Al Roker versus Jillian Michaels on Twitter, over low-carb

("Everybody's coming home for lunch these days" -- CVB) #1

What’s missing from his otherwise satisfying salvo is the fact that her “Biggest Loser” contestants have all regained their lost weight.

Of course, the “Battle of the Celebrities” isn’t as satisfying as randomized clinical trials but makes for great pork-rind munching and watching.

I didn’t know Al was low-carb?

(Sheri Knauer) #2

I think he’s been low carb for a few years now. Don’t forget also that those contestants have not only gained the weight back but also have worse/slower metabolisms than they had before they did the biggest loser.

("Everybody's coming home for lunch these days" -- CVB) #3

True, that.

Also, don’t forgot that the average Joe or Joan thinks they have to flip a super-large truck tire for 5 miles in atonement for their CICO slack. Contestants have physically injured themselves while the coach-clowns egg them on. It’s like a roman circus.

To hell with all of that.

(Sheri Knauer) #4

Do you mean I don’t have to exercise 8 hours a day and eat 800 calories to lose weight? Because that is completely sustainable and sane :roll_eyes:

(Scott) #5

At least it is not extremely restrictive like keto is.

("Everybody's coming home for lunch these days" -- CVB) #6

Yea, giving up hemlock is real work, but I’m making it happen.

(Stylee) #7

It’s so aggravating looking at Twitter on an issue like keto where 75% of the people has such misguided views. Glad I’m back home with sensible people again. Al’s sure catching a lot of flack over that tweet being accused of pushing keto and being mean to sweet Jillian.

("Everybody's coming home for lunch these days" -- CVB) #8

No doubt. I actively avoid such garbage. However, all our leading low-carb luminaries have rather active twitter feeds. I’ve created a list of LCHF-er’s and find great stuff there.


Of course he is.

Jillian can’t play victim tho when she couldn’t adhere to the golden rule of “stay in your lane, or catch these hands”.

(Stylee) #10

And he didn’t say anything remotely mean, he was just being straight up honest!


It is heartening to see the Twitter comments are overwhelmingly in favor of keto. Someone also posted a video in early 2018 of Michaels peddling some “keto shake” product on Dr. Axe. Joke’s on her.


Out of interest, do you have a list of them anywhere? I haven’t been active on Twitter for years but I’d be interested in checking it out again if I could follow a nice curated list of keto advocates on there.

(Bob M) #13

I second this. While I learned a ton using Twitter, I stopped using it as (1) it was 24/7/365; (2) I was following too many people; and (3) it could be overwhelming.

("Everybody's coming home for lunch these days" -- CVB) #14

Sure do; here’s my twitter-managed LCHF list. I update it frequently, since some accounts grow stale or becoming marketing channels.


Thanks! I’ll use that as a starting point. I appreciate you sharing it.

(Randy) #16

(Not so) BIG AL for the win!!! :grin:

Jillian M is a menace to human health, and that’s exactly what I put in the comments section of her POS video.

She should be ashamed. But she too uneducated to know better.

(Laura) #17

Didn’t Al have the bariatric surgery? If so, they have to stay low carb. My cousin had it done and they have to eat mostly protein and take supplements.

But, good for him for calling Jill out. She should know better.

(Brian) #18

Yup, she’s takin’ some heat. :slight_smile: Love it!

("Everybody's coming home for lunch these days" -- CVB) #19

It seems he had gastric bypass surgery.

I’m wondering if this is less about promoting low-carb, and merely telling Michaels to STFU. I win, either way.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #20

I hope someone on twitter mention how we all drink liquid butter