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@JJFiddle thank you, i just came on thread to let you know after a long labour she gave birth this evening at 1711hs to a baby boy 8lb5oz mum and baby doing fine :heart: had a cry as so relieved they’re both well. Ended up having c-section but hubby has been with her throughout, he has been absolutely awesome and no doubt they are both exhausted… i am exhausted!
I am now a grandma … wasn’t sure i would ever be able to say that what with the Stroke and all their woes trying to conceive! Now can’t wait to see and cuddle my new grandchild :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

(Bob M) #223

Congratulations! Hope you get to see them soon.


YAY, congrats! :smiley: We were rooting for them, even Alvaro as I told him about it some hours ago :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to the baby photos eventually :smiley: Best wishes for the little boy and his Mom and everyone but mostly for them!!! YAY again!

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I was thinking May Meat Up.

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@Karen18 congratulations :tada: bless baby and mother both!

(Judy Thompson) #227

Congrats to everybody and to baby for making his entry. And to you Karen. You’re a grandma!! :heart:

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