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Hello fellow forum participants! I thought I would take a break from my extensive lurking to introduce myself and regale you with my extensive expertise in how to vast incredible amounts of weight loss knowledge & a deep understanding of the functionality of my own personal human vessel; without actually making any of it work for my personal benefit. I am sure I have been considered for various awards on the subject, or at least I should have been. Perhaps something with a golden Atkins shake on top or a makeshift dunce cap produced from the boxes of DreamFields pasta.

I have been on some form of low carb program roughly 37 times in the last 15 years, that doesn’t include promises of starting the next day or ventures which failed with 72 hours of their initiation. I have successfully lost at least 500 lbs and have successfully gained back at least 700 lbs. Every program and the accompanying weight loss cycle follow a similar process: determination, research, motivation, development, immersion, implementation, rapid success, revitalization, self-admiration, over confidence, aberrant thinking, derailment, depression, gluttony, and apathy. Aberrant thinking is where I decide I can have a cheat meal or eat “off plan” over a holiday and start right back up after. My brain is indeed the master of self deception and emotional trickery.

Anyway if you can’t tell I am back in the research phase so I can get back into implementation. I am fasting today and perhaps tomorrow, then will eventually wake up to a keto based one meal a day lifestyle. I wish you all success in your programs.

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Welcome BeefCake. I wish for you that this is your last research phase and that the WOE becomes your lifestyle hereafter.

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I would suggest to go keto first to settle in and add fasting later after carb withdrawal is in your past. Think of keto as a way of life and fasting as a tool in your keto tool box. You need to organize your workshop before you breakout the new tools.

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“I’m not fat, I’m big boned”


(sorry couldn’t help myself)

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@Rclause Thank you for your suggestion. When I start out with a 24-48 hour fast I find myself in ketosis very quickly and the craving/appetite disappear with expedience. When I start out keto it seems to take several days before I start to feel that cessation. Several days that my dark passenger has to convince me that eating just one Big Mac meal isn’t going to hurt me. And my dark passenger has a debit card.

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Welp, not sure if this is trolling or not, but it amused me, either way.

So, hi @BeefCake. You made me laugh.

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@x-Dena-x I like to think in some small way that laughing perhaps adjusted your hormones long enough to cause additional weight loss. You’re welcome.

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@BeefCake that would take A LOT of lauging, but please, be my guest at continuing to try to help. :metal:

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@x-Dena-x Well the expression is “laugh your ass off”. Perhaps there is more to it than we know!

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@BeefCake laughing totes ups your feel-good hormones. Possibly lowering cortisol levels. Maybe I can just laugh the visceral fat off myself. Now I’d just need to reverse this partial frontal labotomy.


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