again on Sunday. Eggs and sausage Friday and Saturday nights at 12:30, getting home from work.
This morning we took the puppy with us to town to mail our taxes and stopped for breakfast at a place with outdoor seating she could go to with us. The bank gave us a milk bone which she won’t touch, so I passed it on to a dog at another table in the restaurant… When you’re a dog with fresh dehydrated chicken breast and beef liver, milk bones just don’t cut it!
A little cheese omelet, coffee and 3 links of sausage got me through breakfast, but by the time I started teaching at 4 I was starving so cut up some cheese and liverwurst. About 9 tonight I fixed 2 eggs and a burger patty. Ready to sleep now. The wind outside is refreshing, windows all open, I think it will be a good night.

Oh, Friday! Shrimp and steak.
I ended up eating the whole pound of shrimp. Hubby cannot hold his meat! A small piece of steak fills him right up.


Warm, sunny weather and - finally! - we go to get stuff like pork for me (probably some interesting cheeses too, ALDI has an Italian week now). It was too long. How did I survive without meat in the past I don’t know but it felt pretty easy for decades (I did eat some in the end but few times a year is insignificant)… Of course it’s different when one actually has desire towards most plants. I can eat the protein rich kind even now but meat is way more tempting and enjoyable (until I get bored of it but it never lasts for long). Not mentioning the better nutrition and satiation.
I try to make place in my freezer (it’s mostly full with fowl, fish, rabbit and processed pork) but I can cook 3 slabs in the next days too, no freezer needed for those.
Probably no ruminant meat yet, we won’t visit a hypermarket (supermarkets have some too but it’s better in the usual hypermarket).
I ate bacon yesterday, yep, it’s so much better to buy some smoked pork in the farmer’s market. I think I am done with bacon except if Alvaro wants to wrap it over his veg again or something, makes a nice hand for Halloween too…

(Karen) #208

Yesterdays meals while sorting through and weeding out paperwork. Got my sffairs in order so Sian can put her hands straight on everything if something happpens to me!:
Steak was todays dinner.

Went for a short walk with Sian… maybe i should have suggested jogging round the park to start that baby off! She is expecting a phone call to go into hospital tomorrow as she will be 41 weeks…we will see! Baby was active all the way round sticking it’s little feet out :grin:

(Edith) #209

I don’t comment much on the carnivore thread since I don’t eat carnivore any more, but I just wanted to say I am very excited for you and your growing family. I am sending positive thoughts your way. I hope all goes well for Sian and the baby.

(KM) #210

I will only say, this picture confirms it, you make the best eggs ever. Good luck with the baby!

(Geoffrey) #211

Lamb neck roast and shoulder roast slow cooked in beef bone broth and butter all day in the crockpot.
Very tender and savory.

Now let the new month begin.

(Robin) #212

Yowza. Now yer talking!
Give me a big old bowl with meat and juices any time. Every time!
I would die a happy woman.


This looks like Kerry’s video with Mimi. Looks so good!

(Geoffrey) #214

I saw that today and our recipes are very similar. I came up with this during the winter because I wanted some venison stew but I won’t eat vegetables so my only option was just meat and bone broth. Because the meat tends to be a little lean I add a stick of butter.
Unlike her recipe I slow cook mine in a crockpot rather than the oven.
And Kerry is 100% correct when he talks about how delicious it is.


I am sure I would like it.
And my SO wouldn’t touch it.
Even after all these years, even decades I learn new things about him. As he isn’t nearly as expressive and vocal about his preferences like I am all the time.

So, we ate our usual nice food at his Mom (chicken and pork soup, chicken stew) and brought back a lot. Alvaro already had a substantial dish at home and cooked another so the big amount of soup was left uneaten. It’s meat soup so it can wait a bit, we talked about its fate… As it’s meat soup, even if some vegs were cooked in it originally, I can eat it even when I do carnivore-ish if it’s a must (I surely LOVE it) but if he can eat it… And nope, he said he doesn’t like it. It’s his Mom’s most wonderful soup, better than what I normally can cook and he doesn’t like it. He always ate it just fine when we visited, I was the one who ate 2 bowlfuls (with all the meat available except last time as there was so so much!) and praised it though… But not liking it? I didn’t imagine that. Meat soup, when it’s not just some tasteless supermarket chicken, is GOOD! Meat is tasty. And the vegs just makes it even better, even more flavor. While he says vegs are its saving grace and it’s totally inedible without any.
I KNOW he is a high-carber and eats vegs with vegs sometimes (if he cooks our 2 biggest pots full, it’s 80% that they are both plant dishes, sometimes he cooks meat but usually not), I understand many people can’t eat meat alone but he doesn’t even like the full, “normal” meat soup with all the vegs and pasta things put back to it… So odd. I know he likes meat (in not too big amounts and with 1-3 carby side dishes but still. 3 is when it’s grains, legumes, raw vegs) and he even mentioned he could eat more when we only ate meat a few times a year (he was okay in our vegetarian years) but not meat soup? Soup is superior in my eyes, I really really like and sometimes need soups. So it’s odd to me. Maybe soups don’t have enough plants in them for him, I don’t know.

So it was surprising and it means I will eat up the soup. At least most of it, if there will be vegs in it too, Alvaro can eat it that dense part, he probably likes that more. His own soups barely have liquid parts…

Yesterday I had to eat some leftovers and there were plans but finally, today I can cook my own meal. I bought lots of pork as planned.

I don’t remember eating bryndza, probably did once or twice in my life…? It’s sheep cheese as I googled but this one is sheep and cow cheese, a fresh one… Oh it’s easier to quote it…
“Bryndza cheese is creamy white in appearance, known for its characteristic strong smell and taste. The cheese is white, tangy, crumbly and slightly moist.”
Yep, it’s like a superior, VERY flavorful, fatty quark! I like it. Alvaro ate it in pirog once in the Tatra Mountains, whatever pirog is. Some filled savory pastry thing. It’s very flavorful, not very suited to eat alone and I like eating almost anything alone… But I won’t do it with this one. Good stuff.

I have proper cream too, again. And many other things but nothing especially interesting or new. And pork shoulders, I don’t often have it nowadays but it can be useful when I get bored of my lean pork, I don’t have pork chuck at the time.
So we have supplies and I need it as I am very very ill suited to lowish meat carbier eating now. And I still have triggers and compulsions, not good. I need more training.

(E P) #216

My LDL cholesterol went into the 300s so even the keto doctor suggested an experiment with 40-50g total carbs, soluble fiber, and unsaturated fat. So I’m backing off of carnivore for 6 weeks to observe what effect this has - adding daily oily fish, avocado, olives, flaxseeds, psyllium, and some raw goat milk for the rest of the carbs. The gallon I bought this morning was still warm!

Still enjoying my daily beefy carnivore meal though!

(Karen) #217

Thank you sweetheart xx❤

(Karen) #218

Well Sian went into hospital yesterday at 41wks and was given pessary to induce. She is still there and having contractions. Waters not broken yet and Dr wasn’t able to break them for her today so gave her some gel to help speed things up. Contractions have become stronger so hopefully waters will break soon. Keeping watching out for messages. I am feeding kitties as i can’t be at the hospital to hold her hand. Hubby is looking after her.

:pray::pray::pray: thank you for all the well wishes. We have come a long way from all the years she was trying to conceive and the IVF trearments… we are counting down the hours now​:slight_smile:

(Karen) #219

Have we got a may thread yet? If we haven,'t what about Magnificent Meaty May?

I don’t know how to start a thread and don’t know if one already started??? Can’t see one anywhere!

(Judy Thompson) #220

I thought of AniMay, Mastodon Munching May… The delay in a new thread sparks creativity!

(Judy Thompson) #221

@E_P good luck! Those additions sound innocuous enough and your dinner looks fantastic!
Karen I bet you’re a grandma by now, congratulations! How thrilling! Sian deserves every happiness with this new babe! :heart_eyes: