Al Roker versus Jillian Michaels on Twitter, over low-carb


And the koala noses :grin::koala:

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And that. Complicates it nicely for the furriners :slight_smile:


Some hardcore vegan will pick it up & run with it

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These are not all keto folks, but there are a ton of keto folks on there:

The obvious non-ketoers are:
Drag Queens, a couple of non-nutrition scientists, some chefs/restaurants, and some keto-adjacent folks (like The Gut Goddess, Quantified Bob, Frank Mitloehner and Darryl Edwards). Oh, and some funny stuff at the very bottom, like Satan.

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Thanks! My Twitter is kind of hit and miss, and I feel like I am following way too many people.

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I’m following none, and that’s STILL too many :slight_smile:

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What’s laughable is when she encouraged her naysayers to come at her for a debate. Send Carl and Richard her way and have them school her on the science, of which she seems to have none in her pocket.

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I’d send Anthony Gustin (he’s a chiro, shhhh) or Amy Berger, but really, there’s zero point.

It’s like with Trump. He knows he’s lying. I know he’s lying. But what do you do about it? Do you let the lie stand, or do you amplify it by pointing out out why it’s a lie?

So far, she’s managed to get a LOT of amplification, which is exactly what she wanted. It’s about the repetition of the name “Jillian Michaels.” That’s it, that’s the goal. People saying she’s wrong? Fine, as long as they’re saying her name. Narcissists DON’T CARE if you say they’re lying as long as you’re saying their name.

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^^^ This nails it.

I’d add they’re not narcissists, either, just good at using social media to bring attention and results their way. And I’ve been suckered, again.

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I only see keto as restrictive if I compare it to the SAD. If I look at it as I eat when my body actually needs it, not when my emotions need it, and fill it with nutrient dense foods, then it’s not really restrictive at all.


People on gastric are put on low-carb diets prior to and post-surgery. I don’t like when people act like those who felt they had no choice but to have invasive surgery are “cheating,” especially now with professionals starting to suggest it’s the “only” way to keep the pounds off permanently.

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Still waiting for Michaels and BL folks to produce a ‘reunion’ episode with all of the previous winners…