Alarming weight gain

(Jocelyne Slattery) #101

Thank you, I will listen to this on my way home from work. I love being keto AND doing IF and EF. I have healed my fibromyalgia and feel great (no more meds). Now I want to reach my weight goal.

(Nasir) #102

Any update on your situation @gabe?

(Jocelyne Slattery) #103

Great podcast! Thank you. I am beginning to think that my extremely slow metabolism is the cause. I have to experiment with fat and protein.

(Edith) #104

Glad you found it useful. :grinning:

(matt) #105

I just read the whole thread and i have to say it shocks me that peolpe still eat without tracking their calories.

One fact that stays above all is that if your burn 3000 kcal a day and only eat 2500 kcla a day you will lose weightā€¦doesenā€™t matter if keto or not.
Gabe track exactly what you eat so that you are sure you are not above the 30gr Carbs a day.

Second: you need to find out how many Kcal you burn a day, here is an good calculator:
If you are still gaining than you need to go lower with your calories.

What kind of protein you take? if you take whey proteinā€¦than there should be the first faultā€¦ whey spikes insulin therefore puts a hold ti fat burn. gaining a bit during weight training is normal but you should track it.

Remember guys and that counts for everybody doing ketoā€¦keto just switches to the source bodyfatā€¦but if you take to much fat or just say eat to many calories, your body will use the fat from the daily calories and will not take the enrgy from the bodyfat. you should not get fat but you donā€™t lose eitherā€¦in this case i can only guess that something spikesā€¦therfore track what you eat.

Also very importantā€¦Protein from dairy products like whey etc can be transformed into carbs in the small intestine. Not everybody but some people have different bacterias in their intestineā€¦itā€™s called gluconeogenesis.