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That is awesome, @kib1!!


Monday was pretty good I suppose. Could have been better without most of the Greek yogurt (too much fat) but this time the air fried chuck (I started it in the pan but it wasn’t enough) became too dry all alone. It still was nice, a bit fatty, a bit crunchy but the slices were the leaner parts of the tiny, 2 lbs slab I had and maybe they were thin too… I like crunch but I prefer juicy, fatty pork pan-fried (more like cooked in its liquid but it’s borderline frying in the end) chuck.
Still easily (with the help of other things) ate it all at once before 6pm, I had an OMAD day! 540g pork, 4 eggs, some dairy (I had cheesy scrambled eggs and the mentioned yogurt). Simple, I am pleased. Minimum protein, somewhat less fat.
Due to being an OMAD day, I had wonderful satiation almost all day and I was quite satiated right after my meal! I can appreciate that. But you saw what I ate, such a meal is supposed to fill someone like me :wink: I got hungry only after 5pm!

We have cold, mostly gloomy days. My purple and black (very deep purple) tulips are still pretty!

I have some weird cream now. It works just fine (and I feel it sweet again… on day #2, I love this) but it is only liquid when I open the box and then it quickly solidifies. No cream did that before. Oh, so it has a not horrible ingredients list but it’s NOT just cream. Why? It tastes fine, it’s milk protein, milk fat and milk sugar, very little addition but why? I can’t pour it into my coffee (yeah, that fight is still tough for some reason). I never saw it from whipping cream so I didn’t think about checking the list. Oh well, I can eat it. But I prefer the normal one.

Congrats! And for your health too, apparently! :smiley:

@FrankoBear: Oh, how cute butter holder! Mine is pretty too but I don’t see the butter. But it is big with lovely autumn leaves on it.

I made my comment so small this far and then I replied and yep, it got big again. It’s just about the intricacies of my diet so if one doesn’t have too much time or curiosity, maybe skip?

I don’t blur out things, if someone doesn’t want to see plant items, stop reading, okay? Nothing too bad though, it’s about my carnivore-ish and that’s pretty strict in my world.

Actually, it is vegetable sometimes. A sorrel leaf (I wondered about it but decided to allow it this year), some spring onion leaves, a few garden cress leaves (I do like some flavorful green leaves, don’t need them but what’s the harm? and they are from my garden, that’s precious to me!), even a thin slice of radish or two! Not every day just sometimes. A pickle or a half, very rarely, not every month… I am sure ketovore has more than that. And I don’t like cooked vegs anymore except a few but I pretty much avoid those on a normal day, it’s not like I want or need them, they are just not as bad as, for example, cooked cauliflower (one of my old fav that I ate galore… how could that happened? but I don’t complain at all).
My only allowed fruit, lemon, it’s a few drops per week on average, maybe? :smiley: More when it’s lemonade season for me but still very little as it’s sour and I obviously don’t sweeten it, not even when I am off. Apropos lemonade season, I had a little elderberry flower lemonade yesterday. It is refreshing and I hoped it helps more with my headache than coffee and my ineffective painkiller.
I have my teas too, some have a tiny fruit in it, really little, I don’t even see just feel some hint of the flavor, I don’t talk about the kind that is half wild cherry and raisins and super sweet, of course I don’t touch that.
It’s a stretch for my carnivore-ish but there is a slight possibility for eggs in purgatory (just what sticks to my egg, Alvaro eats the majority of the sauce) or even stew (very very little onion, I am amazed Alvaro is fine with our amount, a fragment of the normal one. maybe her Mom cooked similarly). If possible, I eat normal, carnivore meat and egg dishes as I am quite fine with those but no way I say no to a rabbit stew when we have it.
I may don’t worry about accidentally or intentionally eating maybe 0.2g walnut when I break many (it’s usually zero)… I don’t like it as snack, we always put it into dishes, it’s just a tiny morsel for fun and freedom, I barely taste it and could avoid eating even this amount with a little extra effort but what for?
Many food groups are out (unless the amount is very tiny and I can’t avoid it as it comes in a very meaty dish or it’s in a not very carby condiment), it’s probably not needed physically but it does me good mentally…? Good attitude. It may seem a bit weird how “strict” I am when I go off a lot and how far sometimes but it works for me. My default days must be restricted - but I shouldn’t feel so.

I don’t taste the non-carnivore food I cook so that is no problem. But if I make chocolate and a drop falls on my finger, I lick it. (It’s a low-carb thing and almost none. I don’t really taste this little but my “not wasting any food” compulsion is strong and anyway, I lick it before I could stop myself).

So it’s a bunch of tiny things, both hard to avoid and intentional. Not willy-nilly, I always have a good enough reason. Alvaro eats a few kilograms of radish (his number one raw veg now) while I eat a few slices… As it’s something he buys so the charm is just the crunchy juiciness (and it’s there) but I get that from other things.

Sorry I obviously couldn’t be concise. I had to think about it and it’s so many things and I couldn’t not include my reasoning and whatnot.

Well, it’s hard to stop, to begin with. I am very used to this even if I dislike it - but if I eat very simple, it’s nothing! Another reason to eat simple :wink:
I get information from it. I like to know (vaguely) how much I eat to make better decisions. But mostly I am just super curious, I can’t help it. There were times when tracking was very important, I had to see what satiates me and what not… It’s less important now that I pretty much know what to do - but I want to check if I managed it. I can’t guess my macros if my life depended on it. And that is an uncertain feeling sometimes.
I am on a mission to eat as little protein and fat as I comfortably can as I need that to lose fat but even to avoid overeating. I don’t care about my carbs, if I minimize my fat intake, I won’t eat too much carbs anyway. My problem group is dairy items, I am working on keeping them low. Sometimes I am good, other times I feel I was good but I track and ouch, it’s too high again. I have nothing against dairy as long as it doesn’t boost my fat intake unnecessarily - but it tends to do it. Most dairy items aren’t satiating to me, they just add extra fat, carbs and protein but mostly fat.
When I manage to eat mostly meat, I probably will stop tracking. I already stop it sometimes as I can’t do it every day. I still will track how much meat I eat in grams, that’s nice to know. Yesterday I weighed my meat slices, 540g, I know this is a great amount for an OMAD meal for me so I ate it without worries along with my eggs and some dairy. Even without proper tracking, I know it’s okay. If I eat leaner meat (too), I may need more fat but if I boldly add my not satiating fatty items, I can overeat fat so tracking may be useful there. But I actually should add protein sources only. Not a ton of cream or butter :smiley: Except when I really fancy them, I do need my indulgent days!
I don’t restrict myself much (that is the problem) but I do need to be careful or I will stay fat forever. And anyway, unnecessary food is a cost I shouldn’t spend.

Maybe I will be able to do OMAD and that helps. But then I probably need to track (or just weigh my meat, that would be nice) to ensure I eat enough… For that meal as I always eat out, maybe a big meal at midnight but I do. Well that is what I wish to avoid. Eating twice normally is great but my night eating is something I had fed up.

I LOVE seeing extra macros sometimes, to see where my limits are, what my body wants normally and what on an extra day. It’s interesting. Tracking showed me (though the weight hinted at it strongly) that I easily eat 1000g pork shoulder with a bunch of other food on TMAD. So I never ever make it my main meat again (unless I am sure I want that).
I know that my Unsatiable Hunger Days can happen very close to carnivore too, see my hungry day last week when I ate 200g fat and protein from good carnivore sources and felt pretty much starved (that was when I just gave up and ate a ton of carbs too and finally I got satiated. maybe not a great decision but I was desperate and had a triggering item around me. I always strengthen my resolve NOT to give in to it but it’s still a novel item).
Tracking helped me realize that I WILL get hungry at midnight if I don’t eat 130g protein during the day (sometimes OMAD is an exception. possibly a ton of fat works too but I suppose that must be over 300g and I don’t to that). So it’s my goal. I need my fat too but no way I don’t get enough of that, I merely stop pushing the lean pork at this point, my training is pretty much complete. I need better, more fun dishes now when lean pork is present, to avoid boredom. But fattier meat would be the best, with very little dairy. Low dairy training goes well I suppose but I need more time to be good enough at it. And without tracking I can’t guess if I ate little dairy or not. 1000kcal dairy feels very little to me under certain circumstances (like too many too creamy coffees) and I can’t even afford half of it.

Sometimes I wonder I should think less about my food, just focus on not eating early and things will fall into place… But I don’t have the personality to do that.

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So jealous! Are you in the US?

(E P) #185

@kib1, @Geezy56 Yes, I am in the US and I DO know how fortunate! (Finding a keto doctor was even harder than finding one who would “allow” natural childbirth…) If this Dr didn’t work out, I was going to drive 8 hrs to see Dr Westman - he takes Tricare. Found this other guy on this site:

(Karen) #186

Food yesterday bacon, sausage and cheese omelette at the cafe and chicken at home.

Also ate 2 black pudding and tin of tuna before going to bed. Got Raymonds tax sorted but had to wait an hour plus to get through on the phone… fortunately chatting made that hour go by quite quickly! Took some understanding but the light bulb went on eventually and after the call i was able to relay and explain it to Raymond. He wouldn’t have had the patience to wait that long to get through.

Did my stair runs this morning and then got ready to go dancing in Cannock… had to leave at 11.30 as it started at 1pm, celebrating St George’s day… Patron Saint of England. 20240423_201941 20240423_201956
Red n White theme if you hadn’t noticed! Raymond had his black jacket on as we had just walked in when piccie taken…he did have a red and white shirt on underneath lol

I didn’t eat before going so first meal was at 5.45pm fried chicken followed by cold cooked chicken… was hungry!

As you may gather, i have been eating a lot of chicken lately. :grin:

(Geoffrey) #187

Ate twice today.
First meal was a venison burger omelette.

Second meal was a venison burger patty drenched in butter.


I never even had a doctor yet. Healthier for everyone (I am mostly happy with my lucky genetics but part of my health must be mental). I end up arguing with doctors as they tend to try to tell me what to do when it’s about MY health and sanity and I don’t let them (as they weren’t right this far, I don’t argue about things I don’t understand and I am happy they patched up my broken wrist where the bones moved away)… But if I need one (and not a specialist), I will use Alvaro’s doctor, not like there is more than one in this village I think… Alvaro only need him for his injections due to his splenectomy once per a few years. And sometimes not to go to work when catching a cold, I forgot the term if I ever knew it in English. It’s good to be still young and healthy and we try to keep it, at least the latter.

Small dinner for today. And gloomy, cold day :frowning: I want my sunshine back. You who don’t have sunny days virtually every week all year long, how do you handle it? I must be partially solar powered… I get low energy and mood when there are multiple gloomy days just like when I stop exercising.

Small dinner. Just like before, little hunger and appetite and joy but it was easy to eat my food. I need something more exciting for tomorrow. And I had fried pork chuck, my fav and it was meh. Oh well.

Today I had little pork chuck and some ham (a bit below a pound in total), some eggs (sponge cake and scrambled eggs) and some dairy (4 different kinds, it is modest in my world…). Okay.

It’s the other day. I have stopped trying to give my final report about my day on the same day… just because I am nicely satiated at 10pm or even at midnight, doesn’t mean I won’t get hungry after my comment… Better not jinx it.

So, yesterday was a nice TMAD with minimal protein and less fat. Not so bad but I overdid dairy, again. I really should try to avoid dairy, maybe that way I can keep it low… But actually, I did well except cream (it was just a bit of 30% cream and it still had a too huge part of my energy need. stupid coffee…).
Let’s see if today will be better, I have milk now and I am super careful. Giving up coffee still seems elusive.

When I run out of the dairy items I really need to eat up already, I will try no dairy for a few days again. I did that in the past, very rarely because it’s such an impossible task, even theoretically… It would help if I liked my meat but this week isn’t so great regarding that. BUT I can eat it and that is what matters. Today I have lean pork again, no idea what to do with it yet (and it’s past noon, I better figure it out soon), some stew-like thing would be nice, I have a desire for more wet meat dishes after all the fried and roasted kind and lean pork is where some spices may be useful too. Fatty pork has the fat for extra flavor upon the meat flavor, everything beyond salt seems very unnecessary (except for the occasional stew but when had I such a thing using fatty meat? don’t remember). Soups may or may not be exceptions as boiled meat is quite inferior compared to fried meat (but still nice while boiled vegs are usually inedible even for past veggie-lover me. no wonder I fried everything as a vegetarian. I didn’t even poach eggs, I fried them well. I did like very soft-boiled eggs, they are nice. I mostly avoid them as I already tend to overdo eggs when I should keep them to the minimum. sometimes I can afford them and IDK why I am trying when I overeat on most days anyway but efforts seem useful. and this way we don’t need 70+ eggs a week… it can be tiresome to get enough and half of our garbage is eggshells… they are easy to compress though).

So I continue my efforts regarding eating mostly meat. It’s not so easy. I can eat much meat, I just can’t keep the others low very well. But I am better than before and that does good to convenience, simplicity and satiation.

It’s rainy/gloomy again. Even the cats dislike the weather, apparently. It’s nice to be unable to mowing :smiley: But I will need to do it moderately soon. We did the worst parts in nice weather, even Alvaro helped (a lot!) and he rarely does it (or just a tiny bit but usually it’s my job as I am more willing to do it. but we both dislike it. I like to be outside in nice weather and that helps short term but then I get aches and I can’t lift the next day because I am unwilling to do it with aching mucles. he dislikes it more as he is taller and he must bend more but I am prone to backache - oh my, I forgot about my core exercises again. I didn’t even lift lately due to my days long headache - so my back isn’t happy either. next time we will buy a bigger one like the previous one was).

(KM) #189

What part of the country are you in? Not trying to be nosy, but I’d go a long way to find a doctor who was really keto friendly.

(E P) #190

@kib1 It’s Dr Parker in Florence, Alabama. It was well worth a little drive for me and he will do telehealth for follow-up. Maybe you can find someone on the database of metabolic health practitioners?

@Geezy56 all your venison dishes look so flavorful!

My baby’s first favorite food is pork shoulder :joy: go figure!

(Geoffrey) #191

Slow smoked leg of lamb, Texas style.


In a few days we go to a city shopping again. We will try to get some mutton again… I really, really want some already. But if not, we get some other ruminant meat, I had none this year except tiny amounts in processed stuff! It won’t do!

Yesterday I had a lunch with almost 500g fried pork (the usual when it’s leaner pork, I cut off the fattiest parts, today comes the lean part, that’s more difficult… Alvaro ate 2 small lean slices, that was helpful for both of us) and little else, it was fine but I got hungry very quickly again (maybe 1 hour later?), yep, I need my fat too :smiley: Ate my 3 leftover sponge cake buns with pâté, it was nice. By the way, I enjoyed my fried pork too while I didn’t so much my fried chuck previously and chuck is fattier and I normally love it… Odd. Oh well. Main thing I got a proper amount of joy from my food again (not very very much but enough).

I wasn’t hungry at dinnertime but as I probably lacked some fat and had freshly made scratchings, I ate a little bit. Not more as it has no meat, I will eat it with my lean pork. It turned out pretty nice, crunchy skin and softer but still firm fat tissue, properly fatty but it released most of it so I have a small mug of lard again (smoked this time)… I need to do something with it and the other bigger amount, there are a bit more and I haven’t touched my schmalz yet… I will make liver and pâté soon, it’s my only way to use up much fat (if it’s not butter. it’s so easy to eat butter. of course I should keep my fat minimalisation in mind too so I use fat along with very lean meats. like liver. even my lean pork only uses a little and yesterday the fat parts were fatty enough without any extra. I don’t use fat in my scrambled eggs either as eggs are fatty and I have a no-stick pan and I enjoy this fact until I can…).

Yesterday I had a decent (only a few hours long) eating window again. I was borderline hungry before midnight but it wasn’t hard to resist. I knew I had to eat enough as I did some previous approximate tracking. And it went away. Good. I really hate eating around midnight when there isn’t even a proper reason (even when there is).

My sleep is off, I keep waking up between 3 and 4am even if I haven’t fallen asleep in front of my computer. As my body somehow get used to these times. I thought it’s just the final waking time but it seems not. I need to fix this. I am not good at going back to sleep though I am superb compared to poor Alvaro who keeps waking up in the mentioned early hour too and can’t sleep anymore. It’s only 1 hour minus for him but he can’t afford that. He tries to catch up in the weekends and sometimes using afternoon naps (they are too short. even I can sleep longer during the day if I manage to fall asleep to begin with. usually not but I usually don’t have lack of sleep. even if I have, it’s tough but easier after a big meal under several warm blankets in his bed :smiley: as I can entangle ONE blanket, 2 has no chance. he can use 6! until I climb into his bed and make them fall apart. the warm and weight of blankets are important when it comes to my sleep. it’s good I never need many blankets as I don’t sleep naked in winter in the coldest room. but I digress. only alcohol helps more with sleep but I never drink as much).

I have only one photo and I have tracked.
150g protein for yesterday and today. And no overeating, not even today with low meat and somewhat indulgent cheese consumption… Dairy is still a problem. But I enjoyed it.

I had this, among others (there were sponge cakes with quark and pancakes, one with quark, one with cheese. and a lovely Gouda cheese whisp, mmm):

The fluffs are cheesy fluffs, mine always have sausage slices instead of cheese cubes (there is grated cheese in the “dough”), sometimes yolk too but not this time, it’s all whipped egg whites with cheese (and the sausage slices). They get a nice color and in the end, the ones with whites and the ones with yolky whites look the same on the outside.

I could eat half of the extreme lean pork but as I wrote above, my protein intake still was more than enough due to my other items. I had some smoked pork fat and tiny leftover cream cheese to help to eat the lean meat (the former wasn’t very successful as I barely ate any meat with it… it was nice), I will use sour cream tomorrow, it’s a very traditional thing for stews and this is almost a stew, only the onion was missing (I did put 1g dried onion powder into it when I tasted and it was lacking but it’s not the same. poor thing lacked the fat, more like, of course…).

I got bored of carnivore food in the end and run out of pork anyway (I mean, after I eat the little super lean leftover. and I have some meaty bones but it’s little and I need to made them into soup first). We can buy some next week in the city, maybe even before if we cycle to the big town nearby, we will see, Alvaro saw some great asparagus sale in some supermarket chain we don’t have very locally and he decided he wants it with bacon when I told him poor bacon is near to its expiration date and we should eat it already and I can’t eat 200g in a few days. I ate a lot of smoked pork lately (compared to my desire) and still have some pork belly… And the bacon. Okay, when it’s all nice and crunchy, it will disappear, I just never want to take it out and fry it. IDK why, first air fryer bacon!
Asparagus is such an expensive nothing but if it’s sale, it’s not a waste on Alvaro. It would be on me. I rather buy meat with the money, even now that I got bored of meat again. Though it’s mostly this super lean thing. Tomorrow I will roast turkey drumsticks, that’s different, problem is that it’s a fowl and anyway, what, 350g meat per person? It’s a snack to me. But I have leftover pork, processed pork, eggs and dairy (that I really try to avoid already but sometimes I don’t have a choice. okay, never because they are so tempting, I may resist some but I always have several different items… I keep train myself! :wink: ), it should be fine.

I keep trying write less too but at least it’s not so many comments a day now. Baby steps.

(E P) #193

Found a pork belly, now what do I do with it? @Geezy56 I think you said you make your own bacon?

Also, (related, bacon sure is salty), I’ve seen a couple videos about no-salt carnivores lately. People who feel better without, say it’s inflammatory, etc. What?! Has anyone tried this?


I still don’t understand how no added salt carnivores work and how much sodium they get from their food… I am mildly interested but not enough to do research.
What is inflammatory? Sodium is very much vital. And ketoers and carnivores tend to want to eat a lot of it, I watched some videos about that. I only met low sodium diets regarding some special health problem…? IDK, it was in old cookbooks. I love those especially when I can compare ones from different eras. I have a very old one (when people cooked with animal fat and rich people had servants so no problem if a dessert took many hours using 2 persons… the socialism, proper cog in the society and margarine/sunflower oil for the win one wasn’t so nice and cosy and traditional… but I have read ones between the two very different words so I saw some transition), the writer waxes poetry about various things, for real, the style is wonderful, the enthusiastic and nostalgy is palpable… And he is a HUGE onion and especially garlic hater :smiley: And a Hungarian who loves Hungarian food so it is a weird combo, onion is in most food but at least he is fine with paprika, the most basic item. Even tomato soup has it, at least Mom’s tomato soup did. And there is a pastry with sugary paprika filling, that is a bit weird though not as much as chocolate covered Mangalica cracklings.
But where was I? Salt.

I still just salt my food to taste (my sodium intake must be smallish but it would be way less and not adequate without added salt) but sometimes I wonder what would happen if I ate more… I dislike supplementing anything so I can’t just try adding salt but maybe I should try it for a day again… I could try with minimal sodium but probably nothing would happen for days. And I don’t want to give up my normal eating for that long. But if I ever have really simple days, I will track my sodium too. I already feel close to zero desire towards most processed meat items and my other food isn’t so salty (cream cheese is quite salty but I don’t eat it very often or much of it). So it’s possible my sodium intake dropped and it easily can go way lower. But maybe I will desire salt then…?

Pork belly is good for various things. I typically buy it cured/smoked because I can’t do that myself and I like it that way and it makes little sense to buy super fatty fresh meat for me - but it is a fatty pork cut so it’s totally possible to fry and eat, maybe with eggs. Why I reply this IDK, I never buy raw pork belly (except if it’s smoked too, of course but even for that, I like something meatier)… But I could cook and eat it. I personally would fry it into crunchiness and get lard from the fattier part, the leaner part would be nice. But much depends on the actual fattiness (even the fat distribution, I cut off thick fat layers from anything) and my willingness to eat something very fatty :slight_smile:

(Geoffrey) #195

Yes I make my own. I use a marinade method of water salt and pink salt. I can give you my recipe if you’d like.

I’ve never heard of salt being inflammatory but I suppose since we are all different it could be an issue for some people.
My recent blood work just showed that I’m low in sodium even though I take electrolytes and heavily salt my foods. Go figure. So I have to increase my intake.


I woke up hungry and with a strange feeling in my stomach. So I ate my lean pork with sour cream and eggs, it was nice. And finished my ice cream. The not pure cream is horrible with freezing and defrosting, it became grainy, oh well, it wasn’t a big amount.
I have too much processed items, I mean they are there and it’s a force to eat them (I mean, I can eat it without force but I am forced to eat them even if I don’t need them. though I usually tell Alvaro to eat part of it and he is happy to oblige) before their expiration date, maybe I shouldn’t be that enthusiastic to buy them, at least the not freezable items… My sausages are fine in the freezer since very long, I lost interest but they are there for emergencies. They are very well freezable, that’s nice. And the dry sausage has a very hard time with going bad as it’s dry and smoked…
Maybe it’s due to Easter but I had enough of smoked pork for a while. A little here and there is fine but that’s it. I usually only eat it to have enough nutrients when I don’t desire or don’t have my usual food in big enough quantities.
So I keep changing.

(Judy Thompson) #197

Whew! Lots of reading/skimming to get here from my last post! A busy week but I think I’m caught up.
@Fangs good to be out of the house cleaning biz til hubby figures it out. It’s not like you didn’t try starting earlier. Ugh, ants!
Enjoyed the Carnivore/ketovore/relaxed vs strict banter. So once again I know I’m relaxed and a half. I can see the practice of brief forays into beef - salt - water, but I’m wary of something I might burn out on. This is too good, I want to keep it!
I’m going on a cruise in Nov with my daughter, her friends, and her bf’s parents. I’m considering backing down to ketovore for that 5 day period… I have 7 months to think about it however.

This week we ate in restaurants twice, once a bacon cheeseburger patty with an egg on top, no mayo, quite good. That was yesterday. The previous day I had 2 links of German sausage and some cheddar cheese.

Yesterday I had my blood work follow up with my primary. I like the Ken Berry idea that it’s up to us to teach our doctors. With that in mind all you need is a doctor with an open mind, and he should be able to see your point of view. My glucose was 103 (normal goes up to 99), down 1pt from last time (104) and he did an A1C, which was 5.8 (normal stops at 5.7.). Only other A1C I ever had was over 5 years ago and that was 6.4, so I’m improving. I asked him for a monitor, but I’m not diabetic so it wouldn’t be covered by insurance. He ordered it anyway just to see what Tricare can cover. Meanwhile, today I found a watch online that will take blood sugar and it was inexpensive so I ordered it. Keeping blood sugar low is a good overall health indication I think.

We had a long talk about cholesterol, I showed him some authors in my Kindle and he countered with his medical school professors who won a Nobel Prize for developing statin drugs. (he said “okay, I’m going to tell you where I’m coming from and then you can shoot me down” :rofl:)
I said look at my triglycerides, 63! And that is even lower than last time! That’s the indication of heart disease, not cholesterol.
Anyway. He is fun to talk to and acually listens, so I guess I’ll keep him.

Here’s some food from this week. Today is ribeyes.

I bought frozen ahi tuna Ala @Geezy56’s post and that bowl is it. I over-ate it though and so it may be a while geckoes I’m ready to try again. I ran out of mayo then, for the last time, and now using the duck mayo I made using Dr Kiltz’s recipe. It is hard from the fridge but 10 minutes in a 100° sous vide restores it - or a couple hours on the counter. This is going to be my go to mayo now.

(Karen) #198

Food for last couple of days

Scrambled egg piccie had a couple of black pudding hiding underneath … tasty!
The last pic is todays meal of butchers pork ribs that i ledt cooking a bit too long… they were okay if a bit chewy in places! That was half the rack and the other half is in freezer. Also put in one of two beef ribs from the butcher shop. I can tell you the ribs were filling.

Sian had a cervical sweep on wednesday and was a centimetre dilated :smiley: slowly but surely we are at that time! She is patiently waiting but may be induced next week. She is looking very well which is good.

No friday afternoon dancing this week as Raymond was feeling too good. He was getting gips across his chest which didn’t come as a surprise to me as he has had a lot of brain fog leading up to them starting. He says they have passed now and is feeling a lot better. I spent the day sprucing up 2 more of his shirts. :smiley:

(E P) #199

@Geezy56 I’d love to try your bacon recipe!
@JJFiddle a doctor who listens and is fun to talk to IS a keeper!

Brisket cut and airfried as steak (yes it’s chewy but some days I want that fat), calf liver, salmon, and a 2 yr old snitching from the pork jowel lardon pile in the middle

(Geoffrey) #200

PM sent.

(Geoffrey) #201

Good stuff isn’t it. It’ll be hard to go back to that canned stuff again. :grin: